Britney Spears Album To Be Denied US #1 By Barbra Streisand

Published: Friday 2nd Sep 2016 by Sam

As the title of Britney Spears‘ new album points out, the singer has had a ‘Glory’ filled career.

However, it’s been officially confirmed that her 9th studio effort will not reign atop of the Billboard 200 in its opening week.

Details below…

Per Hits Daily Double, it’s been revealed that the 34-year-old’s latest LP sold in the region of 91,000 (pure sales) and 115,992 (with streams).

All factors considered, some will assert that the total is commendable — given her previous project’s 100k opening and the current sales climate. Others will question the present-day viability of an act whose name “should” be shifting more units.

What is unquestionable is that the numbers will only be enough for a #3 placing on the Billboard count.

The legendary Barbra Streisand proves that age really is just a number. Because at 74 year’s old, she will occupy the top spot with her ‘Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway’ album. Per HDD, the release sold 149,934 in pure sales and 151,116 with streams.

Sandwiched between Brit and Babs at #2 are Florida Georgina Line; their ‘Dig Your Roots’ LP hit 128,727 in pure sales and 148,175 with streams.


Check back tomorrow for the official Billboard/Nielsen stats. For fans hoping for a drastic differential, typically there’s next to no movement.

That said, anything can happen. Stay tuned.

Your thoughts?

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  1. How Many Drinks September 2, 2016


    • candice September 2, 2016

      justice! she doesn’t deserve a number one spot

      • candice September 2, 2016

        i mean she is no singer! it’s like buying a donnut rather than a parisian hand made cake!

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 2, 2016

        MESS @ donut
        You ain’t s*** for that lolol

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) September 2, 2016

      Welp, i see no shame tbh. I mean, THATS BARBRA. She’s royalty. ?

  2. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy September 2, 2016

    Daaaammnnn Brit, you got bodied by an old broad.

    • LAlaLAla LOVE ME September 2, 2016

      an old broad with a fan base that mostly still purchases music on hard copy…

    • Snf September 2, 2016

      Bodied by an icon

    • candice September 2, 2016

      yeah bae a true star who’s born on an era that doesn’t about playback…

    • EnRanc September 2, 2016

      That “old broad” has more talent in her cuticle than Britney has in her whole body.

  3. Wash yo mouth pls September 2, 2016

    LMAO!! Where are the Britney stans now?

    • LAlaLAla LOVE ME September 2, 2016

      on other blogs that aren’t bias’d against her. they gave up on TGJ’s hatefulness.

  4. Jason September 2, 2016

    Babs ain’t playing with y’all!! ?

    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 2, 2016

      She came to slay b**** lol ????

  5. BeyonceIsASlut September 2, 2016

    That playback singing old washed up k*** doesn’t even deserve no3

  6. Bee September 2, 2016

    This her 9th album bye climate has change people stream not buy if you want to compare Brits 6th album sold more than beys. Lemonade Brit 512k bey 485k pure sales

    • Bee September 2, 2016

      We all know this is a Beyoncé fan site and I’m comparing their 6th album

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) September 2, 2016

      You just said the climate has changed and people stream nowadays so you’re going to compare an album from today’s climate to one from yesterday to show how much better Britney is????? Hypocrit much

    • amari September 2, 2016



  7. HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016


    • BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 2, 2016

      Now watch how quick all these so called Britney stans disappear off this blog within ththe next 2 weeks now that her album is officially a flop! Back to Vegas Britney it’s that time again to entertain our grandparents lol!

      • HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

        Eye Am dying

  8. FC/JC September 2, 2016

    I fkn KNEW IT! Lmaooooo, I called this shitt several Britney posts back….. po chawld

  9. Stephy September 2, 2016

    YES! YES! YES! YES! I purchased 2 copies (deluxe & standard) of Motha Barbra’s new LP. She’s about to score her 11th #1 album on the Billboard 200 charts. She’s the QUEEN of LONGEVITY! I am so happy. Thank God, that s*** group didn’t outsell Motha Barbra. I already knew Britney’s washed up at the age of 34 ass wasn’t gon’ be a threat to Grandma B. Anyways, this is great news. Barbra at the age of 74, can sing better than Mariah & Celine, live and on the spot. She’s still out here hitting and holding C5/C#5 notes for 7 – 15 seconds. A Legend indeed. TALENT PREVAILS!

