Nicole Scherzinger Wants To Apologize To Pussycat Dolls

Published: Thursday 8th Jan 2015 by Sam

Nicole Scherzinger‘s latest album ‘Big Fat Lie’ may have been a truthful flop, yet the singer did find some success last year – in the London production of ‘Cats’.

Currently starring as Grizabella in the Andrew Lloyd Webber show, the 36-year is hard on the promo trail for her stint in the musical which ends in February.

In a new interview with Event Magazine, Scherzinger recounts more difficult times – specifically her battle with bulimia.

The candid conversation saw the star reveal that the illness caused a friction with her Pussycat Doll bandmates – a friction she’s keen to apologize for.

Her words below…

When asked who she would like to say sorry to, Nicole said:

“The other members of the Pussycat Dolls. There were a lot of moments when I was with them that I was distant and stand-offish.

I never opened up to them and I would shut myself away – and push them away – because felt ashamed (of my bulimia battle).

I didn’t think anyone knew in the group because I hid it that well. No one knew until I was losing my voice and our manager found me passed out on the floor in our hotel in Malta.

I felt so alone… but I made myself so alone. It was all wrapped up with my low self-esteem. It’s taken me a long time to deal with these issues and now I feel so annoyed that I let it take over everything.” {Source}

It goes to show, one never knows what struggles another is walking around with on a day-to-day basis.

We’re glad Nicole is in a better place. Our only hope is that her music will follow-suit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. iggystan January 8, 2015

    this b**** is boring, basic, bland and will never make it big. karma comes around.

  2. Hur January 8, 2015

    Shes Really nothing without them. Her albums flopped!! Her name is Nicole, Killer Love, Big Fat Lie.. Edema crush did better than her flop albums. She needs the dolls!

    • Hur January 8, 2015

      *Eden’s CrusH

  3. Lana Lover January 8, 2015

    This chick can’t stand on her own for shxit pcd was her only hope at being relevant she thought she was too good and left and look at her career now.

  4. DanYiel Teflon January 8, 2015

    Lol & I Loved “Edens Crush” “PCD” yet she isn’t even that great of a singer compared to “Melody Thorton” SHES A TRUE VOCALIST!!

  5. Bang bang January 8, 2015

    That b******* Nicole can sing her ass off. Melody is very good but Nicole is great singer and she can hit those high notes with great ease.

  6. Bang bang January 8, 2015

    That bullsitet Nicole can sing her ass off. Melody is very good but Nicole is great singer and she can hit those high notes with great ease.

    • MRB January 9, 2015

      You must be deaf or just plain stupid! Nicole was the pretty one in the group who had a s** appeal that sold her image however she wasn’t the strongest singer in that group! Melody could sing like Christina Aguilera!That girl would run circles around Nicole and that’s real!

      • StarXavi January 9, 2015

        Actually Nicole is a very skilled singer whose voice can excel across different genres of music. Melody does have a nice acrobatic voice but her tone and control can be a bit all over the place. Hence why she has yet to make it as solo act as well. But I agree that Nicole should have stuck with PCD. If she would have done 3 albums with PCD before trying it solo, I feel like she would have made it bigger as a solo act.

  7. Ex Beyonce Stan January 8, 2015

    Melody slayed this tramp

  8. 2bad2bme January 8, 2015

    An excuse to get them back because she is flopping all over, Brilliant! Her publicist must be Olivia Pope

    • Dem Lessers January 8, 2015

      Looool @ Olivia Pope! I always knew she would want a reunion in the end, everyone with sense knows she’s nothing without her back up dancers. Better get back together before the other girls age too much and can’t do the spits without dislocating their hips!

      • Dem Lessers January 8, 2015


  9. Paulo January 8, 2015

    So I guess bulimia made her reduce Ashley’s cam time? Bulimia made her tramp all over Melody and Carmit and reduce their vocal contributions to their songs? I’m sorry she went thru that but trust a Cancer b**** to play victim instead of truly owning up to her attention thirst crap.

  10. TheElusiveLamb January 8, 2015

    I’m happy she over came bulimia, but I think everyone can see the real reason she wants to apologize to PCD. [See comments above] I will say though that she is extremely gorgeous and talented.

