Beyonce Praised By “Selfie Man” Behind ‘7/11″ Music Video

Published: Saturday 29th Nov 2014 by David


The man who inspired the views magnet that is Beyonce‘s 7/11‘ visual has showered praise on the performer today, thanking her for introducing his work to the masses.

Indeed, after seeing his “Super Selfies” on YouTube, the ‘Single Ladies’ chanteuse had her management team contact Mr. Gab Valenciano in a bid to help them create her visual for ‘7/11.

The result? An experience he’s unlikely to ever forget!

His story below…

Check his work out below!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bang bang November 29, 2014

    That’s great!! I love beyonce!!

    • Sommer November 29, 2014


  2. JanetJackson #1 November 29, 2014

    Thiefyobce is always using someone’s work.

    • JanetJackson #1 November 29, 2014


    • IOWNTHEWORLD November 29, 2014

      Guess you didn’t bother to read the post; you know the part where she CONTACTED him for HELP creating the video? Meaning:she gave him an opportunity. Now about this “thieving” again…

      • maurice November 29, 2014

        darling, that’s like gaga saying madonna come help me copy your song so I can profit from it.


    • Sledgehammer November 30, 2014

      and she probably hired Wiz Khalifa cause 7/11 is a total “we dem boyz” rip off .

  3. SnowBunny November 29, 2014

    I love her b*** pads! Where can I purchase some?

    • Sass November 29, 2014

      They’re not b*** pads. You can clearly see her moving her ass cheeks in the video dumbass.

      • nene November 29, 2014

        Honey dey are pad.. u most be blind. beyonces ass is never consistence.. this phote is flat, they next one is big and the next one is smaller padded for lawd.

      • Sass November 29, 2014

        @Nene So did the pads get a life of their own to start moving in the video then?

    • JanetJackson #1 November 29, 2014

      In your local Walmart hunny.

    • Molly November 29, 2014

      Lol clock her!

      • FAF November 29, 2014

        no if u put a pad on a muscle it will still move.. it being a pad has nothing to do with it moving

      • Carmen November 29, 2014

        FAF lol no it won’t. Not like that. Don’t be silly. That is muscle tension. If you think she can make a b*** pad move like that simply with her cheek muscles you need some medictation.

    • SnowBunny November 29, 2014

      Thanks! I’m white and Asian so you know I’m lacking in the booty department.

  4. Sass November 29, 2014

    The video deffo did the song so much justice. When I first heard the audio was almost sick but then I watched the video and appreciated the fun of the song.

  5. ASipofBrandy November 29, 2014

    Always inspired by somebody else.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


    • IOWNTHEWORLD November 29, 2014

      NEWS FLASH!:Nearly EVERYONE’S work is inspired by someone else. If you’re an artist or know anything about art, you should understand. The song wasn’t meant to be deep or change the world. Damn!

  6. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan November 29, 2014

    Beyonce s***, and her ass looks better than Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Even if she is wearing b*** pads.

    • Suicide Blonde November 29, 2014

      Better than Kim, yes, better than J.Lo, not in this lifetime.

      • let’s be real November 29, 2014

        way better lol

      • Smh! November 30, 2014

        Not this lifetime or the next one either!

  7. Brandys Starr November 29, 2014

    Cool. I really enjoyed the video, its one of her best. Beyonce is so beautiful she looks the most gorgeous stripped back which is a rare thing.

  8. FantasiaSlayrino November 29, 2014

    Damn, so not even this was an original idea.

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


  9. nene November 29, 2014

    Beyonce is a COPYCAT oh my lawd. all my people need to stop licking her ass.

    • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

      You’ve stated it 5 times already in this post. No need to go on.

      • nene November 29, 2014

        Girl stay off my post.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        Already on it. What ya gon do??

      • nene November 29, 2014

        Worry about your fav that no one cares about.

  10. Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

    Fresher than yewww!

    • BeyBeyKing November 29, 2014

      Said Ciara’s solo sales to Kelly’s.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        BeyBeyKing aka FantasiaSlayrino aka aSipofBrandy and AllYourOtherNamesTypedLikeThis please take a seat with your many personalities.

