August Alsina Launches Scathing Attack On Record Label

Published: Thursday 10th Dec 2015 by Sam

Is it open season on record labels this week?

Just hours after R. Kelly took aim at his team, his R&B understudy August Alsina launched an explosive expletive attack on Def Jam.


Find out why below…

Like Kelly, this this Friday brings with it the release of the New Orleans native’s new album ‘This Thing Called Life.’

Much to his apparent dismay, Alsina seemed to learn when everyone else did that the LP had been made available for streaming on VEVO two days before release (see: today).

Enraged, the 23-year-old took to Twitter and said:


No, no, no.

That was an ill-informed move that may come to bite Mr. Alsina in the behind.

Because, unlike R. Kelly, he’s not at the stage of his career where he’s able to not sell and still be a legend. He’s on his sophomore effort, which is all about showing and proving.

From where we’re standing, we imagine his rant is about more than just the early stream. His visibility (and ultimately his momentum) has been markedly less noticeable this go round compared to his debut run with ‘Testimony’ – which could be due to a whole heap of variables.

Whatever the case, this is where industry etiquette should have kicked in. Without saying any names, there are a number of R&B artists who flopped to the actual pits this year, yet in playing the game, touring, and smiling their way through it, have managed to save face and nab Grammy nominations in the process.

It’s arguably not “fair,” but what in life is?

Having poured one’s blood, sweat, and tears into a project, it’s understandable why Alsina is emotional, yet he’ll have to rein that in if he wants to enjoy a career with longevity.

Just our two cents.

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  1. LB December 10, 2015

    I don’t understand why these artists just don’t sign with a label that is actually interested in RnB music like with Atlantic or band together and start their own label.
    DefJam, Epic, RCA are looking for pop artists because unlike RnB artists, even if they flop, they can fill a few arenas.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 10, 2015

      These lames expect us to run out and spend our hard earned money on these crappy albums that are written by the same group of writers, producers and featured the latest rapper plus Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Where’s the hits? Where’s the music? Good music? Don’t wait til your flop @ss album is released and then cry because no one is falling for your one week of promo and then it’s gone music.

    • Eldela December 10, 2015

      Def Jam is a hip hop label, you dunce.

      • dre December 10, 2015

        Yes but Iggy and Justin Beib are on Def Jam so lets not go there.

    • Pray for the Youth December 10, 2015

      …I actually agree with you @LB. *waits to get struck by lightning* When you decide on what record label you will sign with you are essentially putting your livelihood in these people’s hands. It’s like none of them do their research, they just see an offer and jump on, and then they get upset when the label they chose fails them. Take Trey Songz for example. He’s been at Atlantic all this time, and even though he isn’t a “huge” artist he does very WELL, makes decent first week sales consistently, two number 1 albums, especially for him to have been an r&b artist all this time, never crossing over into pop.

    • Tali December 10, 2015

      Because all record labels are the same…they’re just banks run by jewish men that have no clue about anything related to music. And a&r’s have been demoted from artist and repertoire to secretaries / assistants. #FactsOnly

  2. HailBeysus December 10, 2015

    Wow!! That’s hella fuxked up!!

  3. Amazon Chanteur December 10, 2015

    Lol is everyone ok? Seems like blasting labels in kinda a thing lol

  4. cocobutta December 10, 2015

    RCA are wack as fk BUT if an artist chooses to be on a label they really got to independent mindset.

    New artist need more help I understand but my ESTABLISHED ones need to know the climate and use the connections made over the years to gain help in building a movement for album season.

    Easier said than done and pride must be swallowed but if you are liked enough there’s enough people to help.

    In August case he needs HELP ASAP. Wrong move!! His vocal tone not special enough to rant on twitter that way. Its a shame as he got deep stories to tell.

    • Tali December 10, 2015

      The problem is his rant doesn’t matter. Most of the times artists go into the round table with their management tearing up rooms, screaming, tossing papers and throwing chairs. Twitter is nothing.

  5. @JanetCIARA_ December 10, 2015

    Jesus be a fence around these artists……

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 10, 2015

      I bet he’ll still do bigger numbers than Wackiest 20K.

  6. King Mark111 /.\ December 10, 2015

    These artists think these labels are going to poor in millions on promo on a album that’s only going to sell 100K. Not going to happen and save the Pop artist have support Bs, these pop artist have Hits, their albums are selling just as less, but those 99 cents singles and steaming are the only thing making money these days. Nicki Jonas is not passed 100K, Jason DeWhoLo is never passed 100K, Pit Bull and FloRida are the same, but they have hits. But labels are not pouring money into them, they’re doing the work themselves.

    • credits December 10, 2015

      But those hits are apparently a big deal though. I once read somewhere that a platinum single is like 300,000 albums.

  7. King Mark111 /.\ December 10, 2015

    In at the end, it’s always our fault, the black people. Black people don’t support and blah blah blah, but what are you giving us? I’m not buying the latest DJ Mustard filled albums or song feat Lil Wayne. I’ll pass.
    Coldplay is flopping, for some reason they thought they were too big to put their album on streaming sites. Lol

    • Skyfall December 10, 2015

      Coldplay will remain unbothered, because unlike these other artist they have a big enough fan base all there money and then some back from touring in stadiums.

  8. Indie December 10, 2015

    The Black Music Industry is just a mess right now, the artist are getting frustrated cos they are getting no promotion, the labels are getting sloppy cos they can;t compete with the money been spent pn the push for white artist who are now dominating R&B radio as well as pop radio cos the bulk of money and promo is being spent on a small handful of them.. I have no answers for it all anymore to be honest..