    • LAlaLAla LOVE ME September 2, 2016

      more like great grandmother barbara…. go get your aarp life

      • HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

        KNEE IS DONE!! Barba was the FINAL NAIL IN THAT CAREERS COFFIN! The fact a corny ass Country “POP” duo outsold Knee ????…. even im embarrassed for Knee tbh.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      And Shirley Bassey can clearly outsing Barbra right now depite being even older than her as proved at the oscars 3 years ago (poor Adele she got demolished by people 70-80 years old lol). So your point is? You didn´t need to mention Celine and Mariah. They have overworked their voices way more than Barbra. Have you listened to Celine´s new French album? It sounds so fresh (the songs) and well, her vocals in it are clearly supeior to Barbra´s in her album (which is normal, she is younger). But please don´t throw unnecessary shade to people who don´t deserve it.

      • Stephy September 3, 2016

        Shut up h**. I can mention them if I want too. Ain’t nobody thinking about no damn Shirley F****** Bassey flop big face ass!

  10. HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

    TGJ these are the final stats. The updated the list like 1 hour ago. ?

  11. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 September 2, 2016

    “To be DENINED #1 By Barbra Striesand” Oh my that headline is Shady! How does Britney go from selling 30 million to being out done by Barbra Striesand.. The mighty have truly fallen!

  12. Bee September 2, 2016

    Y’all the most miserable people, y’all life is so f****** boring y’all sit over your phone draggin people to feel good about yourself if you don’t have a gimmick you’re not going to sell!! Point blank her album leak a weak before and it was stream everywhere why would I buy a album when I can stream it, the only reason Beyoncé sold that much cause it was exclusive to tidal so people had to pay to hear it, it’s common sense, 18 years in the game and still can sell those numbers in a streaming world that’s a accomplishment, Barbara got a old following they buy albums not stream and she sold hers through her shows

    • How Many Drinks September 2, 2016

      Why are you talking about Beyonce lol. Pressst

    • HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

      Blah Blah Blah stfu and deal with it! Back-Knee is DA-DA-DADONEEEEEEE!!! ?????

    • EnRanc September 2, 2016

      So what was Barbra’s “gimmick?” Shut up. The bottom line is that no one is interested in Britney anymore. You can try to spin this all you want, you idiot, but the bottom line is that Britney has overstayed her welcome by over a decade. I didn’t see Babs do anything to promote her album. She simply has more talent and substance than Spears, which has created a bigger, more devoted and more lasting fan base…which is why she’s #1 and Brit ain’t.

      • Sam September 3, 2016

        That makes no sense, if no one was interested than she wouldn’t be in the top 10 or even 20. I’m not a fan but I have to acknowledge that for sales/streams to keep you at that position than there has to be some.

  13. Cocoa September 2, 2016

    Them Ole’ Queens came out for Barbra Hunny!!!

  14. Andre September 2, 2016

    She still in top 3 that’s not bad that’s like Tina turner coming back at number 1 and Beyoncé at number 3 so BRITNEY not botherd she probably wasn’t even looking for #1 spot that’s what the media put out she just wanted to put good music out for her fans

  15. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana September 2, 2016

    Damn Britney is sloppy

  16. Money September 2, 2016

    Bye Shìtney!

  17. Suicide Blonde September 2, 2016

    Number ones albums mean nothing, half of Rihanna’s discography didn’t make it to the top of the billboard 200, that being said, Britney’s glory days are over, on the other hand, this is just a testament of the power of Streisand, what a wonderful career.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      Suicide have you listened to Celine´s new French album? I think you enjoy her French efforst too. It sounds way more fresh than what I thought it would after everything that has happened to her this year. Great vocals of course too.

