Rihanna Is Still Working ‘ANTI’ Album

Published: Thursday 21st Jan 2016 by Sam

Rihanna fans have been waiting patiently (and impatiently) for her eighth studio album ‘ANTI’ for more than a year.

The lead (and subsequent) singles from the project begun being rolled-out one year ago, and still the LP’s release is an Unsolved Mystery. Even after the model commenced her distraction tactic of a Samsung campaign for the set, it only seemed to cause more confusion.

Fast forward to today, and per her professional handbag Melissa Forde, it appears the album is still not finished.

See what we mean…

Forde shared the following studio shot on Instagram moments ago…


A photo posted by @mdollas11 on

This, a day after, a highly placed member of her team posted another studio snap – implying that work on the record is on-going:

Dear France, you spoil us with all these wines! @officialkukharrell @badgalriri @djanser @mdollas11 #studiolife #paris #anti

A photo posted by Jennifer Rosales (@jennnrosales) on

We’d like to think that the album is indeed finished and that this is an elaborate rouse designed to maximise the “surprise” factor whenever it drops.

Still, there have been so many junctions where that’s assumed to be the case and the simple reality was that the campaign was just a hot hazardous mess.

Jury’s out on what exactly is taking place, but we imagine something (for her sake) must be nigh. Surely, ‘ANTI’ will arrive before the ‘ANTI Tour’ kicks off next month?! Her band and dancers reportedly begun tour rehearsals while she was filming a movie in France (…) last. It’s anyone’s guess what they were practising if the music isn’t even finished.


Your thoughts?

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  1. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV11 January 21, 2016

    ANTI Is On The Way And When It Comes All Of Us Will Be Serving Slay_Hive Teas With Our Hairline’s Removed All Together!

    • Hur January 21, 2016

      Not ‘serving slayhive teas’ dead

    • Pat January 21, 2016

      I really think so too, she can take as much time as she needs as long as she comes hard! It’s not like she’s going to do Ciara’s numbers with her last three or four releases she’ll be fine.

      • Faf January 21, 2016

        Ciara can do any number she wants Rihanna still hasn’t outsold goodies in the US

    • Adonis. January 21, 2016

      ur avi slays, im over here buying glue so I dont have to look like that sis. lol dying.

    • bonBon489 January 21, 2016

      Melissa Forde is her Professional Drug dealer. She provides the drugs that keep RIHANNA from being the pop star with confidence and fire.

      Rihanna is at a cross-roads, she has realized the American Public has realized that she (DOES NOT WRITE SONGS or Have a good singing voice). They have been to the lackluster concerts where she is drugged, boring and off key.

      …………her time is about up. Thanks Melissa for being a HORRIBLE influence.

    • Rihboy January 21, 2016

      Exactly! Where is it by the way! She been very quiet these days. Usually she is the first person here. Anyways, Melissa just posted a picture saying “you guys better bundle up ??” with the anti emojis and all. I feel like the other pictures are just to like Sam said add to the frustrations of waiting. Conclusively, it will only make sense to drop the album or atleast the single work before the super bowl.

  2. Authentic January 21, 2016

    I’ll listen when it comes out but my thirst for her music has fizilled…. Rihanna knows she’ can’t take a break between records because she’s always had at least one or two singles in rotation at the same time for a decade… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!!!

  3. Mariah The Legend January 21, 2016

    cant wait for ANTI hunny.

  4. RASHAD January 21, 2016

    Rihanna, Nobody including Kanye, Paul Macartney, Sia, Jay-z, Roc-Nation, or Samsungs $25 million endorsement will stop this album from doing what is bound to do…. Which is to flop!

  5. BigBitch January 21, 2016


    You are taking way too long gurl but after hearing Towards The Sun, American Oxygen and Higher,this album will slay. Now release that album b****.

    • ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? January 21, 2016

      Yes!! “Towards the Sun” is everything!! I hope she performs it on tour.

