Did Rihanna Sabotage Rita Ora’s Career?

Published: Wednesday 23rd Dec 2015 by David

Did moves by the Pop force that is Rihanna make life at Roc Nation unbearable for Rita Ora?

Ora, who signed to Jay-Z’s Nation in 2008, shocked fans when she filed a lawsuit against the management/company label with hopes that it would force them to slice the contractual rope that ties her to it.

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Today, a report published by the Rupert Murdoch’s ‘The Sun’ reveals that Rihanna may have had a little (or a lot) to do with her decision.

The British publication reports:

Rita Ora’s decision to sue Jay Z’s Roc Nation record label was reportedly sparked by her feud with Rihanna. It’s no secret the pair haven’t always got along and now it’s alleged Rihanna, who signed to Def Jam in 2005 when Jay Z was President before later moving to Roc Nation, played a part in Rita not getting treated as a priority at the company.

The Poison singer reportedly found out the Bajan-born star had been offered all the hit tracks before she was, even though she’s still yet to make a follow-up to her 2012 debut. This was said to be the final straw for the star who is now suing the rapper’s Roc Nation label, which also has the likes of her ex Calvin Harris on their roster.

“Rihanna has never liked Rita and has been using her power at Roc Nation accordingly. This is the main reason the label’s execs have been uninterested in putting effort into promoting Rita,” a source told The Sun. “Songs that might be submitted to her are automatically given to Rihanna, who may then hold them for months before deciding she doesn’t want them. The fact that Rita’s ex Calvin Harris is on their management books hasn’t helped either. The source also said the label didn’t stop the millionaire DJ when he reportedly banned her from using songs he had produced for her album following their break up.

Rihanna, who has reportedly sold over 200 million units worldwide under Jay Z’s pupilage, is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. SipTheTruth December 23, 2015

    I’m not surprised. Rita heavily ripped off rih’s style from 2012. But we still don’t know who rita REALLY is, so whether she is treated as priority or not, people aren’t checking

    • You tried December 23, 2015

      This sounds like it has a lot of truth to it! Don’t know about Rihanna jeopardizing someone else’s success but she’s shown in the past with other female artist that she can be very CATTY and CHILDISH “Ciara, she even tried it with Teyanna Taylor but Teyanna went straight to the streets with her!” Rihanna backed out of that fight with Teyanna so fast no one hardly knows it was a fight! Teyanna said “Rihanna you KNOW ME.. REALLY know me and you know you don’t want it so cut it out. F*** the celebrity and social media and everything else you DONT WANT TO SEE ME” baby MsRih and her lil fake friend who usually go head first into social media fights were coincidentally on HUSH!

      • Kehlani Soldier December 23, 2015

        She has a history of this. I forgot all about Teyana. She better think twice if she thinks she can come for Queen Kehlani.

      • Dawn Slaychard December 23, 2015

        This story (whether bogus or not) is the best thing that’s ever happened to Rita. Now the narrative is that Rihanna sabotaged her and that will stick in people’s minds. The real gag is that Rita sabotaged herself with her promiscuity.

      • credits December 23, 2015

        ^^^@dawnslaychard, you’re right, she should have never f*cked her producer.

    • December 23, 2015

      Riri fans is who killed Rita,i hear something down the line way back. that Rita was supposed to be Riri’s replacement, and that sh!t send Riri’s fans in a frenzy,they all came together and worked on Rita, until they crushed her,so nothing surprised me here.

  2. .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

    BuIIshit. Rihanna doesn’t even acknowledge Rita Ora’s existence.

    • Childd December 23, 2015

      If she doesn’t like her why would she acknowledge her ? Stupid

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Who said Rihanna doesn’t like Rita Ora? That’s never been confirmed. She [Rihanna] doesn’t acknowledge her [Rita] so why would she [Rihanna] hate her [Rita]? Dumb beyonce stans and their logic. 😆

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Ummm… the title of the video says “Rita Ora Clearly Avoids Eye Contact With Rihanna at MTV Movie Awards!”, NOT “Rihanna Clearly Avoids Eye Contact With Rita Ora at MTV Movie Awards!” so your logic is flawed. 🙂

      • Faf December 23, 2015

        She was in a pic kissing her a couple yrs ago

    • Bey Sting December 23, 2015

      Exactly. Why doesn’t she like her? Intimidated because Beyonce endorsed her.