  18. jdek September 2, 2016

    Cuz stiffneyys washed up and ova

  19. ANNA September 2, 2016

    The power of PURE SALES! Most of Babara’s fans are old suburban women. But those old-b*tches hopped on their broomsticks and went to their nearest store to buy their physical copy. Anyone that thinks pure sales are obsolete is just plain stupid at this point! Streaming is the future, but true legends don’t need to rely on them!

    • brit a true preformer September 2, 2016

      Mad that brits singles sky rocket to number one and yawnce cant.

      • HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

        Beyoncé has 5 #1 singles Knee has 4. Beyoncé has Spent 36 weeks at #1 Knee not even close! Like WTF R U DOING?

      • ANNA September 2, 2016

        ZITney has LESS number one singles than Beyonce (Not even including DC’s), and has the same number of #1 albums, even though she’s released more albums than her and been out 5 years before Beyonce.

      • ANNA September 2, 2016

        The funny thing is, my comment didn’t even mention WobblyKNEES, but her stans (aka the navy hiding random accounts) wanna get fresh with me. LMAO I can-NOT!

      • ANNA September 2, 2016

        *hiding behind

      • brit a true preformer September 2, 2016

        All that said but brits the deemed legend and yawnce isnt.

      • HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

        Lmao Beyoncé is Legend! Her accolades, her RESPECT from Peers, Legends and Pioneers before her CEMENT her status! Her record’s she set or broke her cultural impact and LONGEVITY (oop a word Knee stans ain’t familiar with) SPEAK FOR IT’S SELF!!$ Now go purchase glory cause BACK-KNEE needs all the support she can get!
        @Anna LMFAOOO i seen that. Notice how the Navy shaded Knee first yet this “Knee” stan starts attacking the Hive first and only the Hive hmmmm…. (sips tea slowly ?☕)

      • ANNA September 2, 2016

        ZITney a legend? LMFAOOO! the holler I just let out !!!!! She’s barely considered an Icon at this point!

      • ANNA September 2, 2016

        @HailLegendBeysus yes gurl, you know those loose f**** will cling to anyone that they think can compete with Yonce. It’s pathetic really!!

      • HailLegendBeysus September 2, 2016

        Yes! They always do! Also I see @Wentz threw out that @Lisa account. She is PATHETIC! First the Jan account than LISA! Kiii she’s probably the one we’re typing to right now ????!!!

      • ÄNNA September 3, 2016

        NOT @WintZ KIII! I thought that fat walrus-looking hœ retired from tgj after the hive dragged her by nighties press’n’curl ?. The draggings were so lethal even the Z-Listers/Z-Squad joined in!

  20. MUSICHEAD September 2, 2016

    Congrats to Barbara. She always opens with big numbers. Artists like Barbara, Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen will always have record deals because white ppl respect their legends. It’s just sad that our black legends don’t get the same respect.

    • Stephy September 2, 2016

      This is very true.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      Really? You don´t see Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston getting big or good sales time after time? (those were the two black legends that came to mind first, I mean on Barbra, Bruce level).

  21. truthtea September 2, 2016

    That’s 2 flop albums back to back! Where them crazy Brit stan who been talking mess about Xtina’s 2 flop albums?

    • Caleb September 3, 2016

      Both of Britney’s flops still outsold Christina’s flops so I don’t know why u wanna try it.

  22. No favs, just here for the music September 2, 2016

    Welp to Britney. Congratulations to Barbra Streisand

  23. IStan4Rihanna. September 2, 2016

    Congratulations Barbra Streisand.


    A music/vocal/entertaient legend for the ages.


    Why on earth is a 75 year old Woman, in the sixth decade of her career, scoring #1 albums with sales that most modern pop stars arent even able to accomplish and without commercial hits that the latter group also have.


