Chart Check [Billboard 200]: Prince Blocks Rihanna’s Return To #1

Published: Tuesday 26th Apr 2016 by Rashad

Given the send off a music royal of his stature deserves, Princewho passed away unexpectedly last week (April 21) – has jumped to the top of the Billboard album charts with his ‘greatest hits’ project.

Also occupying the #2 spot with his magnum opus ‘Purple Rain,’ Prince’s reign over the Billboard 200 is all the more impressive considering the lack of streaming availability afforded his projects.  In other words, if it was as widely available as its nearest competitors, the damage he would’ve done to charts this week would almost be unfathomable.

Alas, with a whopping 179,000 and 69,000 equivalent albums moved respectively (all on the last day of tallying last week), the sets hop over the week’s previously projected competitors for #1 & #2Rihanna‘s ‘Anti’ and Sturgill Simpson‘s ‘Sailor’s Guide To Earth’ – for the wins.

Leave it to Prince to go out on top.  Tuck in below to check out this week’s full chart check:

Capture2 Capture1 Capture


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  1. Mariah The Legend April 26, 2016

    beyonce’s lemonade film FLOPPPPPED!!!! 787k viewers and HBO was free. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • Mariah The Legend April 26, 2016

      It floppped harder than the one the flop tour LMFAOOOOOOOOO

    • Jay April 26, 2016

      Lol IS THAT ALL U GOT??? keep hatin though … Lemonade will do better than that tired try hard anti album thats floppin down the charts regardless of how many views on HBO ..

      • rosy3 April 26, 2016

        B**** antI been in the top five your favorite is flopping all over I cannot get over this so call queen bringing in less viewers after giving her broke hives for free hbo you see how karma a f****** b**** ciara laughing right now in the bed with Russell the hives bully everyone call them flop and bey experiencin what it is to not win everything for a change

      • CupidsSanity April 26, 2016

        Bey and Rih took the same route with their albums. Both personal albums from two different artist. I hope Lemonade is just as much of a success as Anti. Bey’s HBO views aren’t a surprise. Beyoncé is a big name but I’m sure most people viewing HBO aren’t looking to watch a Beyoncé documentary. The hive can live with that I’m sure.

    • Lolz April 26, 2016

      Oh so you switched to your other account LMAO. Truly pathetic.

    • Mr.StLaurent April 27, 2016

      US chart preview (w/ TEA & SEA): @Beyonce 575-640k | The Very Best Of @Prince 365-390k | Purple Rain 130-150k | The Hits/The B-Sides 75-85k.

  2. CupidsSanity April 26, 2016

    Rih was smart to take advantage of that samsung deal. At least she was promised 1.4mill sold. I remember when you had to atleast sale 90-100k to make it to #10 for hot 200. I don’t see any one pushing platinum in pure sales from this point on.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) April 26, 2016

      Beyonce will… because the only streaming site she is on is TIDAL, and we all know that means nothing.

    • JanStan April 26, 2016

      Oh. Then u must not have heard of Beyonce, Taylor, Justin or Adele. Just cause Rih ain’t on their level doesn’t mean that ain’t nobody doin it.

      • CupidsSanity April 26, 2016

        Bey’s opening numbers are always great but with the music market the way it is 1mill isn’t garanteed. Rih did an amazing job for her to have given away so many albums and still push as many as she did… What level isn’t she on? To add, I said I don’t see anyone going platinum this year. Adele won’t be releasing any music for awhile. I’m not sure if Taylor or Justin will either.

      • Faf April 26, 2016

        Honeybrihanna had had A #1 for 9wks and only did 350k us in 3mos
        Megan trainor sold more with less promo

      • CupidsSanity April 27, 2016

        Rih also has a platinum album. Anti will be x2 platinum soon. Lets not be bitter, that deal still counted as albums sold. Rihanna would’ve sold 1mill without the deal. She gave away 1.4mill and still went on to sale almost 400k to date in additional sales.