      • BeyBeyKing November 29, 2014

        Sweetie, I know you’re pressed that Kelly’s entire discography still doesn’t reach 1 million in America darling. Isn’t that why you’re accusing me of having multiple personalities.
        Well if I do at least I have multiple somethings, unlike Kelly who doesn’t have a SINGLE platinum plaque.

  11. Molly November 29, 2014

    Lmao it does look like she’s using booty pads.

    • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

      Shes clearly not. She twerks them in the video.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        My b*** looks bigger when I wear tight jeans of course it aint gonna look pronounced in a onesie. You people are so dumb sometimes #CommonSense

    • SnowBunny November 29, 2014

      She clearly is. Look at her b*** in her onesies, then look at it here. She went from Katy Perry to Nicki Minaj overnight. I’m not mad at her, ijs! I want some too.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        My b*** looks bigger when I wear tight jeans of course it aint gonna look pronounced in a onesie. You people are so dumb sometimes #CommonSense.

      • SnowBunny November 29, 2014

        Riiight. Tell that to Nicki, K Michelle, Kim K(fake booties) and Trina (just to name a few). If you have ass it will show in anything. My ass is small so it’s small in onesies, jeans, sweats, dresses and everything else. Just accept the fact that she’s wearing b*** pads.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        And I just re watched the video. She does not even wear a damn onesie. Thats how you know you don’t even know what you’re talking bout lmao.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        Exactly… Their booties are fake. Hence why they potrude in anything.

      • Emeral November 29, 2014

        @Dirty Laundry. Why are you even bothering? The evidence is right in front of their eyes when she moves her cheeks in the chair and they’re still trying and failing lol. Just leave them. You can’t please these haters.

      • SnowBunny November 29, 2014

        I’m talking about the onesies she wears when she performs. Keep on making excuses. Theyre b*** pads.

      • Dirty Laundry November 29, 2014

        But her b*** looks big in onesies when she performs. Try again.

      • SnowBunny November 29, 2014

        Go clean your laundry and come back with some receipts.

      • RIHANNA&BEYONCE November 29, 2014

        Beyonce haters are never gonna be impressed with anything she does so Pls no one should even bother replying them or acknowledge their presence

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


      • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

        B**** Whatever! Cici Body Is All Real. No Need For PhotoShopping Thigh Gaps Or Stuffing Her Panties With Tissues Or Wearing Body Shapers. Ci Is Naturally Modelesque And Beyoncé Wishes!!

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


      • Stacy November 29, 2014

        LOL oh no, not a ghetto body builder lol so true though.

  12. Tasha November 29, 2014

    Beyonce should make more videos like this, people love a bit of candid Bey showing her goofy side not many people see.

  13. Stans are sh!t stains November 29, 2014

    meh, oh well

  14. So Gone 4 Monica November 29, 2014

    In my county we call people like Beyonce teefs.

    • BeyxMaraj November 29, 2014

      Then it’s a good thing no one care two shitts about your starving country. #Afghanistan

      • So Gone 4 Monica November 29, 2014

        The only thing that’s starving is your refridgerator boo boo.

    • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

      What Do They Call Monica? Ratchet? Fake? HasBeen?

  15. Emeral November 29, 2014

    Shes so hot. My fem crush.

  16. Beysus November 29, 2014


  17. TheElusiveLamb November 29, 2014

    ^^ Why are they so obsessed with Beyoncé? Are you mad because she’s Queen? Are you mad because she’s beautiful? Rich? On top of the world? Or all of the above????

    David better STAN out for Mimi with that Chanteuse reference! 🙂

    • HistoRih November 29, 2014

      I love him so much.

  18. datreddone23 November 29, 2014

    Plays Cheers….

    • tyler November 29, 2014

      Yeah because it was shot in a hotel…on someone’s cell phone, and consisted of Rihanna dancing now stop throughout the whole damn video. Riiighhhtt, go on and play it

  19. kingbeybitch November 29, 2014

    If she had on b*** pads she wouldn’t have been able to twerk in the video cause you wouldve notice. Certain clothes make your body poke out like did some of y’all actually finish school cause……..

