Azealia Banks Slams Beyonce’s #Lemonade: ‘She’s A Thief’ [#ICYMI]

Published: Tuesday 26th Apr 2016 by Rashad
beyonce lemonade azealia banks feminist

Earlier this year Azealia Banks vowed to take a permanent hiatus from Twitter.  However, as our good sis Jazmine Sullivan once wailed, ‘forever don’t last long.’

For, in a move to redirect #Beyhive stings from the mysterious Beckies of the world to herself, Banks took to Twitter to rant about Beyonce‘s hotly-selling new project ‘Lemonade.’  Accusing the songstress of being ‘anti-feminist’ and even plagiarizing some of the album’s critically acclaimed content, Banks is reaching for wig glue after questioning the validity of some of ‘Lemonade’s insinuations (namely those surrounding Jay Z‘s alleged infidelity).

Do you agree with her rant?  Or, is it just ole AB looking to cash in on some media shine?  You tell us:

tweet azealia banks beyonce lemonade2 tweet azealia banks beyonce lemonade

However, Banks was singing a different tune the night of ‘Lemonade’s premiere:



Your thoughts?

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  1. Meteorite April 26, 2016

    BeyHive!!! About To Attack Her!!! ?????????

    • Danyboo April 26, 2016


      • LmfaoHoe April 26, 2016

        EXACTLY to the Hive members please ignore this b****. She’s obviously looking for attention that’s unwanted and should be played no mind to. Don’t waste ya time,drags for this b****. I’m done with her and have nothing else left to say to this miserable chick.

      • Meteorite April 26, 2016

        Oh I know I was just trying to be comedic about the situation, but obviously failed ha

    • Anti-singing garbage vioces April 26, 2016

      My dislike for Azealia Banks is big. She really hates everybody Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicky, Iggy etc. Why are the media’s still giving her attentions? Pfff. BTW I hope the Beyhives finish her, loll.

    • Glorious Sun April 27, 2016

      What is DO NOT get about this broad is so always so pro-black and pro-woman but the first sister with a European weave and jump on a old white man d i c k.

  2. © Centurion (YEW KNOW I got the SAAAWWWWSE… Yew know I’m SAAAAAUUUU$$$$$$YYYYYY) April 26, 2016

    YES SHE IS! She stole documentaries for the Flopmation music video, she stole a Janet Jackson’s photo for her Formation tour poster, she stole Michael Jackson’s jacket for the superbowl and then she stole Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker idea. All of this, in 4 months! SMH

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) April 26, 2016


    • HailBeysus April 26, 2016

      Lmfao LIEESSS!!! She Saluted MJ at the Superbowl by wearing something similar to his Superbowl costume.
      She had PERMISSION from the licensed company that owned all rights to that documentary. The people were just mad the company didn’t inform them!
      That Janet photk has been done before. Just google photos with flower in mouth from 1980 lol! Y’all act like she was the first!
      I.can’t at your delusional seething!! ????
      You mad cause Bey is coming for AntiSuccess ww 3 month sales in a week??? HAHAHAHA!!!
      Formation a flop?? Bish where???? Its.currently #1 on itunes in 18COUNTRIES and is expected to sel 246k in one week even tho the song has.been available as a free download for months on Tidal HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

    • Boss32 April 27, 2016

      No.. Do your research you idiot. Beyonce gives credit where credit is due
      Especially in lemonade.

  3. Anti&Lemonade April 26, 2016

    She hates everyone nothing new

  4. Michael Johnson April 26, 2016

    She need to come up missing. A complete waste of talent. Her talent is being wasted on bipolar rants. Must suck to only get attention when you are talking about someone else. A clown.

  5. Corrina April 26, 2016

    No lies told… She is crazy but right here

    • Navy Captain April 26, 2016

      I couldn’t agree more. The general public doesn’t seem to see through Bey’s smoke and mirrors. She’s so heartbroken and still booed up with her man. No different than Rih going back to Chris which always gets pointed out as Rih being weak. This is all for publicity and I’d be pissed if my queen pulled stunts to take my coins. The content of Lemonade is great though. We can’t deny that, but Money is all she’s worried about here. If she cared enough for the sufferance of black women she would show how she can make it without the lying cheat Jay-Z. I would respect her so much if she did.

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        But when she dragged Rihanna for stealing ‘vogue’ culture from the gay ballroom scene, you h**** wanna sing a different tune? BOI BYE!

  6. Rima April 26, 2016

    She’s dragging Bleachyonce.

  7. Vidiii April 26, 2016

    We are not talking about her talent in this topic.. She is giiving her thougts on her documentary. And I think she is right.. Why not taking direct action but singing her thoughts in her songs..

    I mean Ciara did it also but she directly disconnected from future.. Why cant beyonce take that choice.. I mean she plays with her own life and cant take her own responsibilty..

    Take advice Queen Bee.
    A fan here speaking! Just that I love her and want the best for her!

  8. Annalise April 26, 2016

    Another manic episode from Ms Banks. Think about it objectively…. What type of person continuously switches from ‘Loving’ to ‘Hating’ someone in such quick instances without being classed as Bipolar? She was just praising Beyonce two days ago, saying that she ‘Takes everything back’ and now she’s on one of her insane rants again. She just released a mixtape honouring Jay-Z and now she’s bashing him. Something is wrong, and I hope she gets the help she needs.

