New Song: Justin Bieber – ‘Sorry’

Published: Thursday 22nd Oct 2015 by Sam

Justin Bieber blasted to the top of the charts with comeback track ‘What Do You Mean?’ and is wasting no time delivering its follow-up.

‘Sorry’ was unwrapped moments ago (in the form of a dance video) and is confirmed to be the second single from the 21-year-old’s new album ‘Purpose’ (due November 13th via Def Jam).

Check it out below…

With its Caribbean kissed flavour and Drake-esque delivery, this is a winner.

By no means earth shattering, it does succeed in maturing Bieber musically and presents him as a credible name in both the Pop and Pop-Urban arenas.

We predict another hit.

Your thoughts?

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  1. King Stephy October 22, 2015

    This a cute lil piece of song. Decent Job, Jus. BYE

    • Skyfal l October 22, 2015

      The song sounds like struggle

      • King Stephy October 22, 2015

        Baaayybee, I mean you know how it is, in this era of microwavable “songs”.

  2. maurice October 22, 2015

    sounds like the previous he released.
    Is he following in Jason Derulo’s footsteps now? Same melody, same lyrics, just different wording?
    Chile, let me just wait for Adele to de-li-ver!

  3. truthtea October 22, 2015

    Awe, was he getting worried that the announcement of Adele’s comeback was overshadowing him?

  4. Lmfao_Hoe October 22, 2015

    Went from copying Chris and JT to now Jason. Yea I see the “originality” top of that TGJ need to post The Weeknd’s interview he clocked “somebody” of using his sound and style from his classic mixtape House of Balloons and believe me I have a feeling who / (they) are. Like Selena and Lorde biting off Lana’s sound n style too.

  5. Dustin October 22, 2015

    First the Selena Gomez album, then the new Gwen single and now the new Justin Bieber. Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter are basically writing every major single right now. Lol.

  6. MinkDraggingTheFloor October 22, 2015

    I love it! Mariah could never

    • Janyoncé Turner October 22, 2015

      You’re right. Mariah made timeless singles that girls (and gay boys) on The Voice and American Idol (as well as YouTube, talent shows, showcases and auditions) sing to prove their vocal talents. When have you heard people do a Justina Bieburnt song to prove that he/she can sing?

  7. myke October 22, 2015

    why only white girls dancing to reggae music in this promo? I’m confused lol

    • Janyoncé Turner October 22, 2015

      Basic song means basic girls dance

  8. Barb-wire October 22, 2015

    Juanita just refuse to go away, now he’s gone act like Journals never happened??? He can keep this new mess, I was never here for his fraudulent ass in the first place anyway. Don’t know why TGJ’s struggling ass giving this out of touch with reality Loose booty coverage. Sam, what’s good???

  9. Rosie October 22, 2015

    Is this album gonna be a bunch of Where Are Ü Now remakes (still the best pop song of 2015 btw)?
    He should at least make more music like he was doing in Journals. Confident was actually really cute.

    • Who gonna check me boo?? October 22, 2015

      Lean on says Hi

  10. King Mark111 /.\ October 22, 2015

    Hahahahahahaha, White girls try SO hard.

    • Carey Like Mariah October 22, 2015

      Right! They steal our sound, our moves, and our way of dress, and still look horrible. ????

  11. Mother October 22, 2015

    Wait, this is a bop! Come through, Justin. Jason Derulo could never.

  12. Who gonna check me boo?? October 22, 2015

    Very what do you mean? inspired which itself is inspired by where are you now? Which itself is inspired by lean on but hey all those songs were serious boop so can u blame him he was on the verge in irellevence so kudos to him

  13. ????Queen Molly???? October 22, 2015

    My pu$$yy is slayed

  14. Credits October 22, 2015

    Just wait for black Twitter to be outraged, I mean…there is not one black girl in this video and those moves are clearly reggae/dancehall. Just wait for the cultural appropriation talk. I’m black and yeah I’m feeling Some type of way.

    • ????Queen Molly???? October 22, 2015

      Lmao get over it. No one cares how you feel. #JustinIsDaddy

      • Credits October 22, 2015

        Ms. Beiber is #NoOnesDaddy,. Nope, not that justin, stop fooling yourself. #justinIsDaughter. Lmao!

  15. RICHIE_RICH October 22, 2015

    Song sounds kinda cute no shade.

    White girls are funny!!!!! Everybody wants to act black, but not be BLACK!!!!!

  16. LB October 22, 2015

    So much culture appropriation in one video/song. Here, hold this L Miss Bieber.

  17. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 22, 2015

    I guess Justin was RIHinspired…

  18. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy October 22, 2015

    I’m trying to tell y’all, they’re stealing our music AGAIN right in front of us just like they did with JAZZ and ROCK & ROLL…Watch how by his next album he’s going be singing negro-spirituals

  19. SCREAM QUEENS October 22, 2015

    Paris Goebel is the best choreographer in the game!

    • SCREAM QUEENS October 22, 2015


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