Drama: R. Kelly Rants About Lack Of Support

Published: Wednesday 9th Dec 2015 by Sam

It’s the eve of the release of R. Kelly‘s latest album ‘The Buffet,’ but instead of dishing up performances, the Pied Piper is serving up his frustrations.

In a video posted to his Facebook page tonight, the R&B veteran squarely takes aim at his team for what he deems a “lack of support.” He also called on Urban consumers to make their voices heard by buying Urban music in the way Pop supporters do for mainstream releases.

Peep the impassioned plea after the jump…

It’s a tough climate for all artists, especially established names such as Kelly who are trying to make a mark with an audience who’ve been programmed to embrace the new and throw out the old with scary swiftness.

That said, we also live in a time when much more of the power is placed in the hand of the consumer (see: iTunes, Spotify) to routinely make and break the hits of today and tomorrow.

It begs the question, then: is R. Kelly’s predicament due to the “product” or the “promotion”? Weigh in below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lambily❤️ December 9, 2015

    Let’s be honest here!!! R Kelly is legend but his music has sucked for a very long time now. No ones checking for his new music and he needs to stop dressing like a teenager. Old ass creep lol

    • ohhey December 9, 2015

      Mariah hasn’t made good music since 2005 but that’s neither here or there. The point is the message in this video resonates with every R&B artist in the business. Including your fave.

      • Lambily❤️ December 9, 2015

        The Elusive Chanteuse says hi. Mariah always makes amazing music and the public agrees. MIAMTEC is her only “flop” album. R Kelly has several so you can have several seats.

      • OMG Logic!!! December 9, 2015

        Elusive Chanteuse was arguably as good or better than Emancipation. It just got no promo.

    • ohhey December 9, 2015

      That wasn’t a good album and I like Mariah. R. Kelly only has one flop album.

  2. @JanetCIARA_ December 9, 2015

    Why everyone crying about support?

    Ciara hasnt had huge support in ages, and shes still striving and making it.

    RKelly needs to stfu, He is considered a veteran, like his core fans are all middle aged with families and mortgages. Sit yo a** down somewhere and make music for YOUR fans.

    • Carey Like Mariah December 9, 2015

      Lol um how is Ciara making it? Her last two albums flopped HARD. & Its not like her latest album is receiving any critical aclaim. If you’re gonna flop, at least produce some quality music… For example Faith Evans’ and even Tamar’s latest album flopped, but the music on both albums is still fire & both artists have been nominated for 2016 Grammys despite their lackluster sales. I can’t say the same about Jack’d though. ?

      • ka December 9, 2015

        That’s true maybe Ciara could do a Goodies 2.0 to bring back the good days hahaha man poor CiCi!

  3. Simple December 9, 2015

    Let’s admit it…

    R&B is dead… and why?

    Because the sound “R&B” is becoming increasingly more “Hip-Hop oriented”, the artists images are becoming increasingly more “provocative” and, stylistically speaking, the format itself is lacking “innovation” and “originality”.

    R&B artists are still stuck on making R&B what it was in the 90s (The Golden Age) or the early- 2000’s (the silver age: pre- 2005) and that can’t happen anymore. It was FRESH when it happened then but we’re living in a new era with NEW TECHNOLOGIES and the sound just needs a good, modern update and I’m not talking contemporary updates of 70s soul either. The genre needs a BRAND NEW direction with more TALENTED vocalists singing about “Love” or the realities of “life” in general and less about… “lust”. That is what “Soul” music was built on. I listened to R.Kellys album and it was the same ol’, SAME OL’. Nothing has changed in his music at all and he hasn’t made a decent album since 2005 – it’s been TEN YEARS since then; you’re an older man and you’re still making music about wanting to “feast on a girl and let anybody watch”? RALLY THOUGH. It’s almost as if these older R&B artists are so desperate to please the younger crowd that they’ve digressed.

    Stop moaning. Add different styles to R&B to make it stand out today whether that be rock or folk or country or alternative etc. DTOP using the same, tired 4×4 beats and synthesiser claps for a #1 hit. RENEW THE GENRE, ALL OF YOU, and make it interesting again!!!

    • THE BUFFET available December 11 December 9, 2015

      I listened to R.Kellys album and it was the same ol’, SAME OL’. Nothing has changed in his music at all and he hasn’t made a decent album since 2005 – it’s been TEN YEARS since then; yo


      First of all, his album hasn’t even been released yet but I’ve listened to the snippets and there’s nothing redundant about it. You clearly haven’t followed his career to say that nothing has changed in his music because he is making the best music and more experimental than he has ever been. And you’re completely wrong about his last decent album being in 2005. Not when the masterpiece Love Letter was released in 2010.

