Justin Timberlake Hits The Studio With Timbaland

Published: Tuesday 29th Mar 2016 by Sam

The wheels are in full motion for comeback king Justin Timberlake.

Indeed, if it was assumed he was playing around when snapped in the studio with Pharrell earlier this month, he makes a point to re-affirm that new music is coming with his latest tease.

See what we mean below…

Via Instagram, the superstar shared the photo of himself in the lab with Timbaland:


A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

As titillating as the teasing may be, it is little surprise to see JT sticking to his tried and tested partners musically; namely Timbo and Pharrell – who’ve been instrumental in his biggest hits as well as his 2013 LP ‘The 20/20 Experience.’

We’ll continue to stress our stance that that project was more smoke and mirrors than enduring hit material. As such this go round, we’re hoping there are fresh sounds, concepts, and executions that’ll justify the hype and hoopla.

This time, there won’t be the “I’ve not dropped an album in 7 years” selling point.

No pressure, ay?

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus March 29, 2016

    Yas Justine saw little sis Justina slaying for the gawds!! Justine was Naw uh! Girl! Im still the princess lol!!!

  2. Meteorite March 29, 2016

    I still want my Justin & Christina duet.
    And just going based on who he’s working with so far, it seems like he’s mixing Justified with Futuresēx/Lovesound. Which I’m here for because I was not too crazy about The 20/20 Experience.

  3. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? March 29, 2016

    Oh god no. Stay away you damn culture vulture.

    • Avi March 29, 2016

      Shut up.

      • Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? March 29, 2016

        B**** you shut up.

  4. Annalise March 29, 2016

    YAWN! Justin baby boy I need you to experiment with some new sounds. I’d love for him to do a psychedelic R&B/neo soul album with a few urban pop bops. Say what you want about Robin Thicke, but his ‘Sêx Therapy’ album was great and JT should do an album like that.

  5. RASHAD March 29, 2016

    I will glady pass on his album. Justin is so tired to me and greatly overrated. Just like (Adele, Sam Smith, Robin Thicke, and Miley Cyrus) who all make mega millions buy doing “Blue eyed soul” trend until it’s no longer profitable. This album will do about 2-3 tops. No 7 year gap this time to overhype his “comeback”. Nonetheless “the real talent” behind the project Pharell & Timbaland will make him shine just like they have with his other 3 projects!

    • da realest March 29, 2016

      I agree with you 100%, the industry is gonna play this blue eye soul out until they can’t play it no more. This is why I see more black artists are going independent and putting out their own music the way they want to.

  6. monarc087 March 29, 2016

    Justin forgot Dancing was a part of his package. Like usher. they tried to make it on there vocals alone. Girl bye.

    I still aint forgot this heffer left Janet Jackson to burn at the stake alone. His punkass

    • Coolness March 29, 2016

      Usher still very much utilises choreography in his performances – more so than Justin. In fact, I’ve seen people who would rather the former scale back on the dancing and just sing because he can sound a winded mess when trying to do both sometimes. I think Justin has realised that (1) the whole MJ/Janet style of performing is slowly going out of style (2) Dancing takes a lot out of him as he’s getting older and (3) He wants to separate himself from the other MJ lites who still pop lock on stage.

      • Carol March 29, 2016

        Really @coolness?
        I’ve seen both Usher and Justin and JT’s concert was great. Dancers were on point, he was singing live, stage was moving, band was awesome.
        Usher on the other hand had a messy show, sound was bad, simple visuals, it looked budged. He was singing half of the songs and let audience fill in on the lyrics that annoyed me AF.
        I’m never going to an Usher concert again.
        JT never dissapoints.

  7. Avi March 29, 2016

    If a “7 year gap” was a palatable marketing point, Nelly Furtado, Janet Jackson and now Gwen Stefani wouldn’t have faltered with their latest releases. For most, staying away for that long is a career killing stunt. You lose your audience and allow newer artists to come in and take the space you once occupied. Like Eminem…JT will come back and outsell all these silly pop females and 90s born acts, who play to nothing but girls and gays, that much we can count on.

