Fans Call Off Petition To Repo Iggy Azalea’s Billboard Music Award

Published: Thursday 28th May 2015 by Rashad
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As reported here, music lovers’ fancy found no tickle when ‘Fancy’ hitmaker Iggy Azalea walked away with ‘Top Rap Song’ at this year’s Billboard Music Awards.

Igniting a petition that demanded the award be handed to her rap nemesis Nicki Minaj for her effort ‘Anaconda,’ the rally gained the support of nearly 20,000 signatures by the time Dick Clark Productions (the producers of the awards show) chimed in to justify their decision.

Read their justification and consequent retraction by the petition’s organizer below:

Dick Clark Productions via MTV:

“…a spokesperson for Billboard Music Awards’ production company, Dick Clark Productions, has said that it doesn’t matter when the song was released — just when it was hot on the charts.”

“The March-to-March period that Billboard monitors is not based on a song’s release date, but rather its chart performance and sales data within those 12 months. Though it made its debut a month before the “reporting period” began, “Fancy” still saw the great success in that time.”

In response:


Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 8.48.11 PM


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  1. Skyfall May 28, 2015


    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. May 28, 2015

      This is where the Barbz are at now! They know HOnika’s career is fading after only five years, so they have to start petitions to have other rap chicks stripped of their awards. If they spent this much energy buying HOnika’s Flopprint album & flop singles. THIS IS WHY HONIKA DIDN’T WANT COMPETITION! Iggy is kicking her cement booty!

      • Navy Gravy May 29, 2015

        This is just beneath anything I’ve ever seen before. How low are you that you have to make a petition for your fave to get an award? That’s more desperate than buying grammys if you ask me. What the barbs need to do is make a “Get Nicki’s singles to #1” Petition so maybe she’ll have a chance next year. Better yet a “Get Nicki some better writers and producers” petition so that organizers don’t have to dig through trash to get her into the category. Smh pathetic little barbs want awards and accolades but don’t want to buy the music. That’s backwards.

  2. #TeamTinashe Stan “The Future Is Mine” May 28, 2015

    They all need to hold a seat! So lame.

    • Skyfall May 28, 2015

      I’ve been on a Tinashe rave lately and she has been given me my life. She needs to release a full studio version of deep in the night.

      • #TeamTinashe Stan May 29, 2015

        Tgat is great you’re getting slayed by her! So cool. Welcome aboard. Hehe. ????????

  3. boutdatlife May 28, 2015

    That is disrespectful… Iggy is human u know. Smh. Why doesnt anybody want to see her win tho? Im like…

    • Christian May 29, 2015

      Because they’re mad. This site has yet to report IGGY’s album going GOLD. it’s on

  4. Just honest May 28, 2015

    Nicki minaj fans need to just get over it all together. Pills and potions as well as Anaconda sucked. Fancy was number 1 and was also song of the summer. Anaconda was a horrible song. The petition was stupid to begin with. Iggy deserves her award, fancy was a good song and very popular.

    • May 29, 2015

      stop f-cking involving Nicki in to this y’all been trying to get her to beef with iggy from day one, and she been paying yall dusk. but yall still trying stop the f-ckry it an’t that serious for nicki fans to be putting out some b-llsh!t petition, but yall will lie and make up anyone cr@p to make her and her fans look bad. i have a strong feeling it’s one of iggy fans put out that petition to start sh!t.

      • LiptonTea May 29, 2015

        You sound so f****** dumb. Why would a Iggy stan go and create it? Just face facts that the barbz are petty af.

  5. Lake Erie May 28, 2015

    Lol. Smh. Man lol I’m starting to be convinced that people just don’t like her no more. I know she won those awards etc.. … but who would go those miles to calculate whether she qualified for that award or not?!?!? S*** baffling AF to me lol.

    • Skyfall May 28, 2015

      Where have you been, people stop liking Iggy the minute her racist and ignorant tweets came out and how she rapped with that atrocious accent.

      • Lake Erie May 28, 2015

        Lol. Yea. Good to her next album. Smh.

      • Lake Erie May 28, 2015

        Lol. Yea. Good luck to her next album. Smh.

  6. Skyfall May 28, 2015

    Iggy deserved the award.. Fancy was her only good song and it slayed the charts. Hell what’s the point of these petitions anyway? They don’t ever do s*** anyway. i don’t ike Iggy (her or her music) but who has time to make an petition about and worry about someone they don’t like?

    • Nicki Is Queen May 28, 2015

      you stan dawn richards boo?

