Hot Shots: More From Rihanna’s ‘AnOther Magazine’ Alexander McQueen Tribute

Published: Wednesday 18th Feb 2015 by Rashad

For however you feel about Grammy-winning pop diva Rihanna and her reliable antics, one thing cannot be denied – the girl is a fashion icon.

Striking many-a-fierce pose that’s landed her stiletto to stiletto with some of the fashion industry’s top names, the songstress has seemingly upped her ante via her latest campaign, courtesy of a tribute to the late, great designer Alexander McQueen.

As reported here, Ri’s homage to McQueen inspired the spread found aboard AnOther magazine’s latest edition as snapped by famed photogs Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.  

We’ve already given you a glimpse at some of the action, but tuck in below to see more of the finished products:

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  1. 160 February 18, 2015

    LMAOO I CAN NOT! The HlV+ are SOO PRESSED!! watch this post get a million comment just because the title has the queens name KII. So f****** seeeed i think queen rih gets more comments than t*********. The H**+ Feel so threatened by rih because she’s MUCH prettier, MUCH better sales wise and way more relevant. They can’t handle the fact there fave is a washed up manly looking wrinkled face RUpaul looking irrelevant thirsty drag queen who’s spots been taken by a TRUE queen kii. LMAOO Pathetic 50 year old tranny knows his body is s*** so he’s photoshop games on fleek .YA FAVE IS AN UGLY TRANSGENDER PHOTOSHOPPING FRAUD and will continue to be QUEEN RIHS UNDERSTUDY *SURVANT…STAYY PRESSSEDD!!

    • Slay_Hive February 18, 2015

      Girl did you get a chance to look at your fave’s pics first? Calm it with the delusions. The Hive has caused plenty of mental breakdowns within the past year I see. lmaooo I can’t

      *Dusts Bey’s Double platinum plaque and 20 Grammys*

    • barb-wire February 18, 2015

      What a pathetic troll, running here to be the first commentor just to diss Beyonce?? a woman who can buy you a 100000 times more. Advice: make your first million, then maybe you’ll have room to talk with the Billionaire Beyonce

    • Krista February 18, 2015

      The irony of you calling others pressed with that mess of a comment.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) February 18, 2015

      You on crack this early?? Like fav, like stan…..

  2. Barb Wire February 18, 2015

    Yaaaaas sis. Eat them photos. She looks good.

    • Jansel February 18, 2015

      This woman is so beautiful but I wis she’d stop copying off the lessers. It will not work the same way for u as it did Beyonce. The GP will call u out in half a second for theifing.

  3. Choupette February 18, 2015

    And can the pressed 1st commenter just stop it. For once in your life, enjoy your faves winnings without dragging another stan base into it. I know they’re do it too. But just be the bigger person and celebrate your faves success without the need to tear someone else down.

    Back to the topic at hand. Rihanna looks great. Love the 2nd and last photo.

  4. Arianator Barb February 18, 2015

    Everything I do is in the name righteousness and ratchetness

    • barb-wire February 18, 2015

      Gurl just…. no

  5. Stephy. February 18, 2015

    I’m not really feeling this one. But, still pretty regardless.

  6. Rihyonce February 18, 2015

    She’s beautiful !!! She can literally pull off anything !!
    Go Rih !

  7. nations February 18, 2015

    these are weak like most recent tributes are. I love rihanna but this is just forgettable, unispiring and very boring.

  8. Slay_Hive February 18, 2015

    *YAWNS* Her fashion and modeling game is so overrated! Everything about her is beyond BASIC! Death at the first commenter though. It came in here more worried about the Hive than it’s fave. A paragraph full of lies inflations and delusions #pathetic

    • CT February 18, 2015


      • Eloviano February 18, 2015

        7 year’s later, she’s OUTSELLING (only black female artist with a 2x platinum album since her 3rd album IASF) OUTGROSSING (MCWS and OTR were some of the highest grossing tours in recent years) and OUT-EARNING her peers (Forbes most powerful celebrity of 2014, highest PAID female in music in 2014).

        These are some of the few things Bey has achieved. Not bad for a woman who last had a number 1 hit 7 year’s ago. And get it through your thick skull boo, Bey has been slaying without a no1 single. Oh and her career officially turned 17 years yesterday. Longevity over quick peaks and fast food singles(your fave might want to take notes since radio rihjects artists over 30 years old) . No T, no shade

      • We Are Beyhive February 18, 2015

        @CT I know you’re not trying Beyoncé for not having a no 1 single when Nicki doesn’t have one, even as a featured artist. Don’t make me come for Nicki boo. Know your place.