  6. Pat January 21, 2016

    I can’t wait 🙂

  7. Adonis. January 21, 2016

    Anti is going to be something to look out for i am tellin u. shes gonna slay all of our other faves. i can feel it, no joke.

    • RASHAD January 21, 2016

      SHADE LOL! Why the terrible Lip-syncing though lol?

      Even though this performance was a overall mess, I have to say she had way more passion during this time (2005-2007) compared to what she calls her self doing on stage these past 7yrs!

      • FC/JC January 21, 2016

        When she started hopping extremely fast and making that wig bounce on top of her head, I about lost it and threw my laptop…..

    • HailBeysus January 21, 2016

      SCREAMING!!! I know she ain’t go on So You Think You Can Dance with them dance moves! ?!?! EMBARRASSING!!! Gurl that playback and DEATH that wig was holding on for life LMFAO!!!! She wanted to be Beyonce in this performance so bad KIIIII!!!!

      • RASHAD January 21, 2016


  8. Barb-wire January 21, 2016

    What album? bye! Stop telling us about a myth.

  9. Get on your Knees (Arianator Barb) January 21, 2016

    Anti is the new detox

    • RASHAD January 21, 2016

      Mythical, majestic, & a fairytale

      • I Don’t Stan January 21, 2016

        Just like your hairline Rasheeda.

      • RASHAD January 21, 2016

        @I don’t stan

        Stay mad… No album for you boo (Giggles)

      • Faf January 21, 2016

        But Dre writes his own s***

  10. King B January 21, 2016

    Seeing how everyone that pushed back their album are flopping, I just wanna wish you Good luck Rih!

    130. BEYONCÉ (+36)-105 Weeks
    136. IASF(+42)- 96 Weeks
    Rihanna- Not available
    Aaliyah-Not available

    *1.Bonus Aaliyah longest charting album is 68 weeks while Rihanna is 98 weeks
    2. Dangerously In Love- 101 weeks
    B’ Day-74 weeks
    4- 65 weeks

  11. Kitteneyez January 21, 2016

    Sam just like Beyoncé Rihanna could tour even if Anti not out yet when her tour starts because her discography is amazing.

    Rihanna girl what are you doing?

    Drop the blasted album nuh!

  12. RASHAD January 21, 2016

    Rihanna tour will be ok considering her #1 hits & her overall catalogue. However she isn’t know as a performer like Bey which is why many people have trepidation about purchasing tickets to see her perform old material. Rihanna fans are conditioned & used to new material every other year with an accompany tour. This tour will defiantly give us an indication on how the album will do!

  13. King B January 21, 2016

    Tour before album, being secretive about her album, she obviously copies BEYONCÉ.

    • RASHAD January 21, 2016

      Beyonce is like Wal-Mart (She has & sales everything).

      Rihanna is like The Dollar Store (She has a limited supply of items to choose from but is still a convenient place to shop at).

      People who Stan for Beyonce have (standards) just like Walmart does!

      People who Stan for Rihanna are just like The Dollar Store (cheap, generic, & conflicted).

      At the end of the day there is no need to compare a Bentley to a Volkswagen! I find the comparisons rather disrespectful especially towards the woman who has more talent (Beyoncé).

      • I Don’t Stan January 21, 2016

        LOL 236 walmarts are being close this year. stop it Rasheeda !

      • RASHAD January 21, 2016

        @ I DON’T STAN

        Meanwhile (Wal-Mart Beyonce will continue to be greater while (The Dollar Store Rihanna) will remain the lessor.

  14. King Mark111 /.\ January 21, 2016

    Did you clowns expect her to sit with 12 songs recorded over a year ago? No, make more and new music, keep going until you have the best songs. Like I said, we’ll get the new single soon and album around the time the Galaxy S 7 is announced. Anti World Tour will be fine because she have over 40 top 40 hits to choose from, 13 #1s.o want the best, I don’t mind waiting. Heck she gave us appetizers with the pest 3 singles and a soundtrack.

