Ciara Readies New Single…’Give Me Love’

Published: Friday 15th May 2015 by Sam

Ciara‘s new album ‘Jackie’ has been showered with praise for its long-list of potential hits.

And despite lead single ‘I Bet’ still rising on radio, the R&B chanteuse is gearing up to send a new song to Urban stations in a mere matter of weeks.

Details below…

Per All Access, anthemic number ‘Give Me Love’ will impact the Urban radio format on June 9th.

The news comes after it was announced that ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love’ was the LP’s next single. No word on whether it’s been serviced as a dual release or whether ‘Give Me’ has replaced it. Time will tell.


The motivation behind the song’s selection is clear – it’s the most likely track to smash on a Pop tip – particularly internationally.

We just hope there’ll be something – even if just for radio – rolled out to appease the CiCi’s R&B core audience.

Your thoughts?

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  1. CherylSoldierr May 15, 2015


    • maurice May 15, 2015

      Ciara doesn’t care about her music, CLEARLY.
      Her promotion is awful. Where is the video for Dance Like Love, whatever that song was called?
      And personally, she needs a radio song… so maybe ‘Kiss & Tell’ instead of this MEDIOCRE BASICNESS that is ‘Give Me Love’.
      I WANT THIS HEFFA TO WIN so bad, but she’s so bland these days. And I’m basing my comment on her album, promo, marketing, NOT her live performances, cos I know she slays my non-existent edges.

    • Anne May 15, 2015

      Speaking of messes, guess TGJ is not going to post the video of her kicking a fan in the face at her Atlanta show during one of her desperate lap dances.

  2. Nicki Is Queen May 15, 2015

    She should’ve stuck with Dance Like We’re Making Love…

    • maurice May 15, 2015

      Your fave is gearing up to release that mess, Night Still Young.
      I cant even take Onika seriously anymore with this pop bull-sh!t. I wish her the best, but she is the definition of a forking sell-out.
      On top of that, she ends a relationship with her ghostwriter/fiance who she been with for 12 years, to jump on another rapper’s pen!s.
      I’m over her.

      • Ronnie May 16, 2015

        Gurl, it sounds like Nicki did something personal to you. Shut up.

  3. Barb B**** May 15, 2015

    Oh well good luck to her at least her campaign has a steady, clear roll out unlike certain people.

    • Nicki Is Queen May 15, 2015


    • Keri Qween May 15, 2015

      Nicki had a clear roll out and stalled at 600k so you never know

      • CherylSoldierr May 15, 2015

        And Keri still can’t get an album out or recorded 6 years later

      • Keri Qween May 15, 2015


        Can’t? Your deusional f** worry about your local fave

      • CherylSoldierr May 15, 2015

        Where is her album? Where is her single? Why hasn’t she been on any chart for 6 plus years? My fave is doing fine, but why can’t yours get z list rappers to collaborate with her?

      • Keri Qween May 15, 2015

        She has new music coming soon and that’s from Keri herself since your so anxious and your fave will still be local

    • maurice May 15, 2015

      I think Ciara will get dropped after this album.
      Epic is not making any money off of her, and they will use her fundings for artists like Mehgan Trainor who is selling platinum albums. Or even Tamar, who shifts 200k with her album.
      Kiiiii when Dej Jam got rid of Xtina Milian to use her fundings and invest into Rihanna’s image. lmao

  4. Molly May 15, 2015

    NOOOOOOOO! Wtf Dance like were making love is perfect.

    • maurice May 15, 2015

      Ciara is all over the place with her promotion, as usual.
      She has not only ditched her Southern roots, being classified as the Queen of Crunk-n-B, she’s gotten really lazy with the production work.
      I didn’t know that almost her entire album is written or produced by no more than two people. It feels like she just said “yeah that one, that, that, that” recorded it, and slapped it on the album, before calling it “Jackie”.
      I dont even understand why it’s called “Jackie” since the album doesn’t really focus on motherhood, other than three songs.

  5. BYE CIARA May 15, 2015

    Sounds like 2011. She better go to Europe to do some festivals or something….
    She deserved to only sell 20,000 b/c she could care less about her RNB fans.

    • maurice May 15, 2015

      You better drag my weave from the Wendy Williams collection with the truth you are speaking. Ciara is musically confused where she needs to be.
      If the heffa would just reunite with Lil Jon and Jazzee Pha, do what she did back in 04-06, I can at least appreciate that she’s doing what made her popular, regardless of whether it flopped or not.

  6. The Beysus Impact May 15, 2015

    Stuck On You and Kiss And Tell should be singles…

    • Ben May 15, 2015

      stuck on you is no single material, i think it sounds a little too much like fantasy ride

    • maurice May 15, 2015

      Kiss and Tell is one of those songs that ANY artist can sing. It’s really bland, but the only song that could have some chart impact, maybe.

  7. Ben May 15, 2015

    could be successful! i personally prefer “dance like we’re making love” but “give me love” is more of a banger for parties etc. i wish it was a little less edm but it’s catchy

  8. Queen Barb May 15, 2015

    Her team sucks this song sounds late.

