Ciara Appraises Her ‘Jackie’ Era / Defends Sales

Published: Monday 29th Feb 2016 by David

Following Lisa Ellis‘ alleged departure from her camp Ciara made her way to Nigeria to deliver a live show to her fans in the market.

There, she caught up with HIP TV to discuss her career as it is today and her feelings towards her latest album ‘Jackie’ and its modest sales run.

Will her supporters agree with what she has to say about it all?

Watch and weigh in below…


Something about this conversation seemed off.

On a positive note, we’re looking forward to hearing what the performer dishes up on her seventh studio set and hope she pulls in a variety of songwriters, publishing companies and producers to assist her as she creates it.

For, if we’re to be completely honest, Ciara’s biggest problem is that her lyrics, vocal production and visuals are very “middle of the road”, lacking the personality she needs to draw music lovers in to her world and keep them there beyond the first two singles.

With this in mind we’re hoping she takes as much time as she needs to create/fund a project her talent is deserving of.

Your thoughts?

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  1. #TeamTinashe Stan (#JOYRIDE…….) February 29, 2016

    Back to blonde hair 😻

    • Cinnamon Girl February 29, 2016

      Ciara’s debut album went true album. Her second album also went platinum and was number 1 on the Billboard charts. She has won various awards. Her latest single I Bet went platinum. Can Tinash## say the same?

      • Cinnamon Girl February 29, 2016

        *triple platinum*

      • #justsayn February 29, 2016


        Her single went platnium not bcuz folks went out and brought it but bcuz the changes billboard recently made. It went platnium from streams NOT pure sales! That is nothing to brag about! She has over 10 mil instagram followers and only pulled in 30k album sales… Oh i forgot most of her IG followers are purchased! Girl bye!

      • TEA February 29, 2016

        19k, not 30k.

    • maurice February 29, 2016

      if she says “this is my best album to date” one more time.
      god damn it… the lies.
      her best album is goodies and evolution.

    • HailBeysus February 29, 2016

      Kiii omg i love ThisIsMackTV!!! Bey and TheFamousCiaraT always be going in on one another hahaha!!! You a mess for that post tho!

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 29, 2016

      Those parodies be having me rolling lolol.
      Ci and Bey’s characters are hilarious

    • Okayyyy February 29, 2016

      LMFAO Yaass, I love his videos!!! 😂😂😂-TheFamousTCiara: “Can we hurry up and get this s*** over with so I can promote my album, I’m tryna go triple platinum” Bey: “Platinum? B**** you have to go triple trash bag first and then we can talk about plastic”.

  2. Surprise..(DEC 2013) February 29, 2016

    1. It’s about the journey……………..TO FLOP
    3. Didn’t she say her last three albums were going to be her best ‘BODY OF WORK’????????

  3. HailBeysus February 29, 2016

    She’s just so humble through it all. She really deserves so much more success. Hopefully the next album revives her a little more. She needs to do some pop! She would slay!!

  4. Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

    Stand by your art girl. Sales aren’t everything! No she’s not the most popular but popularity doesn’t necessarily mean great. For example.. Personally speaking, The Kardashians.. Highly popular.. Not that great. My Secondary School Head Teacher, fantastic woman.. Not that known. I made my point. Case closed. Ciara is great

    • YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016

      “My Secondary School Head Teacher, fantastic woman.. Not that known”…




      • Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

        Looool you caught the shade but honestly it’s true! Ciaras has gems. And she’s a beast on stage

    • Cinnamon Girl February 29, 2016

      Exactly. Folks go by how much you sell but true artists don’t care about that.Ciara seems like a very sweet, easygoing person and that’s what makes folks respect you

    • Truth(Nicki WHACK and Adele FAT…WHET!!) February 29, 2016

      Biitch y dont you just stfu. U get on my gotdamn nerve…m*********. cici a flop…deal s****!

  5. Annalise February 29, 2016

    Wait, did anyone else hear her stomach growling @ 1:06?!? LMAO, I hope she wins that lawsuit for some more coins for her household.

    • YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016

      Not you catching that stomach growl though.


      No, sis… NO! LOOOOOOOL.

