Shots Fired: Lily Allen Slams Beyonce?

Published: Thursday 2nd Apr 2015 by Sam

Beyond a sparse set of hits last decade, Lily Allen has become renown for her outspoken antics.

This week, following the launch of Jay Z‘s streaming service Tidal, the British singer lived up to her billing by sounding off on the platform – and seemingly slamming Beyonce in the process.

See what we mean…

Following a spirited rant about the need or lack-there-of of Tidal, Allen posted the following snap of Beyonce…

Immediately after, she added the following…

Granted she’s entitled to her opinion, we are a bit perplexed at to why she’s so hot and bothered about something that doesn’t actually affect her. No one’s been streaming or buying her music for the longest. A fact which suggests she has much more to be focussing on than alleged elitism.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Danny Bey April 2, 2015


    • KING RIH April 2, 2015

      The person that just read your fav that’s who.

      And its all true.

      • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 2, 2015

        Yet RIHANNAS still bleached the f*** out of her no talent having, edges nappy ,Pussssy leaking skin,… that BIITCH BETTER BE PAYING BLUES TUITION FEES….

      • Diamond Princess April 2, 2015

        Like you Bit-ches like to say, I detect no lies!!!! Bwahaaaaaaa!!!!! This site is so biased it’s not even cute. Beyonce doesn’t write sh-it!!!! And you a-ss suckers know it!! But yet her doo doo don’t ever stank in ya’ll’s delusional eyes. Pathetic.

  2. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    Yes Lily. Beythonce is trash. She’s a fraud who dropped out of performing arts school. SCREAAAAAMS!!!! Who does that??? I can’t!!!!!! XD 😆

    • miko April 2, 2015

      dude mi cant upvote but mi like veri much i agree XD


      Don’t come for Bey where Ri is flawed at too, the reach…..leave the Queen bey alone ur obsession is Crazy

      • Guess April 2, 2015

        Exactly. I don’t think the navy gets that people are going to come for Beyonce because she’s at the top of the food chain. They all in the same boat but why did she just use bey.. because people take their complaints to whoever’s in charge. Look at the navy dragging themselves again. Why come for rihanna? she don’t call no shots.

      • (Rihyonce) April 2, 2015



    • Iamdiego April 2, 2015

      she graduated tho…

  3. Yonce on your mouth April 2, 2015

    Don’t even know, hence I won’t given her any attention.

    • Yonce on your mouth April 2, 2015


      • JEMINA NELSON April 2, 2015

        You. Just. Did. By Commenting IDIOT!

  4. Danny Bey April 2, 2015

    Why is always the One-hit wonders, the has-beens and the never-happened’s that always feel the need to come for Mrs. Carter with no receipts or validation? Like, it must be on some “got nothing to lose” type ish cuz their careers are non existent. Yet, almost 20 years in the game and Yoncé has NEVER addressed a hater and is STILL Queen. Do the lessors will continue to seethe while she continues to raise Blue unbothered.

    • Barb-wire April 2, 2015

      Nope They just want the publicity.


      free publicity Mention Beys name in a negative comment and the story would be everywhere, 15 minutes of fame (where kid rock at)

    • Cupid April 2, 2015

      But yet you ignore that everything she’s saying is true? Artist wanting more money for songs they only sang karaoke for. I see no lies. Lily Allen is amazing by the way. Check her out!

      • Faf April 2, 2015

        It is quite true

        Tidal gives artists more money but I said this the day I heard abt it

        “Why pay rihanna more for sias song?”

        It just doesn’t seem fair

  5. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    “protecting an art form is when you release music written by other people and take the majority of the publishing because your name is on it .” :’)

    Some truth tea before some of y’all go to bed.

    • Cbeylive April 2, 2015

      They wasn’t saying that when they cashing the checks that don’t bounce tho

    • RihHive April 2, 2015

      Damn everybody calling her out on stealing credit… you would think she would stop

  6. Yonce on your mouth April 2, 2015

    Am sick of all these h*** that you need Google to tell you who they are, coming for Beyoncé in order to get a quick 15mins.