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Oh but she [Beyonce] doesn’t so I think you’re confused.

    • You tried December 23, 2015

      HAVE ASEAT “Beyoncé stans” who said @Childd is a Beyoncé fan? Just like the rest of the world u have to mention Beys name in any conversation that has to do with Music WE GET IT ! But damn ?? u are a true Troll! I won’t even say damn you “Rih fans” because all of the Navi don’t act as delusional and a complete Troll as you! U are desperate and tired! S.N: BY THE WAY YOUR FAV HAS “acknowledged” the Queen Bey who u love so much as her Queen! She knows her mother it’s time for u to show some respect or kill ur self

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Thank you for that dissertion and after careful thought, I’ve decided that I’d rather kill myself.

    • OMG Logic!!! December 23, 2015

      Neither does the general public.

  3. 1mcluver December 23, 2015

    this actually makes sense

  4. jenjen December 23, 2015

    Not too sure about the reliability of the source but it doesn’t sound too far fetched either. There’s been many stories/videos of Rihanna being rude/bitchy so articles like this don’t surprise me as much.

  5. Danzou December 23, 2015


  6. 2bad2bme December 23, 2015

    Everybody has been saying she was trash from the beginning…Rihanna just helped her pack her bags a little faster LMAO!!!

    • BAM. December 24, 2015

      Lmfaoo! Hello!!

  7. Katy Cadet December 23, 2015

    Sounds legit. By the way it was Rihanna who stole Rita’s look. Rita had that hairstyle first but was unknown so everyone just assumed she stole it.

    • 2bad2bme December 23, 2015

      How can you steal someone’s look if they are unknown? you just put you foot in your mouth…how does it taste?

      • Rita Queenly Shizzle Ora December 23, 2015

        You fool! Unknown to the masses. Rihanna knew Rita before we did.

  8. Cough Cough December 23, 2015

    She did the same yo Teirra Marie. This isn’t something new, Rihanna is always threatened by those more naturally relented than her. She sniffs coke for a reason

  9. Weezy Tha Goat December 23, 2015

    Rihanna didn’t sabotage s***, Rita was never going to pop in the U.S plain and simple.

  10. CT December 23, 2015

    200million the reign tho. So many ppl diss rih but your faves don’t have half the record sales….crazy.

  11. Brand Nu Me December 23, 2015

    The fact that Rihanna doesn’t write her own songs is ugh. From what I see Rita knew she wouldn’t flourish with Roc so kept her name in the press with the endorsements once she knew Rihanna was hogging all the good bops. Sabotage at its highest level. Brandy would never.

    • Kev Kev December 23, 2015

      and Beyonce doesn’t write s*** either. Just attaches her name to songs already written. Brandy doesn’t even write a lyric so not sure what you point was. Everyone has a role and Rita should’ve known better than to try and be Rihanna lite.

  12. Numb December 23, 2015

    A friend of mine who works in the industry and with media told me that Rita Ora’s team has been strategically leaking information to various blogs over the years in an effort to sway readers and fans toward Rita Ora over Rihanna.

    Lol at going to blogs to get people to turn against Rihanna. Messed around and got torpedoed by her Navy. Rita’s team probably told y’all to post this

  13. Danzou December 23, 2015

    i dont believe this but lets be real ora has been jacking rih style for YEARS. no one likes a copycat

  14. LB December 23, 2015

    Hahahahahaha the reach.

    Fact is Roc Nation did everything they could for Rita Ora, the singles just weren’t popping and Calvin banning his music didn’t help.

    That one song with Chris brown was the nail in the coffin, what Rita did was get out before being eventually dropped.

    • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

      Body On Me was a Bop tbh.