    “Glory” flopped. There is simply no denying nor excusing it. This era thus far she has done triple the promotion of “Britney Jean” and yet she was still unable to score double the sales this time around. Furthermore, “Britney Jean” actually had a top ten song working in its favour unlike “Glory” and yet they’ve still sold similar units.


    I wish Ms. Spears well either way.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      Glory flopped but Rihanna is always hugely successful? Have you seen Rihanna´s sales in general throughout her career while always having the help of a HIT single? Will be very very intesresting to see Rihanna´s album numbers once her singles are not accepted anymore on singles charts (cause that´s coming hun, it happens to everybody).

  24. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana September 2, 2016

    LOL did you really edit my previous comment?

    I I thought I was petty ?

  25. Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 2, 2016

    Blah, it will be interesting to see what the album do weeks from now. Rihanna shown time and time again that #1 album is great, but non #1s cam do well if not better. EDM is our disco and like disco, it’s killing careers. But the album is fun, Slumber Party is the jam.

    • Qaz September 2, 2016

      You f****** f(a)ggot.

    • Metzo September 2, 2016

      It’s been 7 months. Anti still hasn’t crossed 1Milli U.S. And is being outsold by a woman way past her prime so quiet

      • Mark111 /.\ September 2, 2016

        Anti sold and gave out 1.4M units in an hour and a half. So Anti is not the same as other albums. Plus selling 500K after giving away 1.4 is a feat when you own your masters, meaning you don’t have to slave away touring when you get 70% of your sales. Oh and all these stream sites have to pay HER bc she’s the music masters holder. #oops

    • E*rock September 2, 2016

      If her team is smart that’ll be the next single. If she delivered an even “acceptable” video, unlike the make me travesty, it’d have no reason to fail. If it DOES, or if her team pick a s*** song for single, something they often do unfortunately, then, THEN I’d start worrying about her career going forward

  26. Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 2, 2016

    Also the Britney Army failed her. I mean they say streams are cheap, but it seems the only artist that uses it well are Rihanna and Drake. Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a Britney replacement. Plus this first week really depended on the VMAs and she did OK when she should had killed it.

    • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

      Britney fan, Rihanna fan, Beyonce fan, and a true lamb. Please find one studio album since 1990 for Mariah Carey, that did not become certified, including her last effort. Also tell us how many went top 5 and were certified at least 500,000 copies(gold). Also Ms. Streishand has over 75(live,soundtrack, studio, compilation) albums and Mariah has 23. Mariah still has many years on Barbara and Madonna & She is still the closet to dethrone their record sales. She already has better records than Barbara WW and is less than 5 million local and will surpasd her soon. I will wait for a reply on the albums though. Research is KEY!!!

      • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016


  27. Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 2, 2016

    Barbara is playing no games this era lol

  28. LB September 2, 2016

    What I find interesting is both Britney and Barbara are debuting with higher numbers than Mariah’s most recent effort. I mean I totally do not understand it.

    Mariah had a top 20 hit, was on American Idol and had a lot of promo and yet Chanteuse debuted with roughly 50K, which is lower than Both Britney and Barbara. I mean Barbara had almost no promo and still has higher figures than Mariah, very strange.

    • Keri Qween September 2, 2016

      True where is grandpa johnvidal to explain since he’s always worried about Rih.

      • LB September 2, 2016

        I am waiting for his explanation, it will be interesting to see what Granny says lol

      • Keri Qween September 2, 2016

        He’ll be in with a long nonsensical essay as always lol

      • LB September 2, 2016

        He will most definitely deflect from trying to explain this embarrassment.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 2, 2016

      The lames know all about the power of Barbara. I recall the same thing happening in 2009 with Memory Of A Angel Food Cake.

      • LB September 2, 2016

        The lambs are full of excuses, how come all the legends, including GrannyDonna are all performing better than Mariah?

    • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

      Britney fan, Rihanna fan, Beyonce fan, and a true lamb. Please find one studio album since 1990 for Mariah Carey, that did not become certified, including her last effort. Also tell us how many went top 5 and were certified at least 500,000 copies(gold). Also Ms. Streishand has over 75(live,soundtrack, studio, compilation) albums and Mariah has 23. Mariah still has many years on Barbara and Madonna & She is still the closet to dethrone their record sales. She already has better records than Barbara WW and is less than 5 million local and will surpass her soon. I will wait for a reply on the albums though. Research is KEY!!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      LMAO at these pressed souls 🙂 You better worry about why Rihanna can barely sell real albums and has never been able to despite still being in her 20s and with all the current hit singles in the world. Are you serious you are trying to come for Mariah Carey? LMAO
      That said there´s an explanation: Mariah is R&B over any other thing when it comes to her new releases. That thing is not in fashion. However the pop Barbra and the others do is always in fashion and has always been the bigger genre. Also, Mariah had a lot of promo in 2013, but the album was released in 2014 after a lot of drama and the momentum had gone. She did good when she had promo cause #Beautiful did good.

  29. Keri Qween September 2, 2016

    Well of course the older crowd isn’t going to stream ?. Artists with a younger audience usually dominate the streaming front. Britney’s numbers are decent underwhelming though with all the promo.

  30. Metzo September 2, 2016

    Lmao not Barbara into her 4 decade career doing more pure numbers than global icons.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 2, 2016

      Beyonce last album was 6 days from being outsold and out charted by Drake. So be nice.

      • Keri Qween September 2, 2016

        And 7 month old ANTI has charted above Lemonade since its release

      • LB September 2, 2016

        Anti still in the top ten, I think it hasn’t left since release.

      • Metzo September 2, 2016

        Funny cause both Drake and Beyonce have outsold Rihanna even by a mile altho her album was released months before. And Beyonce has the best selling 2016 album WW outselling Drake and is about 50k away from outselling Drake in the US as well.
        So if anybody was to boast, it’s Drake’s and Beyonce’s fans

      • Keri Qween September 2, 2016

        And? Rihanna is the only one who did an album giveaway and still has one of the best selling albums of 2016.

        Drake and Rihanna are the only and first albums to go 2x platinum in 2016(which Drake is now 3x platinum). Yonce?

      • LB September 2, 2016

        Anti has roughly 800K in equivalent streams, over 1 million in pure sales and 1.4 million worth of albums sold to Samsung, so in total Anti has sold = 3.2 million, and that is not even counting the single sales and streams; hardly a flop.

        All I know is there are artists who would rather have Rihanna’s numbers than not, especially considering Anti was released on Rihanna’s record label, meaning she is earning roughy 56% to 80% on every unit as opposed to 18% which is typically the highest royalty rate calculated for an artist on Sony’s labels.

      • LB September 2, 2016

        And you can save it with the pure sales BS, the industry has changed, Billboard is counting streams, RIAA is counting streams; so if you want to lash on to the pure sales thing as if it means anything, you can also get rid of your Netflix account and find a blockbuster.

      • Alex September 5, 2016

        @keri you sound dumb as hell. How the hell has Antisales been charting higher than beyonce since its release when LEMONADE dropped in APRIL?? Anti dropped in January and wasn’t good enough to be #1.(#27 to be exact). The only reason it has stayed so long is ONLY because of STREAMING. But it’s funny since LEMONADE is charting HIGHER than antitalent this week! Bey is #7 while HOANNA is #9. How are u a VANGUARD recipient but you only SALE 5,000 copies?? Rihona IS A JOKE IN THIS INDUSTRY!!!

    • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 2, 2016

      How much has Anti actually sold? Minus Samsung?

      • Metzo September 2, 2016

        Just above 500k lmaoo and they have the audacity to say something about sales.

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~tyler September 2, 2016

        Lol is that all?

