Predictions Are In: Kendrick Lamar’s Surprise Album ‘Untitled’ Set To Sell…

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Grammy winning rapper Kendrick Lamar sent fans into a frenzy last week when he dropped his fourth album unannounced.  Released nearly a year to the date of 2015’s acclaimed ‘To Pimp A Butterfly,’ the new project – which features appearances from Bilal, SZA, Cee Lo Green, and many more – went head to head with the highly anticipated new release from 2 Chainz, among others.

Needless to say, Lamar, charging into his next era off quite the high delivered from his much-talked about Grammy performance, wins, and controversial losses, left all of his competition in the dust.

Find out how much everyone’s new favorite rapper is predicted to move this week with his new album ‘untitled unmastered’:

1st week prediction:  175-185k (SPS)

Pure sales:  140k-150k

Chart position:  #1


Check in to That Grape Juice later for the full chart check once the Billboard 200 refreshes.


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  1. RealNegro March 6, 2016

    Go kDOT!

    • You tried March 6, 2016

      Moving REAL Units!!!! Real coinz and REAL PURCHASES!THATS WHAT REAL ARTIST AND ENTERTAINERS DO! They’re fans who have coins to purchase the album not Stream it and get it to Number one??????

      • rosy March 6, 2016

        B**** bye drake move more albums in first week and don’t come for rih either

  2. NickiBaby March 6, 2016

    Wow, almost 200,000 for leftovers and no physical copies!! Amazing… #KingKendrick

  3. HailBeysus March 6, 2016

    That Beyonce Impact tho!! Yas!! She done changed the game! Now everyone getting in on this. Hell even comedians are doing suprise tour announcement Louis CK, and movie’s as well the new Colverfield movie! YAAASSS! ??Changed the game with that digital drop
    Know where you was when that digital popped
    I stopped the world
    Male or female, it make no difference
    I stop the world, world stop…
    Carry on??

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

      All that impact yet formation is still chillen on the bubbling under 100 chart ?✌

      • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

        Yawn where’s cierror?? Still playing unfilled parking lots kii!!

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Ciaras out here slaying the worls with her fashion and beauty.. C7 is coming and will be epic… Enough about Ci how is the Queen of Bleaching Beyoncé doing? Still using race issue to sale a tour I see ??

      • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

        Screaming at the struggling “bi’racial” maid! No sis the world already knows how The Carters are doing. So we wanna know how that irrelevant man you stan for is doing.

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016


      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Irrelevant yet you’re mentioning her… Your fav is fraud who would be serving fish plates if it wasn’t for her scandalous father buying her a career,Grammys, and a husband.

      • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

        Boring with this kame tired shade. The GP and critics have spoken The Queen has TALENT and IMPACT. Something Mrs Man has yet to give and offer. Which is why the GP threw her to the side after her 4 year career lmao! We see why you mad!

      • pat March 6, 2016


      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        But your fav is INSPIRED by CIARA lets be REAL. kiii

      • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

        Lmfaooo the reach! Where is SHE inspired exactly? Dancing… No! Singing… defiantly not LMFAO! Touring…. KII MRS NEVER HAS! They’re to completely different set if entertainers. You tried with that one tho!

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Partition video was a BLATANT copy of Ciara Love,S**,and Magic video you FOOOL. Oh and dont get me started w the short blonde bob Bey stole from Ci in late 2013.

  4. ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

    Congrats daddy ??

  5. YOUR MADGEsty March 6, 2016

    Congratulations, Sir. Lamar! 😉


    It’s nice to see REAL BLACK RAPPERS topping the charts!

  6. Navy Captain March 6, 2016

    You all wanna call this a success but shaded Rih for similar numbers after giving away 1 MILLION free copies. Come on now. Stay consistent.

    • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

      Death! Gurrrl stop Kendrick is a RAPPER who has no #1 single. Rihanna tours the world has several #1 hits debuts with #460 and than has first week sales of 124k lmfao!! Jay-Z done gave away 1 million albums and still debuted with 500k in sales.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

      The hive doesn’t want any other black females to succeed thats why they came for rihs numbers

      • You tried March 6, 2016

        Grab this bih @QueenMolly a Coffen because she must be searching for death wish! Coming for the hive will definitely leave your ass dragged! You and every other SIMPLE confused and non-factual lame comes for Bey with these “Corny” ass shades and simple repetitive reads that will forever be bobbed and weaved! Sit back and let the real players win like usual!