  9. HailBeysus December 10, 2015

    White Murica is just pressed that Murica will inevitably become Mexico 2.0 by 2050 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Skyfall December 10, 2015

    Artist like Alsina and all these other lackluster R&B boys are flipping for two reasons.

    1. They are 1 trick ponies and have lackluster music. You can’t have whack music and expect the GP or “black people” to just spend there money on you because you’re black. Nick Jonas is a flop but Jealous was a great record and different and not the same DJ Mayo bear feat Chris Brown, signing about clubbing and Large Size bootyholes. You’re tired honey.

    2. Lack of promo… Labels promote artist they feel will do they’re label good. If you’re music ain’t popping or they don’t think they can get it popping they ain’t promoting you period. Saw but People forget that this is still a business and no company is trying to lose money.

    Lastly, we do have popular black R&B stars. John Legend, Chris Brown(single wise), The Weeknd, etc. so there are no black artist excuse is tired, it’s just the ones flopping suck.

    • Illy December 10, 2015

      You know your s***. I respect your opinion and eat. I have what it takes, my music speaks for itself. At least I think so, when its honest. Take a listen if you don’t mind and add me on other social media to connect: YouTube: Eli Montgomery “Like the Rain” and “12:21” went through some trials and releasing new music in January.

    • What now December 10, 2015


  11. HailBeysus December 10, 2015

    Stephy said it best. Too many people feel entitled to an artist’s music without paying for it. Free streaming service’s aint no different than someone asking Sony for a PS4 playing it for awhile and than deciding if it’s not worth paying for without ever having to return the product. This kind of marketing is to risky and could end up in thousands even millions in loss. Streaming service’s don’t pay an artist near enough for their work. These artist’s spend month’s even year’s working on their music. You wouldn’t expect your employer to hand you money in advanced before even completing the job that be needs to done. Because chances are the work will be half assed and incomplete. Multiple singles are released for a reason. To give the listener a feel and taste of what to expect on the album. Much like Movie trailers are released to give a glimpse of what consumers can expect to see. But sadly now and days most artist’s are to concerned with getting a hit because singles are what are selling these days instead of a full body of work.

  12. Kitteneyez December 10, 2015

    F*** Def Jam they aint s*** for this I already preordered #TTCL cant wait to hear it tomorrow in full way August intended it!

    PS m************ could support a fat white b**** like Adele whose music is a snoozefest but cant support August f*** yall

    • Damn December 10, 2015

      That album is trash… Sorry

  13. MsYonce December 10, 2015

    “In at the end, it’s always our fault, the black people. Black people don’t support and blah blah blah, but what are you giving us?”
    First of all Mark you’re not black so stop typing as if you are. Secondly most black people don’t support black artist. Its like when Adele released 25 they were mad as hell at her sales. Talking about all the black artists that make better music than Adele and they deserve her sale yet when they release music everyone disappears.

  14. Michael December 10, 2015

    Chris Brown though said in an interview with ebro from hot 97 that he doesn’t bother with music labels meaning he doesn’t consider himself just a straight rnb singer because he doesn’t do just r&b he does anything… And plus he listens to all kinds of music so he doesn’t like being put in a box. But chris brown comes out with hit after hit even of its on someone else’s track every song he’s been featured in has been in the top 10 on the billboard. Fact.

  15. Michael December 10, 2015

    Another thing to August Alsina only posted one single to his album and then released to more a week before his album dropped that’s really not a good strategy you need to do like with Justin Bieber did release like a single every week to get the height for the album instead of single here and then three weeks later another single cuz people go to lose interest in the album Chris Brown his album has a lot of heat cuz he really like a single like every week so people are hyped about his album

    • Porsha Williams Stan December 10, 2015

      No one is hyped over Chris browns album. It will sell less than X which didn’t sell much at all.

      • Michael December 10, 2015

        You can’t say no one when you don’t know everybody in the world.

      • Porsha Williams Stan December 10, 2015

        I don’t have to know everyone to know that there’s absolutely no hype surrounding his album. His singles flopped and the album was pushed back. His performance on the empire Christmas special was terrible too.

  16. Michael December 10, 2015

    R Kelly released four singles to his album but R Kelly is different he’s an he’s an R & B legend of it album flops I want to do him any damage because he’s solidified his legacy in music already

  17. Linear December 10, 2015

    Like picking a fight with the label ever helped anybody. He may as well ask to be released, and they’ll probably easily let him go. And seriously, who the hell is August Alsina anyway? He has next to no name value and basically doesn’t even exist outside of urban music blogs. He comes off like some store brand Chris Brown (and CB sucks.) Sure, we all know labels are shitty these days and usually don’t give their artists proper support…but again, who is he? Someone lucky to even be signed. If he wants his music to take off, he better assemble a competent team and be willing to do leg work. I don’t know why these 25 and under R&B acts seem to think all it takes is an album and a Twitter account to smash. Adele doesn’t spend her days and nights on social networks.

  18. room319 December 10, 2015


  19. credits December 10, 2015

    I bought only one album this year. Jazmine Sullivan’s reality show. I just knew I had to support what a gift her voice is. Yeah I am black and I preordered it on iTunes. August brings nothing amazing nor fresh….

  20. Danzou December 10, 2015

    Why did my comments get deleted?.I didn’t even use profanity or derogatory terms???

  21. Danzou December 10, 2015

    Like I said before r and b isn’t dead. It’s white people who don’t like it so labels won’t support or promote it to top 40. Tyrese had a number one album on billboard 200 and no top 40 station played shame like they played Adele and sam Smith or Justin Timberlake. Because if white people don’t like something then it won’t gain mainstream appeal. It’s the truth.

  22. Oscar December 10, 2015

    well he isn’t even a one hit wonder as his biggest hit didn’t even do much nor was it a groundbreaking song. so what does he expect

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