Rihanna Battles Topshop…And Wins

Published: Thursday 22nd Jan 2015 by David


After getting into bed with her rival Beyonce, high street store Topshop has lost a legal battle with Pop princess Rihanna after using one of her images to sell T-shirts…without her permission.

Full story below…

‘The Independent‘ reports:

In an important ruling on celebrity “image rights”, the Court of Appeal upheld a ban on the store selling a Rihanna “tank” sleeveless T-shirt without her permission.

Three appeal judges agreed with an earlier High Court ruling that marketing the fashion item without the 26-year-old singer’s approval amounts to “passing off”, a term used to enforce unregistered trademark rights.

Topshop lawyers had urged the appeal judges – Lord Justice Richards, Lord Justice Kitchin and Lord Justice Underhill – to rule that High Court judge Mr Justice Birss had misunderstood the law on celebrity merchandising.

The three judges unanimously dismissed the Topshop appeal.

In the lead judgment Lord Justice Kitchin ruled Mr Justice Birss “was entitled to find that the sale by Topshop of the T-shirt amounted to passing off”.

The judges also agreed that a substantial number of the 26-year-old pop diva’s fans were likely to be led into the false belief that she had authorised the T-shirt to carry her image.

Rihanna’s lawyers said the image was from an unauthorised photograph taken while the star was filming a video in Northern Ireland for one of her singles in 2011 and Topshop should remain banned from exploiting it.



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  1. R8PE January 22, 2015

    Someones seething mad

    • You tried January 22, 2015

      My thing with Rihanna is the media her camp and so has she used BEYONCE to big up her career! Even TGJ who ALWAYS mentions BEY on RIH POST COME ON YALL GOT TO STOP THIS FOOLISH COMPARISON S*** REAL TALK

  2. thotanna January 22, 2015

    oop shes just mad that they chose beyonce over her poor dat!!

    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

      You BeyHIVe stans or so dumb. Rihanna’s lawsuit took place well before the announcement of Beyonce’s partnership with Topshop. You stans are just like your leader – dumb, dumber and dumbest. Get some education.

      • rosy January 22, 2015

        I agree and the behives can’t read or write just like bey who sounds illiterate when she speaks gtfoh hives

    • Mark111 January 22, 2015

      You must be 12.

  3. gilbert January 22, 2015

    she looks like an a** in that picture. lol no hate

    • RL8 January 22, 2015

      yep she looks like an a** with thAT big ass fivehead. riherpes looks like a malournished 12yrold boy and yodels like a goat that cant be good. she doent have anything going for her except for her busted and barely there walls.

      • gilbert January 22, 2015

        lmaooo drag her

      • Mother January 22, 2015

        Two uglies mad at Rihanna’s beauty. What’s new?

      • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

        …and you look like Beyonce’s hepatitis that she got from Jay-Z (which is why she hired a surrogate to birth Blue Ivy.)

      • rosy January 22, 2015

        And your p**** smell like sewage water your mama a ho and sell p**** on the corner for Crack stfu

    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

      …and you look like her a*** sphincter

      • Tyler January 22, 2015

        You’re just mad because Beyonce looks like a human being and Rihanna looks like a velociraptor

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      Just because Rihanna has a protruding forehead doesn’t mean that you have to making racially offensive remarks though booboo!

  4. iloverihanna January 22, 2015

    when will beeyawnsay

    • gilbert January 22, 2015

      u mean the lady who has a net worth of over $530 million that can buy rihanna’s ass any day? beyonce is opening a new company together with topshop, so she’s still winning… imagine the amount of $$$ she’ll be receiving even more once it launches. need i remind u, rihanna’s partnership with puma flopped harder than ciara’s album 🙂 sit ur ass down

    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015


  5. RL8 January 22, 2015


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    • gilbert January 22, 2015


    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

      …yet you keep trashing Rihanna by naming yourself after her. #TheShadeWritesItself

    • King B January 22, 2015


    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout January 22, 2015

      But Taylor Swift still outsold her!!!!

      (And everyone else!!!!!)

    • Sam January 23, 2015

      You are so extra lol

  6. CT January 22, 2015

    You girls are in here full force.. are yall that scared of her upcoming albums?

    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

      You know they are. Why do you think Beyawnce had to drop her last album unannounced? LOL

      • Tyler January 22, 2015

        Why do you think that SNIPPETanna had to wait to release hers?

  7. Beysus January 22, 2015

    I love Topshop

    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

      Topshop is just an overpriced version of H&M that all the gay boys wear in the club, sis. Then again, I get why you love the shop.

      • Beysus January 22, 2015

        B**** please… F*** outta here…

    • Beysus January 22, 2015

      Are you actually f****** serious???? Lol 11 people hate the fact I love Topshop yet no other comment has that many red arrows??? F*** outta here!!!

      • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

        Don’t be mad, sis, because your tastes are tacky and that you have to throw tantrums like three-year-old kid with special needs because you’re not poppin’ on TGJ. POOF!

      • Beysus January 22, 2015

        Lol YOU’RE the mad people that can’t afford Topshop… And “tacky”??? You like Rihanna… Speak for yourself…

      • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

        @Beysus – Sweetie. My coins are too rich for TopShop. That’s why I threw shade at your taste. Then again, you are a B*****+e member. You don’t understand when you’ve been shaded down because you are a lessor.

  8. Yeah I Said It January 22, 2015

    Was it really that serious? She should be complimented tbh.

  9. Paulo January 22, 2015

    I’m shocked at how fast this post turned messy.

  10. Rihboy January 22, 2015

    She needs a percentage! Nothing is free….. I’m not mad at her at all. She doesn’t need top shop! Why should be be mad that they picked Beyoncé over her? If she cared that much wouldn’t she allow them to sell the product? Why let them freely use her for sales! Not without the money honey. So I’m glad they lost this suit. Let them continue to convince people to purchase their bland attire because Beyoncé models it from time to time . Next!