    • RASHAD January 21, 2016

      So now her 3 OFFICIAL SINGLES are now appetizers? Lol… The excuse & delusions!


      • King Mark111 /.\ January 21, 2016

        How is it an excuse when I called then singles? Stay trying to find a reason to stay mad. I don’t care.

      • RASHAD January 21, 2016

        Nobody is mad. I just find the whole sitaution and your rational behind this messy era funny!

        Whatever helps you cope with not having an album boo!

    • Barb B**** January 21, 2016

      Lmao the denial. If this was nicki or beyonce you wouldn’t be saying that.

    • King B January 21, 2016

      It’s been 3 years! She doesnt have a kid. or husband. She didnt write song also. What takes so long to finish AN ALBUM that it took her 3 years. Beyoncé finished B day in 3 weeks!

      • King Mark111 /.\ January 21, 2016

        And B Day sounds like crap.

    • King B January 22, 2016

      That ‘crap’ got positive reviews and outsold Aaliyah’s and Rihanna’s album. 400k sold in Japan and 500k in UK. Should I remind you that Aaliyah best selling is 2.6 MILLION in US and 300k in UK?

  15. #JACKIE January 21, 2016


    • RASHAD January 21, 2016

      I swear you are my ultimate favorite! No matter how much they throw absent Ciara you ride hard for your girl. The Navy hates you but I will continue to drag Rihanna along with you!

      • kii January 21, 2016

        But she also drags Beyoncé or do you want me to post receipts?

      • RASHAD January 21, 2016


        That’s fine because Ciara stand for Beyonce therefore the shade is null & void. I love the exchanges he has with (Mark & Centurion).

      • #JACKIE January 21, 2016

        Oh I will drag that ET looking b**** through the trenches until she’s bruised, bloodied and battered sis. I will not stop until the white meat shows through that FourFiveHead of hers.

        Sis I RARELY drag Beyonce. Only if the hive comes for my fav. I will admit that Beyonce has T A L E N T, something Rihanna wouldn’t know if it crawled into her rank p**** and made her hėrpes flare up.

      • RASHAD January 21, 2016


        No need to explain I read enough comments to know what the deal is. In the mean time drag that billy goat by her matted wig!

      • kii January 21, 2016

        And Rihanna doesn’t Stan for Beyoncé even though there are countless receipts to back that up??

  16. JMar January 21, 2016

    Rihanna Just Cant Face The Fact That She Flopping For The First Time And It Getting Worst I Feel Bad For Her.

  17. Penny Sparrow January 21, 2016


  18. HailBeysus January 21, 2016

    I cannot with this Bish!!! Im expecting sales of at least 7m ww and no less than 5 grammys for this album! Since this is her most personal album and Ray Of Light moment as the Navy claims KIIII!

    • Barb B**** January 21, 2016


    • RASHAD January 21, 2016

      Ray of light moment? Will this album ever see the light of day?

      • HailBeysus January 21, 2016

        It will see the light in 2020 haha

    • Truth January 21, 2016

      Didn’t she already try to have a ‘Ray of Light moment’ with that ‘Rated R’ Chris-beat-me-but-I’m-still-alive garbage? Rihanna ain’t that type of “artist.” In order to have a deeply personal, “introspective” type of album, that has to have already been at least somewhat present (and well received) in your music already. Rihanna is a lower budget black version Katy/Britney. Ridiculous cheese, set to horrid vocals, while using all kinds of smoke ‘n mirrors to try to make your celebrity outshine your “talent”. Anti is going to be her ‘Britney Jean.’

  19. Barb B**** January 21, 2016


  20. Barb B**** January 21, 2016

    Rihanna is done yo. No wonder her fans dragging their heels into this post.

  21. Weezy Tha Goat January 21, 2016

    Anti-Talent dropping Feburary 30 2016.