  15. LB December 23, 2015

    An issue of “you can’t fire me, I quit”

  16. Mariah’s little lamb December 23, 2015

    lmaooo I believe it this happens all the time in the industry labels will always favor the money making artist vs the flopping artist

  17. Janet Xone December 23, 2015

    Go back to Rihanna’s history and you will see that this isn’t far fetched at all. She’s intimated by girls who are prettier than her, remember when she started hanging out with Future while Ciara was pregnant AFTER she dissed Body Party? Tinashe better beware.

    • Mother December 23, 2015

      What’s a Tinashe?

  18. No favs, just here for the music December 23, 2015

    I don’t know about sabotage bit she definitely overshadowed Rita and That other chick years back who is now a LHHH reject. Teairra Marie I think her name was?
    It’s not Rihanna’s fault lol. The other chicks just didn’t pick up buzz that’s all.

  19. Kehlani Soldier December 23, 2015

    Tinashe girl, you’re next. Rihanna is the wicked step mother of the industry 2bh.

  20. Bunch December 23, 2015

    Rita got her team on here trying to defend her, lmao. Her fããg stylist Kyle hates on Rihanna and her fat aśś sister/manager/pimp Elena have to pay the blogs to post about Rita Like she has fans. See that one Rita Oral “fan” show up. They read TJG too.

    • Rita Bot W9 December 23, 2015

      How do you know Kyle hates Rihanna? You must be Rihanna’s fat ass stylist on the low. Hey boo boo.

      • Bunch December 23, 2015

        Hey Elena! No matter how many dîcks Rita shoves down her throat, she will never happen here. Wasn’t Kyle calling Rihanna a b**** for “stealing” whora’s style? Multiple times. Take your fat ass back to the uk. Rita’s done.

      • Bad Gyal Rita December 23, 2015

        Leave Queen Elena out of this you uncircumcised mountain goat! Better run to your local opticians to buy some binoculars so you can search for those missing walls of yours. #TenManToYourBattyCrease

    • Rita Shall Slay December 23, 2015

      This Bunch b**** is mad that it is local and Rita is international. Why so mad honey? Did Your mobile service provider block G*****?

  21. Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

    lmaooo NOw her career is sabotaged. Where is Anti-Relevance???? #Hilarious

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015


      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        …….Since Rihanna had a multi-platinum album… Tired drag b**** lol

      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        lmaooo is that the only thing you can say now-a-days?! What a f****** stuggle. It’ll be another 8 years before you get that flop album b****! FOH

    • HailBeysus December 23, 2015

      OMFG!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA SO MANY FUXKING KI KI’S ON This thread right here ??????? Slay-Hive you a fuxking beast?????

  22. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    So did Rihanna put Rob, Calvin, ASAP, Wiz and 30 other dudes pen in her? Song went to Rihanna first because the writers and producers know that there’s a high chance of getting a worldwide hit and then Beyonce will later follow. The girl is known for being everywhere, yet no one knows who she is. She was even on Empire! lol
    200 million records SOLD. Some Queen is still under 90 million. Oops. Rihanna is the 2nd highest selling female artist of all time. Eat it pest. “Man lie, woman lie, numbers don’t.”

    • DCBey December 23, 2015

      “Beyonce will follow”. Delusional dog you are!

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        All the writers, producer and artist Rihanna worked with and then Beyonce followed.
        The Dream (Umbrella #1 WW. wrote Beyonce last #1 hit 8 years ago)
        Sia (Pretty Flops didn’t even chart. Diamond #1)
        Drake (top 10 and #1 for Rihanna, Flop for Bey)
        Coldplay (Again, top 10 for Rihanna. Chartless for Bey)
        Nicki (nothing to brag about)
        Neyo (Unfathful spring 2006. Replaced A H** fall of 2006)
        Future (Loveeeeeee Song 2012, Drunken Ho3 2013)
        Have a nice day. When the facts comes in lol

    • HailBeysus December 23, 2015

      First of all stop lying and using That damn Wikipedia ?!
      See y’all this is what happens when your parent’s are related!
      Beyonce has sold 118 million singles and 31.5 million albums!
      Thotanna 162 million singles 30 million albums!