  31. EnRanc September 2, 2016

    You embarrassed Spears fans kill me blaming streaming for this failure. What the f*** happened to all those people who bought her first few albums, when there was no streaming? How come they didn’t stay devoted to her? Britney ain’t f****** Ariana Grande; she didn’t debut in the era of streaming – nor is her target demographic still teenagers. This tramp is 20 years into her career, she SHOULD have built up enough of a fan base who would be devoted enough to drive to the store to buy her CD (or order it online) in enough of a bulk to do better than this. How come her contemporaries like Timberlake and Eminem (both of whom debuted at the same time as her) still compel a big portion of the buying public to stick by them enough to ensure that they remain competitive in this climate, while she hasn’t? The spin stops here. The truth is that Britney has hemorrhaged most of her fan base. The straight guys who never liked her music, but thought she was hot at 18 has long deserted her…the female fans who used to idolize her have grown up and moved on. All she has left are aging twinks who only cling to her because she reminds them of their high school years, while they try to cope with turning 30. The rest of the world isn’t interested.

  32. LB September 2, 2016

    Anyway at this point it all depends on how much momentum Glory has, I see Barbara’s album tumbling down by next week, but Glory still has a chance seeing that it is Britney’s best work since Blackout and her fan base have a presence on the streaming front.

    So good luck Britney.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 2, 2016

      Didn’t Barbara have am album out a few years ago that outdid another pop star? I can’t remember.

  33. LB September 2, 2016

    I just remembered even Janet Jackson, after a long break and virtually no promo outsold Mariah Carey, how does this make any sense? It doesn’t because Mariah had a lot of promo, camped out at Times Square, rode the Subway for publicity, had a top 20 hit and American Idol.

    • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

      Mariah did not have alot of promo during her album release. She released her album in May 2014 not 2012-2013 during idol. #Beautiful was released in May of 2013 after idol ended and went platinum 2 months later in July 2013. That same month in 2013, Mariah suffered a severe injury before her album was released which resulted in a 1 year delay. Her album was released 1 year after idol and 1 year after the success of #beautiful. Funny how you cant get your facts straight before you type. As Mariah would say ‘we love everybody’

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      No shade to Janet but the long break probably helped her more than if she hadn´t had a break. No shade. If she releases an album in only a couple of years time (I doubt it) you´ll see that I´m right.

  34. LB September 2, 2016

    OMG Rivals – Usher is slaying my existence right now. I might have to give this album a listen.

  35. LB September 2, 2016

    So Barbara – 151,116
    Glory – 115,922
    Unbreakable – 116,000
    Loved me back to life – 77,000
    Rebel Heart – 121,000
    I look to you – 305,000
    Chanteuse – 58,000

    Very strange because out of all the above artists, Mariah is the one with the most promo, the top twenty hit and American Idol.

    • Mark111?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️ September 2, 2016

      Shady AF. Lol

    • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

      Interesting considering Mariah still signed a multiyear record deal with Sony and stays unbothered with those lessers. Find a different topic and stop reaching.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      Mariah is also one of teh few doing R&B and hip hop for the most part since the end of the 90s. And most of teh world are not interested in taht genre like they are in pop. Mariah is doing ok, and teh promo for that album was non-existant almost by the time it was released.

  36. Mad-on-her September 2, 2016

    Hate all you want, Britney’s impact on the music industry is greater than Barbara’s. Britney changed the face of pop music. Very few people can say they did that. She is iconic. The most iconic star to emerge in the last 20 years (Beyonce, too, admittedly,) and nothing will ever change that.

    • SMH September 3, 2016


  37. Mark111 /.\ September 2, 2016

    So the ends the “she has nothing to prove” excuse.

  38. Casual-T September 2, 2016

    Britney’s numbers are fine. Overall sales are declining, plus she didn’t have a radio hit to launch the album and build interest. Trying to compare Britney to Barbra S. is pure folly. Babs is industry royalty and had a devoted hive long before Beyonce was even thought of. Of course, her album was going to open big. And let’s keep it real — if Cher or Tina Turner came out with an album, it would open similarly well.

