Lady Gaga To Perform ‘US National Anthem’ At Super Bowl 50

Published: Tuesday 2nd Feb 2016 by Sam

Lady Gaga is playing approximately no games with her comeback.

Having earned many an accolade in the acting space, Mother Monster is by no means neglecting her position as one of Pop’s top talents.

Because, beyond her freshly confirmed performance at the Grammy Awards, it has been revealed that the 29-year-old will be gracing the stage at Super Bowl 50 this Sunday!

Full story below…

Moments ago, the NFL announced that the superstar will follow in the footsteps of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Halftime headliner Beyonce, to belt the US National Anthem – the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’

It serves as quite the coup for organisers, who already have Bruno Mars and Coldplay on hand for Halftime festivities too.


Yes, yes, and yes!

Roll on Sunday!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus February 2, 2016

    You betta come on through motha monster!!!

  2. ?Queen Molly? February 2, 2016

    They should’ve asked rihanna #HigherThenIveEverBeenBabe ???

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016


  3. Fancy BISH February 2, 2016

    I’m actually excited for this…Gaga can SANG 🙂

  4. Who gonna check me boo?? February 2, 2016

    Damn Everybody making big moves in 2016 I mean almost everybody #460

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 2, 2016

      DAYYYUUUMMM! KII No chill

  5. Arx February 2, 2016


  6. Truth hurts February 2, 2016

    Those 2 h*** betta stop playing and give us Telephone part 2 already I will for sure be tuning in

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      Isn’t this cute.

      460 in the US after couple hours that DAY and in total 400k worldwide.

      Hahahahahahhha look at the two Stan groups who were at each other’s throat for several years post/after “Telephone/Videophone” era…

      MONSTERS and HIvE. I personally haven’t seen anyone proudly claim being a “Monster” these says, especially after that vomiting mess on stage with that lunatic!

      Y’all are so unbothered by ANTI that your flustered, pathetic, shooked a**es be up in here consigning each other! Such a KII

      ANTI bringing peace to the world!!

  7. Rosie February 2, 2016

    kdjdmn @ y’all still going in on Frih

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      Y’all STILL seething over ANTI!


      Please proceed to the lower level of the INTERNET DIASPORA where u I’ll find posts of BEYneathRIHANNA practicing hard for her lip sync routine!

      • JanStan February 2, 2016

        Actually how about you proceed to take a seat in one of the many available lower bowl level seats on the Anti Tour?

  8. The Great Lacefronce. February 2, 2016

    Caca will do well

    She won’t be lippin like BLEACHONCE but i was hoping for Ci Error so we can laugh at her struggling nocals like at the National Championship game!

    • Vidiii February 2, 2016

      1st national anthem was bad for cici.
      But the second one was actually good..
      Cant say she is a whitney, but for her its really good as some singers lypsying the national anthem… Just lmao.. Sing live braaa

      Ciara 2nd performance was good in her own range 🙂

  9. JanStan February 2, 2016

    Everything! Gaga is beyond a popstar. She’s working on creating a legacy. Go mama!!!

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016

      Are u FU€KING serious?! Gaga is the biggest KII in music’s history! This heffa had to scheme her way into the film industry after the music industry gave her the BOOT..

      Only to receive a made up award for a movie no one watched.

      She only got this far in the game because she is white and a MAJOR real life TROLL! The media ate it up.

      Happy black history month RIHANNA! We got u black queen! Your MUSIC is HOT!

      Keep on reigning while the haters keep on promoting!


      • JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2016

        are you even f****** serious at all???? LMAO

  10. King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

    Hahahaha, she think she’s gong to make a comeback. J-Hud status, everywhere, yet doing nothing.

    • JanStan February 2, 2016

      U mean like Anti?

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 2, 2016

        LMAO spills tea all over table cloth

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

        I wasn’t talking about the album that went Platinum in two days.

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 2, 2016

        Oh, you’re talking about the album with PREPAID sales….

      • JanStan February 2, 2016

        Keep it cute. It was 1 million four hundred and sixty. Yes, 1 million from Samsung and 460 from EVERYONE ELSE. KIIIIII!!! Keep tryin it!!!! Please!!!!

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

        past and past participle of prepay
        And it was 24 hours or less of a million albums and streams. But you guys know that, that’s why you pest are doing the most. lol

      • JanStan February 2, 2016

        No skid mark. What we know is that the 1 million was ALREADY SOLD a long time ago. In the 24 hours it was released it sold an additional 460 copies. #AntiRIHceipts

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

        Those weren’t sales, those were stream counts. The album wasn’t for sale til Firday, the streams were counted on Thursday and the last few hours on Wed. But why bother, just have my McFlurry ready when I order.

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        God you’re stupid af! It clearly stated in the Billboard article that it sold 460 pure album sales and with streams 15k! Chawld stop with the lies!! The GP have spoken on AntiSuccess DeluxeFailure and what they say is #460! Kiii

      • JanStan February 2, 2016

        “Dan Roberti, said that the album was put on sale late Thursday, after Samsung’s exclusive giveaway period ended, giving the album just a few hours to rack up sales for the week”.

        Unless u are higher up than THAT GUY STFU with your delusion. 460 copies ‘racked up’ IN A FEW HOURS. Lol. I can’t!!!!! Screaming!!!!!

      • Keri Qween February 2, 2016

        King Mark, the hive+ is much to illiterate to converse with good job trying though i give you a A+ boo

      • Riri, the Clown Fka Pray for the Youth February 2, 2016

        It should read, The hive is *too much… Not a well written sentence however, consider revising; Period after “with”; ‘G’ should be capitalized; Period or comma after “though”; ‘I’ is capitalized in any instance; Should be ‘AN’ A+, not ‘a’, two vowel sounds aren’t placed together in properly constructed sentences; Period after “boo”. Perfect. #StayInSchoolKids ??