      So many R&B artists sing about different topics and have great production and outstanding vocals but they’re not even given a chance. All this talk about R&B being redundant is laughable when Adele is as interesting as watching a wall of paint dry.

    • Danzou December 9, 2015

      R&B isnt dead. Just because white people dont support it doesnt mean its dead.

  4. OMG Logic!!! December 9, 2015

    No shade, but I didn’t even know he had an album coming out. Hopefully Sam will keep us updated on the 1st week sales.

  5. IG: @mixedboy December 9, 2015

    I personally don’t support him anymore after those videos surfaced of s** with that underage girl. Not supporting him!

  6. bunny December 9, 2015

    We are BLACK; the most stupidest dumbest race on earth. Of course we will never support each other like whites, arabs or asians.

    • Lambily❤️ December 9, 2015

      Self hating ass c*** stfu.

  7. Xedos December 9, 2015

    They’re not enough black radio stations the labels don’t spend money on RnB artist finally you’re white.a white artist does RNB it get played on white and black statios. A black artist only get play on the limited urban stations.

  8. Mutha December 9, 2015

    Promo won’t help most R&B artists. That genre is not considered cool right now. Same with rock music. It is what it is. Both will make a resurgence sooner or later, but as of right now pop and rap music rule.

    • bunny December 9, 2015

      Coldplay is rock

      U2 are on another global sell out tour

      Thatrock band in paris sell out show WITHOUT AIRPLAY

      ROCK bands in the UK

      Old rock bands still sell

      RNB SINGERS cannot even book stages

      • Mutha December 9, 2015

        Goodbye Sybill. Rock music is no longer mainstream like it was in the 80’s and 90’s. What happened to bands like Creed, Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, No Doubt and even pop rock like Blink 182, Green Day, Fall Out Boy? They don’t even air rock categories on the major award shows anymore. Most of them are playing small venues like R&B artists with the exception of a few.

  9. LB December 9, 2015

    Put your music on Tidal and I might consider a subscription

  10. #JACKIE December 9, 2015

    This argument is tired.

    • Stanning for talent December 9, 2015

      Tired like Ciara’s career. Also, did you hear, Ciara’s creeping with Future, I guess she finally got fed-up with being the top in her relationship with Russell.

      • What now December 10, 2015


  11. MUSICHEAD December 9, 2015

    R. Kelly’s problem is twofold. First, his music has become increasingly bad since 2010. He has gone from making classic records to becoming another random hip-hop artist on the radio. U hear his songs these days and u don’t even know it’s him. Secondly, R.Kelly has become a joke in the industry. Pop radio will never support him again because they view him as an old p********. His refusal to address those molestation accusations head on left a bad taste in the mouth of the general public. BUT, urban radio WILL support him if he gets away from the generic s** music and goes back to writing REAL relevant r&b music with some class and less vulgar lyrics.

  12. King Mark111 /.\ December 9, 2015

    Old dogs stuck on the old ways. These artists want to water down their music for a decade and wonder where their loyal fans went.
    Also Kelly, you been in the GAME for over 20 years, you can write, sing, and produce your @ss off. Why are you still on a label? The days of you leaving it all on the machine while you hangout at the high school are long gone. If you can do it all, then do it yourself.

    • coolness December 10, 2015

      “The days of you leaving it all on the machine while you hangout at the high school are long gone.” BYE, LMFAO ???

  13. Stanning for talent December 9, 2015

    Tired like Ciara’s career. Also, did you hear, Ciara’s creeping with Future, I guess she finally got fed-up with being the top in her relationship with Russell.

  14. remy December 9, 2015

    When will Sam call out RCA records. PLEASE call them out y’all.

    Monica and Chris Brown will release albums on RCA the same DAY. Chris has good management so he can get on Kimmel…

    The RCA roll out for Tinashe’s debut CD was SLOPPY. They didnt even try to break her n Europe. TINASHE would have done as well as Lana Del Ray over there.

    RCA doesnt promote their black artists like they do JT and Miley Cyrus.

    Contrast RCA RECODS with COLUMBIA ..
    RCA will ruin the careers of JENNIFER, HUDSON, R KELLY, MONICA, AND FANTASIA….

    • remy December 9, 2015

      Columbia artists like Beyonce, Pharrell, and John Legend aare doing fine.
      Dej Loaf doesnt have an album yet and she is still dong good with her mixtape promo.
      Universal Republic also promotes their black artists like Drake, Nick, Wayne, and The Weeknd very well.
      Ciara isn’t doing well at Epic bc her music is HORRIBLE.
      They have promoted her at Epic though.
      RCA is just awful at promoting black artists…
      vety racist label.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 9, 2015

      Because those are not RCA’s artist, they are OG JIVE/J Records artist. RCA is a pop lable, hint the reason JT (a JIVE aritst) is doing well. But even he was barley promoted. Usher is suffering the most imo.