    • JLO November 29, 2014

      You are a dump from the 90s forgetting this is 2015 almost anything is possible technology b**** educate yourself.

      • RIHANNA&BEYONCE November 29, 2014

        U just full of hate girl, with the username Jlo ha… useless B****

    • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

      Her B*** Was Stuffed With Something It Ain’t Look Natural I Know That. Ain’t S*** Jiggle Whej She Twerked Either!!!

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


  20. Mark111 November 29, 2014

    My god, can this woman think or do ANYTHING original? I should have known better. The Pest were praising this video and oohh, she did it on her on and blah blah blah. I never seen an artist copy so much in my life.

    • BeyxMaraj November 29, 2014

      Can anything you say be actually intelligent for one once in your life?? You did read that Bey’s management contacted Mr Gab Valenciano to ask for his help in putting together the cute vid right?? I mean even you cannot be so dumb enough as not to know the difference btwn asking for someone’s help/sharing ideas and stealing. Uggh I can’t with these idiotic ppl.

      • JLO November 29, 2014

        B**** it didnt say put together remake.. read or listen to the video again.

      • Mark111 November 29, 2014

        You can call it whatever makes you feel better, from being inspired to asking for help. But at the end of the day, she can’t do one thing original.

    • RIHANNA&BEYONCE November 29, 2014

      now u gonna force me to come for RIHANNA, i happen to love both women but pls don’t get me started on originality

  21. Stole November 29, 2014

    But why is the a music video out there, it looked like its taken from a phone? It came out before 7/11… And why does she need help with taking a video like that? She knew the “selfie man” gonna give her exposure, such a manipulator. She is almost like a negative spirited force. Evil or some sort. Stealing, conning, lying… Some people are too invested in her, instead of their own lives. She gonna make you mentally and physically sick.

  22. Suicide Blonde November 29, 2014

    The video is cute, even my sister who is a huge Rihanna fan liked the video 😀

  23. fatusankoh November 29, 2014

    You go queen bey that is great he is praseing her I love the video bey did her thing haters have noting on her

  24. ~The Arcade~ November 29, 2014

    His vine videos are definitely innovative, I know of him because Mya posted one his vids on instagram about 2 months ago.

  25. Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

    Her Ass Looks Like A Bag Of Rocks!! I Know It Smells Like S***!!!

    • RIHANNA&BEYONCE November 29, 2014

      u are so angry at BEYONCE for no reason, jealous much

      • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

        B**** You Stan For A W**** And A Fraud!!! What Is There To Be Jealous Of?

      • RIHANNA&BEYONCE November 29, 2014

        well u took time out of ur busy schedule to visit a beyonce post only to give a negative comment, if that doesn’t scream Jealous then I don’t know what else does, also pls get a life, why do u even hate Bey anyways, what is the matter with u

      • tyler November 29, 2014

        @HeHe Da Baddest

        The only venue that your fave is capable of booking, is a unisex public restroom….So you actually have a lot of be jealous of.

  26. RIHANNA&BEYONCE November 29, 2014

    BEYHIVE u should know by now anyone that hates BEYONCE (I don’t even know why u would hate BEYONCE tho, u don’t have to like her but why hate her ) isn’t impressed with anything she does so just ostracize them, ignore all negative comments, u only perpetuating the hate by acknowledging their comments..there are serious things happening in the world and here u are hating someone who doesn’t and would never know u… get a life haters

    • Stacy November 29, 2014

      It’s always the same loose, power bottom f***..Mark “Find me a man and I’m broke”666, L “Loose bottom B, Suicide “Still wishing he would kill himself, r*****” Blond.

  27. Really? November 29, 2014

    news flash, as an artist we like to be inspired but LOVE when an idea comes to us from our own imagination. Beyonce seems to always be inspired instead of creating original work.

    • Mark111 November 29, 2014

      Nothing wrong with being inspired, but to take styles, perfromances and videos frame by frame is copying, not borrowing. And when you take someone creation without permission (Countdown) is stealing. I don’t can’t how the pest feel about it, facts are facts and the truth is the truth.