    • HailBeysus April 26, 2016

      SCREAMING drag her!!! She wants to talk about black fenale empowerment like she’s about it yet she continues to drag and speak ill of black artists LMF

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        I feel sorry for that girl. The real tea is that apparently her mom used to swing at her with a baseball bat. That ‘Hold Up’ music video musta had her feeling a typaway !

  9. Slaaayyy Trick April 26, 2016

    Meanwhile, Formation and Lemonade sitting pretty at number one on the single and Album Charts. ?

    • Keri Qween April 26, 2016

      Not long

      Drakes single is creeping up and Views drops Friday it’ll be ova

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        Where’s Skeri’s single at ?

      • Keri Qween April 26, 2016


      • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 26, 2016

        Meanwhile Keri never started

  10. Iconic Cici April 26, 2016

    Beyonce is a weak ho. Staying with a Camel just to keep your image lol

    • Annalise April 26, 2016

      But HEara has been fücked and sucked by every c-list rapper and NBA player in the game KIII! And isn’t she in an arranged marriage to a gay guy just preserve her image?

      • Iconic Cici April 26, 2016

        When a dude cheats on Cici she leaves. Unlike Beyonce who is nothing more than a doormat Jay walks all over.

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        I think the pressing question is, why is HEara continuing to date men that cheat in the first place. It’s not HEaras fault I guess…. some Hœs get it twisted thinking that downlow/trade men will claim them, when all they want is one hot bang with a slütty t***** from the ATL.

      • FAF April 26, 2016

        That same question can be asked of beyonce

        At least future hid his infidelity

        Jay z loud and proud w a side birch Why it take 5 yrs for her to edit a movie of an applique fake baby bump to manipulate y’all into thinking that shiny ass prosthesis was real

      • FAF April 26, 2016

        Nba player? Lebron is c list ?? Amare stoudemire???

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        o_O I’m still waiting on concrete receipts of Jay’s infidelity, KIII. Till you hœs can give me factual receipts of who ‘Becky’ apparently is, then you can catch this DUST!!!!

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        KIIII I didn’t even know Lebron was included. LMAOOO you’re not doing yourself any favours sis, because now the list is even longer than I thought!

      • #JACKIE April 26, 2016

        Drag that bum b**** Iconic and FAF! Kii

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        KIII @Moldy-Vadge/CRACKIE take your ghetto emo ass outta this comment section before I scalp you again! Three scalpings in less that 24 hours in enough, even for your section 8 ass!

    • No Stan Zone April 26, 2016

      But Ciara’s never been a wife. Just a baby mama. Easier for her to leave a cheating BOYFRIEND. It’s not that easy leaving a marriage, especially when y’all have built so much together.

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        PRECISELY! What kind of adult woman gets herself knocked up before getting a wedding ring. That’s #HŒ movements!

  11. #JACKIE April 26, 2016

    She’s so f****** untalented and ANNOYING! Girl diiiieeeeeeee!!!

    • Iconic Cici April 26, 2016

      She didn’t lie about Beyonce though… Lemonade is trash.

      • IOWNTHEWORLD April 26, 2016

        If Lemonade is trash what does that make Jackie? ????

      • #JACKIE April 26, 2016

        Jackie SLAYS LemonAIDS.

    • Mariah April 26, 2016

      Oh the lies you tell. Banks may need a filter on her mouth but to call her untalented is a lie. That girl is full of talent. Banks music and her singing voice are on point

  12. Iconic Cici April 26, 2016

    A WEAK woman stays with a cheater.

    • Annalise April 26, 2016

      HMMMM but didn’t HEara admit that she would’ve stayed with Future if he was honest about his cheating????

      “I mean, I’mma stay if you could tell the truth
      But you can’t, no matter how much time I ask

      [Pre-Hook 1]
      Is that your b**** over there,”

    • OMG Logic!!! April 26, 2016

      Unless the cheater is fine then you give him another chance, but Jay Z is a fuck1ng camel so he doesn’t qualify.

      • Annalise April 26, 2016

        AWWW you’re still seething over powerful successful BLACK men, eh? Your pasty twinky ass need some good-old-fashion D! And then maybe once you’re experienced, you can handle Black men!

  13. #JACKIE April 26, 2016

    Everybody knows Beyonce is a thief though!

  14. Keri Qween April 26, 2016

    Im looking for the lies though. What kind of feminist is that to keep putting up with a man sleeping around for years ? Its all for sales and to stir up controversy that’s all her career has been the past couple of years shock value.

  15. Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

    Oh wait it’s the same girl who was just praising her
    bi polar trick
    Sam why are you making her news
    here’s to hoping she dies a painful one
    She’ll go straight to hell after that
    people like this are the ones we should bey praying for to not mother or birth kids the world is not here for another Moldy

  16. Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

    Mhhhm some of ya’ll don’t know what MARRIAGE is
    must be fatherless children of raype

    • jj April 27, 2016

      Real love is not cheating on your wife. Marriage is about compromise but overall if he cheating on you he don’t respect you or the marriage. Never stay with a cheating man.

  17. Alison April 26, 2016

    Lol!! Y’all do this EVERYTIME beyonce releases! We know how this will end! Big first week but the total numbers will be just normal numbers like her peers do,3m or 4m. But y’all are caught up in the first week hype again!! Her release strategy always generates hype but that’s doesn’t last too long.

    If Rihanna is lessor than Bey in album sales then why does:

    1) Rihanna have the best selling album by a black female artist WW this decade with LOUD?

    2) Why hasn’t 4 outsold UNAPOLOGETIC?