      • Mark111 February 18, 2015

        That’s all nice, but where’s her number one hit? He didn’t ask for her bank account, he asked for her #1 hit. (The hive can’t stay on subject for nothing.) Is her being 40 the reason radio won’t play Bey? Lol

      • Eloviano February 18, 2015

        @mark111 don’t act stupid here. Radio stations start rihjecting artists over 30. See the recent post about Madonna being banned from Radio 1 because of her age. And keep making fun of ageism. Rih will be 30 in a few years. Won’t be a laughing matter then.

  9. barb-wire February 18, 2015

    She looks cute but cute ain’t gonna cut it, on the other hand NIcki would’ve murdered this photoshoot effortlessly.

    • 123 February 18, 2015

      she’d fall the other way on the ground in these stilletos cause of her fake ass and boobs, she needs a counterweight to balance her grotesque fake shiet-hole

  10. Krista February 18, 2015

    Basic tbh

  11. We Are Beyhive February 18, 2015

    What a snoozefest. I’m not feeling this photo shoot. Anyway get that promoeaux b****.

  12. Yonce on your mouth February 18, 2015

    She looks basic. Lol at the fact that her n****** no longer get people’s attention. It’s as basic as her voice. Everyone has seen all her most private parts yet the navy will be the first to say Beyonce is a h**.

    • Slay_Hive February 18, 2015


      • Yonce on your mouth February 18, 2015

        Am no TROLL. There is actually a picture with her n****** out, I saw it yesterday. So get your fact right.

  13. DEL BEY February 18, 2015

    Looking fierce tbh, I wont lie me and my friend were having a ‘Navy Vs Hive’ debate yesterday, and I fully admitted that in terms of fashion, Rihanna runnnnns s***, Talent? thats all beys

  14. DEL BEY February 18, 2015

    I’ve just finished a new article on this shoot, celebrating the ‘Past, Present & Future’ of the late Alexander Mcqueen.. drag your shady selves over.. click and support.. x


  15. TheElusiveLamb February 18, 2015


    • Navy Kat February 18, 2015

      Love your avi of Queen MC, King Bey and GaGa. Talent and beauty in that pic. When will my faves?

      • Barb-wire February 18, 2015

        Stop trolling Sis…

  16. kingbeybitch February 18, 2015

    She’s a really beautiful girl but I just dont get why she likes to show her n****** and all that to the world. Like if its not her nipple she’s naked I mean I get if youre on this one magazine but this is like a norm for her. Not to mention she also be posting those kinda pics on instagram and so does her friends I just don’t get why they think something so degrading is so cool

  17. metzo February 18, 2015

    She’s not that pretty to me, but she has a unique look (that she can pull off with the help of tons of make up.)
    She will never be a music “icon”. But I’ll give her the “fashion Goddess” title.

  18. FutureCIARA February 18, 2015

    Modelanna, She looks ugly, But Im here for the magazine honoring the late LEGEND McQueen!

  19. 160 February 18, 2015

    KII DEATH! at u lame h*** talking about how I don’t enjoy life and sh*t when u guys comment the MOST…EVERY DAY on this thirsty site KIII TGJ is majority of yalls lives so f****** seeed. YA barley see me on this site. Why? Because unlike u loose bottom phaggots I actually have s*** to do. Not sitting in my mothers basement commenting on that thirsty juice all day praising some washed up transexual aka (rupaulonce) chewing on some stale twizzlers, dogging down a whole wedding cake by myself while getting through a 12 piece from McDonald’s kiiiii the H**+ knows wat I’m sayin is all too true about them LMAOO

  20. 160 February 18, 2015

    Kiiiiiii I’m UNSURE why a ciADAMSAPPLE stan is comming for anyone’s looks when ur dark ass eye bags havin fave looks just as if not MORE manly than Rupaulonce

  21. Mista Cee February 18, 2015

    Sorry, Rhi! NOBODY does McQueen like GaGa. Stay in your lane, mama!

  22. rita ora February 18, 2015

    She looks dead in the eyes. The fashion industry is fickle, they move on. it will be every sad when she gets to 30 – even 29 and radio move on from her. THEN the fashion will run and her career will decline.

    No wonder she has all the fake ass stunts and Planted PR stories about Leo

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