Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ Nabs New Gold Certification


Rihanna‘s ‘ANTI‘ has reached a new milestone in the United Kingdom.

Fantastic news below…

The studio album is yet to sell enough units to be certified Gold in the U.S. sans streaming points.

How she’s faring in the United Kingdom? Very well.

With help from its lead single ‘Work‘ and its buzz cuts ‘Bitch Better Have My Money‘, ‘FourFiveSeconds’ and ‘American Oxygen‘, the set has sold and streamed over 100,000 units.

What this means?

It’s now received a Gold certification by the British Phonographic Industry.


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  1. nico May 20, 2016

    Good to sell album keep continu working

    • ? May 20, 2016

      Im guessing kellys groups name is STEP CHILD ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. christinastherealtalent May 20, 2016

    What’s odd is that she always sells more in the UK than stateside and now she’s “selling” more stateside than in the UK? Something stinks in the state of Denmark! Furthermore, it’s corrupt as hell when an album that has barely sold 500k in the states, has already received a double platinum certification. This industry is all kinds of effed up and needs to go back to the days when an artist needed to put the work in. Rihanna is one of the laziest people to ever step foot in the industry and girlfriend got lucky AF with her success.

    • Black power May 20, 2016

      One of the laziest are you crazy????? Now I’m no Rih stan but this girls was pushing out an album and giving us an era everyday year consecutively!! Anti’s only been out a few months and she’s already working on the next project while on world tour. Give props where it’s due she’s building her empire!

    • HALF AMAZIN May 20, 2016

      Lazy? Bish BYE! Like previously stated, almost an album a year. People love to hate this girl but she stays winning and you mad

  3. kii May 20, 2016

    Stan war in 3 2 1 ..

  4. truthonly May 20, 2016

    At least she earned this one!! unlike the RIAA ones! goos on her

    • coockiness May 20, 2016

      she did earn it…thats why they gave it to her

      • truthonly May 20, 2016

        WHATEVER!! getting samsung to purchase copies and streaming numbers is a scam way to get platinum status and you know it!

  5. Adelephant (previously HYDROQINONE) May 20, 2016

    lol in less than a month Lemonade has sold almost twice that in the UK… big whoop

    • Yes girl May 20, 2016

      Rih is basically saying to LeBron,”Come over here and c*m on me with the numbers written in white” LOL she’s is not slick lol.

      • Yes girl May 20, 2016

        *She is

    • Faf May 20, 2016

      That’s why she was so mad at ci In 2010 I been telling y’all
      It started over a spat in vip at the Lebron dinner when he came under roc nation management

    • Hmm… $17.99>>>>$0.00 May 20, 2016


  6. TheBeysusImpact May 20, 2016

    Samsung to the rescue!!!! ???…. ???????????????????????????????????

  7. Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 20, 2016


  8. Cinnamon Girl May 20, 2016

    Rihanna’s trashy a## is trying to hook up with Lebron James, who is married. What happened, Riri? The white boy Leo hit it and quit it again?

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) May 20, 2016

      This coming from a CI-MAN fan is funny tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Cinnamon Girl May 20, 2016

        Cici has a ring on her finger. Riri has a d*** in her mouth

      • Faf May 20, 2016

        I’m not seeing thebcorrelation
        Ciara’s been engaged 3x and never beaten

      • Faf May 20, 2016

        She leaves they don’t leave her ??????

        Rihanna is 28 with various strains of disease and no prospects

        We’re done here

  9. Keri Qween May 20, 2016

    She’ll cross the million copies sold mark worldwide shortly

    Theres albums that debuted with better numbers than Anti that hasnt even crossed a million copies yet that’s why first week numbers aren’t everything

  10. I Hate Beyoncé May 20, 2016

    How bout them physical us sales tho?

  11. DIABETIC STROKE May 20, 2016

    FLOP! Lemonade is on its way to be platinum in both US & UK. I Do think it will probably stall at 1.7 mill US & 450k UK if Bey doesnt promote or get a hit single aside from hold up which is a hit in the Uk. I havent heard sorry on radio nearly as mich as Needed me. Lol it seems Rih & Bey needs eachothers success rihrih especially.

    • ju don eben knew May 20, 2016

      LMAO “it seems Rih & Bey needs eachothers success”? The excuses are RIDICULOUS! fACE IT..beystruggle CANNOT GET A HIT FOR HER LIFE!BHAHA

  12. LB May 20, 2016

    Congrats Rih, hopefully the album will gain momentum there once the EU tour starts.

  13. #JACKIE May 20, 2016

    What a FLOP s***!

    • ju don eben knew May 20, 2016

      hun? you stan for……

    • ju don eben knew May 20, 2016

      Can anyone explain to me why majority of the songs on kool-aid are keeping formation company at the bottom of the bubbling????

  14. Datredd23 May 20, 2016

    Too Good also becomes her 29th top 10 hit in the U.K. !!!! She now ties Madonna for most weeks in the top 10

    Yes Rih! This era has been everything she’s tied or broke so many records of legends 2x platinum successful tour 3 top 10s give this girl some credit!

