College Students To Receive Jay Z’s TIDAL At Half-Price

Published: Friday 5th Jun 2015 by David

Jay Z‘s TIDAL is to slice its subscription price in half for college students.

Details below…

Students who use their .edu email addresses to sign up to the streaming service will be charged half the price they would have paid if they weren’t students.

Fortunately, this discounted price will not see them miss out on anything the service has to offer. For, their purchase will open them up to it’s basic and “hi-fidelity” versions and see them receive exclusives from the platform before non-subscribers who will have to pay the full price to access them.

Jay’s move comes after it seemed Apple were hoping to target the same demographic by enlisting the rapper Drake to support their forthcoming assault on the world of streaming.

More on that story here.

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  1. Rihanna Lately June 5, 2015

    Even if it was free I would never support the carters I’m sorry.

    • maurice June 5, 2015

      Chile, I’m still not interested.
      I torrent all my ish — and I love torrents cos they release albums before they are even out.

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* June 5, 2015

        Disgusting. You know you’re stealing right? I should report your ip to the police you their!!!

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* June 5, 2015


      • TRUTH SERUM June 5, 2015

        And yet you ran in here to comment. 1st and 2nd. Lifeless bi.tches whose sole purpose is to hate.

    • Faf June 5, 2015

      That’s still $10 they can use to order pizza

      • Danny Bey June 5, 2015

        5 if they f*** if they f*** wit Little Caesars

  2. Al June 5, 2015

    Desperate its worse than Iggy’s exscuse for cancelling the great flop tour next it will be on groupon #get coin b****

    • B2B June 5, 2015

      No fool this is business. It’s called promotion.

      • Al June 5, 2015

        Who the f*** are u ho

  3. Centurion June 5, 2015

    Student discount. That’s smart.

    • @JanetCIARA_ June 5, 2015

      If you do the math, that’s still over $100 a year…. That is INSANE for a streaming service subscription, I don’t see it!
      It’s a cute damage control idea, but they are just going to p*** people off that aren’t college students.
      Amazon prime is normally $99 for a year of free 2 day shipping, $49 for students that’s a year… That’s more valuable than some damn music streaming app. They fail to sell us the value of having their damn app, and why it’s so much better than the competition out their. It’s ridiculous!

  4. Barb-wire June 5, 2015

    Still putting Tidal in my prayers. The owners are very determined so I hope everything takes off eventually.

  5. Dossome June 5, 2015

    These moves could easily be interpreted as “desperate” coming in the backdrop of the smear campaign Tidal’s gotten over the past couple of days/weeks.They could have thought about this before.Obviously the costly subscription prices were going to be an issue sooner or later,Jay could’ve come up with alternative packages right from the inception.It’s like he was banking entirely on the roster of stars present at that launch,and that didn’t work obviously.Anyway best of luck Tidal

  6. June 5, 2015


  7. Rosie June 5, 2015

    Trying very hard to compete with Spotify’s $4.99 student offer in the US, I guess.
    Best of luck but it’s over for Tidal once Beats Music/iTunes Radio relaunches.

    • @JanetCIARA_ June 5, 2015

      The Beats streaming app slays it already! And you can even integrate it with social media. Pretty cool app!
      However Spotify is still cheaper at $60 a year if the college discount is $5 a month.

  8. tiredoynce June 5, 2015

    now if they went to college that might be mire impresive

  9. the real xoxo June 5, 2015

    Finally they are using their heads. If it’s cheaper than Spotify’s student discount i will buy it.

  10. B2B June 5, 2015

    Rihanna Lately says:


    Even if it was free I would never support the carters I’m sorry.

    So you do or don’t buy Rihanna’s albums?

  11. Bey-Minaj June 5, 2015

    All Tidal has to do is now compete with iTunes and open their own store just like iTunes music. Where you can sign up for free and buy albums.

  12. xedos June 5, 2015

    reading these comments I’ve come to the conclusion that black people are a lost cause. They will remain at the bottom of the food chain. A black man start a business and get more hate from blacks. Before the end of segregation blacks their own economy as soon as they could integrated they abandon all the black business’ . Look what happened to the black community since.