  7. shakira stan April 2, 2015

    Read the w**** for filth

  8. Danny Bey April 2, 2015

    This is exactly what Bey meant by the line “Yoncé all on your mouth like liquor.”

    • JEMINA NELSON April 2, 2015


      • Danny Bey April 2, 2015

        And that has any relevance bc???

  9. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    She’s probably one of the many people who didn’t get credited. This is why I won’t stan for trash. This is why I won’t stan for a fraud.

  10. shakira stan April 2, 2015

    And that fat b**** better have rihanna’s money….cos if anything goes wrong with DT tidal mess… Am coming for her fat ass!

  11. blue April 2, 2015

    i f*** with lily allen…watch all these pressed beyhive come in asking who, when everyone and their mama knows who lily allen is…10x the artist your fave is.

    • Special Delivery April 2, 2015

      Your fave also fits into that category my dear.

  12. blue April 2, 2015

    tidal benefits only the guys who where at that meeting…the other artists will be screwed over in ways even a pornstar hasnt heard of.

  13. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    There’s a song called ‘That’s Why you’re Beautiful’ by Beyonce. That song was written ENTIRELY by James Fauntleroy. That’s Beyonce name doing in the credits? Google James Fauntleroy Could Be Us and listen if you don’t believe me. Centurion won’t stan for frauds.

    • Jeje April 2, 2015

      Her credit comes from mostly to the vocal arrangement…like many of her songs !! Its Legal ! With her, everyone who participates in the production of one of her songs, are In the CREDIT too.

      • blue April 2, 2015

        legal or not it take money out of someone’s pockets…plenty of singers do vocal arrangements and dont take credit…bey abuses her power and the grey areas of the law…but she is getting paid so…

      • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

        I’m talking about writing credits you idiot. Don’t insult my intelligence. Writing and production credits are those that are widely viewed. She’s a fraud. You best sleep in it.

    • metzo April 2, 2015

      Vocal production and arrangement.
      Btw, Beyonce sung the F*** outta that song!

      • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

        Good for her, but what’s her name doing in the writing credits hmmm? Vacate my reply section poodle. You have no case here.

      • Dev April 2, 2015

        Whitney Houston sang the hell outta all her songs.
        Whitney Houston sang the fugger outta I Will Always Love You and Dolly Parton received every dollar and every dime

  14. Slay_Hive April 2, 2015

    Oh lord another bitter washed-up b**** looking for fifteen minutes. It’s become a trend. She’s very passionate about it tho. Obviously jelly!

    • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

      Go to sleep you büssy twirling ultra f*****. Let us trash your trashy phony fave. Don’t let tgj post keep you up all night. 😆

  15. Barb-wire April 2, 2015

    Aww Poor Lily!!! Is that what she’s reduced to now? Ranting and trash talking on twitter just to gain attention? Out of all those Tidal people, she had to take shots at Bey??? It’s no lie when people say #Bey’sImpact

    • Cake like Lady GaGa April 2, 2015

      @barb-wire Not your ugly obese dark-skinned gay a** trolling tgj and twitter instead of working so u can afford plastic surgery to fix ur ugly face.

      • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

        LMFAO. This irrelevant rural f***** is trying it. Wait for it use its gravatarless account and use Diarrhea ender’s drags.

      • Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

        *to use…

      • Faf April 2, 2015

        What’s wrong with being dark skinned ?

  16. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    Y’all know who Lily Allen is. When will these homosexual Bey stans accept that she’s a fraud? LOL

  17. XYZ April 2, 2015

    grapejuice, shut up. you live off of People who give their s*** about things they have nothing to with or that don’t affect them. For god’s sake, your Job is writing bout things that don’t affect you…

    And lily is quite successful, not an a list Artist, but so what – she can live off of her Music…

    and even though I don’t know why she said These things, I see no lies

    • blue April 2, 2015

      i agree… Nothing she said was a lie, way come for bey? I dont know…but she didnt lie

  18. Bammmm April 2, 2015

    Anothe washed up btch coming for Beyonce…smh these bitter ass h*** never learn.
    Beyonce will forever remain unbothered by these haters.

