Behind The Scenes: Beyonce’s Epic Stevie Wonder Tribute Performance

Published: Wednesday 13th May 2015 by Sam

Beyonce leads the music community in celebrating the 65th birthday of the legendary Stevie Wonder.

Queen Bey has released behind the scenes footage of her rehearsal for the Grammy’s tribute to the piano-playing icon; a showing which saw her wow with Ed Sheeran and Gary Clark Jr back in February.

Watch the trio jam after the jump…

Click here to watch!

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  1. truthtea May 13, 2015

    Did this really require a post much less do we need to see BTS?

    • You tried May 13, 2015

      Vocally killing CHICKS in the industry!! All THROUGHOUT! Counter that ABD u will show YO HATER CARD! Seriously she slays

  2. diabetes unbothered May 13, 2015

    Nikki cant go platinum, Ciara can’t sell, rihanna can’t get a release date,… I blame Queen Yonce, if it weren’t for the epic slay ge, my favs might still have a chance…

    • SMH May 13, 2015

      Then who’s to blame for beyonce not being able to score a top 10 hit?

      • diabetes unbothered May 13, 2015

        Dil sold 4 million and went #2. Way better than diamonds. Nobody remembers that song.

      • Tyler Makaveli May 13, 2015

        Idk but I blame you for it taking 7 years to get Rihanna a #1 album

  3. diabetes unbothered May 13, 2015


  4. coolness May 13, 2015

    First off Happy Birthday to the legendary and iconic musical genius that is Stevie Wonder! Now on to Bey, Ed and Gary’s performance, they all did that! The vocals, chemistry and overall instrumentation of that performance was everything. Definitely one of Bey’s finest moments on stage in recent memory. So guys, what’s your fav Stevie Wonder song and album? Mine’s are Lately and Overjoyed while Songs in the Key of Life is my top album by him.

  5. Slay_Hive May 13, 2015

    Why is she releasing this now?? We want new music lol..

    • King B May 13, 2015

      Lol but yeah she gave those h*** enough time it their fault if they didn’t recover from 12/13/13 they had a chance now it time for the queen to come back and show them how it done all over again

  6. RICHIE_RICH May 13, 2015

    Sam can we get a post of Beyonce in all white… Come thru Mother!!!!

  7. Stephy. May 13, 2015

    New music please.

  8. Jewel May 13, 2015

    That was a BOSS performance

  9. Centurion May 13, 2015

    Where’s her #1 hit? Where’s her movie? Where’s her magazine cover? Where’s her fashion line? The ultimate struggle. 😆

    • Stephy. May 13, 2015

      The only struggle here is you pedophileeee.

      • Centurion May 13, 2015

        ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? Well done.

  10. SMH May 13, 2015

    This is what beyonce’s sheep consider epic? Lmfao

    • Tyler Makaveli May 13, 2015

      You stan for Rihanna.

  11. Centurion May 13, 2015


  12. fatusankoh May 13, 2015

    That show was every thing queen bey slay their is no one like her this make my day thanks Sam for posting

  13. How Many Drinks May 13, 2015

    Oh the stevie wonder tribute where only REAL TALENTS were invited to honor him.

  14. Centurion May 13, 2015

    She’s trash.

  15. Legend B May 13, 2015

    Its a shame we can’t get performances like this one from today’s artists. They owned this performance! Queen B was pure magic on stage! Everybody did great! This is what you call a tribute! No Poptarts needed! Every era Queen Bey doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the vocals! She gets better and better! Cant wait until the next Iconic Era!

  16. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 14, 2015


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