  23. Bunch December 23, 2015

    Rita oral is more interested in being a socialite and industry cúm dump. She sabotaged her own career. She’s more worried about being on the blogs and being seen with a-listers, not her music. Having to call the paps and paying blogs to post about her and her horrible fashion

  24. Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

    You reap what you sow. Rihanna will find out the hard way. Her arrogance will be destroyed once she flops and realizes she isn’t invincible.

    • Future Love Justin Sounds December 23, 2015

      Beyonce knows all about that doesn’t she?#MathewStoleMyMoney

      • Slay_Hive December 23, 2015

        ummm that makes no sense. Mathew is the one suffering, lost his job and is now broke. BYEEEEEE lol

  25. Grande the Way December 23, 2015

    There is no proof to suggest or support that Rita and Rihanna ever had beef. This story seems like a reach with zero credibility.

    • Daydreamer December 23, 2015

      You have to be silly if you can’t see that they hate each other. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Ariana wanted to be Mariah but failed and it doesn’t take one to see that Rihanna was worried about what Rita could do once she saw Jay take her to radio stations and Bey shouting her out on Tumblr.

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        No, Hahahahahaha, Jay did the same mistake as he did with Tearri Merry (whatever her name was). He stood too close, made her work with features instead of having people gettting to know Rita. He said in 2005, Rihanna, Tia and Neyo will not have big features because we want fans to get to know the artist. (Ciara shade, but that’s another day).

      • Faf December 24, 2015

        Even code red had a determined release day (Rihanna shade)

  26. Rosie December 23, 2015

    lmaooo what kind of reach is this article. The f*** lol.
    Her music was trash and the U.K. drops every British pop female after one album. Plain and simple.

  27. fatusankoh December 23, 2015

    Rehoo is very bad she try all her bad ways to get Rita out Rita can sing better than her and she is more talented

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

      Hahahahaha. Rita is a THOT, THOTS never win.

      • TRUTH HURTS December 25, 2015

        I guess Rihanna can’t win either then.

  28. MsYonce December 23, 2015

    Azealia Banks is shading Rihanna on twitter omggggg

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015


    • Danzou December 23, 2015


  29. #JACKIE December 23, 2015

    Rihanna > RIHta. Even thought both are struggling to release albums kii.

  30. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    The Sun holds as much water as The Enquirer. But this is funny. Rihanna does ruin careers, mainly when labels try to create their Rihanna. the list?
    kat deluna
    Keri Hilson
    Rita WhorA
    Miley Circus
    The list goes on. Rihanna survived Beyonce. If BEYONCE can’t take Rihanna out, then who can?

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      Lol @ “Rihanna survived Beyonce”. Mmmmkay, where’s Anti? #ScaredAnna
      #9YearsAgo #StillNoMultiplatinum

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Stop stealing my drags Tyler. Don’t be like Beyonce, your trashy bacon skillet cūm guzzling flop biatch of a fav. ?


      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        H**? Rihanna has gotten her ass whooped by every light skinned n**** in the music industry. So let’s not. #9YearsAgo #LikeFlop!Flop!Flop!

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        Like their fave, they’re so unoriginal. Lol

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        Unoriginal? Wait, you stan for FKA Twiggs right?

  31. Danzou December 23, 2015

    I dont believe this story and i love rihanna but she has thrown her fair share of shade. like how she picked on ciara through her entire body party era. or when a gay guy said “youre going to hell” and she replied “aint u gay?” or when she tried it with teyana taylor but wasnt trying to get that a.s.s beat.

  32. .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

    This is not true and/or factual. So I guess the Fleahive will believe in anything they read huh? LMAO! Oh Lord. Beyonce stans are the epitome of stupidness. ??? ?

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      Rihanna is the type of b**** who goes around punching her fans on the faces with microphone’s. So what honestly makes you think that she wouldn’t do something like this?

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Are you seriously comparing Rita Ora, a famous person, with a random person? Are you seriously comparing gossip with an actual fact with videographic evidence? WTF? …and they [the Hive] get confused when called stupid ???

