New Video: June’s Diary – ‘L.A.N.C.E’

Published: Sunday 26th Jun 2016 by Sam

June’s Diary are wasting no time building on their booming buzz.

The five-piece, who were put together by Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson on BET‘s  ‘Chasing Destiny,’ have premiered the video for their debut single ‘L.A.N.C.E.’

For Brienna, Shyann, Gabby, Ashly, and Kristal it’s their first visual offering after a number of viral tasters.

How did they fare? Watch below and let us know…

Solid, especially for a first swing of the bat.

Loved the subtle nod to Janet’s ‘That’s The Way Love Goes,’ the sass, and the overall gloss.

This has us salivating at the prospect of what’s to come moving forward.

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme June 26, 2016

    It’s only the beginning ladies and gentlemen. They are coming to slay!

    • ?+✈=? June 26, 2016

      Their name should be Stepchild

    • HALF AMAZIN June 26, 2016

      Slay what seriously? The name of the group is horrible. And LANCE as their first official single?? The title and theme is off putting. Bad moves too early.

    • berny June 27, 2016

      These chicks can Sanggggg! This is is CATCHY and im feeling it on some realness. This group is legit and will succeed. They definitely will get my support

    • ?+✈=? June 27, 2016

      Look at Bey dancing around in that lemon p|ss water like a s****

  2. LB June 26, 2016

    And Camila Cabello remains unbothered.

    • Jason June 26, 2016

      And her voice is still annoying AF!!!

    • Mark111 June 26, 2016

      You have flop taste sis. But we stan for Rihanna so…………….

      • LB June 26, 2016

        She’s the most popular in the group, regardless of whether Harmonizers hate her or not. She stands out the most and is the only one likely to have a semi-successful solo career from the group.

    • #justsayn June 26, 2016


      Who is that???

  3. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? June 26, 2016

    Slay ladies!! But I prefer the old name.

    • Jay June 26, 2016

      Chasing Destiny was never their name to begin with.

      • Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? June 26, 2016

        But it sounds a whole lot better then June’s Diary.

  4. Music June 26, 2016

    Basic basic basic they wont even be on electrik reds level or rich girls level

    • Danny Bey June 27, 2016

      They’ve already got more buzz than both those groups did their whole lifespans. And didn’t they both flop?…….. ?

    • Surprise 1 July 11, 2016

      Rich girl CD never even came out! So Rich girl must have been on nobodies level. IJS

  5. IG : @mixedboy June 26, 2016

    i would say get it all right before they officially come out. It’s like they’re rushing. This LANCE song I would have never released period.

    • Danny Bey June 27, 2016

      But then by the time they released something people wouldbe said “This is gonna flop. They should’ve released this when there was still a buzz around the show….”

  6. RealNegro June 26, 2016

    Reminds me of Janet’s video That’s The Way Love Go. It’s also reminds me of Destiny’s Child No No No pt. 1. Too try hard. Feels like a Kelly Rowland reject. Next single please or maybe remix it already. #pray4June’sDiary

  7. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 26, 2016

    They killed ALL their chances of this being a crossover hit simply by adding the N word in the song title. It’s such a shame Kelendria allowed this. I’m disappointed in her seriously.

    • Danzou June 26, 2016

      Then why are so many of drake and rihanna songs going to ten? Open your mind a bit. The n word won’t be all bad.

      • ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 26, 2016

        Drake and Rih Rih are already established artists, but these girls are not. So why risk it, especially when these racist top 40 radio stations look for every excuse not to play an R&B record from Black women?

  8. I just gonna say it l? June 26, 2016

    I’m just going to say it with love… I hope to God in heaven above they aren’t letting Kelly Rowland pick out the songs for these girls! The doing sounds like a Kelly Rowland single…. They need a artist/producer working with them. I love Kelly but she can’t make a superstar group… She couldn’t do it for herself and I say that with love so whoever from EPIC is reading this give them girls a chance to slay! They are all talented and she scalp the other group that we won’t say…

    • Ann June 28, 2016

      Who the fk are you to tell kelly what she can’t do? SHES DOING IT! Pple hating on the first official single because of the N word lieing ass lyric smh, there is a clean version that radio will play. There is more than Kelly on the team making dicisions Your just another non expert claiming to love kelly but…yeah right! Gotta watch out for the I love kelly but, folks smh! Give the girls a chance to slay is right so take back every slanderous over analytical thing you’ve said and let the song grow damn! Give Kelly her credit like anyone else she will make mistakes. This time around with a better team/label support for her own music she’s gone be alright regardless!