  9. SipTheTruth May 15, 2015

    I think she’ll get at least one hot 100 top 20 out of this album. If she doesn’t she is over commercially. She’s talented though which can’t be said for everyone’s favs.

    • maurice May 15, 2015

      Coming from a Ciara stan, it’s not gonna happen.
      She made Dance Like We… a single but no video was set for it, no promo, no nothing. She’s only released one video to support a single she’s released thus far, minus the Mother’s Day tribute.

  10. Slay_Hive May 15, 2015

    No Ciara!! I’m not feeling that one. Don’t forget about urban radio. They supported you when no one else would. She should stick with Dance Like we’re Making Love(hot video) and release BMF to urban with a rapper on the remix. Kiss and tell is a strong potential too. Get it together Ci!!!

  11. Really May 15, 2015

    Nooooooo I’m not here for that dance like we’re making love or kiss and tell would have been better. They could easily be rnb and pop hits

  12. ~The Arcade~ May 15, 2015

    Umm. What happened to DLWML?

  13. Weezy Tha G.O.A.T May 15, 2015

    She should see if she can crossover to pop like Beyonce and Rihanna did. But she’ll probably just fail at that to.

  14. Molly May 15, 2015

    I would have never thought this would be the next single. I skip it everytime it comes on tbh. Highly disappointed.

  15. gina May 15, 2015

    I think one woman army should be the next single *kanye shrug

  16. #JACKIE May 15, 2015

    Bad single choice Queen DLWML could slay 🙁

  17. Mark111 May 15, 2015

    So she made a pop album and releasing the singles to urban radio? I would so with Stuck On You.

  18. Only (NICKIARA) May 15, 2015

    I prefer All Good than this

  19. LoveBey May 15, 2015

    Ciara refuses to let herself win. Good luck with this girl

  20. Jay May 15, 2015

    Are you f****** kidding me?!! Give Me Love over Lullaby or Dance Like We’re Making Love?!! DAMNIT CIARA!!! DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!!! LULLABY WOULD BE A PERFECT SINGLE!!! UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  21. @FutureCIARA May 15, 2015

    Im JUST DONE!!!!!!

    F**** THIS ERA, F*** HER TEAM! They can have it!

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* May 15, 2015

      Yes for finally admitting your fave is dizzy af.

  22. Gee May 15, 2015

    Dance like we’re making love should’ve been the next single with the right promotion and perfect video this song can do something for Ciara. But once again her team is about to drop the ball. Once again Ciara is about to lose big time.

  23. BeyRihLiyah May 15, 2015

    still trying to be a pop star I see lmaoooo at this point Jackie will be luck to sell 90k in the long run

    • Rihyeezy May 15, 2015

      She is a FLOP sis

  24. Free Mind May 15, 2015

    Ciara think she’s more than she really is. She started out with crunk.It was her black base that supported it but she’s running away from that base. The more she denies her base,the more coasters she will sell.Ciara can barely hold a note and I do mean barely.

  25. edisondreams May 15, 2015

    Clearly this is sabotage… someone behind the scenes is forcing ciara down the wrong direction…. DLWML needs to be the next single… this album barely has any good songs… one of the top 3 songs on her album is DLWML… if she releases Give Me Love I can almost gaurantee that there wont be another single after that because its going to flop.. her label is not going to put money behind any more of her songs… the same thibg happened to Brandy -____-

    • edisondreams May 15, 2015

      Give Me Love sounds like it would have been a hit, 5 years ago… o___0

  26. Lake Erie May 15, 2015

    WoW, smh . CICI? What happened to DLWML? I agree with the person above. This seems like a sabotage to me. This may could have been a fourth single but not second.

  27. Lake Erie May 15, 2015

    Whatever happened to certain Artist releasing two singles at once? Beyonce still do it. I agree with him on her releasing something to appease us R&B heads.

  28. PeaceMaker May 15, 2015

    That song with Pitbull & Missy is the only potential hit I hear on the album, but would she ever release it?

  29. Royalkev May 15, 2015

    No Ci, I didn’t want this as a single!
    It should be:
    Dance Like We’re Making Love
    Stuck On You (with a killer video)
    One Woman Army (with a killer video)
    and fade it out with Lullaby …Stay with ‘Dance’ or move on to ‘Stuck on You’, but not ‘Give Me Love’.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare May 15, 2015

      “Stuck On You” is DOPE! Sleeper on the album for me.

  30. RICHIE_RICH May 15, 2015

    No no no . …..this isn’t it Hun

  31. U N Me May 15, 2015

    #givemeFLOP #FLOPmelove

  32. hi. May 15, 2015

    I think only one has potential, kiss and tell or dlwml.

  33. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 15, 2015

    This song ain’t gonna do no good

  34. Demetrice Fed #1 Fan May 15, 2015

    I think Fly should be a single!! It’ll be better than give me love

  35. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare May 15, 2015

    I’m just not feeling “Give Me Love.”

    “Dance Like We’re Making Love” is GREAT! That song deserves to smash.

    Send “Kiss & Tell” to urban. Good song.

    UGH! I just don’t understand this move at all. I mean, it is an easily digestible pop song but I just don’t think it’s gonna happen. I hope I’m wrong. Hell, I’m still mad about the masterpiece “Overdose.” I give up.