        Now as for Rihanna hitting someone with a microphone, the person was grabbing her. Why did you fail to mention that the person was grabbing her hmmm phāg?

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        Rihanna has a track record for being an insecure bully/twitter thug. Then again, she could punch you in the face with a mic and you’d make up an excuse for it. So bye!

      • .:: Centurion ::. December 23, 2015

        Well that attempted read failed. ??? Try again next time. 😉

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        No gun, you failed! The same way Rihanna failed to establish a release date. Or better yet, a multiplatinum album #9YearsAgo

  33. Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

    Is anybody surprised? Rihanna is the female version of Chris Brown. She’s always instigating a fight with somebody, even her own fans. Remember the beef that she started with Ciara and Teyana. RIHANNA IS A BULLY!

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

      I recall Ciara bring up Rihanna’s name first. And that other man brought up Rihanna fisrt over a video of a man singing. A hit dog hollers I guess.

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      When Rihanna is not arguing with Kaleidoscope Dream over Chris Brown, she’s going at it with other artist. And when’s she not doing that, she’s busy cussing out her OWN fans.
      Typical hoodrat behavior….

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        You’re mad. At least Rihanna can spell to tweet. Someone can only post caption-less pics.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        Spell in what? Ebonics? Rihanna hasn’t even mastered the English language. Girl stawwwwppp!!!!!

  34. AJ December 23, 2015

    Rihanna has not sold 200 million records worldwide – FACT

    Rihanna had a management deal with Roc Nation and now an imprint deal. It still isn’t a proper label, it only provides A&R; distribution comes from Def Jam. – FACT

    It’s more likely that Rita was unnerved when Calvin pulled his tracks and now that Roc Nation is with universal she doesn’t have many supporters over at Columbia

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

      179 million certified. She very well sold over 200 million, heck she sold over 100 million in the US alone. Nice try tho.

      • AJ December 23, 2015

        Nah… she does not have 179 million certified sales. Heck she definitely doesn’t have 100 million certified sales in the US. Her albums along total around 10 million in certified sales in the US. She hasn’t sold 90 million singles in the US….

  35. Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

    Rihanna is a flop because…
    1.) She hasn’t had a mulitplatinum album since GGGB
    2.) Only 1 out of 7 albums have gone #1. And it took her 7 years to do that
    3.) She bullies people and stirs up controversy for relevancy
    4.) She has no raw talent
    5.) Where’s Anti?

    • blue December 23, 2015

      1) over 30mil albums sold ww? How many multiplatinums does your fav have and what his/her total?.2) has sold most of the people that beat her to #1. 3) name the controversies. 4) 200mil records sold, who needs raw talent?. 5) why you so thirsty for it? Thought you didnt care

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        For your information, Beyonce has FOUR MULTIPLATINUM ALBUMS ya big dummy!

      • blue December 23, 2015

        and with those 4 multiplatinum albums isnt her ww totals close to rihanna’s? Explain to me what are the benefits? Cause clearly being able to go multiplatinum in numerous countries adds up to going multiplatinum in one major one.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        LIES! Rihanna has sold more singles than Beyonce but she has not outsold her in album sales. You tried though!

      • blue December 23, 2015

        didnt say she did, i said they sold close to each other, which is true. As to who sold more that depends on whether a navy or hive is doing the calculations. But roc nation has rih at 50mil officially and she is listed as the 2nd highest selling female artist ever and like 6/8 best overall. You do the math

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        Lol 50 mill? Not according to the RIAA. How are they close in sales when Beyonces only released 5 albums? Beyonces outsold Rihanna in album sales with LESS releases.

  36. blue December 23, 2015

    even half of this is true, did she expect writers to go to her first vs going to rihanna? Or that rihanna would just hand over potential hits? If rita was so desperate she should have gone to sia from what i hear sia had enough rihanna’s rejects to fill an album

  37. wth December 23, 2015

    the sun? lol
    fighting about songs? ugh. newbie gotta wait. ofc the better seller gets the sample first. and that beef with harris is bs. wasn’t that arranged by the label? labelmate dating. come on. all that standard biz crap.
    now they gotta write some diss tracks about it. pull strings. da damn puppet masters. wtf.