  19. Cake like Lady GaGa April 2, 2015

    Lily never lied!!! And @Sam, sit your gay a** down, I bought Sheezus, but you tried. Bitter f******

  20. Yoncè April 2, 2015

    His f****** name is on the album credit, he got PAID! and he even said she sent the track to him with her verse on it and he came up with the hook, having written material doesn’t make you less of an artist….yall just hate bey so bad it’s sad, how can you hate someone that you don’t even know lol

    • JEMINA NELSON April 2, 2015


    • JEMINA NELSON April 2, 2015


  21. XXX April 2, 2015


  22. metzo April 2, 2015

    Just another day, just another attention seeking broad using the Empress’ name.

  23. Carmen April 2, 2015

    If writers don’t like it, don’t work with Beyonce! The end. Anywho why is Lily randomly talkimg about this now? Does she have new material coming out as well?

  24. DanYiel Teflon April 2, 2015

    Chile the girls can’t take Beyonce her Grammies speak for THEMSELVES!!

  25. #JACKIE April 2, 2015

    Not one lie was TOLD!!!

  26. BossB*tchBeyoncé April 2, 2015

    I was about to care but then I realized I had to ask who so nevermind. Another irrelevant artist using Beyonces name for their quick 15. So just a regular day then. She must be mad they didn’t invite her!!

  27. Special Delivery April 2, 2015

    Is this the same broad who said she’d turn gay for Beyonce? Anywho… In more relevant and interesting news you should check out what Marina and the Diamonds had to say about Tidal.

    • That’s all April 2, 2015

      Yes it is. She more than likely said that before knowing the truth about her.

      • Special Delivery April 2, 2015

        I find that hard to believe when Beyonces biggest writing scandals were around that time. Someone is just thirsty for attention.

      • Faf April 2, 2015

        But Thinking Beyonxe is hot and saying she’s a fraud =\=

  28. That’s all April 2, 2015

    so giving an opinion about beyonce is wrong but you all can trash talk other artist?

  29. Truth B Told April 2, 2015

    Who ever operates this site is such a slave to commercialism because how would U feel Ig you wrote a song and sing took it and then placed their name on it. True artists are offended by con artists!

  30. Barb Wire April 2, 2015

    Oh Lord please do not let this reading I’m about to give to @Cake Like Lady Gaga be so brutal,he gets alopecia areata. Amen

    *puts on reading glasses*

    I wasn’t even going to grace you with a reply but you tried it. Michael Jackson said it best. There’s blood on the dancefloor and that’s your faves legacy. You’re all cream and no coffee, you don’t know Jill and you sure as helll don’t know Jack either.

    I’m trying to figure out what invisible invitation came in the mail for you to be coming for me without my approval. Sweetheart just because I have a watch, don’t assume I have time for your b*******. Don’t think you and I have beef, cause the only beef we have is the one on your mouth.

    You dishonour and disrespect me more than a greatest hits cd by Miley Cyrus, more than Elmer Fudd hunting for rabbits on duck season and you have all the symptoms for a career constipation. You’re pressed, you’re mad, you refuse to have a seat & you’re so greedy that you don’t eat your feelings, you eat mine too. You’re built like a Decepticon and you want to try me? I won’t even address that other troll even if you paid me. Like it’s sexx position, it’s at the bottom, beneath me.

    *puts away reading glasses*

    *yanks that $2 rainbow bread stiff ass weave on both you h*** heads*

    I’m out ❤❤

    • Snatched April 2, 2015

      Yeeesssssss for the Patti read from Got2BReal!!!!!

  31. Barb-wire April 2, 2015

    @Fake b**** That troll is not me… why you mad cause it dragged you and ManGaga for filth.
    @That I stand character stop staying perched in my reply section when I’m completely paying you dust, this is the last time I’m replying to you, why don’t you continue being the joke of TGJ huh?

  32. Eloviano April 2, 2015

    Nothing new to see hear folks, just another has been whose clinging to the Queen’s name for relevancy. The way they can’t stop talking about Yoncé, you’d swear they worked at Parkwood.