  28. truthtea November 29, 2014

    Of course she contacted him first because she doesn’t want another “stealing” scandal hanging on her head! Most of the iconic moments of her career happened at the expense of somebody else’s work being ripped off by her. Then she tries to pass it off as her own then when sh*t hits the fan, she does damage control.

  29. BeautifulDisaster89 November 29, 2014

    It would be different if she just took the idea and made it seem like it was her idea but she didn’t she even gave him credit on the video and flew him out to help with the video. you stans are reaching lol

    • fatusankoh November 29, 2014

      Well said they no that but this hatemongers will hate they don’t want bey to have any credit as hard as she work and talented morthan their no talente favorite thank god you haters are not God long live queen bey you are loved by God good people and we your fans for life

  30. tyler November 29, 2014

    If Selfie Man doesnt have an issue then why tf do you??? She gave the man PROPS and even had him help out with the creative process. What’s the issue now…what more do you want???
    Man, I tell ya, Beyonce cant win for loosing with these basic ass h*** lmao.

  31. tyler November 29, 2014

    7/11 is a SUPER SELFIE. Bravo Beyonce! Bravo!

  32. tyler November 29, 2014

    @HeHe Da Baddest

    The only venue that your fave is capable of booking, is a unisex public restroom….So you actually have a lot of be jealous of.

    • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

      You Are So Pressed With Your Tired Shade. Ciara Has A V A G I N A And Actually Carried Her Baby But You Tried….

      • tyler November 29, 2014

        And its too bad that none of that will help her CARRY a tune outside of a McDonalds bathroom stall #PoorDat

      • TheElusiveLamb November 29, 2014


  33. Mark111 November 29, 2014

    You tell me Parkwood can’t sit at a round table and come up with some creativity? What a clown, she’ll never be a legend. What legacy will she have that’s not someone else’s?

    • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

      They Sit At A RoundTable Alright. Around A MacBook So They Can Go On YouTube And Steal Ideas.

    • Just Sayin November 29, 2014

      She already is a legend. Just deal with it, even you have admitted it yourself. Elvis wasn’t original, neither was Madonna and who is called ‘The King’ and ‘Queen of pop’

  34. #TeamTinashe Stan November 29, 2014

    Her stans were just telling me last week that she is original……… Look girl lmaoooo it doesn’t matter how hard you guys try making It seem like Beyawnqua can sit beside nor act like she is better than another one of my Queen Janet Jackson and the GREATEST of all time, King Michael, it’ll never happen!!!! 🙂
    But continue clinging! And try dragging QueenTee because that’s the obvious lol unlike y’all I don’t cling on big names I actually like supporting new artists!

    • tyler November 29, 2014

      Who tf is Queen T???

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


      • #TeamTinashe Stan November 29, 2014

        I see you all the time just DYING for my attention. YES! You better stan! Lol But you’re not interesting at all so let me just pay you dust just like everybody else on here for now and forever! Muah. 😀 BYE!

      • tyler November 29, 2014

        Oh! Who am I kidding???? Queen T is just a synonym for flop…my bad lol

      • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) November 29, 2014


  35. DanYiel Teflon November 29, 2014

    I’m here for her performances & the kids can’t take it bye Felecia’s!! Inspired & help by the person speaks volumes HELL EVERY ARTIST HAS DONE & will continue to do..All of JANET Jackson moved weren’t hers or even Michael Jacksons….Get over it already!!

    • tyler November 29, 2014

      PPPPPREEEEACCCH Madonna and Elvis are arguably the biggest copy cats in MUSIC HISTORY. Did any of that tamper with their legacies. Hell nah! He’s the King and she’s still the Queen.
      Beyonce receives more respect in the music industry than a lot of her contemporaries do right now.
      So I’ll be damned if I let someone who stans for an artist who sounds like billy goats gruff, insist that Beyonce wont be legendary.

  36. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 29, 2014

    SHIIT!!!!! I’M TOOO LATE!!!!

