Beyonce Reunites With Mathew Knowles

Published: Thursday 19th May 2016 by David

He was the brains behind her impact-making operation.

Now, five years and three albums removed from his dismissal, Mathew Knowles has reunited with his daughter Beyonce at the latest stop of her ‘Formation World Tour.’

Snapped backstage, the picture above was released as they celebrated the 13th birthday of her debut solo single ‘Crazy in Love.’

The number, which followed the ‘Goldmember‘-backed buzz cut ‘Work It Out‘, was released on May 18th 2003 and led the way for her debut solo album ‘Dangerously in Love‘, which honoured the standout ballad of the same name which appeared on the Destiny’s Child LP ‘Survivor.’

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  1. #JACKIE May 19, 2016

    Maybe he should go back to managing her so she can get a #1 hit this decade

    • HailBeysus May 19, 2016

      But sis! When was Mrs. Mans last #1 Album? When was her last #1 single? Kiii what was her last award won? ????

      • #JACKIE May 19, 2016

        I said what I said sis. #8YearsLater

    • Anti-garbage singing voices May 19, 2016

      Don’t worry about Beyonce, worry about Ciara. Ciara cannt even ‘sold-out” a 10 cars parking space.

    • Royalkev May 19, 2016

      Bey doesn’t need them! She has #1 albums, big touring receipts, critical acclaim, fortune and lot of awards won in Mathew absence! Matter of fact, he couldn’t do anything about what’s holding Bey back from obtaining #1’s this decade! That would be a nice achievement, but it sure doesn’t do much to enhance a Beyonce era these days!

    • Nahhh May 19, 2016

      He’s a scammer

    • Janyincé Turrner May 19, 2016

      Once again, #Jackie gets dragged, scalped and mopped in one post. The embarrassment is too real.

  2. HailBeysus May 19, 2016

    Awww how sweet! He’s still trash but how sweet lol! What a life to have watched your baby go from singing in the livingroom to Stadiums worldwide. The journey and dedication Mathew, Tina and most of all Bey put in has paid off! #LEGENDSTATUS

  3. IG : @mixedboy May 19, 2016

    Reunited tho? Maybe he just went to see his daughter perform. Smh

  4. toeknee May 19, 2016

    Family will always come first & damn she looks so beautiful.
    Congrats on your 20M gross with just 4 shows others basics could never.

  5. Anti-garbage singing voices May 19, 2016

    Beyonce looks so young in that picture, she’s so beautiful.

  6. Keyshia May 19, 2016

    I love that picture i bet they have the best relationship and i think their timing up for one another.
    Go bey.
    Mind you she learned all them stunts from his ass. Jedi mind tricks anyone?

  7. Julien May 19, 2016

    Um, this headline though. Matthew is her father. Ya’ll so damn shady!

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 May 19, 2016

      Let’s not pretend like they haven’t been seen or spotted in public together a lot in the past 5 years. After Mat got busted stealing Beys money and cheating on Tina plus all these baby mommas coming out the wood work. Bey & Solange defiantly took a step back from Matthew, however reconciliation has taken place which is great!

  8. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 May 19, 2016

    This is great! Honestly I think it took Matthew losing everything including his ex wife (Tina) and his daughters to finally HUMBLE himself! I think Beyonce firing Matthew was the best thing that could have happened for them both and possibly for the entirely family! Matthew seems to talk about Beyonce in a manner thee days that shows he fully respect his daughters business and knows that he raises a boss chick! Now only if Matthew can make up with the other member so we can finally get that reunion tour… One can wish right!

  9. Weezy Tha Goat/Zayn Is ? May 19, 2016

    Whether u like him or don’t ( I don’t ) he’s the sole reason why Beyoncé and Destiny Child has/had the success they’ve had.