  33. Eloviano April 2, 2015

    So there are two Barb Wire’s on this site. One with a gravatar, one without one. I must say, the gravatar-less one can REAAAAAAAAD.

  34. Darnel April 2, 2015

    Honestly, I am a fan of Beyonce’s music. However, I do concur with Lily’s comments. In my opinion, Why should people have to pay an exuberant amount of money to stream her music or any other artist using this platform. This is greed, not just from Beyonce, but from all other artists signing up to this.

    Lastly, this site does kiss her behind in all scenario’s and needs to remain more neutral.

  35. Barb Wire April 2, 2015

    @Cake_like_GaGa1 you sure want to do this again. This time you’ll be left with 2 followers. Did I drag that bad that you went to exile, privatised your twitter account and stopped commenting on this site for months. #DontPanic

    • Barb Wire April 2, 2015

      *did I drag you that bad

    • Barb Wire April 2, 2015

      Oops I gave away your twitter handle. Better set that account on private again boo. And don’t worry I won’t snitch on you @LekohD_ that you cut your hair at under the bridge in Hillbrow with @Lucky_Lefty. I wonder how @nos_mtshali would feel after she finds this OH SO JUICY info, Black Twitter would skin you alive. Crying at you harassing Vejinity & BadvocateK. All I’m going to say is, watch your back boo boo. Have fun guessing who I am, maybe that’s what you do this Easter instead of hunting for dem eggs,I mean nuts(If you know what I mean)

  36. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!!! SCREEEAMMING!!!!! This bïtch is psycho.

    “stop staying perched in my reply section when I’m completely paying you dust” ➡ When am I ever ‘perched’ in anyone’s reply section for that matter? Absolute kiii of the day.

  37. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 2, 2015

    I can’t at this irrelevant South African Barboon who feels the need to troll under 2 accounts, and then claims that someone trolls under their name. XD

  38. kingbeybitch April 2, 2015

    All imma say to the Navy is Give some receipts that Rihanna can write. Name one person who said she does.

    • RihYonce April 2, 2015

      Rihanna has NEVER wrote anything lol

  39. Linda April 2, 2015

    Loool not Barb Wire mercilessly yanking weaves so early in the morning. Yaaaaaaas b**** read like a priest preaching on thots on a Sunday service.


    takes one to know one, stick to bad mouthing Ciara, but let’s face it Bey is Queen she’s everything u would never bey, I’m telling u if bey had grantee more features for other artists and followed trend after IASF she’d have more number ones than ur fave….

  41. kingbeybitch April 2, 2015

    Only idiots will come in and say oh she ain’t lying Lool bye. They’ve been many artist and producers who said Beyonce writes for god sake she co wrote a #1 song ( Nelly’s) It’s always people who have never worked with Beyonce who’s saying the most s***. Everyone in the music industry is about their money I mean do really think that they gone let Bey take half the credit if she didn’t contribute Lool bye. When it comes to money people don’t play that s***. I have to see one person who work with Beyonce who said she doesn’t write, I don’t care about people who haven’t worked with her opinions.

  42. Music Lover~ April 2, 2015

    Another has-been I see.

  43. Grjgv April 2, 2015

    It’s the truth so that’s why yall so heated for! Accept it

  44. Caribbean Native April 2, 2015

    Did she lie though?

  45. BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

    You’re perplexed?! Well, allow me to explain: you see, Lily Allen is an actual songwriter who writes her own music. As such, it would seem that she is criticizing your precious Beyonce, not only for not writing enough of her own material but also for taking credit and subsequently profiting off of other people’s work – Why? Because as someone who is passionate about the artform she believes in respecting it. I’m sure if this had been aimed at Rihanna, you would have been thrilled but as soon as it’s Beyonce it’s “alleged”? F.O.H.

    • RihYonce April 2, 2015

      But why tf should it matter ? Beyonce’s music is still better than hers she’s just mad cuz she writes her own music but no one buys it

      • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

        More like why should THAT matter?! First of all, whether Beyonce’s music is “better” than Lily’s is a matter of opinion and besides, Beyonce’s sales only prove that she is far more popular than Lily – not that her music is “better”. “Better” is subjective bb.