    • rosy March 6, 2016

      I know right this is not alot and it won’t go platinum they coming for rih numbers when rih outsell these so call great musician all rih albums are over million and,drake sell more so what is your haters on here comparing s***

    • Cinnamon Girl March 6, 2016

      Because you all were bragging about how Rihanna was gonna snatch wigs when Anti was released

  7. King gemini March 6, 2016

    I don’t think anyone realizes that formation was not released as a single. Just because an artist releases music or a new song does not make it a single that’s not an excuse for the beehive it’s just the reality and you guys are annoying with this formation stuff which clearly is not a single it’s not even available for purchase nor was it released to radio because it’s not a single Geesh when her first single comes out if it flops then you guys can drag just like you all thought bow down and grown woman was a single they were just songs for fans and create buzz around what’s to come you guys are really hateful and sick on this site that’s why i stopped commenting

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

      The hive and their excuses are what is tired!!! Why can’t formation chart based off streams sis? Didnt an aaliyah song debut at #1 based on radio play alone? So please tell me why formation cant chart based on streams?

    • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

      @King Gemini They’re desperate for The Queens downfall. They’re literally grasping at straws. Exhibit A: The struggling “bi-racial” maid using how songs charted in the early 2000s to how songs chart today. The self drag us real in these streets huntea ????????

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Yet you cant explain. if aaliyah can do it on radio play why cant Bey do it with streams? Hmmm

      • Rw March 6, 2016

        Because it was only released on tidal ?

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Last I checked the video was on youtube and getting radio spins… Whats the next excuse?

      • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

        This bitxh is desperate for attention she’s to retarded to realise Formation is an unlisted video let me say that again for this dumbass hoee UNLISTED VIDEO meaning the views won’t count. Kiii so a song that wasn’t even sent to radio is getting radio play!! I CANNOT AT MY QUEENS IMPACT YAAASSS!!!

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Well good biittch it can stay unlisted, uncharted or whatever ?

  8. Theman March 6, 2016

    His sales were higher than Rihanna’s. This is an album full of scraps. So these sales are great. If the physical albums were included his sales would have been a lot greater. He’s an amazing artist.

  9. DIABETIC March 6, 2016

    Idk what formation… a soundtrack for a tour… has to do with Kendrick. Congrats to him moving the masses. Hopefully he replaces drake, im sick of him. And lol at Everyone and their uncle outselling Rihscedule as per usual.

    • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

      And everyone is charting and scoring top 10 hits like nothing except Bleachyonce of course.

      • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

        Oh honey stop fooling yourself. You ain’t fooling anyone here. At the end of the day we all know you go running back ti Mrs Man ??????

  10. Authentic March 6, 2016

    These guys are not putting music out for the grown people any more. Allot of us wan t to go. To the store… Or don’t even Check iTunes to see new music.. It’s getting played everybody ain’t Bey. Bey even somewhat let us know that she had an album out

  11. Lake Erie March 6, 2016

    Congratulations Man!

  12. DIABETIC March 6, 2016

    Men run the industry. Men have the highest selling album, single, & most #1s & highest grossing tours. But that is NO EXCUSE for Why rih cant outsell even the most basic of them. Chris now Kendrick lamar & future all outselling rihfund I CANT…

  13. ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

    I have Selena in my avi yet yall still mentioning Cici hmm.

  14. DIABETIC March 6, 2016

    Adele first day sales 1.3 million >>> #460.

    • HailBeysus March 6, 2016

      Yas Kendrick showing the “Blacn Madonna” whats up 160k—->124k ???? What kind of international hit singing icon ????

  15. Karen Huger Stan March 6, 2016

    An album full of B-Sides outselling Rihanna…hahahaha!!!

  16. FC/JC March 6, 2016

    The albums really good! I like it, It has a tone of quality to it, cant say that much about these other microwavable rap stars out today..

    • Karen Huger Stan March 6, 2016

      Your flop fave should really take notes.

      • ??Queen Molly?? March 6, 2016

        Kiii you stan for an old ugly housewife sis… Bye

  17. Navy Captain March 6, 2016

    Lol similar numbers to Rih who gave away 1 MILLION free copies beforehand but you’re congratulating and stabbing him while shading her. Stay consistent please…

  18. King Mark111 /.\ March 6, 2016

    But the pest were singing a different song when the 3 songs Rihanna dropped last year. Now not every song that an artist release is not a single because their fave lil song couldn’t chart. Even though all 3 of Rihanna songs did last year. But they were all flops. Ok. Lol

    • who gonna check me boo? March 6, 2016

      hows is he antisucces tour going sis? are those downgraded venues sold out yet??

  19. Anti ain’t ready to talk another time March 7, 2016


  20. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? March 7, 2016

    I hope he debuts with at least 300,000+ copies sold with streaming included. I’m sure he’ll go gold before the month is over. I’m all here for this black excellence, dominance and success in the music industry right now. It’s such a blessing for our artists to be able to be taken seriously, recognized, and rewarded for their conscious contributions towards preserving OUR GENRES OF MUSIC, since OUR PEOPLE developed and pioneered them into what they’ve developed/transformed into now.

  21. King B March 7, 2016

    Congrats! But I’ll be more impressed if he slayed other countries as well. He’s local, Kanye’s Local, Jay Z too and probably even Drake (look at UK charts). Beyoncé is probably the only black artist (she does R&B) that slay worldwide.

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