  38. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    2nd highest selling female artist of all time Rihanna is a flop? Hahahahahahahahahahaha, the Pest are mad.

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

      8th highest selling artist of All TIME! And she’s only 27, stay mad pest.

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      And her SINGLES sales are still disproportionately higher than her album sales. She’s a singles artist #9YearsAgo #NoMultiPlatinum

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        Everyone’s singles sales are higher than their albums, dummy.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        Most artist don’t have disportionate difference between the two, ya big dummy. 7 albums in and only 10 mill in the US and 29 mill #SinglesArtist

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        Still 200 million records sold. You can sit and be b*** hurt, I get it, your fave could never. Hahahahahahahahaha
        WORLDWIDE trick, the US is just a fraction of Rihanna’s market.

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        The US is the biggest music industry in the world. Its Rihannas HOME market and she can barely even sell 10 mill in it. Again, she’s a singles artist. Stop trying to act like Music of the Basin, A Flop Like Me, Rated Flop, and Talk that Flop don’t exist #9Years

      • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

        Doesn’t matter, still 200 million records WW. You can stay mad, I don’t care. I’m laughing. 40-50 million albums sold. Far from a singles artist.
        If Beyonce is so great, how come her sales are so basic? Katy Perry sold more records than Bey. Bye! lol

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        40-50 mill sold? Bwahaha Ima report your dumb ass for saying that. Rihanna hasn’t even sold 30 mill world wide #SinglesArtist

  39. blue December 23, 2015

    didnt say she did, i said they sold close to each other, which is true. As to who sold more that depends on whether a navy or hive is doing the calculations. But roc nation has rih at 50mil officially and she is listed as the 2nd highest selling female artist ever and like 6/8 best overall. You do the math

  40. Anti (hives scared of R8) December 23, 2015

    Nope! Rihanna isn’t worried about whora. If anything it’s the other way around.Rita and fatyonce tried to replace and Sabotage Rihanna’s career.It backfired on that b**** now she wants to blame Rihanna.Blame bey and Jay for paying your ass dust

  41. King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

    Beyonce 68 million certified records sold.
    Rihanna 179 million certified records sold.
    Some queen.

    • Keri Qween December 23, 2015

      Ooooop they won’t like that especially Tyeisha Makiavelli

      • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

        And you are???

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      Lol Does that make any sense to your brain?

  42. Keri Qween December 23, 2015

    They claim Rih is so replaceable but she’s been around and successful 10 years now and her clone (Rita) failed as well

    • King Mark111 /.\ December 23, 2015

      They’re running dry. Just accept that Rihanna is that chick and move on. They call her basic, but who is she always compared to? lol

  43. ENOUGH ONIKA December 23, 2015

    This is the ONE time I agree with Rihanna’s bitchassness. I don’t like nor see it for Rita Oral. I’m not a big “Rere” fan BUT Rita came out the gate like an entitled clone…not flattering. Eliminate this ho and send her back to the slums of the UK..

  44. xedos December 23, 2015

    Rihanna has not release an album since 2012,so how can she hold on to hit song? . a song cannot be a hit if its not release.Rita change more man this year than she change draws. she should focus on her career.

  45. xedos December 23, 2015

    So she acted like beyonce prefer hr over rihanna so why beyonce did not help her

  46. Mr ? December 23, 2015

    Rihanna or no Rihanna, Rita Ora just hasn’t got that star quality to make a huge impact in music. She isn’t a huge vocalist and she doesn’t have a distinct tone.

    • Teavana December 25, 2015

      I think she has star quality. She’s beautiful with a great voice and a great personality. What makes anyone else better than her? Nothing.

  47. MsYonce December 23, 2015

    “Beyonce 68 million certified records sold.
    Rihanna 179 million certified records sold.
    Some queen.”

    Lmaooo Where you getting those receipts from tho @Mark?