    3) Why is Rihannas WW sales around the same as Beys with TTT, GGGB AND RATED R?

    LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The hives are pathetiiiiiiiiic

    • HailBeysus April 26, 2016

      Lmao her peers???? Ashanti, Alicia, Britney, Christina have all failed to have an Album sell 5m like self titled! She’s the only female alongside Pink to be able to sell albums. The only male act from her time is Justin Timberlake.

      • Alison April 26, 2016

        Biiiitch, answer my question?

        Why hasn’t a Beyonce album from THIS DECADE outsold LOUD WW?


        Why hasn’t 4 outsold UNAPOLOGETIC WW?


        Yes, bey has great sales in the USA but if she’s such an amazing album seller then why does she average the same as Rihanna and has been doing so since GGGB?


        LOUD is the best selling album released by a Black female this decade with sales of 8 million WW, why hasn’t Bey outsold that?


        Admit that bey does GREAT FIRST WEEK and then stalls at 3/4 million WW like always.

      • HailBeysus April 26, 2016

        Lmfao the INFLATION loud did not sell 8m worldwide. Its 6million! Self Titled has sold over 5m! She still sells and yes she does have huge opening numbers but she doesnt just fall off. Out her first 5 albums, 3 have spent over 100 weeks on Billboard 200 Chart! Self Titled is still charting! Meanwhile none of Frihs albums are to be found! Also she doesn’t average the same as Rihanna.

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        Tf are you talking about? Rhianna hasn’t had a multi platinum plaque since Good girl gone bad….

      • #JACKIE April 26, 2016

        The lies! Self titled did not sell 5 million world wide!

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        How much has Jackie sold ?because the rest of the congregation is dying to know…

      • My name is Cierror April 26, 2016

        Hey Tyler-

        US album sales: @ciara, Jackie 6,229 (26,165 total).
        5:24 PM – 23 May 2015

  18. DIABETIC STROKE April 26, 2016

    I honestly dont know who this person is or i think their name was rachel roy or something. Ehy ppl using Lemonade to get famuss lol. Lol at the haters saying the Lemonade Movie was a FLOP when it got decent ratings And was never promoted, it was annouced a wk b4 a very little hype, the teaser also did nothing to enhance viership. If ppl knew it was a Album in full and if it was on Abc it wuld have gotten atleast 4 mill. The debut sales predictions are very impressive. no official single or hit or promo and still selling 500k in 4 days? IASF was promoted and did have a hit and didnt crack 500k. most yur favs(ie mariah & Rihanna) dont even have any impresive debut sells.

  19. © Centurion (YEW KNOW I got the SAAAWWWWSE… Yew know I’m SAAAAAUUUU$$$$$$YYYYYY) April 26, 2016

    SCREAMING @ the Lemonade “movie” pulling in 787k viewers even though HBO was made free especially for it. Poor HBO. From making HBO free to advertising all over Times Square, they must’ve lost a lot of money from it.

  20. Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

    Here’s to praying, hoping , dreaming that Azalia gets ambushed by 460 men who’ll later take turns gang rayping her thereafter slit her throat and feed it to the…..
    seriously tho I’m sick of her, and the fact that my fave resorted to suicide I shall pray, hope and dream this night

    • Sam April 26, 2016

      Your comment is out of line.

  21. © Centurion (YEW KNOW I got the SAAAWWWWSE… Yew know I’m SAAAAAUUUU$$$$$$YYYYYY) April 26, 2016

    • Ivy Park (Topshop) is flopping.
    • Lemonade movie (HBO) flopped.
    • Pepsi had their revenues decreasing during Beybøla being the face.
    • The H&M collection flopped.
    Conducting business with Beyonce is a very risky endeavour. Beyonce is not a woman you should be in bed with. She’s only good for the music. In everything else, she’s a complete and utter failure

    • Keri Qween April 26, 2016


    • Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

      In my Mooriah voice “and I was like why are you obsessed with her moo moo moo….”

  22. Michael Johnson April 26, 2016

    Ya’ll crazy if ya’ll think this a;bum is 100% about Beyonce relationship. Beyonce is a marketing genius… It’s all a plan. It’s just music..

    In the same way everyone thought Usher’s ‘Confessions’ was about his relationship, when Usher, Chili, and Jermaine Dupri all said the lyrics were biased off Jermaine’s relationship.

    • Mr.StLaurent April 26, 2016

      I just feel like LEMONADE is not even about her or Jay !

  23. Numbers April 26, 2016

    How long is she going to keep playing the angry, bitter bítch, with her hateful ass? Her only measure of success are her Twitter rants, not this “amazing” music Her two fans love to speak of.

  24. DIABETIC STROKE April 26, 2016


    4 didnt outsell UNA but Self Titled did witg 4-5 milk ww. Bey with 8 albums dont even reach beys first 5 of 32-33 mill vs the 29-30 mill Rih sold with 8 & way more hits. Under the same circumstances as rih… bey would have sold 50 mill ww by now with 8 albums & 14 #1s… maybe more.

  25. Everyone’s A Critic April 26, 2016

    She didn’t understand what lemonade was. It’s an age thing.. And she don’t have a child and isn’t married so she doesn’t understand that love. She’s a BRICK

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016


  26. Rihboy April 26, 2016

    No lies detected. Beyoncé has been milking the rumored divorce to sell since I am. And the hive eat it up! I mean the retards started posting under Rachel Ray the tv chef because they were clearl dumb and didn’t not that Rachel Roy is a completely different person. ?????. Pathetic. You guys call anti era a mess. Yet Beyoncé can never sell without manipulated propaganda. The fuse is burning out already.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Rhianna has been milking the situationship that she had with Bobby Beige since Rated R….

    • Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

      Since I am? isn’t that when he put a ring on it?
      from me to you “SIT”.

    • Annalise April 26, 2016

      da fuq are you talking about, there were no divorce rumours ‘since I AM’. And as I said before, the SLAVI can’t say anything about ‘propaganda’!.

      Didn’t Rihanna’s publicist start the Jay-Z-and-Rihanna rumours to sell PonDeForehead? Didn’t Rihanna kiss Trashvis Scott in public just to sell her Puma line? Didn’t Rihanna release an official statement on her abusive relationship with Chris the same month the Anti artwork dropped? Didn’t Rihanna pretend to have a fling with Drake to sell Work? SHUT UP HEAUX!!!

    • Anti-singing garbage vioces April 26, 2016

      Didn’t Samsung bought 1 million Rihannas album from to give out for free? So stfup.

  27. Alison April 26, 2016


    B******, are you death, dumb or stupid?


    I’m talking WW sales.


    Why hasn’t a Beyonce album from THIS DECADE outsold LOUD WW?


    Why hasn’t 4 outsold UNAPOLOGETIC WW?


    Bey has great sales in the USA but if she’s such an amazing album seller then why does she average the same as Rihanna and has been doing so since GGGB on a WW front?

    LOUD is the best selling album released by a Black female this decade with sales of 8 million WW, why hasn’t Bey outsold that?

    Admit that bey does GREAT FIRST WEEK and then stalls at 3/4 million WW like always.

    • Rihboy April 26, 2016

      Stallyonce ! They just posted that the spoken word on the album is someone else Ma poems she used????! Lord the album is rigged with fraud.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Lol The INFLATION! Beyonce has 4,soon to be 5 , MULTIPLATINUM albums
      How many does Rhianna have ? *crickets*

      • Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

        8-7 = 1 multi platinum album

      • LOL April 26, 2016



  28. StrawberryMuffin24 April 26, 2016

    Don’t like BANKS but she’s right about Beyawnce fake overrated ass!

  29. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

    This b**** needs to take up a class at ICDC college or the Learning Annex, cuz she’s clearly bored.

  30. Metzo April 26, 2016

    Bitter, jealous people NEVER prosper. Neither do thieves. If Bey is a Thief, i wanna be one too cause she’s one hell of a blessed bitvh.

  31. TOBY April 26, 2016

    Ooooooh ooh she made, and if a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? Bye b**** bye

  32. DIABETIC STROKE April 26, 2016

    Lol @ centurine

    Since u can no longer come for the album single tour or critical acclaim u must dig deeper and crawl to Ivy park or the HBO ratings. Yur greatest pain is knowing Bey is about to outsell FRIH in the US & WW in ONE WEEK. #FAIL rih had PLENTY of Promo and a #1 why cant she sell. Lol @ bey joining prince in having another week at #1 on both the album and singles chart. RIP ANTI-Lemons&Sugar

  33. Alison April 26, 2016



    BEYONCE has not sold 5 million WW?


    Tyler… why are you still CLINGING to u.s sales when I’m speaking about WW sales?


    Why hasn’t a Beyonce album OUTSOLD LOUD since 2010 WW?


    Why hasn’t 4 OUTSOLD unapologetic WW?


    I thought Bey was a GREAT album seller – why are her GLOBAL SALES around the same as Rihannas? ANSWER THE QUESTIONS HIVE??? Yall are so quick to talk about album dales and yet she barely outsells rihanna on a WW front?


    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      But Self titled outsold Una boo and Anti is about to be outsold by Lemonade all in a matter of a few DAYS.
      Let that marinade ????

      • LOL April 26, 2016


      • Jackson Five Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        YET you don’t even know what marinade means.
        Congratulations! You just played yourself stupid.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 26, 2016

      Self titled outsold una worldwide

  34. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

    MESS @”Why hasn’t 4 outsold UNAPOLOGETIC WW?”

    Lemonade had been put for 4 days. Why is it about to outsell cAnti?

  35. #JACKIE April 26, 2016

    Last time I checked, self titled sold 3.7 million world wide. The INFLATION!!!

    • RICHIE_RICH April 26, 2016

      That’s what she sold in the states

    • TheBeysusImpact April 26, 2016

      5 mill WW idiot….

      • #JACKIE April 26, 2016

        How when chart news had her at 3.7 just last year sis?

  36. Alison April 26, 2016



    Why hasn’t a Beyonce album outsold that WW?


    I though Beyonce was a GRAND ALBUM SELLER and the SUPERIOR ALBUM SELLER.

    • XXX April 26, 2016

      Lol Beyonce is about to outsell anti in a matter of days. Hush.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      The devil is a lie! Self titled is the only black female album to go multi platinum this decade.
      Loud isn’t multiplatinum lol

  37. Ty April 26, 2016

    Why doesn’t she focus on her craft instead of ranting b******* that nobody gives a f*** about!! If she was as passionate about her music as she is bashing everyone else her career would more than just pathetic Twitter rants!!