  39. Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 2, 2016

    Haha that’s what shitny gets for being stupid and untalented and never singing live!

  40. E*rock September 2, 2016

    I love and Stan for godney, BUT, she clearly is treating all this like “a job she really enjoys when she’s not at home raising tater tot and small fry.” Where as Beyonce never lost her drive, if anything her drive is stronger year after year. I enjoy Britney for what she is now, but to even compare the two is…it’s two separate matrix. You can’t. #3 isn’t embarrassing when you consider how little britbrit puts in. Also, aren’t album sales irrelevant in this day and age anyway? Brit using her albums as a marketing tool to get people to her Vegas show, which is where she makes her money. Smart business model. Not great if your trying to convey being an “artist.” Also, Barbara should and was always going to beat most anyone on the block. Yonce is so fierce I’m glad there’s options like our lady of cheetoes out there who deliver fun lil bops as a pallet cleanser in between bey slayage.

    • B Stan (BritneyBeyBrandy) September 3, 2016

      E*rock you hit it right on the head.

  41. TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

    So Barbara – 151,116
    Glory – 115,922
    Unbreakable – 116,000
    Loved me back to life – 77,000
    Rebel Heart – 121,000
    I look to you – 305,000
    Chanteuse – 58,000

    Very strange because out of all the above artist, Mariah is the one with the MOST IMPACT and Your faves fave. LB give up now. I am about go in on your fake …..

    • SMH September 3, 2016

      Lmfao Mariah has the most impact out of all of them? LMAO it’s hilarious what the mind will delude itself into thinking in order to cope.

    • Caleb September 3, 2016

      I Turn To You came out way back in 2009. If anything its sales should be compared to memoirs of an imperfect angel since they came out during the same year.

  42. Jose September 2, 2016

    Barbra had a concert ticket/album bundle

    • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

      Sure did. These fakes and all they want is extra cupcakes. I am not speaking about Barbara. I am speaking about the Moose looking purple headed fans like LB who constantly stay pressed.

  43. King B September 2, 2016

    Barbra proves that number one means nothing. Mariah had 18, Madonna had 12? Janet had 9 and yet she effortlessly outsell them. Not much promo either. Not to mention, Partners (Platinum) effortlessly outsell Artpop, The PP, Anti, BJ, FF and as much as Una. Barbra is the Queen of Music! When the hits-dependant artist loses their Hot 100 power, ther flop is coming. Katy is next, it happened to Gaga. And for the Britney’s fan, Circus sold 1.7 mil in US total, while Lemonade currently at 1.3 Mil. It will completely destroy Circus sales in UK and Aus w/o hit singles. WW, Circus sold 3.5 M, Lem is currently at 2.3 M. Beyoncé’s 6th sold as much as circus with a more expensive price but more critically acclaimed and aware winning, and not local.

    • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 2, 2016

      Hell to the NO! She is not the queen of music. We will see in 20 years when she is dead and Mariah reaches her age. I predict Mariah will be light years ahead. Comparing a 72+ year old with a 46 year old make absolutely zero SENSE!!! I am shocked that Barbara has only sold 145 million records WW in 55+ years in the industry. Mariah had sold 180-200 million albums and close to 75-100 million physical/digital singles WW in just 26 YEARS. Thats a 30 year difference. Mariah is already ahead and she isnt done. I cant with the losers on this site. Stop being pressed and do us a favor…Just stop talking!!!

      • King B September 3, 2016

        It makes sense. Those people I listed have ‘impact’, sold MORE records , have MORE number ones. And look at Barbra shitted on them (except Madonna mainly because of her touring and her antics is the one that help her sell. On top of that, Barbra sold more than Ariana, almost doing the same number as The Black Madonna, 40 years into her career. The only way you can proves ur impact when ure at Barbra’s age.

