Jennifer Lopez Covers W Magazine

Published: Wednesday 13th Apr 2016 by Sam

Jennifer Lopez is strutting the press trail in support of her many projects.

The latest stop for the superstar singer/actress is the May 2016 issue of W Magazine, the cover for which is viewable above.

With over two decades in showbiz, the feature aptly centres on the diva’s staying power – which these days is spearheaded by her her NBC series ‘Shades Of Blue,’ judging gig on ‘American Idol,’ and new music.

Interestingly, the 46-year-old also muses on the sexism that still pervades the business.

Her words on this below…

“People may now think I’m ‘nice,’ but they still act surprised when I’m smart. It’s a man’s world, and truly, people in a business setting do not value a woman as much as a man. I feel like I’m constantly having to prove myself. If a man does one thing well, people immediately say he’s a genius. Women have to do something remarkable over and over and over. People underestimate me. They always have, and maybe that’s for the best. It’s fun to prove them wrong.”

Well said.

Have you heard J.Lo’s new jam ‘Ain’t Your Mama’? Listen below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. jlove April 13, 2016

    your are a power person jennifer lopez and many loves you

  2. king April 13, 2016

    J.lo is a power house. She’s owns a empire. She don’t own a business. She owns bussinesses. She’s a great role model

  3. #JACKIE April 13, 2016

    Queen is STUNNING!

  4. Shae April 13, 2016

    Why she look 62 years old

    • jlove April 13, 2016

      stop being a b****!!! she looks better than you im sure

    • Josh April 13, 2016

      Cause she IS.

  5. Dev April 13, 2016

    She looks like Rita Ora here…
    I loved Jennifer on Shades of Blue but i cannot do with the recent foray into music, that latest single is diabolical! I think she should go back to a more r&b/hip style because she’s not giving me waiting for tonight with these dance tunes, more pitbull

  6. Josh April 13, 2016

    Worst W cover I’ve ever seen

  7. Desigirl1075 April 13, 2016

    That picture is EVERYTHANG!! Gorgeous.

  8. Keisha April 13, 2016

    She looks amazing as always but I’m bored with her.
    I hate her music.

    • Coolness April 14, 2016

      Yeah, I’m not feeling this cover. The pale make-up is icky and although Jen has a great bone structure, her cheekbones look too exaggerated.

  9. Papi April 13, 2016

    With a ton of makeup , she’s pretty. No talent though. Can’t write, sing or act.

    • Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey really is!!!) April 13, 2016

      All of that might be true but did you forget that she’s an excellent dancer??? And speaking on not being able to sing um neither can Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Ciara, Aaliyah (Couldn’t), Diana Ross, Chilli, T-Boz, Mya, Britney Spears, Rihanna or Madonna. Either they can dance, write, produce, act or dress well or some of them do well in all of them but must of them are only good at one thing.

      • Dev April 13, 2016

        Aaliyah, Janet, Diana…were not powerful singers but there voices had/have a nice tone which Jennifer’s does not. Jennifer couldn’t sing Thats the Way Love Goes or Try again or The Boss or Case of Ex
        Anyway, who cares if she can dance? Her dancers can dance and they are not gracing covers of anything

  10. Royalkev April 13, 2016

    JLO’s so hot! I never thought about it quite the way that she described, but her statement about women in the industry is very true! People like MJ & Prince probably had a much easier time making a transition from icon to legend than any of our great divas. Great consistency from women gets ignored even to this very day!

    • Skilly April 14, 2016

      Did you really just compare jennifer lopez to mj and prince? Wow

      • Royalkev April 14, 2016

        Ya’ll are always doing the most! MJ & Prince / our great divas … I made a very general statement! If I wanted to make that comment specifically about JLO, I would’ve been way more precise. My comment is probably speaking of at least a dozen females that I left nameless!

  11. james April 14, 2016

    Queen .

  12. Mariah April 14, 2016

    She really wishes she was Beyoncé or myself

  13. Tran uk anti bloper honey love but it okay girl April 15, 2016

    She’s a queen of power house go j.lo

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