  37. Cici da baddest November 29, 2014

    Pressed B**** Lol

    • Cici da baddest November 29, 2014


    • tyler November 29, 2014

      Have several toilets…since HEara cant provide you with a stadium full of actual seats to sit in LOL.

  38. #TeamTinashe Stan “ALL HAIL JANET AND KING MICHAEL” November 29, 2014

    Awwww 🙁 the #GayHive is steamed pressed right now………. well good let’s keep it that way. Grabs popcorn to see the excuses and dodged questions they never correctly lol hehe.
    HASHTAG: #MyOpinionsMatter #BeSmartDontBeLikeBeyonce #IamLIVING 😀

    • #TeamTinashe Stan “ALL HAIL JANET AND KING MICHAEL” November 29, 2014

      *correctly answer

    • tyler November 29, 2014

      Alexandra Shipp was a better 2nd rate version of Aaliyah than Tinashe, and thats not saying much…at all.

    • Bey Advocate November 29, 2014

      You stan for a ONE HIT WONDER struggling to stay relevant! Why are you talking? Shut up

  39. Bria November 29, 2014

    For if a copyar, yes she will n alreay is

    • tyler November 29, 2014

      Are you speaking Chinese?

  40. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT November 29, 2014

    7/11 is tragically the result of Beyonce trying to write, given her track record with school and education, and now the music video (see Wikipedia, the HIVz said it was just a viral video) is a copy and a bad one. *sigh* …Cheers to the queen.

  41. The Great Lacefronce. November 29, 2014

    Lol the Flea Hive was acting like Thiefonce accomplished some amazing feat with this garbage and it wasn’t even her idea as usual, plus that song is SHITE she must’ve been on something when she released it

  42. tyler November 29, 2014

    When you’re so famous you can slap random lyrics together, on a crunk beat, and shoot a video of you and your friends goofing around in a hotel and get 4.5MILLION Views in 24 hours….
    Thats Power #FresherThanYoooooouuuuuu

  43. LB November 29, 2014

    SCREAMING!!!!!! So even this cheap as$ budget phone video on an ASUS imported from Dubai without a warrant 1.5 MP camera ratchet video wasn’t original? LMAO Damn BeyDobe.

  44. LB November 29, 2014

    So she essentially BeyTouched someone else’s work and paid him to praise her basic thieving. BeYawnqua needs to do better, or better yet, Someone like Ne-Yo needs to cut those long fingers of hers

  45. LB November 29, 2014

    And not the SH!THive getting their little lives on what is the most basic rubbish noise released this year. That top ten single will still elude this struggle for a hit THOT but at least she can call the struggling (bubbling) under home whilst Jay Z cracks the whip and tells this thot to work the pole.

    Strip on Bey. BTW, those as$ implants look like some Nicki Minaj/Igor Azealia struggle mess, get it together.

  46. Just Saying November 29, 2014

    The video was cute, the song was fun. Clearly a bit of fun for her fans. The same people saying she is too robotic are now complaining about this. This is what you have all been crying for since 2003. For Beyonce to let her hair down and just have fun, not take herself too seriously right? But I forgot they thrive of the negativity so nothing will be right.

    And as for people talking about originality. Lets talk about how arguably the two biggest names in music were theives (Madonna and Elvis). Did it affect them? No. Im sure there would have been a lot more exposure with others had there been internet back in the day. So just stop with that bullshitt. You don’t get far in the devils game playing fair.

    • tyler November 29, 2014

      These people are beyond f****** stupid. The music industry isnt for the faint of heart. Elvis knew it, Madonna knew it, and Beyonce knowns it. She does what she has to do to be GREAT. That is why she’s remained relevant for 17+ years and will continue to slay. While a lot of her peers will always settle for just being “ok” in comparison.

  47. LB November 29, 2014

    SCREAMING at those posts by the hive about “now that Beyonce has pasted this video, with her name on it, everyone else will copy and paste her pasting” mess.

    Not when your fav’s best friend is Google. Who on earth thought BeyDobe is smart enough to come up with an original idea all by herself.