  10. Mark111 May 19, 2016

    That’s cute after stealing from her and getting fired they still manage to have a father and daughter relationship. I wish i had a relationship with my father otherwise i wouldn’t be tipping random guys like Lukhas for quick 5 minute strips shows

  11. JOHNVIDAL May 19, 2016

    Guys do you know if Beyonce is vegan or something? (question for her fans who I suppose know her better). I know she did some campaigns years ago to fight against American´s obesity and encouraging to eat vegetables (or that´s what I remember). I´ve also noticed her father and other family members have been looking healthier as years go by. Probably due to her influence?

    • Okayyyy May 19, 2016

      I think Beyonce goes vegan in increments. A lot of people do it that way actually. Some people are vegan after 12 noon. They eat meat in the morning and then for the other half of their day, they eat vegan. Some people do it weekly for a cleanse. Some do it monthly. Etc. I’m pretty sure Beyonce is doing veganism one of those ways. It is effective, it can help with looking younger longer and being healthier, especially if it’s raw veganism and dietary veganism. It’s also a good way to transition. Some people can’t just stop eating meat forever, their body adjusts better doing it gradually.

  12. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? May 19, 2016

    Alright, Bey! Yes, this is your father, but PLEASE watch your back with him. He already caused you and your mother a world of hurt, so please proceed with caution when concerning business affairs include him and your career.

  13. Beyoncé is a s*** May 19, 2016

    Two money-hungry and greedy waste of seed.

  14. Del May 19, 2016

    It’s great to see them reunited! Say what you want about Matty, but he helped guide Bey and DC to superstardom.

  15. Coolness May 19, 2016

    I think Bey has come to forgive her father for his indiscretions in his personal and her professional life. It was really sad the way he betrayed his family and how it wasplayed out in the media but I think they’re taking steps towards recovery. After all, he did make an appearance in the Lemonade HBO special with his granddaughter, Blue, which was heart-warming. I don’t care for him but I do have respect for the way he and Tina raised Beyoncé with a very strong sense of work ethic. She’s only 34 and hasn’t even crossed the two-decade mark, but she’s amassed such a staggering amount of much success and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

  16. Thando May 19, 2016

    Her smile in the picture is as real as the one she made to the paparazzi as she was leaving the venue after the JayZ and Solange fight.

  17. Royalkev May 19, 2016

    First thing that came to mind when I saw the pic above was awwww, but I’m glad Bey parted ways from him. She’s a big girl now!

  18. Molly May 19, 2016

    She looks happy

  19. No favs, just here for the music May 19, 2016

    It’s nice to know she still has a relationship with her father….despite everything. I’m not sure if I would or not tbh.

  20. LB May 19, 2016

    He is still her father and she has always been Daddy’s little girl. Glad to see they can be cordial.

    • What Now May 19, 2016

      I agree and your taste in twinks is flawless. U stay with a bad bottom or verse in your Gravatar.

  21. King Mark111 /.\ May 19, 2016

    What does Mat, Jay and Bey have in common? Scum, they all crooks and scum. 🙂

  22. Anti&Lemonade May 19, 2016

    Mathew never leave. It’s all marketing to make Beyoncé gain more credibility as an so called artist.
    Those artist are like product you have to make marketing to sell , its all about steps:
    1-Beyoncé the new it girl from Texas (destiny child era)
    2-Beyoncé the new s** symbol who turn solo (dangerously in love and B’day)
    3-Beyoncé the Performer, wife, international superstar (I am sasha fierce era)
    4-Beyoncé the independant woman, strong, feminist the artist (4 era and fired her long time manager her father)
    5-Beyoncé still developping her “credibility”, Mother, mogul, touring force, auto proclaimed feminist, innovator (Beyoncé era)
    6-Beyoncé the cheated on woman who put the interest of her familly first, black pride, artist, biggest performer alive (lemonade era)
    It’s the image they want to sell about Beyoncé, there is a big team behind her, and mathew never leaved. She is talented but its all marketing and its the same with all the artist out here.
    Real artist don’t exist no more since Britney spears came out .
    All the artist follow a structured marketing plan .
    The Jay z Rihanna cheat was a plan to sell Rihanna’s bad girl image since the begginning.
    It’s sad but it is how it’s work in this industry.
    Rihanna its the badgirl/Rockstar , Beyoncé the good wife/feminist, Adele the common/humble woman, Taylor Swift the girl next door, Katy perry the woman that dont want to grow, Nicki Minaj the hood girl who make it…and all of them are representation 2.0 of what used to be back then:
    Beyoncé = Michael Jackson (best perfomer)
    Rihanna = Prince (badass rockstar image)
    Adele = Whitney Houston ( the voice image)
    Nicki Minaj = Jayz/lil kim (selfmade rappers kinky image)
    Lady Gaga = Madonna (self expression, shocking, gay icon image)
    Taylor Swift = Britney Spears (girl nextdoor teen sentation)
    Justin Bieber = Justin Timberlake .(teen sentation, sing, dance, cute boy)