    • Faf June 5, 2015

      Ok but the same ppl saying this dont support black music

      Yall just want everybody to support bey and jay to give them more to brag About

    • Grande The Way June 5, 2015

      1. TIDAL was started by some white guys in Europe. Jay Z didn’t start anything, he simply brought it and egotistically thought that if he slapped on a bunch of big names to it people would buy it. I highly doubt this business venture is anything more than him stroking his ego.
      2. Just because a black man currently owns the business doesn’t mean we as black people should support it. I myself am just now entering college and working, I am not going to throw my scarce and hard earned money at a service I believe is a rip off. Certainly not to stroke this man’s ego.
      3. Everyone across the board is bashing TIDAL. That’s how you know it’s not about race. It’s being bashed because it was rolled out poorly and is still being managed poorly. Sharing the same ethnicity as someone doesn’t give you a free pass to push out sh*t and have people support it. If it’s worth supporting, people will support it.

    • OMG Logic!!! June 5, 2015

      No b1tch. Black people are a lost cause because ALL they see is color. Instead of focusing on how much of a greedy scammer Jay Z is with this flop stream service, all you can think about is “a Black business is failing we Blacks have a duty to support it!” News flash, they don’t.

    • Bets June 6, 2015

      Jay Z did not start this business – he is a middleman for Live Nation which overseers all of his endeavors. Educate yourself ….

  13. UPGRADEBOY June 5, 2015

    I bet tidal is gonna be huge one day,sit and watch

  14. bria June 5, 2015

    Too bad their hardcore fans are dropouts like them

    Where are the black professionals on the executive team, not ty ty

    Miss us forever with that blacks support talk when all they have done is talk down to blacks their entire careers kick it with Gwyneth, promote nonsense, they are anti black community and are just leaches and parasites on the community

    Finally people can see the reality and are no longer blinded by the sequins and smoke and mirrors

    • xedos June 5, 2015

      So you buy a company you would fire everyone to bring in black people just because they are black. How you think that would affect the moral of the workers who are white. They’re the programmers. A company like this cannot survive without top not programmers which Sweden has a lot of.

      • bria June 5, 2015

        I didn’t say he should my comment is directed at those using the black support card

        Its not about race so but if one makes it about race the carters lose

  15. bria June 5, 2015

    And then try to save face, im sorry but im still feeling some kind of way of how 1/2 of the Carter s did Ledisi and then hAd gwen introduce her for that mess

    And thieves, lol, that s all they are bc jean, videos you worship those cons face it that everyone don’t

  16. Carry On June 5, 2015

    Oopps! there goes from those ghetto, dirty, loud-mouthed filth fleas that beg for attention. No life having…..

  17. Grande The Way June 5, 2015

    I’d rather just buy the music off iTunes. Streaming devalues music in my opinion.

  18. @JanetCIARA_ June 5, 2015

    Streaming has doomed the industry.

  19. red wine June 5, 2015

    tidal should offer a free streaming service like spotify just to get the naysayers a preview of the service no one is paying 20 bucks a month

  20. Theman June 5, 2015

    Lol !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. bria June 5, 2015

    Its just like that house of dereon disaster with its inflated prices that i inly saw people in the projects wearing (i was there visiting family members, grandfather’s siblings line) and then they couldn’t even give that mess away but you had people who spent 125 on them things, so yes it should p*** off their hardcore fans as we all know they not in anybody’s school, now an ebt discount may get them somewhere as long as it takes those prepaid credit cards as they don’t have the regular ones and im not trying to be shady or funny i have spent enough time and in enough circles to know who their hardcore fans are

  22. Fit Studs June 6, 2015

    This is great, actually. This is how it should be in any sphere & business… Students should pay less since they’re either having part-time jobs or not working at all. And youngsters like what TIDAL has to offer more than some other people. Good move, Jay. 🙂

  23. Bets June 6, 2015

    Well, all the other music streaming venues offer this discount to college students – this is a good thing, a little dent in his ego (reality).

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