    • Queenly May 20, 2016

      OMG Mariahs voice is not as smooth and beautiful as it used to be. She was literally screaming and sharp in those clips. Don’t get me wrong she sounds better than she has in previous years, but it sounds as if it’s painful when she sings. Rihanna well…she’s Rihanna. She’s a better vocalist than someone like Ciara, but that’s not saying much. She’s also shown a lot of improvement over the years. Rihanna will never be a master vocalist, but she’s not terrible like she used to be. Beyonce is the supreme vocal queen out of the three (at least in the video). Her voice is more well rounded and you can tell that she takes very good care of her gift. She always kills it live.

  15. King Mark111 /.\ May 20, 2016

    It’s doing fine in the states, but I think the K are not into the whole random album release trend. It’ll still go plat there.

  16. LB May 20, 2016

    Everything about this album has been so non conventional, so Anti….I love the whole concept.

    The North American tour was lit, plus I hear she’ll have two dates in Brazil.

    Cannot wait for RihVember, Rihanna is a workoholic, there’s no way she can disappear for 2 years and not be working.

    • Datredd23 May 20, 2016

      I can’t believe Too Good’s success!! It hasn’t even been released as a single and its blowing up!

    • King Mark111 /.\ May 20, 2016

      Rihanna march to the beat of her own drum. She’s such a boss and in full controll now. I’m so pround that the girl from 2005 and thought to be just another island girl with a summer jam that will be forgotten by the fall of 2005. MTV did her first interview and she stated then in 2005 that she wants to be an international pop star and she’s that and so much more now. With her LIVE shows she found her thing, it’s just her having fun and the crowd feels that and have fun as well. It’s going to be a crazy next 10 years, by then she’ll be the highest selling female artist of all time and maybe top 5 period.

      • Cinnamon Girl May 20, 2016

        But she’s still a nasty h##

      • Mark111 May 20, 2016

        You know I know what you look like, nurse cinnamon. Be good, be nice.

  17. Queenly May 20, 2016

    Anti is not doing well. I wonder why?

    • Datredd23 May 20, 2016

      Anti is doing fine sis

      • Queenly May 20, 2016

        It’s not. Even Music Of The Sun sold more. I can’t even see through the smoke and mirrors of this era. I like the album and purchased it, but no one else has cared to invest in her music or tour.

  18. Cinnamon Girl May 20, 2016

    Rihanna, girl, don’t you get tired of being a filthy h##?

    • Jose May 20, 2016

      You could ask Carl the same question bow wow 50 cent future(who said it didn’t take him long to sleep with her )aamar’e…when was the last year one of his albums had a certification

      • Cinnamon Girl May 20, 2016

        But, my dear, Cici is about to get married to an outstanding man. Riri is still being a nasty c## dumpster

  19. HailBeysus May 20, 2016

    Death!!! Well, she gave US fans 1 million copies for fRih. Whats her excuse for flopping this hard in the UK? I can’t at her going Gold in 4 month’s in her strongest selling Market KIII!!!! Lemonade was silver first week and Gold second week!
    Flop Album, Flop Tour poor dat.
    Anti = 900k WW
    AntiTour (of dates we know of LMFAO) = 12 Dates $13M

  20. toeknee May 20, 2016

    Woooooow riri really be floping like. Fish outta water this era.
    I am sure she will NEVER try this timeless SH.t again, she just doesn’t have the talent/drive to do such. Let her stick to forgettable mcsingles where she slays thanks to streaming(not sales)

  21. ju don eben knew May 20, 2016

    oop! lets here the hl\/+ say sumthin…..mmmmthats what I thought! KILLEM RIH!!!!!!! #SLAYANNA #QUEEN

  22. brandon May 20, 2016

    Why do people only hate on rihanna for her streaming? You do realize that the Pink print by minaj and my everything by grande are double platinum and haven’t sold nowhere near a mil copies right?

  23. ju don eben knew May 20, 2016

    But can anyone explain to me why the MAJORITY of songs off kool-aid are keeping formation company at the BOTTOM of the bubbling undercharts???? #wheresyourfaves12#1s? #whatrecordisyourfavebreaking? none…CAN’T TOUCH A QUEEN!

  24. Blue Ivy Rod May 20, 2016

    These stans do not understand that we are not in 1970-2005 era of music. MOST artists are not SELLING millions on millions as we progressing more and more into STREAMING AND digital downloads. LAPTOPS don’t even have CD drives anymore,what makes you think that selling physical copies of a CD is more impact in what artist is actually making great music and being played continuously?I know most here are just trolls who don’t care but I’m addressing the sane people here. Rihanna has impacted the industry and changed the game with her latest effort ANTI. It is being played over 800 million times since it’s debut and the album hasnt left the top ten in months. She hardly promoted it and it had a messy roll out but people are still listening to it and enjoying the material. When was the last time Rih promoted a single other than work live? You guys are so pressed and need to cut the foolishness out because you are starting to look dumb.

    The point of what I’m trying to say is that you may have sold that many copies but what makes legends are who’s songs you remember and who makes great music. Mcmusic and Rihanna do not mix, if she was a singles artist then she wouldn’t have multi platinum certifications with all of her albums as well of multi platinum singles. Grow up

  25. Annalise May 21, 2016

    NOT the SLAVI backpedalling! I can’t!!! Weren’t they just claiming NutmegBįtch doesn’t tells any ‘lies’!! WELP she just said that rihanna is a filthy cūm dumpster, so what do you mongrels have to say now?

  26. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 21, 2016


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