      • Skyfall May 28, 2015

        I don’t stan I just like her music.

    • Lake Erie May 28, 2015

      People who don’t like her lol . Smh.. If she sang, it would be totally different. But she f****** with “Rap” shiid, “hip hop”. Sure we don’t have rap city anymore, but she’s a rapper, so somewhere she should of been prepared to defend her craft. All rappers go through it. I’m guessing people detected some inauthenticity

  7. Nicki Is Queen May 28, 2015

    LMAOO! she can have it. There are many more award shows to come where nicki will snatch! and before you iggy stans get cocky your favs face surgery is tragic and her album is still struggling after her 7 week at #1 hit fancy. Oh and where is petty girls?

    • Skyfall May 28, 2015

      I don’t like Iggy but that’s 7 weeks longer than any Nicki single. Plus where is the Pink Print on the charts? Why isn’t it platinum with all the s*** talking the barbs talk?….. And before you try to retaliate with tired Rihanna shade just know she has 8 Grammies, compared to Nickis 0. All her albums are platinum (IN ACTUAL SALES) excluding her debut which is gold. She has sold OVER 150 million records. The R8 era might be all over the place right now but I bet (ciara voice) it will outsell The PinkPrint so keep talking your s***, while your fave as to cling to David Guettas pop music to get her a hit based on sales.

      • Molly May 28, 2015

        Lmfao this is why i love you Skyfall… Lmfao destroy that bîtch.

        No matter what Iggy did something the so called “Queen Of Rap” couldn’t do even with over 60 billboard entries kiiiiii.

      • Nicki Is Queen May 28, 2015

        you definitely stan for iggy dear.. look at yourself coming in here writing a short essay

    • Molly May 28, 2015

      Oh now she can have it? lol stfu lame hoê y’all lost once again.

    • Skyfall May 28, 2015

      But don’t get me wrong I like Nicki and she is the biggest female.. He’ll probably one of the biggest Rappers period right now, but some of the barbs are to much especially on here coming for Rihanna.

      • Nicki Is Queen May 28, 2015

        coming for rih only because the navy here comes for nicki

    • Christian May 29, 2015

      Her album is gold. Check

  8. This Bird May 28, 2015

    They’re doing one to have her deported back to the hood in Australia next.

  9. Molly May 28, 2015

    Lmfao I knew it was the salty ass barbz the should be embarrassed lol

    • DEL BEY May 28, 2015

      you stan for flops

      • Molly May 28, 2015

        Just like that website of yours? Bye clinger lol

    • BeyRihLiyah May 28, 2015

      iggy is a joke sis

    • Rihyeezy May 28, 2015

      But Ciara AND Lana del LAME are both flops

  10. Report May 28, 2015

    changing faces like lil kim i see?

  11. Kim Chung May 28, 2015

    Que the kim bum fans saying she’s copying kim with her face swap…

  12. Lady Bug May 28, 2015

    Bit gonna stab somebody with that chin implant

  13. kali May 28, 2015

    shes the reason Britney’s new song is flopping hard

  14. ciara DA baddest May 28, 2015

    Kiiiiii at the barbs looking stupid.

  15. Slay_Hive’s Hairline May 28, 2015

    SMH, Iggy won fair and square! All of this over a Billboard award? She had the hit of the year hands down, let it go. The tards need to hope that Nicki wins a grammy one day. Only Tards, pest and BeLEVErs make a seen over their fave not being good enough. (well at least the last two were over grammys.)

  16. Mark111 May 28, 2015

    What have Nicki done this year to win any award? Uggly should also win the BET award this year as well.

    • Lake Erie May 28, 2015

      That’s one category I’m interested in seeing cuz it’s a good list of nominees up for that award.