  11. gilbert January 22, 2015

    Here’s a juicier news, BEYONCE, HER DANCERS, AND HER BAND ARE ALL IN LA!!! I smell Grammy performanceeeeee 😀

    • The BeyHIVe Extinguisher January 22, 2015

      Will it be as desperate and boring as last year’s “Drunk In Seagram’s Gin” performance with Jay-Z?

      • gilbert January 22, 2015

        let me just tell u, out of all the commentators on this blog, you look and sound the dumbest lol. stop making yourself look like a desperate peasant it’s not a cute look. rihanna navy= peasants.

      • Tyler January 22, 2015

        Rihanna looks…and sounds, like a drunkin goat in heat during EVERY performance. So sit tf down.

  12. #JACKIE (Cici da baddest) January 22, 2015

    Rihape finna flop

  13. TheElusiveLamb January 22, 2015

    This post & comments though (in tears). What’s funny is I’m wearing a Rihanna shirt today lol.

  14. DanYiel Teflon January 22, 2015

    Ri-Whine-A Goatish Sounds SCREAMS ANNOYANCE!!! I’m done carry on folks!!

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 22, 2015

      Awww. You’re so cute. Poor little white girl. It likes Rita Whora and Iggy, but when it comes to Beyonce and Rihanna posts i.e. black artists, it turns into the Roger Ebert of the music industry. Poor thing… (︶︿︶)

  15. metzo January 22, 2015

    “After getting into bed with her rival Beyonce”
    …………………..this is getting out of hand

  16. kingbeybitch January 22, 2015

    I feel like she did this because she didn’t like the picture that they put on the shirt. This has been done many times before and guess what its still being done

  17. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 22, 2015

    Common sense to Fleahive is like superpower; Its doesn’t exist. It’s a lawsuit and she won. Anyway, congrats to her for winning the lawsuit. While Rihanna sues people who try to use her name because she’s obviously that powerful, Beyonce continues to get sued for the thief she is. How many times does Beyonce get sued….. every year?? oOop *Sips Tea* 😀

    • kingbeybitch January 22, 2015

      Oh shut up! And how many times have you heard of Beyonce battling anyone in court I’ll answer that for you NONE

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      @I TROLL For Talent
      Where is our f*** to give???
      Because I can’t seem to find one.

  18. xedos January 22, 2015

    As i said no way in hell ciara performing the half time show at the allstar game maybe the minor performance. Arianna Grande will perform

  19. blue January 22, 2015

    rihanna making history again, this is a step for celebs to be able to control how their image is consumed in the uk

  20. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 22, 2015

    I just googled “Beyonce Lawsuits.” Lol!!!! They’re soooo many of them. Screeeeeemms!!!! This trashy glorified stripper called Beyonce is such a thief. 😀

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      You should be more concerned about Rihanna’s drug addiction, s**** bank baby.

      • NENE January 22, 2015

        Fraudyonce is a druggie have u ever seen Rihanna image that she was wasted and past out Google Beyonce girl.

      • Tyler January 22, 2015

        Actually yes…I have seen pictures of RihFerPipe under the influence. Not only does she look like a drug addict. She talks about being drunk and loaded 24/7. So you sound stupid.

    • Hadley January 22, 2015

      How many has she lost though? Thats the real question.

  21. Keri Qween January 22, 2015

    How many times has Beyonce been sued for stealing someone’s song and claiming she wrote it

    • NENE January 22, 2015

      Countless times. She has settled more lawsuits over stealing than any other artist in the globe.

  22. Cough Cough January 22, 2015

    Where is Slay_Hive? After her epic dragging yesterday day and rechristening as TROLL_HIVE, she’s nowhere to be found.

  23. Bang bang January 22, 2015

    Never. All the lawsuits were about a woman dying while giving head to a man on a surfboard and a woman who claims to have given birth to blue ivy. Never a copywrite infringement suit!

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      Interesting. All of this time, I thought that All of Rihanna’s lawsuit were pertaining to a woman who STAYS getting her ass whooped by light skinned muthafuckas.

  24. Cough Cough January 22, 2015

    Hey has anyone seen Prismatic? She just all up and disappeared

  25. NENE January 22, 2015

    The fact is copyonce is a huge flop fashion wise. Respectaed designers will never check for Beyonce only H&M and Topshop basic high street brands.

    • Oh Baby(B****** Will Bow Down And Deal) January 22, 2015

      “respectaed”(You mean respectable) Like who? Puma? Haven’t been hot since 1999 Puma? lmaoooo. Girl don’t!

  26. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 22, 2015

    I see this fág can’t help but reply to me. It’s been waiting for a direct reply since the start of the year. Lol. It just can’t help itself. Gay members of the fleahive are the worst, the most persistent really. I’m loving it though, even though it keeps on populating my email mailbox with its replies. 😀

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      I might as well, you stay mentioning my existence in other post so you’re obviously begging for a response I TROLL For “Talent”/Nene/ Katy Purry

  27. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT January 22, 2015

    This post is about Rihanna winning a lawsuit which she pursuit, not her being sued, which almost never happens and almost unheard of. Death @ the solar eclipse moon-sized shade from the fleahive when their fave literally gets sued every year and has probably been sued more than any other recording artist in the 21st century. I’m dying.
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      Gawd! I wish somebody would Chris Brown your ass.

  28. Hadley January 22, 2015

    Beyonce wins her lawsuis 90% of the time. In fact most of them never even go to court. Try again.

    • Tyler January 22, 2015

      It’s the R****** Navy we are talking to here…They dont get it.m They’re all Hooked On Phonix.

      • Tyler January 22, 2015


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