    • HailBeysus March 29, 2016

      Lol Janet doesn’t need to be put into this. She has nothing to prove. Considering the mysic climate. I’d say Gwen did good, especially because the album was held from Spotify. But you also failed ti realize even during all the Hype of JT’s comeback after everyone bought the 20/20 Experience. He released The 20/20 Experience Part 2 which failed when compared to the first one. The 20/20 Experience sold 6m copies its follow up sold less than 2 lol! But I guess we gone see if he’ll outsell all these other pop acts as you say.

      • Avi March 29, 2016

        Janet should absolutely be put in this. Her gap between this latest flop and her previous one was the same…and she had the “comeback hype” – or rather her stans tried to pretend she did. If a long gap were beneficial to artists, that album should have sold a helluva lot more than it did. As for having nothing to prove, when an artist has nothing to prove, that’s when its time to either retire – or make their music available for free. For as long as they want people to spend money on their work, then they will continue to have to prove themselves worth it. You don’t get to be in BUSINESS and “not having anything to prove.” That’s like McDonald’s saying saying that they have nothing to prove because they’ve sold 99 billion burgers.

        That being said, back to Justin – he released part two of 20/20 less than a year after part one, and it still opened with higher than average first weeks sales (then went on to sell more than the average pop album overall) and managed to go platinum. Part one of that album did almost a million first week and became the biggest selling album of that year…then part two came on the heels of it and did slightly better than average. I don’t know too many artists who could pull that off.

    • obsidian March 29, 2016

      For the most part, everyone said what I was going to say about this over-hyped-carbon-copy-of-Usher in the previous comments, so I’m not going to regurgitate the same opinions; however, what I will say is black people need to come together and boycott the purchase of his music, for he has had an enviable career on the backs of black producers and consumers!

      • Carol March 29, 2016

        Thats the weirdest point ever.
        On the backs of black producers?

        Ehm they got paid for their work.

        Usher sold himself out to EDM music go support that!
        JT stays true to style.

  8. Queen Of Sheba March 29, 2016

    No thanks.

  9. LmfaoHoe March 29, 2016

    Justin is just….. I have nothing nice to say lol. People say he’s talented yet still relies on Tim and Pharrell hell even MJ, Bey,Usher, Mariah, and Janet experminted their sounds with different people. JT has no verstality unless he decides to go full on country.

    • Absolved March 29, 2016

      If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. JT knows what works for him and didn’t feel the need to stray from it. Usher’s “experimenting” was just a desperate ploy to stay relevant. He’s like a middle aged man in the club, wearing a gold chain trying to make on a 20 year old. He sees the charts, wants desperately to fit in like back in 2002, calls up every producer whose single is in the top 10 and tries to hop on trends that his fans don’t want. That’s not experimenting, that’s selling out. Janet didn’t experiment. She let herself get coaxed away from what had been a winning formula by her then-lover, flopped, then went running back to the team she threw overboard and saw that she couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Mariah is a mess; I can’t even summarize that nutcase. All I can say is that Tommy trained her to trend-chase for commercial gain and she ultimately hit a wall with that thinking. Beyonce is the only one who legitimately “experimented,” and she only got away with it because unlike the others you named, she never relied on one single producer, sound or chased what was hot to define who she is.

  10. Linear March 29, 2016

    People kill me trying to make excuses for their pets. Usher SOLD OUT. He started working with RedOne, Guetta and Max Martin for crying out loud. He was so afraid to flop that he tried to reinvent himself as the 3rd member of LMFAO, pandered to the Katy Perry crowd and infested the world with Bieber. Miss me on name dropping him like he’s some real artist, he didn’t start “experimenting” until the sound he rose to fame with stop being hot and then what he gravitated towards was what everyone else was doing. That’s not an artists, that’s a fake.

  11. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 31, 2016

    Hope Justin timberlake do a new music sound in a different way

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