  46. RihYonce April 2, 2015

    I don’t understand why people think that they are so much better cuz they write their own music half of the time it’s trash & no one buys it , people act like it’s such s big deal who cares Beyonce’s writers never complain and they always say that they write with her , let’s not act like Beyoncé didn’t write the majority of Destinys Childs hits including majority of her first album ! So she doesn’t have to write a damn thing ever again it’s all about the music these little lame ass artist can diss bey all thru want be she will still remain the baddest in the game outselling all these puppets whether you like or it or not her foot will remain on everybody’s neck

    • bria April 2, 2015

      Yall are so delusional its sad actually

  47. RihYonce April 2, 2015

    Like we all know this already who tf cares b****** just want attention to help their sorry career

  48. BossB*tchBeyoncé April 2, 2015

    I think the artist that actually work in the studio with beyonce know better than anyone else whether or not Beyonce writes her music. But if you want to be illogical & believe a person thats never worked with her before versus the countless artist that have worked with her that says that she writes then be my guess.

  49. Auntie_Jackie April 2, 2015

    Well, she does get publishing for songs where she contributes a very small amount. That’s how she, and i’m sure a lot of other pop stars do business. Writers make the real money, but they make more with artists like Beyonce. Guaranteed spins. Ugly part of the business, but most of it is ugly.

    Beyonce fans don’t like to hear it because they think it diminishes her. These days no one cares if people write their own songs. Beyonce is a great singer and performer. That’s where her talent ends. Get over it.

    • BossB*tchBeyoncé April 2, 2015

      Are you in the studio with her? How do you know how much she contributes to songs? It sounds like you know more than the artist that are actually in the studio with her that says that she participates in the making of her music!

      • Auntie_Jackie April 2, 2015

        Actually I’ve read plenty of interviews from songwriters that say Beyonce is wonderful with melody, that she knows what she wants and is great to work with. They never mention her songwriting abilities. She’s rarely listed as the first writer on her songs. That’s not a slight, it’s just a fact. Songwriter Soundz and Linda Perry have both said variations of this PUBLICLY. Look it up.

        Reading is fundamental. Beyonce is great at what she does, but one of her talents is not songwriting.

      • Paulo April 2, 2015

        Since when is creating a melody not songwriting? That’s part of the song structure.

      • Auntie_Jackie April 2, 2015

        The user asked, “Linda, how do you feel about Beyonce changing one word on a song and getting writing credit. Does that bother you as a songwriter?”
        Perry must not be afraid of the Beyhive, because she was upfront about her feelings towards the singer. She candidly wrote: “Well hahaha um thats not songwriting but some of these artists believe if it wasnt for them your song would never get out there so they take a cut just because they are who they are. but everyone knows the real truth even Beyonce. She is talented but in a completely different way.”

        Linda Perry

  50. (Rihyonce) April 2, 2015

    Tried and failed she gonna regret it !!
    #beyhive will attack… !!
    When people ain’t got s*** going on they always gotta find a way to diss someone popping to get attention..Ex: Chris Brown, Rihanna, and who else other than Beyonce because they know Beyhive will talk !!

  51. BossB*tchBeyoncé April 2, 2015

    The Beyonce cant write shade is so stale and played. Her 10 co-written #1’s, ASCAP award, & her producers/songwriters saying that she writes all say otherwise. So the “Beyonce cant write” shade coming from indie artist that never worked with her & haters that have never spent a day in the studio with her is a moot point!!

  52. SMH April 2, 2015

    Typical insecure beyonce fans. Someone tells the truth about her, and since they can’t handle the truth, resort to name calling; has been, irrelevant, attention-seeker, blah blah blah. Newsflash kids, all your name calling isn’t going to erase what she said, or the truth behind it.

