Report: Rita Ora Offered $1.5 Million To Join The ‘X Factor UK’


The Voice UK’ may be forced to bid Rita Ora farewell after just one season this year.

For, she’s reportedly been offered $1.5 million to join the judging panel of rival show ‘X Factor UK.’

Full story below…

Ora’s arrival on ‘The Voice’ had been used to explain the success enjoyed on a ratings front earlier this year.

Now it seems the music mogul Simon Cowell wants in on the action.

For, he’s said to have offered her $1.5 million and unlimited access to his private jet if she agrees to cut ties with the show and get into bed with the ‘X Factor.’

If true Ora will become the highest-paid ‘X Factor’ judge and kick dust in the face of what Cheryl Cole is said to be earning for her role on the hit ITV series.

The epic figure would also spell success for the star’s management company Turn First Artists who are responsible for making globally recognised stars out of her and the Grammy-nominated rapper Iggy Azalea.


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  1. SipTheTruth June 9, 2015

    No one cares

  2. Stephy. June 9, 2015

    Who cares? She’s so blah…

  3. Lanette June 9, 2015

    King David is happy because this means he can charge her more. #GetMoney

  4. Navi Amore June 9, 2015

    Make that 1.4 milion. David’s gonna get his cut first.

  5. Dossome June 9, 2015

    WOW,That’s 50% more than what Kelly Rowland got for X factor USA…

  6. Al June 9, 2015

    YAWN more lies no news over here and no one likes her here

  7. Stoney-Brie June 9, 2015

    But why??

  8. Queen b June 9, 2015

    Cheryl still remains the highest paid , she gets paid 1mill pounds which is equivalent to 2mill US dollars , if Rita is getting 1.5 U.S. Dollars then she will be getting around £700,000 mark UK money

    • Ontherun June 9, 2015

      1 mill pounds if 1.53 million dollars sweety don’t try it pls

  9. Mark111 June 9, 2015

    Poor Cherry Coke…

  10. HYISI June 9, 2015

    I don’t know why people give this girl such a hard time! She clearly has a fan base and a market,even if it’s not in the US. I wish I could make 1.5Million to just sit and judge people’s singing ability and a lot of you wish you could too. Go for it Rita,not a fan of her music but dang some people are just certified haters, especially when they might not even see a 5th of that type of money in their lifetime.

    • Teflon Boy June 9, 2015

      I don’t think anyone begrudges a tv judge from earning a wage. It’s more that she is still so unproven as an artist.., she has zero credentials beyond mere hype that it jarrs. Fair play to her team though, they’re making there coins and in fairness to her it’s not as though any of the judges sans Mariah and Britney have had an impact related to talent of some description (singing, writing, performing) the rest are hustlers who’ve gotten where they are from being a part of Simon Cowell’s harem .

  11. WRTW? June 9, 2015

    I hate this heaux, she offers nothing to the already stale industry, we all know she’s the knew girl they all pass around.

  12. lolhart June 9, 2015

    She’d be silly to leave The Voice where she is actually allowed to have an opinion. Sharon Osborne spilled the tea on how the X-Factor UK judges basically do and say what Simon Cowell tells them.

  13. Dem Lessers June 9, 2015

    Even this basic b**** is making Chavyl her lesser!!! Last single flopped now this????????????

  14. Lolax June 9, 2015

    Cheryl is the queen of the xfactor uk

  15. dydy972 June 9, 2015

    I don’t agree with that ! This girl is in the music industry for less than 7 years. Why can’t they call someone else who’s been there longer?

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