  9. I just gonna say it l? June 26, 2016

    I mean they can scalp 5Harmony. I swear 5harmony has gotten away with vocal murder!! And whoever is rooting for Camilla has poor taste. Her tone is horrible! She sounds like a crying child! Let’s be real she has the body and s** appeal of a five year old girl playing dress up in her mamas heels, corset and pearls! ?

  10. #JACKIE June 26, 2016

    This song will go nowhere.

    • Rated R June 26, 2016

      Yea just like Jackie did , Ooops I meant how Ciara the album did , I am so sorry for misspelling Fantasy Ride or maybe I’m confused with Basic Instinct but what do all of these titles have in common and NO and I mean no mistake about it is the word – FLOP and until Ciara and her fans learn how to be graceful and be less hateful then and only then Ciara might be successful.
      I just don’t get you Ciara fans and how f-ing forgetful y’all are its really sad now. I’m glad I can help remind you.

      —- S/O to June’s Diary this was a great video and can’t wait for a live performance

      • #JACKIE June 26, 2016

        Girl whatever. Return to my mentions when these b****** crack the hot 100.

    • goodmusic June 27, 2016

      Oh gosh, here comes the bitter b****. I see your ass in every kelly”s or june’s diary’ articles Don’t you get tired of talking s***?. Seriously you need help boo?. By the way I love the song and the video???

    • Jason June 26, 2016

      ….But her profession, and I use the next term very lightly, is SINGING. That people identify with a bitchy, entitled, thinks her voice slays, but it sounds like a broken alarm clock attitude, says so much about why the industry is in the damn toilet. It’s rare that legends are made these days. Try again.

  11. E Young June 26, 2016

    Their promotional songs sound better than this song LANCE. Kristal is one of my favorites in the group, but I would like to see all of the girls show their vocal abilities on a track. People are already saying that Kristal is the lead singer, which is a bad look early in the game. They have to come stronger than this single… This is just the beginning for what’s to come!

    • SoFresh June 27, 2016

      She probably will be. The other girls will shine on others. They will mix it up. Just not always all 5 singing on one track.

  12. Ayyseify June 26, 2016

    First song should have been as single “all of us” that’s a better boo I got faith in them tho

    • Ayyseify June 26, 2016


  13. stan June 26, 2016

    they look cute, but i wish the song were better, tbh

  14. Wtf he said?! ? June 26, 2016

    Honey it should ALWAYS be about the voice… It’s called being a singer. And let me tell you about popularity ? People are fickle! They can love you today and move on when someone better comes along. Unless Camilla wakes up tomorrow a different vocalist she won’t last. Maybe as a second grade Latin singer but she will never be a superstar mark my words. But anyway keep her for the kids a I need grown people music. ✌?

  15. 2bad2bme June 26, 2016

    gurl everybody said the same about rihanna’s “work” but look where that ended…People need to stop being critics…your not getting paid for it, nor professional at it, so shut the f*ck up!

    • Wtf he said?! ? June 26, 2016

      2bad2beme was that for me? ?

    • Danny Bey June 27, 2016

      THANK. F*****. YOU.

  16. Rihboy June 26, 2016

    I like. Will always support this one child of destiny

  17. Grapejuice fan June 26, 2016

    They should have choose “It’s alright” or “All Of Us” as the lead single they dropped the ball with this debut single smh.

  18. Legendtina June 26, 2016

    This song is terrible. But its their first single, so hopefully their next one is better

  19. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 27, 2016

    Nice music video

  20. Jay June 27, 2016

    I am just glad Kristal is no longer serving Beyonce realness because that is the quickest way to flop. And their chemistry together is amazing, unlike fifth harmony.Its like they have been singing together for years.

  21. No favs, just here for the music June 27, 2016

    I had a ‘LANCE’ once upon a time. So glad those days are over lmao.

  22. Pablito June 27, 2016

    I LOVE them!! Watch out Little Mix and Fifth Harmony!! These girls are VERY talented and can SING!!! I LOVE this single and video!! Its a nice start! The video is like a tribute to Janet and i am sure they did it with all respect and love!! Can’t wait what more to come from this group! They will SLAY the world and snatch all the wigs from other girlgroups!!

  23. John June 28, 2016

    I’m so confused…

    First of all, why is one girl rapping the whole time
    in a group of 5 and why are we just getting occasional harmonies from the others… Fine if this song is on the album towards the end and NEVER a single, but come on.

    I also don’t’ like that they went so “adult”
    in the video themes and they langauge they decided to use in the hook.

    What a waste of their time and ours.

    Give us a song and video that highlights their voices and dancing abilities. Not this…

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