    • kingbeybitch April 2, 2015

      *Someone tells the truth about Beyonce* wait let me stop you there I didn’t know you be in the studio with Beyonce hell Lily never stepped foot in the same studio as Bey so sit down

  53. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 2, 2015

    Lol at the hive seething. I didn’t detect a single lie. #Preach

  54. RICHIE_RICH April 2, 2015

    The business is an ugly business , but why single out Beyonce when just about any other mainstream artist does the same thing. It’s business kids and that how business works.

    In all fairness who is Lilly Allen?

  55. Stephon. April 2, 2015

    Oh STFU bitxh!

  56. BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

    What I fail to understand about Beyonce’s fanbase is why there’s this sense of pride about the BeyHive “attacking” whenever she is criticized. First of all – NEWSFLASH! You’re not changing anybody’s opinion of Beyonce, negative or otherwise, when you “attack” because guess what? Not everybody stans for her. Also, why oh why are you so damn sensitive about her? Surely if you think she’s the greatest living artist then you’re confident enough in your opinion to not be so damn pressed whenever someone disagrees with you. It’s just like those religious people who claim to know for a fact that their religion is the “right” one but then declare war on those who believe otherwise – b**** if your opinion was fact you’d be unbothered in the knowledge that you have the truth on your side. The mere fact that anything anti-Beyonce gets the most ammount of comments from the BeyHive is proof of just how deep your insecurity runs. It’s pathetic. People criticize my faves all the time but I’m mature and intelligent enough to understand that not everybody is going to share my opinion because no matter how much I love & admire an artist, my opinion, just like a critic’s opinion is just that – an opinion. Grow up and deal with it tbqfh.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 2, 2015

      You just did the same thing doe!!!!!

      • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

        No. I didn’t. At all. I couldn’t care less whether people agree with me or not. I’m just encouraging you to do the same.

    • (Rihyonce) April 2, 2015

      I agree you can’t change anyone’s opinion however if you don’t like her why even bother to bring her up.. Lily Allen should be promoting herself don’t even say nothing about bey just carry on..!! ppl should freely have their opinion however, lily allen should keep her irrelevant thoughts to herself.. lily allen ain’t on rihanna’s level for consistent success if you gonna diss someone like bey make sure you can slightly compare.. you can’t compete where you don’t compare..

      • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

        I don’t understand your argument. Music fans are nowhere near the “level” of any of these artists yet we criticize them all the time whether we’re legit critics or not and that’s ok yet if a fellow artist who isn’t on Bey’s level but is certainly above our level criticizes her then it’s not ok? Where’s the logic in that? Besides that whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all” argument is BS. Granted that this is a trivial issue about music, but much like other, much more pressing issues in the world, if nobody had ever had anything negative to say about anybody we wouldn’t have evolved as a species. Nothing improves in life unless you acknowledge & confront the s***.

    • (Rihyonce) April 2, 2015

      lmfaooooooooooooo i guess i just think lily allen shouldn’t care if you feel some type of way about the purpose of tidal don’t buy into it.

    • Paulo April 2, 2015

      But you’re presumption is that every criticism throwed at Beyoncé is valid ans logical. 90% of the time it isn’t.

      • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

        First of all: it’s “your”, not “you’re”.
        Secondly, no, not every criticism of Beyonce or anybody for that matter is valid and logical 100% of the time. But YOUR assumption that Beyonce criticisms are invalid 90% of the time is delusional to say the least. She isn’t the second coming of Christ. The irony of you bringing “logic” into the conversation when you have none of your own is just too perfect. The point is – Lily’s argument is valid and is logical. You’re merely biased by your fandom and that’s something you’ll have to address yourself – not me.

  57. kingbeybitch April 2, 2015

    What makes me laugh is that people who have never worked with her say she doesn’t write but people who has said she does. I mean the irony man

    • Miss Jones April 2, 2015

      I don’t pay them any attention anymore. If this is the WORST that Beyonce does, but they’re still willing to listen to artists that pee on little girls and choke slam their girlfriends everything else they say is irrelevant to me. #ThatsAll #CarryOn #SheKnowYouCare

      • Paulo April 2, 2015

        YAAAASSSS *applauds* this b******* misogynistic industry

  58. Whitney/Mariah/Celine April 2, 2015

    Now why would you need TWO Accounts to make a statement @ BLACKOUT TBH/Auntie_Jackie? Girl, you’re not fooling anyone, you’re pathetic.

    • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

      I have never had any other account on this website. I don’t often comment here so it would be pointless of me to waste my time with multiple accounts. Also, I stan for Britney, not Ciara. Though I have nothing against her. But you’ll believe whatever you want to believe so go right ahead hun.

      • Whitney/Mariah/Celine April 2, 2015

        Yeah ok hun, go sit.

      • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

        OMG you guys, I just got told to “go sit”! I am literally shaking in my boots. Should I make a 2nd account and “attack” to make it look as if I have backup? I’m so scared!

      • Whitney/Mariah/Celine April 2, 2015

        Girl you’re a lightweight, I don’t argue with multiple personalities. Go take your Meds b****. Good day.

      • BLACKOUT TBH April 2, 2015

        You don’t argue period because you have no valid argument to present and so you resort to played-out clapbacks we’ve heard a million times before. Had you & your fellow Bey stans valued intellect from the get-go, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. Unfortunately since you & yours have a collective I.Q. of negative 41 – here we are. I wish you nothing but luck in any future attempts to educate yourself to a level worthy of any more of my time. Until then, remain silent in my presence. And I thank you.

  59. Molly April 2, 2015

    Idk her

  60. Uriel April 2, 2015

    Sam, just because Lily Allen isn’t being relevant or big as she used to be in some years ago, doesn’t mean that she ain’t dignified to give her an opinion. This is freedom of speech! i believe she didn’t need to slam Beyoncé, I agree with that, but… She is right on that thing about Bey’s songwritting, look for the demo versions of her songs at YouTube: Halo, Lay Up Under Me, 1+1, Smack Into You, Irreplaceable, etc.
    I love Beyoncé as an artist, the only thing that pisses me off about her is that she sometimes never help a thing about the songwritting process of her songs but she puts her name on them just to have more cash. Being an artist that doesn’t write one’s own song, doesn’t makes one’s worse than the one who writes their own song, but putting your name in something you never even helped to do is what makes you worse than the others!

  61. bria April 2, 2015

    Seek help if you are a defender of lying, thieving, manipulator

    It.says more about your character or lack thereof

  62. Keri Qween April 2, 2015

    Everyone in the industry knows that Beyonce is a thieving w****; she’s been called out several times

    • B2B April 2, 2015

      No one knows Keri now do they?

      • Keri Qween April 2, 2015

        Keri can actually write her music; unlike your lying fave trying to make herself better than what she is

    • B2B April 2, 2015

      Ok she writes her own music, guess what tho… NOBODY BUYS HER S***! Aluminum Foil ass album

  63. fatusankoh April 2, 2015

    Carry on when you arenot getting anywhere you come for queen bey

  64. Mark111 April 2, 2015

    I don’t see the diss, writers should be more respected. It’s no different than Bey, Jay and the ohers in that Tidal video talking how tech companies uses music to sell their product, but pays the artist crap. Maybe that’s the reason your queen is doing 7/11s, great writers won’t write for her anymore.

  65. B2B April 2, 2015

    As a songwriter, I do not understand why there is a problem with a singer not being a songwriter. I am not a vocalist, but I’ve been told I have wonderful penmanship. Therefore I would write songs for artist. Beyonce has acclaim as a songwriter and there is no way she writes every thing she touches, no mainstream artist does, but she does write. Even if she doesn’t write, why does Lily Allen feel the need to be so pressed by it?? Keyshia Cole is a great songwriter, but I like her music more when she lets others take the front wheel and add the “commercial umph” to her music; same with Alicia Keys.

    • igotstatellithowiseeit April 2, 2015

      And you said all of that to say what???