  48. MsYonce December 23, 2015

    Mark is so delusional I mean you think Beyonce sold 68 million records WW lmao I’m gone

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      She irritates my muthafuckin soul. Luckily for her we’ve never meant. Because if ever given the opportunity I’d bite her f***** face off lmao

  49. @JanetCIARA_ December 23, 2015

    Rihanna is a bully with many insecurities, however, Rita was being force fed, and we didnt want it, we left it for the UK children.

    • Teavana December 25, 2015

      She wasn’t being force fed to us. It’s not like they played her songs on the radio over and over until you couldn’t help but to like them, like they do for literally everyone else.

  50. Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

    She said Rihanna sold 40-50 million albums.
    I said bish where!??? #Receipts?

  51. HailBeysus December 23, 2015

    Beyonce sold 98 million records!?!? Like I said the Navy stay forging receipts!! Here you lessers go. These arw the true numbers

    Beyonce over 100 million singles sold! According to the RIAA and IFPI members worldwide.
    Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – 10,000,000 (9,600,000 IFPI)
    Telephone – 9,000,000 IFPI
    Halo – 8,800,000
    Irreplaceable – 8,200,000 IFPI
    If I Were a Boy – 6,100,000
    Crazy in Love – 5,300,000
    Beautiful Liar – 3,500,000
    Check on It – 3,500,000
    Best Thing I Never Had – 3,400,000
    Drunk in Love – 3,400,000
    Love on Top – 3,200,000
    Sweet Dreams – 3,200,000
    Run the World (Girls) – 2,900,000
    Baby Boy – 2,700,000
    Listen – 2,500,000
    Diva – 2,300,000
    Déjà Vu – 1,700,000
    Ego – 1,600,000
    7/11 – 1,500,000
    Ring the Alarm – 1,500,000
    ’03 Bonnie & Clyde – 1,400,000
    Naughty Girl – 1,400,000
    Partition – 1,400,000
    Me, Myself and I – 1,300,000
    XO – 1,300,000
    Love in This Club Part II – 1,200,000
    Countdown – 1,100,000
    Until the End of Time – 1,100,000
    ***Flawless – 1,000,000
    Get Me Bodied – 1,000,000
    Honesty – 1,000,000
    Dangerously in Love 2 – 900,000
    Party – 900,000
    Broken-Hearted Girl – 700,000
    Feeling Myself – 700,000
    Video Phone – 700,000
    End of Time – 650,000
    Amor Gitano – 600,000
    Just Stand Up! – 600,000
    Part II (On the Run) – 600,000
    1+1 – 550,000
    Dance for You – 550,000
    Upgrade U – 550,000
    Pretty Hurts – 500,000
    Put It in a Love Song – 500,000
    Lay Up Under Me – 450,000
    I Was Here – 400,000
    Lift Off – 400,000
    Mine – 400,000
    At Last – 350,000
    Ave Maria – 350,000
    Runnin’ (Lose It All) – 300,000
    Work It Out – 300,000
    Green Light – 200,000
    I Care – 200,000
    I Miss You – 200,000
    I’d Rather Go Blind – 200,000
    Poison – 200,000
    Resentment – 200,000
    Why Don’t You Love Me – 200,000

    Thotanna 162 million singles worldwide according to the RIAA and IFPI!!

    Love the Way You Lie – 12,000,000
    We Found Love – 11,000,000
    Umbrella – 9,500,000
    Diamonds – 9,000,000
    Stay – 9,000,000
    Only Girl (In the World) – 8,000,000
    Don’t Stop the Music – 8,000,000
    Disturbia – 7,300,000
    S&M – 6,500,000
    Live Your Life – 6,400,000
    The Monster – 5,900,000
    Run This Town – 5,500,000
    Rude Boy – 5,200,000
    What’s My Name? – 5,000,000
    FourFiveSeconds – 5,000,000
    Take a Bow – 4,500,000
    Russian Roulette – 4,000,000
    SOS – 4,000,000
    Pon De Replay – 4,000,000
    Where Have You Been – 4,000,000
    Take Care – 4,000,000
    Unfaithful – 4,000,000
    Shut Up And Drive – 3,000,000
    Cheers – 3,000,000
    You Da One – 2,400,000
    Rehab – 2,350,000
    Hard – 2,250,000
    B**** Better Have My Money – 1,600,000
    California King Bed – 1,600,000
    Man Down – 1,500,000
    Break It Off – 1,400,000
    Te Amo – 1,200,000
    What Now – 750,000
    Right Now – 750,000
    Cockiness – 600,000
    Rockstar 101 – 600,000

