Russian Women Jailed…For Twerking


A group of Russian women have been jailed for performing the Hip-Hop “twerking” dance move this week, imprisoned by authorities after they were found guilty of “hooliganism.”

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Said to have originated in West Africa, the dance move is a long running part of African-American Hip-Hop culture and was recently popularised by ‘Wrecking Ball‘ singer Miley Cyrus who performs the move in her visual for the single ‘We Can’t Stop.’

Now, it’s placed a group of women in Russia in hot water.

Billboard reveals:

Russia celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Allies’ victory in the World War II next month, an emotionally charged holiday the Kremlin has been using for propaganda purposes.

The sentencing in the Novorossiysk district court of a 19-year-old woman to 15 days in jail and two women in their 20s to 10 days comes after prosecutors launched a probe into a video showing a group of women twerking next to the memorial on the Black Sea. Twerking is a sexually provocative dance involving thrusting of the hips.

Prosecutors said in a statement Saturday that five women were found guilty of “hooliganism” and two of them were spared jail because of poor health. Hooliganism is the charge that sent two members of punk band Pussy Riot to prison for two years for an impromptu protest at Moscow’s main cathedral in 2012.

Prosecutors in Novorossiysk also said they were pressing charges against the parents of one underage girl who was twerking with the others girls for “the failure to encourage the physical, intellectual, physiological, spiritual and moral development of a child.

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  1. Centurion April 27, 2015

    I blame Kneeki. I can’t wait for Tink to blow up. She and Dej Loaf will bring back some dignity to female rappers.

    • TRUTH SERUM April 27, 2015


  2. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) April 27, 2015

    Russia is the worst place to be yourself. It’s illegal to be gay and to twirk?

    The are going back to being communists…

  3. Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

    YAAAS for the twerk team!! lol I’d be in jail or getting tickets every dam day if they had this stupid rule in America. WTF would they be charged with tho? lmaoo Russians are crazy.

    • TheElusiveLamb April 27, 2015


  4. Guess April 27, 2015

    Ugh. Let her live!!!

  5. Slay_Hive April 27, 2015

    oh they were charged with hooliganism.. wtf? I’m glad I’m from America.

  6. Bey Is Grown April 27, 2015

    Lol, that’s crazy.

  7. DEL BEY April 27, 2015

    Russians are backwards f****

  8. Barb-wire April 27, 2015

    Twerking is illegal now? lol okay

  9. Mark111 April 27, 2015

    I agree with this. If your white flat ass is bad at it, you should be fined or jailed. If you’re going to twer, you better work it.
    And Russia just shows that even if your country is mostly one race, they’ll find something else to hate. “Well we don’t have a Black problem, so let’s pick on gays and women.” Jokes aside, even when everyone is white, they’ll start dividing themselves by hair and eyes color. Humans are sh1t.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) April 27, 2015

      That’s what I love about you, your cheerful disposition!! 🙂

  10. k April 27, 2015

    I’m on the prosecutors side especially about the part with the underage girl taking part in that stupid s*** y’all are just used to childish s*** it’s time to grow the f*** up

  11. Essa April 27, 2015

    Good on Russia. I wish the U.S. would follow suit. “Twerking” is a bunch of nonsense that makes everyone doing it look like a no-daddy having buffoon.

    • k April 27, 2015

      Do you know how sick and childish the government in the United States is let the government and the brainless ass citizens play in their little sink hole

  12. @antstaescool April 27, 2015

    A wise man once said ” Shake ya ass, but watch ya self!” Lol ????

    Follow me on ig @antstaescool

  13. Suicide Blonde April 27, 2015

    Twerking is inappropriate, there’s nothing classic about it, no wonder was invented by Africans.

    • Vandrea April 27, 2015

      …and being embraced and awkwardly imitated by dorky, rhythmless Europeans.

      • Suicide Blonde April 27, 2015

        Those europeans have no class neither.

    • TheElusiveLamb April 27, 2015

      What is your view on being racist? 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde April 27, 2015

        Discrimination should not exist, period, unfortunely humans are the most hateful animals God created.

      • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) April 27, 2015

        I only hate when fat hos twerk

  14. Eldela April 27, 2015

    I respect Russia. They seem to have low tolerance for b*******, things that aren’t necessary or have no socially redeeming qualities. Twerking is one of the most ridiculous dances/past-times to emerge over the past 10-20 years. Maybe it doesn’t need to be criminalized, but it absolutely shouldn’t be socially embraced, thought of as a cute
    and harmless thing or given a spotlight like it is in America. It’s just plain tomfoolery and should be treated as such. Twerk all you want in the privacy of your own home, but I wouldn’t be upset to see people ticketed for doing it in public.

  15. You wanna love it right better then my money April 27, 2015

    What type of rule do they have in Russia world?

    • OMG Logic!!! April 27, 2015

      Oligarchy. Putin’s buddies basically run the country along with the Church.

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