      • B2B April 2, 2015

        And you replied to say what? Learn how to comprehend dumbass

  66. HYISI April 2, 2015

    I’m so tired of these has beens trying use Beyonce’s name for recognition!I just hope the hive doesn’t give her what she wants,you see how people who don’t even like Kid Rock brought his tired flop album,just to spike his sells. I’m really going to need the “educated” stans of a certain goat to learn some publishing laws before they try it again! If some one is promoting a song,changes,arranges,or even does as little as clap their hands on a record,they are entitled to a credit. I wouldn’t expect monsters who don’t even use their faves tarnished name or #23 stans to know this,just mindless rants,and multiple accounts to make it seem like people agree with them. That’s not lies some of these different accounts have the same ip aaddresses,but Beyonce’s the fraud!

  67. Paulo April 2, 2015

    The f***? Why those pages and essays about writing credits when Lily is talking about TIDAL? So pressed you can’t even read. Sad. Lily is a smart chick she told no lies but she’s a hypocrite tho cause she sure had zero complaints when Smile was a worldwide hit and them royalty checks was big kii

    • B2B April 2, 2015

      You apparently did not read the tweet if you have to ask why writing credits are being discussed. Reading is fundamental

      • Paulo April 2, 2015

        Exactly. I read it and it’s pretty clear she’s talking about TIDAL. Reading is fundamental and all your dumb asses didn’t. #caseclosed

    • B2B April 2, 2015

      You clearly didn’t dumbass! The tweet reads “protecting an art form is when you release music written by other people and take the majority of the publishing…” If you comprehend what she is saying then you will understand

      • Paulo April 2, 2015

        Blablabla shut up dumbass. At the end of the day Lily has a strong point about TIDAL and Bey is still unphased by the haters. Have a nice day and leavr my reply box xoxo

  68. jovente April 2, 2015

    with a lot of success comes a lot of negativity!!!! beyonce was so right! Once u at the top, people always wanna attack u and jelly of u! Beyonce made a name for her self! she just did not woke up beyonce!!! mj,whitney, mariah, dianna, madonna and sooo on, had all work hard to get where they are today!!! lily or who ever she is, can also become big! just work freaking hard!!! Am tired of people always coming for the queen!!!

  69. Miss Jones April 2, 2015

    This is the best her haters can do is cling to the “Well she shouldn’t put her name in the credits of a song. She’s an evil fraud of a human being” thing. I’ve never seen a more dedicated haterbase. And you call the BeyHive crazy/hypnotized. Hell, they’re FANS! What do you expect them to feel towards their idol?? Y’all literally LIVE to find ways to hate this woman.

    But carry on so her next album can go Multi-Platinum again. #IKnowYouCare

  70. african music lover April 2, 2015

    THE USUAL FORMULAR, ATTACK BEYONCE AND GET THE FREE PROMO FROM HER STUPID FANS.., Well unless i hear anything from people who are usually in a studio with her say she doesnt write ish,then i wont entertain this.. tell me this guys,what does one have to do in order to be on the credit of a song?are only writers of the song credited? Well good for Allen for voicing out her opinion i can understand where this comes from considering she is a writer,but really though which superstar of today actually write their music from A-Z? make me good music then i am a fan,i dont really care about their squables.

  71. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 2, 2015

    “April 2, 2015 at 8:39 am
    kingbeybitch says:


    What makes me laugh is that people who have never worked with her say she doesn’t write but people who has said she does. I mean the irony man”

    Like when she “helped” write irreplaceable and 1+ 1?

  72. FutureCIARA April 2, 2015

    Everyone continues to fall for these antics….. Its being to mainstream to say something controversial about a bigger artist and then try to ride the hate train for promotion of a project…. Didnt Kid Rock just do something similar and then went on to release an album which flopped not to long after sharing his opinion of Bey????

  73. Carry On April 2, 2015

    You don’t slam a women who people don’t really know anything about her but thinks she cool peoples.

  74. Somebody watching over you boy April 3, 2015

    She told the true ain’t no lie!!!!

  75. GirllllllBye! April 3, 2015

    I wonder if any of the Beyonce stans was to DIE in real life would Beyonce go that hard to come to your funeral? and that is if she knew you was alive in the first place, and even if she knew you existed would she still come to your funeral?

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