  15. Danzou December 9, 2015

    R&B isnt dead. The problem is getting top 40 radio to play black R&B. Remember when Janet Jackson hit the top 40 with “Anytime, Anyplace?” Only white artists can do that now. BUT this isnt always the case because top 40 played Frank Ocean however if white people didnt like Frank then he wouldve never gotten top 40 appeal which is beyond me. The rest is R&B’s own fault. Its just no longer relateable. These days its up to white pop artists to cut R&B tracks (i.e. Ariana, Justin, Jessie J) or else.

  16. Danzou December 9, 2015

    BUT AT THE SAME TIME black people dont put money back into our own communities and businesses. I love my people and my culture so much but we dont have unity as much as we should until someone gets wrongfully murdered. Its just the truth.

  17. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans December 10, 2015

    “Black Panties”? You want me to support that desperate, attention-seeking mess? Bye, Robert! Just because you’re a legend and expected to get certifications solely based on the power of your name and credibility doesn’t mean the public will buy anything you throw out. Stop ruining your reputation, as if you haven’t already done that multiple times, and release music worthy of bei g listened to. Act your age, old man.

  18. cocobutta December 10, 2015

    R. Kelly had the right formula when he done the song “When a woman loves”

    Then he went back to doing corny s3x songs instead that love making sound trying to in some way compete with Trey.

    Kels you are way bigger than that. Let the soul breathe through the sounds of quality music and no more watering and dumbing down the content.

    Where has he promoted??
    Yes I know some gonna say where has Monica BUT she will after the tour (where she is sounding great) do TV rounds. #CodeRed 12/18

  19. AJ December 10, 2015

    Didn’t even know he had an album coming out tbh

    • peacemaker December 10, 2015

      Well, now you know. Whatchu gon do abt it?

  20. CMe December 10, 2015

    I mean I love R. Kelly but you want real talk? All his latest music is about s**, bumping and grinding! I miss the I “look to you” R. Kelly, I miss the “you’re my angel” R. Kelly. Give us some real talk music, something that will go the distance. With all do respect, R. Kelly is not a teenager who’s trying to get it in and party every night, and neither is his fan base.

  21. Aaliyah’s Love December 10, 2015

    Maybe people aren’t interested in buying music from child molestors. Just a thought.

  22. Michael December 10, 2015

    This whole article put this video out of context they made it seem like he was bashing is Team but the whole purpose of video was saying that people are getting their albums are off streaming sites at least RMB people but people like Adele and other stuff are actually buying the albums on iTunes and in stores and he’s saying that R&B people aren’t doing that which is kind of true but thing is is RMB people want people to go out of their homes and buy the album they need to be marketing it good and promoting it good I’m going to listen to his album cuz I like R Kelly flop or not. The only exception though this is a Dell cuz the only reason people went out and bought Adele’s album is cuz she refused to post it on the streaming like Spotify and others places that stream music so they had no choice but to go out and buy the album

  23. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare December 10, 2015

    1) Adele- She is an outlier. Nobody is doing those numbers, regardless of genre. NOBODY.

    2) Lack of innovation- Dawn Richard, Janelle Monae (particularly The ArchAndroid), Kwabs, Dornik, Kelela, Frank Ocean, Electric Wire Hustle, Miguel, Solange, Hiatus Kaiyote, etc…short list of your forward thinkers. All brilliant artists. If you don’t get it, oh well.

    3) When are we going to start demanding that pop get more innovative? I have never seen a more generic, uninspired pile of rubbish in my life. Thank you Grimes. Thank you.

    4) R.Kelly- I haven’t listened to a full R. Kelly album since TP2.com. I just lost my taste for it. But good luck on the new album.

    It does get a little depressing when you think about how certain R&B albums deserve so much more (Jazmine Sullivan’s Magnum Opus “Reality Show”) but if the overall sales climate is bad, it’s going to be doubly bad for R & B. Rock, Alternative Rock, etc…is in precisely the same position. Some of my alternative rock favorites are so low they don’t even report them.

    I’m just here for the music. If it’s quality, regardless of genre, I’m supporting it. Otherwise, nope.

  24. Truth December 10, 2015

    Absorbing Jive, Arista and J left RCA overcrowded. They have too many acts on their roster to the point where they’re only willing to focus on the guaranteed money makers. They need to reactivate Jive and Arista and shift some of their line up there, where more attention can be placed on them.

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