  38. Taylor Tori Azalea April 26, 2016

    April 26, 2016 at 4:26 pm
    Lol @ centurine
    Since u can no longer come for the album single
    tour or critical acclaim u must dig deeper and crawl
    to Ivy park or the HBO ratings. Yur greatest pain is
    knowing Bey is about to outsell FRIH in the US &
    WW in ONE WEEK. #FAIL rih had PLENTY of Promo and a #1
    why cant she sell. Lol @ bey joining prince in having another
    week at #1 on both the album and singles chart. RIP ANTI-

  39. TheBeysusImpact April 26, 2016

    Such a shame cause I love her music so much. Trying and failing to shade the queen… I mean the delusion ????????????☕️☕️☕️☕️

  40. Alison April 26, 2016

    BEYONCE has sold 3.7 million ww.


    UNAPOLOGETICA has sold 5.5 million WW.




    Why hasn’t 4 outsold TTT and UNAPOLOGETIC?


    Why has SELF TITLED only sold a little more than RATED R which is at 3.5 million WW? I thought BEY WAS GRAND ALBUM SELLER?

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Self titled sold 3.7 mill in the U.S. r******.
      Now could you please present Rhianna’s MULTIPLATINUM plaque to the rest of the class? She only owns ONE of em *sips lemonade*

  41. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Not the Navy co siging the same b**** who said Work video was a budget version of Baby boy. Meanwhile Beyonce is slaying in Tours, acclaims albums and singles whilst all Rihanna is slaying is

  42. Alison April 26, 2016

    Tyler is such a dumbbb b******…








    Not in the USA?



    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      How many multi platinum albums does Rhianna have ? How many Sway?

  43. B2B April 26, 2016

    Its sad that this generation does not know how relationships work at all. When you are married to someone and you have a child with them, you don’t just throw all that away over a mistake. I really wish this Banks chick gets life like where is your music? And who tf made her somebodies critic? Wasnt she suppose to drop before Iggy, who had #1 smash already and is working on her second album? middle finger in the air, girl bye

  44. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Formation Tour>>>>> Antichrist
    Lemonade SALES>>>>>Antichrist
    Lemonade Acclaim>>>>>Antichrist
    Lemonade singles>>>>Antichrist

    Why is the Navy even here?

  45. Alison April 26, 2016

    SELF TITLED has not sold 3.7 million in the states!




    It’s sold just over 2 million in the states.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Suck it up! Let it sink in
      Self titled > UNA
      LemonSLAYED after 4 days >>>>>>>>> cAnti after 3 MONTHS ???

  46. Ciah’s Turtle April 26, 2016

    the thing is.. she sounds like all yall hatin a$$ trolls lmao

  47. Lolz April 26, 2016

    The Navy is seething because Lemonade is about to outsell 3 months old anti in 1 WEEK. Pathetic. Where is formation on the charts? *looks at itunes and sees nothing but Beyoncé and Prince* OH. Lol.

  48. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Has Rihanna managed to sell out ONE arena date yet? Formation stadium Tour starts in a few days so more tears from the Navy’s will be coming soon. *throws egg*

  49. #JACKIE April 26, 2016

    Death not the hive trying to say self titled sold 3 million in the states

  50. Alison April 26, 2016

    I am SCREAMING at the HIVE LYIMG and saying that SELF TITLED has sold 3.7 million in the states??????




    The album has sold 3.7 million WW.


    Why hasn’t 4 outsold RATED R, TTT and UNAPOLOGETIC WW?
    Why hasn’t a Beyonce album outsold LOUD WW?
    Why has SELF TITLED only sold a little more than RATED R WW?


    If Beyonce is such a GRAND ALBUM SELLER then why does she average the same as Rihanna?

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Self titled outsold UNA and there’s nothing that you can do about it.

      Lemonade > anti.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 26, 2016

      Beyoncé , Beyoncé sold 5 million ww

    • Mr.StLaurent April 26, 2016

      Why she have six consecutive number-one album, making her the first female artist to have her first six studio albums debut atop the charts


  51. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Why hasnt ANTI outsold 4’s FIRST WEEK OF sales is a better question LMAO. Why have NOT 1 of Rihannas albums outsold Dangerously in love or IASF. WHY has BEYONCE sold MORE albums than Rihanna with LESS albums in both the states and WW? Not them trying to drag Beyonces albums sales when Lemonade is about to steam role anti and it’s streamed #1. I cannot.

  52. Alison April 26, 2016

    SELF TITLED… 3 million in the USA?






    I’m waiting for receipts on why a Beyonce album hasn’t outsold LOUD WW?


    I want to know why TTT has outsold SELF TITLED WORLDWIDE???????????

    • Lolz April 26, 2016

      Self Titled>>>>>UNA
      S***… 4>>>>>Anti

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        Lol but wait! There’s more
        4 > music of the basin
        4 > a h** like me
        4 > rated flop
        4 >>>>>>> cAnti ???

    • RICHIE_RICH April 26, 2016

      Why hasn’t any Rihanna album out sold DIL ww?

  53. Anti-singing garbage vioces April 26, 2016

    My dislike for Azealia Banks is big. She really hates everybody Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicky, Iggy etc. Why are the media’s still giving her attentions? Pfff

  54. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Where is B6? It’s here. And it’s already slayed Anti era and it hasn’t even been a full 2 days. I’m crying. The cherry on the cake will be when Formation outsells Work LOL LOL.

  55. Alison April 26, 2016

    Why has TTT outsold SELF TITLED WORLDWIDE????




    Rihannas best selling album is at 9 million WW with GGGB, Beyoncé’s is at 10 Million with DIL? Why is that?