    • #JACKIE January 21, 2016

      Isn’t that the same date the Carter V drops? I guess Lil Weazel and FourFiveHead will both be competing for that #1 spot. ?

      • Weezy Tha Goat January 21, 2016

        At least they will have a chance to score a #1 spot. CiCi hasn’t seen the top spot since………2006

  22. HailBeysus January 21, 2016

    @Jackie But sis their wont be any competition. Lil Wayne has always done far bigger numbers than Hoeanna.

  23. Dev January 21, 2016

    I doubt that Rihanna will be singing the complete ANTI album on tour, and the band/dancers are probably learning the routines for the new songs that are complete and maybe reworking of her hits so i don’t see a problem.
    I think that the new album will be released either the day of the tour (iTunes) or the single and video at least.
    This is just a storm in a Dior bag.

  24. RihYonce January 21, 2016

    Rihanna is our here taking her time , when Beyoncé albium is finished because she’s already out here about to shoot her second video on Monday ! Rihanna get it together I sure hope ANTi is worth the wait but it seems like we’re going to get beys single before anti

  25. King B January 21, 2016

    If she suprise release, SHE OBVIOUSLY COPIES BEYONCÉ ERA. From being secretive to tour b4 album.

  26. Grande the Way January 21, 2016

    Isn’t she about to go on tour? I love Rih, but unless she wrote every song off this album and co-produced it, there is no reason it should take 3 years to record. I hope it is a quality album with songs like Towards the Sun too.

    • DanYiel Iman January 21, 2016

      Ester Dean writes her music so y’all better MESSAGE HER SHE’S Y’ALL FAVE SONG WRITER! 😛

  27. _shortyb January 21, 2016

    Anti is done. I’m assuming maybe she’s recording vocals for the tour?? Like back tracks idk but I met her hair stylist last month in LA and he said the album has been done for a LONG time but wouldn’t tell me anything about it ?

  28. Vandrea January 21, 2016

    It’s ironic hilarity that it would take Rihanna this long to record an album when her past work sounds like impromptu vocals recorded on an iPhone that were then put on top of tracks made with Fruity Loops. This time it’s looking like somebody dropped her ass in the middle of the woods and left her there.

  29. Cough Cough January 21, 2016

    The fact she’s drinking wine in the studio while recording speaks volumes of how serious she takes her “craft”/voice. Joke.

  30. DanYiel Iman January 21, 2016

    Ester Dean writes her music so y’all better reach out to her & see if she can get y’all her sounds to be not #Pitchy & #Dry! LMBO bye BYE bYe Ri-Whine-A!

    • Dev January 21, 2016

      You wrote this twice… i don’t think Ester has written for her in ages… although i could be wrong.
      I think when Ester stated writing songs for Selena Gomes that there writing relation ship stopped as Esters sound is easily recognisable… i think the same with Sia.

  31. Y’all Poor AF January 21, 2016

    Her and her team are so predictable it’s not even cute anymore, they’re just posting pics like this to get ppl talking about the album. She should’ve released it in April/May and I’m sure she would’ve did at least 200k the first week and by now, she’d be pushing 1 mil in the US and 3 mil WW. I do think she’ll do well, but I do not believe ANTI will sell over 1 million copies in the US, I’m predicting ARTPOP sales: 750k US/2 mil WW. Rihanna’s international sales are always higher than her US sales so honestly, she should push the album harder overseas than the US because FFS was cute for 1 month, BBHMM came and went and AO did absolutely nothing

  32. WINTZ January 21, 2016

    Lol @ these predictable comments…

    Every time Rihanna’s about to release an album a certain stanbase pisses themselves because she always leave their hideous faces stunned by her continuous success… I can’t

    Bottom line. Rih is that bish! The struggle to hide behind the false bravado and stunningly delusional trolling comments is comical!

    The fear REEKS! ? I bet most of their fave’s post have less comments than Rih’s. The obsession tho…

    ANTI is coming!!!

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