    • Jackson 5 Nostrils (Tyler) May 19, 2016

      Rihanna = Prince ?
      How sway?
      Prince wasn’t some bad ass rock star. He was a musician, producer, singer , and song writer. He embodied music. Watch his interviews if you don’t believe me because that man was a musical genius.
      Not even trying to be shady, but I have NEVA EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA, EVA seen any source of relevancy compare Rhianna to Prince. Have u!?
      If anything she’s more like the Madonna of her generation.

      • Anti&Lemonade May 19, 2016

        I never compare both in term of talent …of course Prince is way more talented than Rihanna ….i said the IMAGE and specially the BADASS/ROCKSTAR I DON’T GIVE A DAMN IMAGE …just Image …not talent or sound .
        My precedent comment its all about the marketing, Image those celebrity want to sell,it is in no way what they are or they actual talent …
        MJ is way more talented than Bey
        Whitney Houston outsing Adele before and after adele’s surgery.

        All about selling a product, selling an image.Not talent please

  23. Anti&Lemonade May 19, 2016

    If you watch his video clips, and all you will understand what i want to portray, he was a musician, producer, singer true but it was not the main Image he wanted to sell, for example he allegedly turn down “we are the world” because “he is too badass for that”

  24. DIABETIC STROKE May 19, 2016

    I remember in a interview 10 years ago bey stated she added DIL to her debut becuz Dil got lost on the survivor album. Ppl wanted the singles & emotions & brown eyes suited it better and those ballads also outshined dil. You can argue with these people based on Drake’s recent success. But, let’s not forget he just saw his first solo #1 in 2016. Beyonce’s name has been attached to #1 singles since “Say My Name”- 2000 – 3 weeks “Independent Women”-2001 -11 weeks “Bills Bills Bills”-1999 – 2 weeks Bootylicious-2001-3 weeks Crazy In love-2003- 8 weeks “Baby Boy”-2003 – 9 weeks “Check On it”-2006 -5 weeks “Irreplaceable”-2006- 10 weeks “Single Ladies”-2008 – 5 weeks 56 weeks at number one ! If you’re going to argue Rihanna’s #1s that include features on other’s songs, you can’t discredit Beyonce from Destiny’s Child. That’s 9 #1 singles and 56 weeks at the top of Billboard Hot 100. We can add in a slew of top 5 singles.

  25. DIABETIC STROKE May 19, 2016

    As for mathew he deserves his props. He was very educated and a successful buisnessman long b4 bey was born. He and tina also saved and waited till they were settled and built their 6 figure fortune b4 they had children. Unlike solange bey aloso followed suit and marraied first.

  26. LadyEmpress May 19, 2016

    I really like Mathew.

    I am going to Beyonce concert on June 10th. I am sooooooo nervous and excited at the same time that I finally get to see the Queen.

  27. Annalise May 19, 2016

    Daddy made a SOLDIER out of BEY!
    NOTHING will break their bond!

  28. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 19, 2016

    Nice but what about her half sister & half brother

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