    Why has the FLOP album seller only sold 1 million less than the superior album sellers best selling album?


  56. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

    Lemonade in 4 DAYS >> Anti in 3 MONTHS

    Dangerously in Love >>>> Every Rihanna album ever Frihleased

  57. Lolz April 26, 2016

    We’re in 2016 and ANTI CANNOT EVEN OUTSELL Beyonces biggest FLOP which is 4. I’m screaminggggggg. 4 has still outsold 40% of Rihannas discography DEATH at them still clinging.

  58. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

    BTW Your presence is not needed. The 56K and LESS table is that way >>>>>>>>>>

  59. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Beyonce after 20 years in the GAME is still scalping forehead. Forehead hasn’t even reached 30 yet and she’s already struggling to outsell 4, even with a Tour, a streamed #1. Le Struggle.

  60. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Why is the international superstar struggling to sell out 15k arenas yet Local Beyonce is selling out stadiums in a matter of minuites????

  61. Alison April 26, 2016


    Screaming at this dumb biiiitch.


    why has TTT, UNA and LOUD outsold 4 ww?


    Why hasn’t a Beyonce album outsold LOUD ww?


    Why is Beyonce BEST SELLING ALBUM only at 10 million WW and Rihanna ‘s is at 9 million WW?


    I thought Rihanna couldn’t sell a bums and she trails behind Bey by only 1 MILLION?

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      4 is Beyonce’s least commercially successful album. So why has it outsold music of the basin, a h** like me, rated flop, and cAnti,?

  62. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Talk that TRASH has barely outsold 4 even with a song like Diamonds.

    Beyonces albums>>>>>Rihannas.

  63. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Receipts of GGB selling 9 million LMAO. The f****** inflation.

    Beyonce with 5 albums has still outsold Rihanna with 7 effortlessly You need to be seated.

  64. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Using 4 as a drag is NOT anything when your fave is already stalling at 700k WW after 3 MONTHS.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Bippidy boppidy BLOOP!
      Lol this is too easy

    • Keri Qween April 26, 2016

      Anti is at 800k

      • Lolz April 26, 2016

        LMAO. So impressive..

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        After THREE WHOLE MONTHS!?
        Wow! That’s amazing
        *rolls eyes all the way back into head *

  65. Lolz April 26, 2016

    l 26, 2016 at 4:57 pm
    Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) says:

    Lol but wait! There’s more
    4 > music of the basin
    4 > a h** like me
    4 > rated flop
    4 >>>>>>> cAnti ???

    LMAO what kind of self drag?

  66. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Why the FAWK is Lemonade about to outsell Anti in a matter of days? It too was on Tidal for days. What’s the excuse now Navy? Our Queen doesn’t need to cling to phone companies to inflate her non existent sales.

  67. Alison April 26, 2016





    Why hasn’t SELF TITLED out old TALK THAT TALK WW?


    Why hasn’t 4 Outsold UNA or RATED R?




    And yall think Self titled is at 3.7 million USA? THE INFLATION.


    Pathetic. I rest my case. This is too easy

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Why is lemonade outselling anti?
      Why is Dangerously in Love more successful than EVERY Rhianna album ever mad ? Lol

  68. ilovemusic April 26, 2016

    Lol everyones part time rapper full time blogger has returned.

  69. Alison April 26, 2016

    Why has TALK THAT TRASH outsold self titled ww though?

    I don’t get it.

  70. OMG Logic!!! April 26, 2016

    I mean she did walk all over 4 young women (Destiny’s Child) to prop herself up to super stardom. She continually “borrows” songwriting credits from actual lyricists. She also “borrowed” Tina Turner’s entire stage persona (minus the pu55y popping and ridiculous leotards that she might have come up with on her own).

    Her whole Black lives matter schtick is EXACTLY the same as Gaga’s Born This Gay campaign. It’s nothing but pandering and poaching a market that’s ready to throw money at anyone who agrees with them.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Youre a white supremacist. So I’d expect you to say that

      • OMG Logic!!! April 27, 2016

        Girl stop. I’m Hispanic. I just don’t ride hype trains or swallow BS like a lot of other people.

  71. Lolz April 26, 2016

    They are trying to drag but loosing mercilessly. This is the first real time Beyonce and Rihanna have been put up against each other head to head, releasing around the same time and we saw who the winner was from when they both announced their Tours and one flopped and one slayed. We know who the public would rather invest in.

  72. Alisony April 26, 2016


    They are desperately trying to act as if Beyonce is a great album seller yet she’s barely sold more albums that Rih? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I CAN’T.


    I’m still waiting for SELF TITLED to outsell UNA?


    I’m still.waiting for a Beyonce album to outsell LOUD in WW sales this decade?

    • Lolz April 26, 2016

      H** please. We are just proving that Beyonce is BETTER THAN Rihanna which is why she has sold MORE albums than Rihfunds with LESS. You can spin whatever you want on it, but that is all there is too it. Beyonce is 34 and still scalping your fave this decade.

    • ilovemusic April 26, 2016

      Are you also still waiting on Rihanna to outsell Loud? Because since Rihanna switched to the Urban side her sales have also fallen.

    • RICHIE_RICH April 26, 2016

      At the end of the day she still sold MORE!!!!!!

  73. Lolz April 26, 2016

    The only thing the NAVY slay at is anything that costs $2 or less. They are even struggling with that. The only reason Work is charting so high is because of streams. Both Prince and Beyonce are proving that people do still spend money on their faves. Just not if you are part of the sinking ships.