      • Annalise February 29, 2016

        LMAOO i’m messy by default. 😆 #MessyBoots

    • HailBeysus February 29, 2016

      SCREAMING!!! Her face was like oop! Hope they didn’t catch it! She kinda looked like she wanted to laugh hahaha!

  6. 👑💲Queen Molly💲👑 February 29, 2016

    Jackie is a decent pop album which should’ve came out in 2010-2012 it was super dated… The self titled album was amazing but that trash single Im Out killed the era… Good luck on C7 sis. #GetItRightThisTime

    • trose February 29, 2016

      I thought I’m out was a great follow up…what was wrong with it?

      • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) February 29, 2016

        She stans for lessors and can’t handle that Godnika stole the show

      • Wow February 29, 2016

        That album was garbage and way too pop.
        She has abandoned the only people who care about her…and that’s the RNB fans!
        Body Party was a good RNB song tho.
        Her last 2 albums are just too pop for most RNB fans. She should make at least make 80 percent RNB albums and add just a few pop songs.
        She needs to humble herself and let her label choose her songs too. She has a really bad ear.
        Poor baby.

  7. Kev Kev February 29, 2016

    “I’m currently in the process of making the best album of my career!” – Ciara Gurl bye! you cancelled your spring tour to work another flop project. When no one is buying your music, what’s the smartest business mover to make? TOUR!

  8. YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016

    She has been “defending” her album sales since ‘Fantasy Ride’…


    It’s time to sit down and raise Future’s son, sis, and I’m sure Mr. Wilson has enough money for all three of you.

    • Jamie February 29, 2016

      Yeah because he actually works.

  9. YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016


    “Evolution” is her best album in my opinion. ‘Promise’ is still one of the best millenial R&B slow jam’s.

  10. Rihboy February 29, 2016

    I actually wish her the best. She is continuing to push regardless of what the naysayers do or say. She will really have to work with some major hitters. In order to sell though. Promotion has to be super. Now that she is with Russell she better utilize funding In order to give superb body of work. I just hope she don’t let down again. That would just be unsettling. Her spirit hasn’t been broken. That’s always a good sign. If she gives me some promise type tease or go girl type tease I’m sold. Other than that she needs to stop the ghetto pop theme and just levy herself into the sound that best suited her. Body party, super turnt up were cuts I liked and within thorough promotion she could do better. Promotion is where she falls short. Her live performances are hit and miss. Her performance of body party on bet was her best to date. That’s the level of performance She needs to do in order to catapult herself . Also her fans need to support her. I actually purchased most of her music. She isn’t a bad artist but her fans are thee worst of all Stan bases. They are overtly cocky. Ciara is a talented dancer. But she is going to have stop this humble crap and have more confidence in herself. I feel like she listens to people too much. She shouldn’t even have had to do this interview. Artist of a higher caliber don’t do interviews like this. It’s kind of sad for a seasoned artist. But all power to her this time around.

  11. Jusayin February 29, 2016

    If she can find a balance if which way she is taking the album it would be cool..where she loses most people becuase they don’t know what to expect..we need a clear definition of pop or R and b and she will be alright..just saying it’s gonna be great leaves alot to the imagination and we all know everyone has one and it sometime s can go down the wrong path..she needs to tell us what kind of journey we can look forward too..I’m still buying it when it comes out though

  12. Tyler Makiavelli February 29, 2016

    Flop or not!
    At least she stayed true to her music/album and didn’t sell out for sales.
    She didn’t BUY her own albums as an attempt to save face…

  13. christinastherealtalent February 29, 2016

    Ciara still got the fire! She just needs to learn how to release actual uptempo club bangers to lead her albums.

  14. shakira stan February 29, 2016

    Why do I get the feeling this woman is
    jUST as fake if not more fake than beyonce.

    • RASHAD February 29, 2016

      Why do I get the feeling that Shakira won’t ever be relevant again outside of Columbia & that spinning red chair?

  15. Weezy Tha Goat February 29, 2016

    Just give it up and have some of Russell’s babies.

  16. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 29, 2016

    I must say that I am extremely proud of Ciara. She has this fight in her which I believe stems from her love for the craft. She is one uber talented black girl.