  3. Stephon Jackson April 26, 2016

    Love seeing the musical genius Prince at #1. Now, I’m hoping “Purple Rain” (the song) can reach #1 on the Hot 100. *Crosses Fingers & prays* RIP Prince

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) April 26, 2016


      • Stephon Jackson April 26, 2016

        Of-course, I had NO doubt she would come thru. But, I must be honest… I didn’t know she would slay as hard as she is with the album sales tho. So proud of Queen Bey. Now, I’m just waiting for that tour to begin! I know she got butterflies in her stomach right now. Her biggest solo world tour officially starts, tomorrow.

  4. Surprise..(DEC 2013) April 26, 2016


    • rosy3 April 26, 2016

      200000 is a flop

  5. coockiness April 26, 2016

    when streaming is included in “other” artist numbers i realize the tone and opinion on it changes….i wonder how a certain artist followers would react to streaming numbers being included in their artist first week sales

  6. JanStan April 26, 2016

    It amazes me that Rihanna stans would come for Bey when she will sell more copies in a week than Anti did since it’s release. On ALL FRONTS, Lemonade makes Anti look like yellow snow.

    • coockiness April 26, 2016

      OMG like if yo cant understand the logic with that i just dont know what to say again

      • Faf April 26, 2016

        That’s not true girl
        Anti was given away bc Samsung bought them
        With all the rooms and videos and a drake feature and a yr of false Starts she’s sold 460 copies in some markets first week
        What the f*** is a company going to do with 1 million Rihanna outcomes do you think those old white man want to bop to kiss it better?

      • Faf April 26, 2016


    • rosy3 April 26, 2016

      You only compare bey sorry numbers to rih include adele and Taylor numbers but your b*** can’t because those two albums bury Beyonce whole being Beyonce clothes f****** flop too and what that’s all you have is anti numbers b**** come with new info

    • Adam April 26, 2016

      Poor Navy. ALWAYS lying

    • © Centurion (YEW KNOW I got the SAAAWWWWSE… Yew know I’m SAAAAAUUUU$$$$$$YYYYYY) April 26, 2016

      Humbly sit your reaching ass down.
      WW sales: @Beyonce, Beyoncé 10,000 (3,713,000 total).
      2:24 PM • 25 January 2015
      This was the last we heard of Self-titled. It couldn’t have sold an additional 1.3 million as it was dead on every chart in 2015.

      • © Centurion (YEW KNOW I got the SAAAWWWWSE… Yew know I’m SAAAAAUUUU$$$$$$YYYYYY) April 26, 2016

        CONCLUSION: It has not even sold 5 million copies.

      • Keri Qween April 26, 2016

        King Centurion with the receipts

      • Lolz April 26, 2016

        Chart News ‏@chartnews
        US chart preview (early projection): @Beyonce, Lemonade 500-600k.

        Chart News ‏@chartnews
        US Top Album Sales: #9 @rihanna, ANTI 12,247 (354,678 total).

    • #JACKIE April 26, 2016

      So you mean to tell me that a year and 3 months later she sold almost 2 million albums world wide even though the era was dead by then?
      WW sales: @Beyonce, Beyoncé 10,000 (3,713,000 total).
      4:28 AM – 24 Jan 2015

      • My name is Cierror April 26, 2016

        US album sales: @ciara, Jackie 6,229 (26,165 total).
        5:24 PM – 23 May 2015

      • Adam April 26, 2016

        Lmaoo @yall citing “chartnews” but refuting Official chart (UK) and BB (Us) which are more reliable.

  7. B2B April 26, 2016

    Kiss It Better fell out of itunes top 100!!!! What kinda fan base Navy?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) April 26, 2016


    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV30 April 26, 2016

      While Beyblade Stans Couldn’t Even Get ‘Pretty Flops’ To Crack The Top 100. SCREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Keri Qween April 26, 2016

      But Needed Me is #23 on Billboard in its place what’s your point ? Miss one opportunity and she got another

      • Lolz April 26, 2016

        Where is Needed Sales on Itunes. Stream Queen. Weren’t you dragging Nicki and Beyonce for streaming stats but here you are clinging to the only reasone Work stayed at the top.

      • My name is Cierror April 26, 2016

        Not needed sales! LMAO!

      • Keri Qween April 26, 2016

        Lmao the hive trying yo act brand new because your fave got #1 iTunes single for the first time since 2008

        Well see how cocky you are in a day or so because all of those singles are getting ready to fall off and are in the RED acording to kworb

  8. Okay April 26, 2016

    Rih sales are mostly streams, says a lot tbh.