    • Mr.StLaurent April 26, 2016


  74. Alison April 26, 2016


    GGGB > 9 MIL


    My oh my… what a big difference. LMAOOOOOOO.


    Just like self titled selling 3.7 Mil in the USA! DEATH



  75. FC/JC April 26, 2016

    As much as this girl be tripping, Azealia definitely has a point. She has been the only one pushing her African religion into mainstream, Thats what sets her apart from the rest… Lemonade was full of African paganism… So I kind of have to agree with her based on what is shown. Also yes, why continue to stay with JayZ if in fact the lyrics were inspired about this relationship….. (None Of Its Real, thats why people dont know what to believe.)

    All in all, “Lemonade” is her best body of work to date.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      He’s her husband and the father of her child . Forgiveness doesn’t = weakness. Love is real even if it isn’t perfect.
      Even then, how do you know that everything was inspired by her own personal relationship?
      Beyonce could have taken inspiration from ANYWHERE.

  76. Lolz April 26, 2016

    GGB has not sold 9 million. Where are the receipts.

  77. Alison April 26, 2016

    Where are the receipts of SELF TITLED selling 3.7 million in the USA?





    • Lolz April 26, 2016

      But even with 2 million in the US that’s still more than EVERY Rihanna album so why you care LMAO? Where are the receipts of GGB selling 9 million?

  78. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV30 April 26, 2016

    Tyleecia Johnson Still Talking About King Rihanna? SCREAMMMMSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Yet you’re the one seething in a post pertaining to Bey. Go deep throat a screw driver

      • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV30 April 26, 2016

        Yet You’re The Only B*tch Made Nlgga That Mentioned Rihanna’s Name In A Beeyblade Post. Dummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        Do something about it.

  79. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Has music of the basin even sold 1 million yet?

  80. HailBeysus April 26, 2016

    Beyonce has sold 150 Million Records Worldwide
    SINGLES/TRACKS – 116,000,000+

    Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – 10,000,000 (9,600,000 IFPI)
    Telephone – 9,000,000 IFPI
    Halo – 8,800,000
    Irreplaceable – 8,200,000 IFPI
    If I Were a Boy – 6,100,000
    Crazy in Love – 5,300,000
    Beautiful Liar – 3,500,000
    Check on It – 3,500,000
    Best Thing I Never Had – 3,400,000
    Drunk in Love – 3,400,000
    Love on Top – 3,200,000
    Sweet Dreams – 3,200,000
    Run the World (Girls) – 3,200,000
    Baby Boy – 2,700,000
    Listen – 2,500,000
    Diva – 2,300,000
    Déjà Vu – 1,700,000
    Ego – 1,600,000
    7/11 – 1,500,000
    Ring the Alarm – 1,500,000
    ’03 Bonnie & Clyde – 1,400,000
    Naughty Girl – 1,400,000
    Partition – 1,400,000
    Me, Myself and I – 1,300,000
    XO – 1,300,000
    Love in This Club Part II – 1,200,000
    Countdown – 1,100,000
    Until the End of Time – 1,100,000
    ***Flawless – 1,000,000
    Get Me Bodied – 1,000,000
    Honesty – 1,000,000
    Dangerously in Love 2 – 900,000
    Party – 900,000
    Broken-Hearted Girl – 700,000
    Feeling Myself – 700,000
    Video Phone – 700,000
    End of Time – 650,000
    Amor Gitano – 600,000
    Just Stand Up! – 600,000
    Part II (On the Run) – 600,000
    1+1 – 550,000
    Dance for You – 550,000
    Upgrade U – 550,000
    Pretty Hurts – 500,000
    Put It in a Love Song – 500,000
    Lay Up Under Me – 450,000
    I Was Here – 400,000
    Lift Off – 400,000
    Mine – 400,000
    At Last – 350,000
    Ave Maria – 350,000
    Runnin’ (Lose It All) – 300,000
    Work It Out – 300,000
    Green Light – 200,000
    I Care – 200,000
    I Miss You – 200,000
    I’d Rather Go Blind – 200,000
    Poison – 200,000
    Resentment – 200,000
    Why Don’t You Love Me – 200,000

    • HailBeysus April 26, 2016

      STUDIO ALBUMS – 31,000,000+

      Dangerously in Love – 12,000,000
      B’Day – 6,500,000
      I Am… Sasha Fierce – 9,000,000
      4 – 3,400,000
      BEYONCÉ – 4,000,000

      • HailBeysus April 26, 2016

        OTHER ALBUMS/EPS – 3,800,000+
        Dreamgirls – 2,000,000
        The Fighting Temptations – 600,000
        Cadillac Records – 200,000

        Live at Wembley (LA) – 400,000
        Above and Beyoncé: Video Collection & Dance Mixes (CA) – 200,000
        Irremplazable (EP) – 100,000
        More (EP) – 100,000
        I Am… Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas (LA) – 70,000
        I Am… World Tour (LA) – 70,000
        The Beyoncé Experience Live (LA) – 50,000
        4: The Remix (EP) – 10,000
        Dangerously in Love / Live at Wembley (CA) – 10,000
        VIDEO SALES – 3,300,000+

        The Beyoncé Experience Live – 1,000,000
        I Am… World Tour – 525,000
        Live at Wembley – 525,000
        B’Day Anthology Video Album – 350,000
        I Am… Yours: An Intimate Performance at Wynn Las Vegas – 325,000
        Live at Roseland: Elements of 4 – 325,000
        Life Is But a Dream – 250,000
        The Ultimate Performer – 20,000