  17. JazSullivan February 29, 2016

    I adore Ciara as a person. She has some good songs, especially on her self titled album but she’s not really my cup of tea vocally. I feel like we’ve been giving her career advice since 2008 but nothing seems to work. The GP refuses to support her albums but socially she’s still very relevant. Most R&B girls don’t get past 3 albums so she should be proud. Good luck CiCi!!

  18. MUSICHEAD February 29, 2016

    Ciara is the only person holding Ciara back. Let go of that pop s*** and give us something we can feel. I Bet did well because it was about real s***. Get with Pop & Oak and crank out some hits. I wanna hear some “Good Kisser”, “It Won’t Stop”, “Break Your Heart Right Back ” type of s*** from her.

  19. King Mark111 /.\ February 29, 2016

    Same excuse, different year.

  20. King Mark111 /.\ February 29, 2016

    “First two singles” to an album that never happened.

  21. King Mark111 /.\ February 29, 2016

    Hahahahahahahahaha! I really don’t know what else she can do. She’s a very limited artist. She need a musical team, she need her Tim and Missy or something.

    • MUSICHEAD February 29, 2016

      I’ve been riding with Ciara since the beginning and it’s been a bumpy ride. She is one good album away from reclaiming her spot at the top. She just needs the right producers. Janet’s first two albums flopped severely until she found the right sound. Ciara needs to do the same.

  22. Madam Southern Belle February 29, 2016

    OMG people….


    She cannot hold a note to save her life and she has no musical identity. She’s faker than a $3 bill and needs to continue trying to be a football wife. I hear LHH Atlanta are looking for a new cast member. Maybe she should look into that!

  23. 🍟🍧🍩Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans👟👗🎒 February 29, 2016

    “Goodies” is probably 4X PLATINUM by now and I’m sure “The Evolution” is DOUBLE PLATINUM as of now. I’ll just day that and mind my business. Ci don’t have to talk. Her record sales prove her relevance……and I don’t give a damn about her current sales.

    • Madam Southern Belle February 29, 2016

      Goodies is at 2.5 or 2.6 million & The Evolution stalled at 1.3 yearssss ago. Her last 4 albums ain’t even selling 1 mill if you combine the sales lmmfao.

      • Cinnamon Girl February 29, 2016

        Didn’t you say no one cares about Ciara? Then why are you here?

  24. Cinnamon Girl February 29, 2016

    @justsayin, sweetie you have no idea what you’re talking about. The lions share of being certified platinum is by way of sales. Just like Rihanna had Samsung went out and buy 1 million copies of Anti, and it was certified platinum. Sales play a big part in going platinum so you need to have several seats. O AN, IBet was certified platinum way before these new rules came into effect so you need to have a stadium full of seats

  25. Monica Stan February 29, 2016


  26. FC/JC February 29, 2016

    First of all, the questions asked were dumb…. We are over the Jackie era… Bih should have asked whats going on with her management and label… Thats the elephant in the room, she also seemed uncomfortable.

  27. Lake Erie February 29, 2016

    I’m here for it all. I didn’t care for the “Jackie” album at all. But it was good the people who are into that sound. I hope she goes full modern R&B and Hip Hop. Keep it Urban Ci. That’s how you won us, so get back that. She honestly was on her way back there with her self-titled. But I’ll support whatever you decide. No matter what shes done, its always been quality and never quantity.

  28. who your unpillow talk boy couldn’t have it another damn way March 1, 2016

    Hope ciara princess does have a better songwriter for her next album and some of those question that was asked is dumb

  29. Erik March 1, 2016

    I dont understand how TGJ shades the hell out of rihanna for her talent (or lack thereof) and then go and praise Ciara. I’m sorry, but Ciara is nobody’s “great talent”. The problem isn’t her music, it is however, a lack of talent. The best she can do is hold a note, and her dancing is very mediocre at best…

  30. Facts4U March 1, 2016

    That stomach growl was all that needed to be heard from that interview.

  31. smileyboi March 1, 2016

    Love Cici all her albums slay ya’ll just ain’t listening right lol

  32. What now March 1, 2016

    How many more albums is she going to defend? She needs to accept her time as a flop and be gone.

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