Chris Brown Slams Kehlani’s Suicide Attempt

Published: Wednesday 30th Mar 2016 by Sam

Chris Brown routinely has a fresh prescription of drama of his own, but that hasn’t stopped the talented (yet oftentimes troubled) star from weighing-in on someone else’s misfortune.

This time, it’s fellow singer Kehlani.

As widely reported, the rising starlet was hospitalized after attempting suicide in the wake of critique of her romantic life.

Well, C. Breezy – like many online – has sounded off his view…and it’s not necessarily sympathetic.

His words below…

Said comment was preceded by some interesting pearls of supposed wisdom. To, of course, contextualise…

Literally seconds before the publishing of this story, he capped off with…



The music business has always been a soap opera of sorts, however social media is seeing the drama reach Sunset Beach depths.

Surely Chris has more pressing things to worry about?

Similarly with Kehlani; this is easily the most press she’s received beyond underground buzz about her music.

By no means are we slighting her clear cry for help, but the fact there’s both a quantitative and  qualitative benefit to the headlines is a tad disturbing.

Welcome to 2016, ay?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lana Del Fan March 30, 2016

    In Sodom and Gommorah, I mean the United States, sensationalizing negativity isn’t anything new. Suicide is no joke, but only in Andrica do you get more famous for trying to kill yourself. I actually like khelani, but damn.

  2. Jailynn Pratt March 30, 2016

    Chris Brown how dare you even say some dumb s*** like that. You don’t need to be hopping yo celebrity ass in nobody relationship problems. You beat the fk outta rihanna. We only moved past it we didn’t forget about it. You need to be shamed her ass is getting b******* from nobody’s and here it is YOU, somebody with a name is going to add on to that? You should be sending prayers an minding ya business

    • Tay March 30, 2016

      Chris is talented.

      But this guy is a PR nightmare. Is he not aware of what he does for a living?

      He keeps doing these stupid things that gives him nothing but bad rep.

      There will come the day, when press starts avoiding him(even more) and his “fans” dont stay with him cuz nobody writes or cares about him.
      Then he’ll know if being a sh*t was worth it.

      This guy was on the verge on becoming a global star 7 years. He’s been running all that by himself.

      • Tay March 30, 2016

        He’s ruined all that by himself *

      • Coolness March 30, 2016

        PR team? Ch- I don’t think he’s had one in years! Last I heard, the people representing him quit because he made their job too difficult, lmao! Kyrie is Chris’ boy or whatever but even he isn’t sweating this hoopla. Chris was able to bounce back post-2009 but his image is damn near irreversibly damaged at this point. Also, the lane he carved out for himself is being threatened by other artists (The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and now ZAYN) who are coming in and crossing over in ways he could have had he taken career protection seriously.

  3. Yorgo March 30, 2016

    Confirming the thoughts I’ve always had on Chris brown…. He’s a despicable human being. Idk he needs help or something. I mean that genuinely. He’s probably battling his own demons, and taking out his hurt on others

  4. Kwinzy March 30, 2016

    Chris is just mad ’cause Flopality never took off even with ZAYN on that Flop You Back to Sleep Remix. No buzz and very mediocre numbers after being in the game over 10 years. Suicide is no joke, period.

  5. ♊Mølly♊ March 30, 2016

    Who the hell is she?

    • Yorgo March 30, 2016

      Chrissy? yes i’ve never heard of ha

  6. Coolness March 30, 2016

    Tbh, I saw a lot of people echoing sentiments similar to Chris but as a public figure should know better than to insert himself in other people’s relationship drama. Wait, scratch that because it’s clear Chris has not cared about how he comes across on social media in a while ?. This is also very hypocritical coming from him because shortly after he gets involved in some mess on the gram, he posts a photo of him and his adorable baby girl to offset the criticism. Lord knows what Kehlani was truly up to but this is a mess all around.

  7. well well March 30, 2016

    thumb up. people don’t kill themself cause they got caught cheating. do they? and she better learn to deal with that ‘ lil bully’ crap on the soc nets too. chris brown is one of those too. sometimes. wtf. 😀

  8. MUSICHEAD March 30, 2016

    For once I actually agree with Chris Dumbass Brown. If she really wanted to die she’d be dead. The act of suicide is the most selfish and heartbreaking thing someone could ever do to their loved ones and I have no sympathy for anyone who tries or succeeds.

    • #justsayn March 30, 2016


      I agree…. If tht girl wanted to kill herself she would have! She definitely wanted sympathy. What she did was beyond wrong! Her sister even said f*** Kyrie he cheated too! She used suicide as a clutch to disract ppl from stating the obvious of her fukn n screwing while in a relationship with another man!

  9. Lmfao_Hoe March 30, 2016

    Chris is a mess lol. This is no laughing matter but I died when he said “DMs got more names then the Declaration of Independence.” lord Jesus why this early in the morning.

  10. ka March 30, 2016

    Chris is foolish, there are millions of people TRYING to kill themselves ala suicide by taking a lot ot meds, cutting themselves or an alternation. Chris should apologize to people in this situation taking it as a simply joke/attention grabber, just cuz his life is starting to fade a bit. Look who is trying to get attention on the internet…pot calling the kettle black.

  11. What Now March 30, 2016

    Like Chris is really in any position to throw shade and what straight grown man uses the word shade? These booty goons are becoming more and more bitchy. Very unattractive.

    • WE FOUND RIHANNA March 31, 2016

      So is Eminem gay? He had played a huge part of using that word! Shade45 is an iconic & well respected satellite radio station & Em named it that… Sooo

  12. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 31, 2016

    Chris breezy have no business talking he got the damn nervous to come at her Somebody need to put Chris breezy brown boy in Check. He beat the crap out of his ex-gf rihanna and brainwashed by manipulative his other ex-gf karrueche tran

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