  17. african music lover May 28, 2015

    May 28, 2015 at 7:39 pm
    Slay_Hive says:
    LMAOO got dragged
    where? Not by a bunch of
    broke ugly bitter loose
    bottom f*** like you.
    Pressed because I’ve been
    peeled you b******
    hairlines back to the spinal
    cord. I can make trillions of
    wigs with as much split
    ends as I’ve collected from
    you girls. Ain’t that why
    you’re mad?? Continue
    dedicating your comments
    to me, staying up late
    nights photo shopping pics
    for hours and creating
    email accounts to troll.
    b**** you been a fan!
    Judging by how much of an
    irrelevant flop scarecrow
    hilson is, your broke ass is
    of no good use to me
    anyways. I’d be mad and
    bitter to, if me an my faves
    were constantly dragged
    like crash dummy ragdolls
    are a regular. You are a
    lessor on TGJ and in life. No
    wonder you Stan for
    pigeon. FOH
    May 28, 2015 at 8:46 pm
    DEADT!!!!!!! Read that dog-
    ass b*tch for filfth, and
    order her to not come for
    you unless you offer her a
    bone. Even Princess Blue
    had a charting song more
    recent than
    LOL!! KeriQuéér is so
    obsessed with you she’s
    making multiple troll
    accounts to cosign her own
    cosigns! I CAN’T!!!!
    May 28, 2015 at 8:39 pm
    DeadT! @ this mf thinking I
    was sleep, but i’m WOKE and
    lit! KMartQuééf don’t make
    me jump a gate and kïll a
    bítçh, like I did last night. I
    caught your body once, and
    I’ll easily do it again. @Slay_
    Hive stays reading you and
    your dįçk-nosed owl-looking
    bįtch of a fave, and I am
    HERE for it! You’re corny and
    all you do is co-sign,
    meanwhile the hive
    permanently put your
    pelican b*tch of a fave into
    the witness protection
    program for 6 years. Even
    Princess Blue Ivy Carter had
    a charting song more recent
    than Skeri

    • TheElusiveLamb May 28, 2015

      …all you do is co-sign,
      meanwhile the hive
      permanently put your
      pelican b*tch of a fave into
      the witness protection
      program for 6 years…


      LMAOOOOO I love her

    • african music lover May 28, 2015

      ^^^^^^^^^^Yall better drag that Keri stan for filth

  18. DEL BEY May 28, 2015

    I’m glad it hasn’t been an easy ride for iggy tbh, if this basic feaux racist h** was accepted into mainstream music without interrogation, I would of prayed for the future. Go watch azealia banks interview if you need a refresher

    • Mark111 May 28, 2015

      Aren’t you half white? Self hate much?

  19. Baby Blanco May 28, 2015

    Barbz looking so foolish they coulda put this energy into getting hey mama #1

    • Kitty May 28, 2015

      And what kim look like b****, he face about to fall off?

  20. RihNavy May 28, 2015

    None of this would’ve happened if she wouldn’t have gotten her cheeks filled with truffle butter. Anyways, people are so mean 🙁

  21. TheElusiveLamb May 28, 2015

    It’s a Billboard Award though, not a Grammy or Oscar. Why is it really that serious?

    • Chasing Time May 28, 2015

      Considering the only thing Nicki wins is her annual EBT Award, a billboard award is like a Grammy to the Barbs lol

  22. african music lover May 28, 2015

    ^^^^^^^^The Keri fan always getting dragged for filth.. wahahahahahhahaha

  23. african music lover May 28, 2015

    ^^^^^^^^^^Yall better drag that Keri stan for filth

  24. BeyRihLiyah May 28, 2015

    lmao the fact that they petitioned her iggy is literally a clown ass b****

  25. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 29, 2015

    ???????????????????????????? lmao

  26. MeowBoyEryke May 29, 2015

    ” I think Nicki saw the petition and MTV even wrote an article about it!” – if she did saw the petition then I wonder how she feels about this entire mess.

  27. Anyways May 29, 2015

    Have you heard Dawn Richard’s new song James Dean? 🙂

  28. ???? Rozer (Natalie La Rose Stan) May 29, 2015

    This makes the Barbz look so pathetic and desperate. Nicki lost fair and square, deal with. Even if Fancy wasn’t eligible, Black Widow would’ve beat Anaconda anyways. Both singles were more successful and that’s all that matters to Billboard. It’s hilarious how they call Iggy a flop and a nonfactor but are willing to go out of their way to get a petition going because Iggy beat Nicki for a prestigious award lol.

  29. Rihicon May 29, 2015

    this is a billboard award based on sales and chart positions… idk why the barbz were surprised

  30. Kitty Puurrzz May 29, 2015

    This is the reason why we don’t have many female rappers now… Report TNC going Gold. Report Iggy working on a new album. Report Iggy working on a movie. Report Iggy dabbling into fragrances and other endorsements.

  31. Fancy BISH May 29, 2015

    We weren’t expecting too much class from the K-Mart Barbz, but this truly is a new low even for them lol….why can’t ya’ll just wait till the annual BET Awards? I’m sure Ms. Nicki will be front row and center for that…a new dress and new shade…they might even give her a Vanguard Award…. #SCREAMING

    • Lodi May 29, 2015

      eat cat s***

  32. Shaquinisha-rose May 30, 2015

    Some people seriously HAVE NO LIFE!

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