  9. DIABETIC STROKE April 26, 2016

    *OVERDOSES on LEMONADE* lmao poor CANTi is free faling down the charts. By next month it will be absent from the top 10. I see Bey staying #1 for a whole month and outsell Anti 3 times over in a matter of WEEKS. Lol @ centurine

    Since u can no longer come for the album single tour or critical acclaim u must dig deeper and crawl to Ivy park or the HBO ratings. Yur greatest pain is knowing Bey is about to outsell FRIH in the US & WW in ONE WEEK. #FAIL rih had PLENTY of Promo and a #1 why cant she sell. Lol @ bey joining prince in having another week at #1 on both the album and singles chart.

    • JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV30 April 26, 2016

      Tyler STFU!

      • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

        The irony of being called the Navy & having to watch your fave’s career sink like this……

    • Keri Qween April 26, 2016

      Free falling down the chart lmao its been out 3 months and has been top 5 the entire time. U sound always lmao

  10. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? April 26, 2016

    Lmao. Slay Prince, real talent always prevails.

  11. Lolz April 26, 2016

    And Lemondade is about to outsell it in a matter of days… poor Navy

  12. Lolz April 26, 2016

    Prince came to prove that people do still BUY your music, not just stream. I wouldnt expect the Nazi to understand that though.

  13. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 26, 2016

    It is an honor to have the music icon Prince to block Rihanna from attaining another week on top the Billboard 200. This continued success, of a man who changed music, should have this impact. RIP great legend.

  14. No favs, just here for the music April 26, 2016

    I’m so happy to see him at #1. RIP Prince. He was truly amazing

  15. Just Saying April 26, 2016

    Rihanna is a flop.

  16. JustineSkyeLOVESRihannaV30 April 26, 2016

    BTW Tyleecia Has Been Doing A Great Job On Leaving His Old Account ‘Slay_Hive’ Behind.

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) April 26, 2016

      Slayhive? NEVER COME WITHOUT RECEIPTS. GIRL, this is a cardinal rule! You can’t body a bish off flimsy 2nd or 3rd person tea! Go for what YOU know. Your venom isn’t strong enough yet, sit back, bide your time & gather more intel

      Becoming a Master takes time, young grasshopper. Better to sit out a few rounds & learn than sully your reputation with shoddy reads before you’ve put in your time in the gym. Let this shame be a lesson. Come back to the arena when you get your weight up.

  17. whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 26, 2016

    It’s Beyonce’s new album I feel sorry for!!!

  18. DIABETIC STROKE April 26, 2016

    Congrats is in order for Rih FINALLY surpassing that 350k US 800k WW mark… Too bad Bey will likely outsell both feats in the first week. Even prince has already outsold Frihs first wk sells with ease and in 1 day. #INCREDIBLE as for Rih *#PATHETIC. ONE more flop album and rih is officially done. NO artist has ever survived 2 Flops.

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 26, 2016

      But will Bey outsell Adele in the first week?

  19. DIABETIC STROKE April 26, 2016

    How embarrasing to the Slavi, Bey Adele, Prince all outselling Frih in a single day. The DEADvy has finnaly sank ship.

  20. Coolness April 26, 2016

    Still can’t believe Prince is gone and him cremated seems so…. Final. Anyway, this is a true testament of how timeless his music is and like Rashad said, leave it to Prince to go out on top ?☔️

  21. King Mark111 /.\ April 26, 2016

    Umm, that #3 would had blocked it, but Rih haters will be haters. Anyway, still top 5 after 10 weeks, will be double play soon. Work #4, Needed Me #23, Kiss It Better #70. Let’s see that bitter wife song chart next week. iTunes is only ONE music store.

  22. What Now April 26, 2016

    RIP Prince. You will be missed dearly.

  23. Kai2dasuan April 26, 2016

    Technically Rihanna is at 862k including streaming FB_IMG_1461643566778.jpg

    • Kai2dasuan April 26, 2016

      Billboard 200:

      4. ANTI (+1, 13th week, 48k Combined)

      Total: 862,000 (Sales, TEA + SEA)

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