  48. Jessica November 29, 2014

    Love Beyonce and love the video! She can be as silly as she wants. She has talent and hardcore work ethic to back it up. Best of both worlds x

  49. fatusankoh November 29, 2014

    Yes Jessica say that again the one and only queen bey can do it all this is why haters are seething long live queen bey may God continue to bless you your family and we your fans for life

  50. RICHE_RICH November 29, 2014

    Get it Bey…..The haters always pressed!!!!!!

    Are y’all mad cause you Fav will never be better than her talent wise?

  51. RoyalKev November 29, 2014

    People will use anything to discredit Bey! So many artists biggest hits are mirror images of something that came before what they’ve produced. The inspiration was found in everything from films to street trends. Originality is truly a thing of the past and even legends we’ve come to know in our lifetime have been inspired by the legends that came before them. Let’s stop making it out to be that Beyonce practically has to create air, dust, wind and the stars above to avoid being accused of stealing/plagiarizing.

    Every artists have choreographers and directors and so many others that work as a team to create art. These musicians are too busy to wear every hat, they need other talented people to bring something to the table. If artists must be criticized, it should be for not doing anything to enhance their work. Clearly, that’s not the case with Beyonce. If you take the time to listen to what’s being said in the video you’ll understand how Bey hands on she is (1:40 – 2:05). Shes’ only one person – she can’t work in every area and do it all! Beyonce incorporating this concept is no different from directors that come up with a vision or theme for other people’s music videos. Bey never said I invented _______. This guy was excited to see his name in the credits (3:02 -3:15) because he played a major part in this piece. Still Bey plays an very active role in her artistry. Artists that don’t do half as much don’t receive the flack Bey does!

    • fatusankoh November 29, 2014

      Thank you you said tt all bravo let continue to love and support our bey she needs us my fellow behive don’t let this haters get to us

  52. really? November 29, 2014

    i don’t care about bey at all. she’s good but… she’s not the goodmather for all of us.

  53. MDNA2014 November 29, 2014

    On one hand Beyonce is the Queen of Queens which is fine, but surely someone who is a big as she is should be able to come up with her own ideas.
    My gosh, inspiration is cool but is there ANYTHING she’s done that somebody didn’t do before her?

  54. Really? November 29, 2014

    I find it so funny that when a person doesn’t agree with bey they are haters but the hive hates on everyone that’s not beyonce. The truth is, she needs to do something that has never been done before. She needs a creative team that can come up with ideas for her and only her. And that’s not hating.

  55. Carmen November 29, 2014

    Beyonce is awesome. She is a rare species of dying popstar who is fundamentally about the talent and not the smoke and mirrors surrounding it. All the greatest ones have the biggest critique. And don’t be naive. Just about everything in the industry is copied/inspired by someone/something. Its nothing new and certainly nothing that is not exclusive to Beyonce. Vogue will always be associated with Madonna, just like the moonwalk with Michael. Same with Beyonce and Single Ladies. None were originally theirs. The things Beyonce is widley recognized for like her videos, stage outfits, choreography, performances and of course songs will be her legacy. It will not affect her legacy 20 years from now, where small ideas came from when she is being honored.

  56. kingbeybitch November 29, 2014

    Lmao at Rihanna fans talking about originality and stealing wasn’t y’all fave sued for stealing other people’s work lmao I can’t. Name anything original Rihanna, Katy perry, Madonna, mj, Whitney etc has done I shall wait

  57. tyler November 29, 2014

    Micheal Jackson didnt create the moon walk, pop lockers on Soul Train did…But he saw that, and MADE IT HIS OWN. As a result, it became one of the biggest dance moves in history. Is MJ any less legendary because of that? Or do those rules only apply to Beyonce?
    Since we all know that the haters love to pick and choose.

  58. Thieving is wrong November 30, 2014

    she is UNORIGINAL. She is THIEVING. She is KING BEY!

  59. Mariah Is Music November 30, 2014

    The so called of pop madonna is far from original, MJ wasn’t original, The beatles wasn’t original. Rihanna has never been original, she will never be original. So stfu navy

  60. fatusankoh November 30, 2014

    Well said

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