  36. smh May 15, 2015

    smh she need to listen to here fans

  37. Drake May 15, 2015

    From my perspective, here’s what happened. After, “I Bet” slowly climbed radio, Epic chose “That’s How Im Feelin” to be the second single, while Ciara wanted DLWML. which is why after they announced via r*****, she announced on instagram but with stuggling sales, they went with the most pop song on the album: GML, kind of like when they put out Love S** Magic for Fantasy Ride to ignite interest.

  38. Drake May 16, 2015

    Playing A&R: Epic records should have dropped “Dance Like We’re Making Love” as the lead single in January – sent it to be included in Fifty Shades of Grey (it goes along with the films theme and soundtrack sound) That would have given her a huge platform to introduce it to the world; it could have grown on urban and pop radio while she performed it (to promote both it and the film) along the way. Then after it had hella buz, she could drop the video in March. The song is perfect for the winter/spring, people love Ciara’s sensual songs, and the video would be hot for a hot song, it also shows her voice. And it has the potential to reach top ten or fiteen like the Ellie Goulding and Weeknd songs ,since it’d have that platform.

    Drop “That’s How Im Feelin” as the second single in April; it’s perfect for the summer and having Pitbull and Missy will help soldify her pop support after DLWML. While the 1st single was slow, this shows the fast paced dance side of her. It would climb charts fast given the collabo and people wouldve heard Ciara on DLWML building anticipation for the album.

    Drop the video for “I Got You” ON Mothers Day, as promo

    Perform DLWML and THIF at BB Music Awards as even more promo for both songs and the album.

    Kick off her tour during the month of June to preview the album’s songs in cities in the US and international.

    June 16th – release Jackie (BMF) as promo single on iTunes with pre-order.

    June 28th – perform Jackie or DLWML and THIF at BET Awards; premiere video for Thats How Im Feelin right before or after the awards.

    June 30th – release the album Jackie (put out a video for the song Jackie during release week); go on shows during that week

    August/September: Release I Bet – it would have been a critic and fan favorite, have highest digital sales after albums release + plus it would build up support after blogs go crazy about Ciara talking about Future on her album – it would have more success than now because its the type of song that climbs slowly.
    Video can drop when airplay picks up.

    January 2016: Have fans pick next singles
    Urban: Kiss and Tell or Lullaby
    Pop: Give Me Love, Stuck on You, All Good, or Only One

    Drop vid for OWA after

    Launch next album in June-September 2016 to capitalize off momentum: World tour 2017.

    • U N Me May 16, 2015

      World tour 2017? lol that’s carrying to much

    • MUSICHEAD May 16, 2015

      None of this would work because Ciara simply does not have much good material on this album.

      “I Bet” was the perfect first single for urban radio. The remix with T.I. would have helped it crossover but for some reason they refused to promote the remix.

      The rest of the album is garbage. At this point, it doesn’t matter what the next single is, it’s going to be
      her last

  39. credits May 16, 2015

    i clicked play to see if i could give this girl a chance and buy the album on itunes but now i know why the response for jackie has been lukewarm…this right here is that sh*t that wont cut it. Yes, it does have an international sound but her primary market has always been the U.S. and she can barely get enough promo there so how will this flourish internationally? I don’t think she cares about her music cause if she did the album wouldn’t be out prematurely and this wouldn’t have made the cut.

  40. NoHateNoShade May 16, 2015

    Eh. Like WTF, she’s out of the club/circle typing up her exit papers as we speak!. This has to be the dumbest broad of them all. She doesn’t want win. I’m convinced!..

  41. Casual-T May 16, 2015

    This song is not what she needs to build interest in this album. Reading through the comments, I decided to listen to Kiss & Tell and DLWML. Both would have been better choices.

  42. Aj May 16, 2015

    Give me love and only one are the best songs on the album. If they both get released ill be very happy this era

  43. Terrible May 16, 2015

    This song is TERRIBLE! Such a forced and lame song..

  44. UPGRADEBOY May 16, 2015

    Ciara girl what the hell is this? Dance like we are making love is the song with lmore substance on that album,it just needs a good video

  45. Goldie May 16, 2015

    Ciara can’t control the music that her record company wants released

  46. Paulo May 16, 2015

    quit playing and drop That’s How I’m Feeling CiCi! You betta stick that @$$ out hunty!!!

  47. MUSICHEAD May 16, 2015

    I still can’t believe this weak ass album saw the light of day. Ciara should have a better ear than this. And where the hell is LA Reid? His job might be on the line for this failure.

  48. cocobutta May 16, 2015

    DLWML should still come out and hopefully Ciara reads this and not be offended.

    GIRRRRRRRL f** the song you ready to release and get ONE WOMAN ARMY out there. Perfect song to please your all round fanbase and KILL it in a video.

    You are lucky 20.000 stuck with you and honestly you are too good of a package to be making such single errors.

    I cant call Annalise Keating because she’s not in the show “How to get away from poor album sales” but ill tell you who is getting away with murder……. YOUR TEAM who are helping select these songs over last to album.

    Three words of advice:

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