      • TRAVON M AUSTIN September 3, 2016

        You totally missed my point. Mariah already has sold 64 million albums in the USA and over 250 million records WW. Records are albums and singles combined. Thats way more than Barbs. Keep in mind that is for only 26 years in the Industry. She has already surpassed her WW total by at least 100 million records. In the USA Mariah has sold 64 million albums and barbs has sold 68.5 million albums. She is so close and will ultimately pass Barbara. So by that logic Mariah still has alot of music to release because she is alot younger.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      King B
      I agree that having forgettable #1 hits doesn´t mean anything… if it doesn´t come with equally impressive album sales and talent (Rihanna´s case). But I don´t agree with anything else. Barbra is amazing and is the best selling female in the USA ever. But she will get passed by Mariah, Madonna and Celine very probably(funnily enough Beyonce will never surpass her, that´s for sure :)) Barbra wouldn´t be doing these numbers if her last albums weren´t this very in fashion duets type of albums. Mariah could definitely have bigger first week numbers than what she has been getting lately doing one of this duets albums.

      PS: Nothing but respect for Barbra. Barbra´s voice in the 60s is one of the top5 things pop culture has witnessed vocally. No doubt about it.

    • DTG September 3, 2016

      LOL! You’re operating under that silly assumption that Mariah is going to sell a boatload of more records. Mariah is basically done. Not only are her best days behind her, so are her OK days. Her numbers now are basically what they will continue to be going forward. She doesn’t have millions more sales in the canon going forward. She is not going to catch up to Bab’s.

  44. Nowqd Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 2, 2016

    All I can say wow damnnnnnnn

  45. Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 3, 2016

    You know what? As much as I dislike brit this album does have some bops on it. I wasn’t even going to give it a chance but tonight I thought what the heck. I actually enjoy some of the more urban tracks, because of the musicality, her vocals make it harder to listen. But I’ve never enjoyed a britney song as much as some of these.
    But then there are still other songs on here where I am like “wtf is this garbage?”
    I still think the same of britney, but some of these songs are nice af. I just they went to other artists maybe.

  46. Rihboy September 3, 2016

    It’s sad because the album actually has potential. But she can’t do them songs justice live at all. Even while lipping. ??? better , love me down, and slumber party stay on rotation. Private show when I’m feeling frisky.

    • Johnny Gill Nicole Scherzinger Brian McKnight September 3, 2016

      And man on the moon

  47. SMH September 3, 2016

    Lmao at all these delusional excuses. Bottom line, Britney Spears was never a viable artist, she was a cartoon character, something pretty for kids to look at and old men to lust after. Those kids are grown now and those old men are dead. Christina, Pink, Beyonce, even Timberlake all grew out of their kiddie phases into adult artists. Britney never did. She basically rode the last 10 years on white privilege and public pity. That’s the reason why she ended up in Vegas by the time she was 30, while most entertainers don’t end up there until they hit their 50’s or 60’s.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

      Several of your reasonings are invalid. Vegas is not for old artists anymore. Hell even Bruno Mars is considering doing something there. Plus 15 years ago Celine Dion when she was still only 35 years old or so started this pattern after having the second best selling album worldwide in 2002 and had the biggest Vegas show ever for years. Saying britney was not viable is not true. Look at the damn NUMBERS. Bigger than any of the other artists you mentioned. And Xtina… well she has lacked success way before Britney, so i guess she has thought about doing Vegas a lot of times by now following your logic.

      All in all Britney is a joke as an artist. But get your facts right 🙂

  48. JOHNVIDAL September 3, 2016

    Barbra is a force and just like Tony Bennet she has found a new way to have very ggod first week sales by doing these duets albums.
    But I still think Britney´s sales are not bad. It´s similar to her previous album. And seeing how sales decrease every year that´s at least something to be pointed out. She could have debuted at #1 if she had released any other week of the year (almost any other week). Overall I don´t think you can shade Britney for her album sales cause they have been pretty huge for a long damn time, even without putting any effort. You have MANY other things to shade Britney for LOL

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