Kehlani Confirms Suicide Rumors: “I Had No Desire To See Tomorrow”

Published: Tuesday 29th Mar 2016 by Sam

As buzz goes, few newcomers have tongues wagging as much as alt-R&B singer Kehlani.

However, amidst mounting rumors surrounding her romantic liaisons, the rising star found almost saw her light dimmed permanently.

Taking to Instagram moments ago, she confirmed speculation that she made an attempt on her own life.

Her harrowing statement awaits below…

Suicide is no joke. We wish her a speedy recovery.

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  1. Bitchpleaseeee March 29, 2016

    Never heard of her but peace be with you love???

    • Lana Del Fan March 29, 2016

      She has a song with Chance the rapper called “The Way”. Other good songs by her are nïggas, Bright, and Did I. She’s relatively new to the game.

      Anywho, this is truly sad. Maybe she just got to famous to quick and can’t handle it? I hope that she finds peace of mind.

    • Credits March 29, 2016

      There are so many singers out there with record deals, who we don’t know…what’s going on these days?

  2. IG : @mixedboy March 29, 2016

    Prayers. Don’t let these men have ur attempting suicide. Not worth it.

  3. Danzou March 29, 2016

    Fame is hard to handle for young stars. She only twenty years old.

  4. Danzou March 29, 2016

    But on another note she only famous because she’s light skinned. Kelela makes way better music but gets no exposure.

  5. WTH March 29, 2016

    Social media can be the work of the devil! I’ve never heard of her until yesterday while on Twitter and she was getting dragged through the mud on TT. It was absolutely brutal and I cannot imagine how these celebrities can just take it.

  6. What Now March 29, 2016

    No sympathy for this bih. You’re just trying to find a way to distract everyone from u being caught out there like the thot that u r. Stuff that caption into your fat cat h** and take your L on your knees.

  7. March 29, 2016

    i’m happy she didn’t go through with it,it’s messed up out here, even the rich have problems too, and can get so bad that they have these types of thoughts.these feelings are for everyone, anyone can feel this way.

  8. #justsayn March 29, 2016

    Who is this girl? I seen her trending on twitter yesterday…

  9. well well March 29, 2016

    where her’s music at?

    and now she can make more songs about it. some sad lil things. know what? first (?was it) sign of her’s was a made cheating scandal tho. how far she can do from that image? weird. just weird. pr random af.

  10. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 29, 2016

    I know who is her ex-boyfriend and he is a hot mess bully dog boy however I wish her the best and prayer. She does have good music

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