Dumblonde: Ex-Danity Kane Members Announce Release Of Visual EP

Published: Wednesday 1st Apr 2015 by David

Former Danity Kane members Shannon Bex and Aubrey O’Day continue to move forward with their new act Dumblonde this week, hitting the iHeartRadio Music Awards to tease their fans with their new plans.

There, they revealed that they are planning to release a visual EP with music inspired by The Ting Tings and the ‘BulletproofLa Roux.

Exciting news below..

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  1. Islandboi242 April 1, 2015

    Dance :(?

    • You tried April 1, 2015

      Girl Bye! Nobody is going purchase this! these free loaders! Using all the exposure they can steal for their lousy ass Auto tune songs! Off with these h*** heads

      • Dustin April 1, 2015

        And yet we have heard approximately zero music. Why don we do the mature thing and reserve judgement for when we actually have something to judge.

    • You tried April 1, 2015

      Aubrey looks like an old ass lady with all those damn wrinkles!!!

  2. NT April 1, 2015

    The dance/alternative route is ideal for them because without the other 3 girls who were all strong vocalist they can’t really continue to do the songs they had been doing.

  3. Indie April 1, 2015

    I really think these 2 girls re going to surprise a lot of people, you can tell they were both very passionate about this project, 6 videos already and a fresh new sound! Go for it girls!

  4. #JACKIE April 1, 2015

    They are so fake and phony and they will flop

    • Don’t hate B!TCHES April 1, 2015

      Haha that’s funny coming from a c error fan who can’t even sing lol

  5. Kitty Puurrzz April 1, 2015

    I’m here for it. With the music industry loving that generic pop sound, I think these girls will fit right in. They know their lane & I think they’ll slay !

  6. Justin April 1, 2015

    Jesus, that screen grab is atrocious.

  7. Bryant April 1, 2015

    Is Shannon ever allowed to speak? 🙁

    • Paulo April 1, 2015

      riiiight… she’s so comfortable playing second fiddle to Aubrey. I pity her.

  8. FutureCIARA April 1, 2015

    They wont be able to execute any dance moves the way they are getting pumped up with all kinds of elements. They look so plastic and hard with all that damn make-up and shitt, Im scared to see what may come of this. I wish them the best.

  9. kelly kelly | Matt April 1, 2015

    I’m here for it. Their look is good (minus the drag queen make up).
    I just hope their promo game is strong and music to be radio friendly.

  10. BLACKOUT TBH April 1, 2015

    If you check out Aubrey’s instagram you can see pics from some of their video shoots. The concepts look dope tbh. Really high fashion, also the previews for their upcoming merch are everything – Moschino inspired. They’ll slay for sure, even if it’s just whithin the core pop stan community online the way Azealia does. As for true mainstream success, we’ll have to see. Though it’s not entirely far fetched for them to go down the Icona Pop route, in which case they may just get their first Billboard hit since DK. I’m here for it tbh.

  11. Barb-wire April 1, 2015

    Dumb Thots

  12. kelly kelly | Matt April 1, 2015


  13. Black power April 1, 2015

    I really love & admire their determination!

  14. Paulo April 1, 2015

    so their name is Dumblonde and their first move is… black dye and grey highlights? they look old with the hair and make-up and the fact Aubrey thinks speaking together on the same tune equals harmony lets me know how “good” this will sound. kiiii

  15. MusicMatters201 April 1, 2015

    This could be really good or really ehhhh. I think they clearly are not trying to be a major chart topping group but just following their dreams which why should we hate on that? I mean the music seems like it could be really in form with the sound that is current on radio yet different. I am interested and that is a good thing. Lets not be spiteful just to be without hearing. The still from the video is horrendous tho for Aubrey (hate to say).

  16. R April 1, 2015

    I’d rather see a new season of Making the Band.

  17. DAWN ALL DAY April 2, 2015

    I believe Dawn was giving youll tracks like that and here youll go …… Dawn be doing and slaying it.

  18. Frisky April 2, 2015

    I want to hear the music but I am surprised it is just An EP? I heard it is going to be 6 songs, is that right? 6 songs? I hope I got that wrong. What they doing for the whole 7 months?
    I’ll reserve my judgement until I hear the music, but So far I see none of Shannon influence. From the cheap ass merchandise to the pointless red carpet unveiling, it’s all Aubrey.

    I hope the music is good. I really want to her it.

    • Frisky April 2, 2015

      * what were they doing…*

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