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        ????? Not you coming for Curry Queen with a grammer lesson!!! YAAAASSSS SPEAK ON THAT CHAWLDS INTELLIGENCE SINCE IT ACTS SO SMART ALL THE TIME!

  11. Sam February 2, 2016

    Well, i’m sure that she’ll be able to sing it but will it be iconic? I cannot deny that GaGa can sing but i just find her tone generic.I’m looking forward to this more than the half time preformance.

    • JanStan February 2, 2016

      Don’t know about iconic but given her flawless track record it has the potential to be. We shall see:)

  12. King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

    She’ll kill it IF she leave her meat dress and all the other 99 gimmicks at home. I do want a raw (haha) Gaga.

    • RASHAD February 2, 2016

      Rihanna would kill it if she stop asking Samsung to buy her album to mask her flopping!

      • King Mark111 /.\ February 2, 2016

        You’re bothered.

      • Keri Qween February 2, 2016

        Similar to how your fave bought Grammy’s with her father on the committee

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Screaming at this evaporated tea! Your telling me the Knowles have sk much impact. That fairly new Houston Grammy branch of 20 people got Beyoncé 20 grammys??? The delusion!!! The grammy consist of 25,000 voters divided across 30 categories. Thats about 800 voting members in each category! Damn didn’t know the Carters had BillGates money to pay off 400 or more voters lmao!

    • King B February 3, 2016

      Whatever. The Fame sold 2.7 million, outselling a certain local act 9 times more in Uk and sold 4 million plus in US, and again,outselling a certain princess highest selling album who was “never a flop” according to you. Oh, and Grammys as well.

  13. Riri, the Clown Fka Pray for the Youth February 2, 2016

    Okay Gaga, I see you. I’m here for it.

  14. RASHAD February 2, 2016


    You are in denial and the biggest hypocrite on this blog! You better cling to Samsung for dear life because that’s all you got as a rebuttal! You better not talk about nobody’s album sales no time soon. You call Gaga a gimmick yet Rihanna was digging through gagas old scarp to help release her Anti-successful album!

  15. Naomi February 2, 2016

    Yes looks like everyone’s coming to slay Frihanna and the 460Navy!!!

  16. HailBeysus February 2, 2016

    Damn WINTZ we get it! You’re mad CheatAnna sold out for quantity over quality to samsung! Enough with the novals of deflection okay. #460 in 3 hrs 400k in 2 days worldwide ??????

    • WINTZ February 2, 2016


      1: YOU are almost ALWAYS the first commenter under a Rihanna post

      2: like S@m, YOU use Rihanna’s name in every Beyonce’s post (related/unrelated) to boost her comments section and your fragile ego lol

      3: YOU were exposed as a TROLL… On this very same site.

      Nooo, luvvi.. WE get it! YOU are SEEN!! Tell your loved ones that Someone finally sees you!!
      Albeit it being over the net.. WE SEE YOU u attention slore! Kiii

      All facts WILL remain.. Rih is THAT b!+€H! Just learn to Deal!!

      • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

        Where was i exposed as a troll stupid bitxh! Receipts because everyone knows damn well that never happened lmao you tried tho huntea!
        Meanwhilr as of lately Beys post been getting more shares than CHEATANNA kiii!! Bye Felicia!

  17. FC/JC February 2, 2016

    Gaga has a nice voice, im here for it.

  18. WINTZ February 2, 2016

    Ratio of rihanna vs bey post on this site is 5:1.

    Which means for every “shares” that Beyonce’s posts receive Rihanna does like 5 times greater the amount BECAUSE they post on her that much.


    U mean the inevitably successful “ANTI” tour which has already secured it’s sponsorship? Kiii

    Rihanna’s tour will be graced with a full fledge of her iconic hits and fun filled energy! It WILL be successful AND memorable. SEETHE

    Lol girl

    “Bye Felicia” is so 2015! Lol Strive to be current and creative like that which is “ANTI”!!!

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      Kiii because she’s been campaigning AntiSuccess DeluxeFailure for endless month’s for that #460! Still doesn’t change the fact the my “irrelevant queen” as say is getting more shares than yours HA!

      That will change once Bey’s music arrives.

      Gurrrl Rihanna is stuck in 2013 and beyond. She copied Bey Jay and Gaga rolled up in one! Nothing new just recycled what The King and Queen already did but Cheatanna failed on epic proportions ?????

      #ByeFelicia #460 #ByeFelicia #460 #ByeFelicia #460

    • HailBeysus February 2, 2016

      Also stop liking your own statuses its pathetic ?????

  19. Meteorite February 3, 2016

    Every time I think of the National Anthem at the Super Bowel I only think about how Christina Aguilera screwed it! The girl had the potential to Slay it along the lines of Whitney Houston but she failed miserably -Sighs- Sorry I have a Love/Hate relationship with Christina. Any who best wishes to Gaga.

  20. Chillitsjustpizza February 3, 2016

    I wanted ciara to sing it.Damn she would of slayed as usual.

  21. JOHNVIDAL February 3, 2016

    WOW this was pretty much the only big stage left she had not slayed to date. She is killing it everywhere.
    Best version will always be Whitney´s though and by far. It´s just something else, so moving.

  22. RoyalBey February 3, 2016

    This will be very interesting. I cant wait to see Lady gaga sing, she deff has vocals. But who Im really waiting on to sing the national anthem is Keke Wyatt.. I think she would be in the list of top national anthems.

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