  81. My name is Cierror April 26, 2016

    Anti cannot be compared to Lemonade! Rihanna needs to go sit with her peers Ciara, Tamar, K Michelle and other non sellers. LMAO

  82. No favs, just here for the music April 26, 2016

    Ugh this b**** is exhausting. If we pay it dust that thing might eventually go away. I’m tired of seeing her ugly face all over the blogs every time she talks s*** about someone. B**** what are you doing? Where is your career? What music have you put out? Because I s2g I have never heard one of your songs before. I guess she just loves to take out her frustrations of her own failure on others who are light years ahead in terms of relevancy and success. God I’m so f****** tired of her ass and CB. I really am

  83. Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

    The Navy can’t sit with us. Rhianna is doing K Michelle numbers

  84. HailBeysus April 26, 2016

    Btw Bey holds the top 4 spots on Itunes Worldwide Charts
    #1 Formation
    #2 6-inch
    #3 Freedom
    #4 Hold Up
    Slay!!! ???????????????

  85. StrawberryMuffin24 April 26, 2016

    Beyawnce music is garbage dumb ass trashy lyrics a fake gimmick!

    • NO FLOPS ALLOWED April 26, 2016

      Said the trick who stans for Tinashe. With that said, your comment is null and void.

  86. Greg_N_Greed April 26, 2016

    The only time this B**** makes sense. YaSssss u better rant!

  87. Junior in Jamaica April 26, 2016

    Truths were TOLD!

  88. Nigeria loves rihanna April 27, 2016

    Anti>>>>>>>lemonade. I believe jealousyonce got tidal password & leaked Rihanna’s album. I wish Rihanna will cut all ties with anything jayz & thrashyonce.

  89. King B April 27, 2016

    Okay, somebody please correct me if I’m wrong. The last updated sales for Beyoncé is at 3.7 million, and if I’m not mistaken its in her 24th week right?? Since then she has been charting for 90++ weeks in US, performing at Superbowl, VMA 2015, Elle Magazine, Grammy’s to boost it sales. I believe in that 90 weeks she manage to sell probably 300-500k, which will push Beyonce sell pass 4 mil. And that’s just US. She never left iTunes top 100 and the album topped Poland album chart like last year? It always in the top 40 Malaysian iTunes album, so 5 million is possible.

  90. Anti(hives scared of R8) April 27, 2016

    Where are her WW sales? Pull them out! Wigyonce won’t do Taylor Swift numbers in the end, the navy is unbothered.The album seller will stall at 3 mill or 4 mill Kiiii Alison you better drag!

  91. Aaron Payne April 27, 2016

    Let me just say this☝?️ Azealia Banks is an IDIOT!!!!! First of all when was the last time this b**** had a song on any chart or got an award for anything? Cause I don’t see this b**** ANYWHERE!!! She’s not on any red carpets, no one is asking her to host any award shows, no one is booking her for performances, she’s not in any movies, not on any radio shows promoting an album, not in any magazine shoots NOTHING!! So in the words of Evelyn Lozada “YOU ARE A NON MUTHAFUCKIN FACTOR B****”???? I’m so tired of these irrelevant ass wannabe celebrities coming for the QUEEN ??!! Like who are again? You not even on the guest list GURL BYE?✋??? (*hair flip*) Like you bitching about black female sufferance and anger towards black men but clearly Bey does it to get PAID??! I’m sure Jay and Bey’s relationship isn’t perfect but their all good in the hood!!!! Y’all fail to realize that these artists make music to appeal to your liking, they make music that people want to hear and obviously it works because at the end of the day were STILL buying it because it’s RELATABLE!! How many times have you or someone you know started listening to a Beyonce track and started singing and jamming to it because you started thinking about your own situation? About how that ex made you feel after they cheated, how that man made you feel when he told you he loves you, or how you feel when you step up in the club feeling good and looking good like no one can touch you??? It happens more than you think!!! Beyonce actually makes music that appeals to your mind, body and soul. She sings about real life encounters and things the REAL people are dealing with!!! A lot of her music is about her personal situations and some aren’t. The rest of these artists are talking about nice whips, thick b****** in the club, getting f***** up, getting high, getting money, living in big ass mansions, traveling all over the world etc. and most of the people listening to it can’t relate AT ALL because they don’t have s***!!!! HELLO☝?️ Beyonce is the LAST of these artists today who HAS IT!! She’s the last artist known to man that has the talent and the creativity to become a legend or an icon like the greats who have come before her!!!! Like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince etc. she’s a global phenomenon and she stands above the rest, she’s a brand!! Beyonce breaks color lines, she breaks age barriers! I don’t care how old or young you may be EVERYONE knows who Beyonce is from here to Beijing!!!!!! LOOK LONG LIVE THE QUEEN AND LET THE PEASANTS BOW DOWN????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  92. zeroing bloper tran anti girl lemond time April 27, 2016

    Azlea bank is looking for attention cause she will attack any artists rather she’s right or wrong. She need to get her ish together instead of going off on Beyonce carter

  93. shay May 1, 2016

    oh please beyonce is just trying to stay relevant so she came up with this cheating rumours to sell the album..we all know if Taylor swift drops an album now tht so called lemonade will b history and tay tay doesn’t need lies to sell music or get half naked..basic b****** buy lemonade

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