Watch: Nicki Minaj Rocks ‘SNL’ *Updated*

Barely a week separates fans from ‘The Pinkprint,’ the latest full length LP from rap’s top femcee Nicki Minaj.

With a promo schedule that’s seen her hit every stage from ‘Fashion Rocks’ to the ‘American Music Awards’ in support of the project, it’s only fitting that she’d drop by ‘SNL’ to continue her media onslaught.

Bringing two blazing performances in the form of ‘Only’ and ‘Bed of Lies,’ tuck in below for a peek at how she fared on tonight’s James Franco-hosted episode:

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  1. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. December 7, 2014

    This performance is so shitty. Compare this mess to Lil’ Kim’s spectacular performance or even compare it to Iggy Azalea’s amazing performance on SNL a few weeks back. It just shows that this b**** can’t compare. Flopnika Garbaj really needs to be the only chick out there otherwise everyone notices how basic she is. She has no stage presence. A true basic b****. The Pinkslip will flop. She is already out of the top 10 on iTunes. People will buy J. Cole and not Flopnika.

    • ontherun December 7, 2014

      (of course a hater is first to comment) Iggy azalea’s performance on snl has gone down as one of the worst in its history LMAO.

      • CT December 7, 2014

        Kim ling stans always got something to say… I hear she will be native american next year and her payless tour is sold out… the slayage

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. December 7, 2014

        @CTlovesflopnikasstinkpussy – You stupid barfz keep trying to shade the Queen Bee, but you don’t realize that Flopnika will not be here 20 years after her debut. The Queen of Rap can make $30,000 in 15 minutes based solely on the strength of her catalogue. This is 20 YEARS AFTER HER DEBUT! Lil’ Kim is still performing on a variety of stages. From small gay clubs to big award shows like the Soul Train. When the VMAs were in Brooklyn, they invited the Queen of Rap Lil’ Kim to bless the stage. Even if Lil’ Kim was going to do a Payless tour, she’d still be making more money from music than Flopnika Garbaj will in 2029. Believe DAT! Watch Flopnika’s fall. “Better slow down dummy you ’bout to crash!”

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. December 7, 2014

      @ontherunfromflopnikasstinkpussy – Iggy Azalea’s performance was critically acclaimed by bloggers. Flopnika is being panned for her horrible comedic timing in her segments. This is the bítch who claims she went to drama school? Fûck outta here!

  2. maurice December 7, 2014

    it was cute.
    she looked lost in the ‘bed of lies’ one when she forgot the words.

    I also couldn’t take her seriously doing ‘all things go’ in that outfit. lmao.

    I’m still hear for the album though. I hope it slays my soul

    • Nicki is queen!!! December 7, 2014

      I don’t think she necessarily forgot the words, I think she was just emotional & kinda paused

  3. RoyalKev December 7, 2014

    Nice! She did a great job. I can’t wait to hear the album!

  4. Stephy December 7, 2014


  5. WRTW? December 7, 2014

    Love you Nicki but why the recycled wig from the shaking it for daddy performance with Robin Thicke. It just seemed lack luster like her skits. I feel she gave more of herself last time she was on snl. But I guess she has a lot going on…

    • December 7, 2014

      shut up,you are so stupid.

  6. 55 December 7, 2014

    this song is awesome!

  7. ThePinkPrint12.15.2014 December 7, 2014

    she did a great Job,love and respect nicki, her and skyler lock it down i love both songs.

  8. memories December 7, 2014

    ugh huh. skylar on that piano. instant. leno in 2006. flipped octaves tho. nice.
    lol how nicki broke the lyrics? happens. 😀

  9. Yoncè December 7, 2014

    The wigs was so off for me….they looked recycled and greasy!

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