    Stop using your mama’s damn encyclopedia for the dumb stupid and.gullible MARKIESHA!!!

    I also posted receipts of where I got these but TGJ held my comment for moderation lol! We all know the moderating ain’t eva comming lmfao

    • Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

      *Claps hands*
      The next time SkidMark tries to lie, per usual, I’m dragging that ass!!!!!

      • HailBeysus December 23, 2015


  52. Tyler Makiavelli December 23, 2015

    Beyonce’s outsold Rihanna in album sales. AND she’s only behind her 60 mill in singles sales.
    Funny thing is, Beyonce’s released LESS albums. She’s sold MORE with less and is still scoring multiplatinum albums to this day. When was the last time RihFlop has had one of those?

  53. justa December 23, 2015

    Let’s be real – Rhi relys on a hot beat/production but Rita is at least, naturally talented.

  54. Sippingmytea December 23, 2015

    Rita ora……
    Beautiful girl, great voice but they just didn’t do enough to promote her. Sad. But #Carryon

  55. cocobutta December 24, 2015

    Dear Rita you well and know the plan and aim of Roc Nation signing you was to be the cleaner more people savvy version of Rihanna and see if you could dethrone her.

    It epically failed boo boo. Now the question is will we get an authentic Rita or the continuous industry d!k riding one?

    Miss Pope declined your case for a reason.
    Bottom line is find your voice so I know its you on the radio, rather than me thinking it’s somebody else.
    Do not be looking to have songs that are primarily made with Rihanna in mind and get songs that are primarily made with RITA in mind!!

    Come take this bed sheet cus it time for you to sleep.

  56. Rico December 24, 2015

    I believe it all. When she first signed to roc nation she literally had everyone talkingm rather it was good or bad the whole usa wanted to know who is this new rihamna look a like that jay signed. Could she sing better? Everyone was curious. I blame rita though for not hustling a lil harder. Its so many dope producers im sure would have loved to work with her. Instead she tred to follow the rih formula by letting the team do all the work. She just didnt get that rih sucess didnt happen over night. It took lots of payola and dedication from her team. I say go back to your coubtry and do it big over yonder where she actually gets love!!
    No shade at rih because how can u not get upset seeing a chick look like u, can sing better etc and your mentor sign them. Thats like puffy signing faith after working with mary. Like puff going to work with foxy brown when he felt she got to be the hottest at the time, than wemt bavk to kim. Its not personal rita its business

  57. Dee Western December 25, 2015

    We all know when Rita Ora signed on with Roc Nation, Jay Z introduced her as being the next Rihanna. In the music industry, that was a statement made to see if the fan base was ready for a Rihanna replacement. No one can replace Rihanna, she is in a class by herself, just like Beyonce. Rita Ora sabotaged her own career. You cannot pretend to be in a relationship with someone just for publicity reasons,, then kick them to the curb for publicity reasons. Eventually someone will get hurt. She was not dating for the right reasons, she was dating to bring attention to her self. Her music was not received here in the US or in her country. If she focused more attention to her music career than who she was dating, things may have been somewhat different. She gave the impression that her and Beyonce were the greatest friends, but then the rumors started about Rita and Jay Z. Yes those same rumors were ignited about Rihanna, and Jay Z., but no one gave that a second thought. Like so many other performers from Roc Nation, they moved on, because their careers were not going in the right direction. Just because you sign with a management groups such as Roc Nation, believe me, there will always be that group of chosen artist. Unfortunately, Rita was not part of that group. Oh another thing, what goes around comes around.

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