  11. Mark111 January 9, 2015

    No, miss diva thought she was Beyonce and was going to have this huge solo career. Stupid, your group was a success, but your diva-ish ways ruined it. Oh well. Side note, even Beyonce was loyal to Kelly and Michelle and went back to have closure.

  12. coolness January 9, 2015

    On the surface, Nicole has the makings of a great pop star. She’s incredibly beautiful, has a killer body, can sing really well and her performance prowess is admirable. However, she just does not have ‘it’ without the PCD behind her. There’s nothing interesting about her to make her a viable solo artist. Bey had her fierce ambition while Justin had his drama that made him interesting. Plus, her solo material is just dire because she doesn’t have a good ear for music. Nicole only stands out when she has those girls behind her. Also, people are wondering why Nicole took most of the vocal parts on the PCD albums. Have people forgotten that apart from she and Melody, NONE of the others could sing?! They were simply back-up dancers with no musical knowledge or training. Simply put, they were manufactured to the highest order. Sure most singing groups are packaged but their case was something else. A reunion might be a bit too late now though. The Pop music industry is not very kind to women in their mid 30s singing s*xy little pop songs.

    • Craigalicious January 9, 2015

      Actually all the girls could sing…. Carmit, Melody and Nicole could all sing very well. Ashley, Kimberly and Jessica could sing too, although their voices weren’t as strong. Ashely Roberts just released an album in 2014. And to be honest, I like Jessica Sutta’s “Show Me” way better than anything Nicole has released solo…

  13. Indie January 9, 2015

    It takes a lot t admit the mistakes you’ve made in the past, she could have apologised to the girls privately and we would never have known, the fact that she has chose to publicly admit she was in the wrong with the girls, is a big step and shows how genuine she is and that she has grown, as far as her music, i actually think this current album is her best work but marketed very badly, she has nothing to prove in terms of public exceptence though, people loved her on XFactor

  14. MRB January 9, 2015

    Im sorry Nicole but NO!!! She felt like she was above everyone then you left the p**** cat dolls like she had real talent! There was stronger talent in that group anyway then she waits almost like 10 years to apologize! She’s a beautiful woman but real talk that’s all she can offer!

  15. The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 9, 2015

    I think that apology was concocted by her PR team because the 10th anniversary of the PCD’s debut album is this year. Bullemia??? Puh-lease. The industry has been talking about she slept around the industry to get her solo deal.

  16. MISHKA January 9, 2015


    We would love to have a PCD reunion.

    You got decoded.

  17. Craigalicious January 9, 2015

    Not exactly what I thought she’d apologize for… I mean, I’m sorry she suffered from an eating disorder and I hope she’s doing better now, but it kind of looks like she’s trying to play the victim… In the past she always thrown the other Dolls under the bus like when she said she and Ron Fair played the PCD album for the Dolls and it was the first time they heard it as if they didn’t contribute. Or how whenever working on new songs she wouldn’t know if it was for the Dolls or a solo effort… For years, no one has cared for her solo work and now she’s just trying to soften her diva b**** reputation.

  18. FutureCIARA January 9, 2015

    She flopped to hell 7382937438 times,
    Apologized, and now wants to get the group back together???

    Well let this be a start hunny…. Because chile. US forgot all about her ass.

  19. AConcernedFan January 12, 2015

    Nicole’s album is an amazing listen, that in no way resembles a grandma trying to belt out notes at times… and in no way is this a PR stunt, I’m sure it’s a HUGE coincidence about the 10 year reunion, and how golly she just felt so badly about having bulimia… but as stated by others above, WE GET THAT, a lot of people have those kinds of problems… that doesn’t mean you get to be a total c*** to your bandmates, try to do your solo career with f****** RedOne The Dream and Darkchild and whomever, and STILL no one cares! Do you know what that is? that’s called under 5% likability, and I think all of us at thatgrapejuice should just lay down the next few years for her until she starts understanding the INDUSTRY, and not just understanding how to blow everyone in the industry. 🙁 oh no, the tea was spilt…

  20. Aidan hull May 24, 2015

    I think nicole is pretty, with a kind heart, she probably couldn’t do it by herself, but she has a great talent, and a great voice, I reckon they should of let the other dolls in to sing, but I say Nicole is already the good, singer, and her other dolls, are terrific dancers.

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