Calculating A Comeback: Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera finds herself in a junction many 90s & 00s veterans have unfortunately come to know.

With her last Platinum album dating a decade back to 2006, Aguilera has some serious ground to make to win back her pervious prowess – especially after the limp response to her last LP ‘Lotus’ in 2012.

In an age so saturated with female Pop stars and after a lengthy spell out of the spotlight, what can Xtina do to set herself apart?

We have a few suggestions. Join us after the jump…

We at That Grape Juice feel there are a few factors detracting the star from achieving present-day success. Factor’s she’ll need to address before her comeback and during. First and foremost…

Christina Struggles With Being Relatable.

She doesn’t have that charismatic personality or story that younger demographics can latch onto. Even from her mentoring role she comes across quite stoic and unattached. There also seems to be a lack of connection between Aguilera and her fan base. With the Katy Perry’s and Lady Gaga’s of the world so immersed with their respective audiences, it would behoove Christina to re-establish this relationship.

Speaking of connections, it would also be refreshing to see the star…

Collaborate More With Artists Beyond ‘The Voice’

After creating her own Diva-esque persona, the four-octave vocalist has rubbed many wrong in and outside the industry. A point that isn’t conjecture, but fact. Just ask Mary J. Blige, Pink, and more. Despite squashing the alleged feud with Gaga, Aguilera still appears to carry a certain level of affluence.

In recent times, she’s achieved success as a feature artist with the likes of Maroon 5 [‘Moves Like Jagger’] and Blake Shelton [‘Just A Fool’]. There has also been some dalliance beyond ‘The Voice’ fold with Pitbull [‘Feel This Moment’] and A Great Big World [‘Say Something’]. We’d love to see her continue down the latter path and fuse her talent with others beyond acts that share those comfy red chairs. Because, in doing so, she’ll re-affirm that she has an artistic narrative away from the show.

Which serves as a sound segue-way to unpack our belief that she needs to…

Leave ‘The Voice’ To Get Her Voice (And Market-Share Back)


It’s no secret that coaches on ‘The Voice’ earn a pretty penny for their services. Indeed, many sources suggest each panelist pockets double-digit millions per season of the NBC hit.

And while the likes of Blake and Adam have parlayed this into ways of making even more moolah (see: touring), Xtina has arguably been the most complacent coach of all.

Sure, she recently became a mother again. But even before then, she would routinely be the only judge who didn’t use the platform to plug new projects. Instead, she’d perform covers and serve up cliché but acceptable critiques. More recently, she’s resorted to dueting with CGI projections of legends.

The end result has seen her become palatable to TV audiences, but lose her grip on the record-buying public who largely see her as “that woman on The Voice.” A reality that became oh so clear when she finally did try (unsuccessfully) to use the platform to promote ‘Lotus.’ Unfortunate as the LP, while not her best, did house hot material (see: ‘Your Body’ et al).

This, for us, serves as evidence enough for why Christina needs to vacate her spot on the show. And we don’t mean sitting out a season here and there. But rather for a lengthier window.

She needs to re-establish herself in the music sphere; hit the radio stations to talk about new material, perform at the opening of a door, and create brand partnerships that forcibly inject her back into the musical mix.

She’d be voluntarily leaving a large sum of money on the table; coin that trumps the returns from songwriting royalties and the level of touring she’d be able to do in her current predicament. However, it’s highly unlikely she’s short on funds. Hence, from where we’re standing, it’d be for the greater good.


Christina had the makings to ascend to the lofty level of success enjoyed by the Mariah Carey’s. Yet, ultimately her career has taken a different path.

Still, while not in the best of positions presently, there’s no reason why fresh success needs to elude her in the long-term.

She remains a name whose talent warrants a certain respect. She’s also still in possession of said talent. As such, at a relatively young 35, we’re hesitant to say all bets are off just yet. After all, Ms. Carey did experience an epic ‘Emancipation’ at the same age.

We’re curious to see what the blond bombshell turns out with her 7th instalment.

Your thoughts?

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  1. *Lovely October 4, 2016

    Christina needs to release that album, i’m ready.

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) October 4, 2016

      It’s called Bloody Kat On Stage. #TamponMuch

    • LISA LEVINE October 4, 2016

      Christina refuses to acknowledge her RnB roots. Girl. do a Soar, Loving Me 4 Me, Walk Away. Stop trying to be a spaced out version of Gwen or GaGa. Embrace the RnB in your voice, get the right producer and get your Career back on track.

  2. LOL October 4, 2016


    • ? October 4, 2016

      She just needs give us stripped 2.0 and then she’ll be successful again.

    • Jamon October 4, 2016

      Amen!! You can’t compare her to lady Gaga or Katy Perry! She’s sold more than both of them combined. This site swear they’re professionals, when all they do is gossip, build up their favorite artists(Beyonce, Gaga, Rita Ora, Ciara), and try to tear the one’s they hate (Rihanna, Mariah).

      • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

        They don´t try to tear down Christina Aguilera taht i know though. You know who did it? 95% of people in this blog (yeah the sad same ones who choose a punching bag every once in a while as if that artist had done something to them) for several years just cause she “flopped” with bionic and gaigned weight. As easy as that. Only for that. I remember being the only one defending her along with 3 or 4 more people here, and that was it. Same they are doing now with Gaga. It blows my mind. They must live really sad lives.

  3. CodeRed_Monica October 4, 2016

    I don’t see her ever making a comeback. Christina is a hasbeen but her talent overshadows that of Britney Spears.

  4. Brandy stan October 4, 2016

    Sigh. She’s afraid to release an album because she knows it’s going to flop. Besides, no one cares if she releases music, she’s done.

    • Lucas Lopez October 4, 2016

      Just like S****** spears. LOL.
      Britney= NO talent. 🙁

      • Brandy stan October 4, 2016

        They’re both flops.

      • BeyLEGEND October 5, 2016

        Porktina = No career. ):

  5. Lucas Lopez October 4, 2016

    I think is funny how yall love to act like you know everything about her. She is an amazing artist, and amazing person. The comeback, will depend on herself. She is very focused on her children, her career is the second option.
    FOR THE RECORD: Pink hated xtina for NOTHING

  6. Aguilera October 4, 2016

    How can Monica and Brandy stans come for anybody when one hasn’t been relevant since 2003 and the other is riding the wave of a 13 year old song (her last hit). If Christina never sells another record, she’ll still be more powerful than those two. I also see a monster hating but Gaga just drags himself. When’s the last time she had a hit? 2012?

    Anyway, I need Christina to return to her pop soul roots. The GP craves authenticity so that’s what she should give. I don’t care if she sells 100 copies or 100k she is still the voice of this generation. Talent always prevails stay mad.

    • Brandy stan October 4, 2016

      Bish stfu. Your fav looks like Ms Piggy. She’s a flop, deal.

      • Aguilera October 4, 2016

        Your fave looks like ET with that forehead and those mile apart eyes. Can her flop ass even release music at this point?

      • *Lovely October 4, 2016

        ? Really? Meanwhile that ugly has-been you stan for looks like a mud duck. Don’t throw stones when your favorite lives in a glass house.

      • *Lovely October 4, 2016

        That comment was for that dumb ass Brandy stan.

    • CodeRed_Monica October 4, 2016

      But Monica is rnb icon meanwhile Christina Aguilera was a bubblegum pop fad who went out of style over a decade ago. Monica’s last gold album was in 2010. Still standing is gold and Everything To Me is platinum. 20+ years in the business with relevance and success. Christina will never do it!!!

      • FighterPablo October 5, 2016

        I am a HUGE Xtina fan ánd i LOVE Monica! Before i was a Xtina fan i listened every day to Monica’s albums! Its no need to bash Xtina.. Shes a Superstar and well known worldwide because of her GREAT voice, music( a lot of singles and albums).. Monica is ONLY well known worldwide because of The boy is mine! So as much as i LOVE her and her music and shes a R&B legend..Xtina made is THE SUPERSTAR of them 2. But you knew Monica and Xtinalove and respect eachother?! they also took a picture together on The Voice so please dont start a Xtina vs Monica fanwar for nothing.

    • BeyLEGEND October 5, 2016

      I’m glad you don’t care if she sells 100 copies because that’s exactly what she’s gonna sell. No more. No less. Lol.

  7. Paulo October 4, 2016

    Why are we talking about Xtina’s comeback and doing all these unnecessary essays and plans when she’s nowhere near ready to do it? timing’s off

  8. Mariah Carey October 4, 2016

    Like a duet between Jennifer Lopez and I, it ain’t gonna happen!

  9. Teflon Boy October 4, 2016

    At this point I think she’d do well to put out a mature jazz soul album not dissimilar in image to how she looked and performed when she sang ‘I Love You Porgy’ at The Grammy’s. As evidence by Gaga’s foray into adult contemporary with Tony Bennett, there is an audience and appetitite for material that bucks the current pop trends. She could still be cheeky here and there with the material i.e. ‘Still Dirrty’ from the Back II Basics album but I think a hyper-sexual approach at this point with no other point of view would be the death knell on new success i.e. Dirrty might’ve been raunchy but it was paired with Beautiful, Fighter and Impossible adding nuance and depth to the overall ‘shut-shame’ rebellion message. Beyond the music Stripped succeeded because Aguilera became the face of every ‘s***-shamed’ girl in America. Beyond jazz-contemporary, if she can embody a movement again like she committed to and bodied the Stripped movement then she’ll succeed with new music.

  10. Kwinzy October 4, 2016

    It really sucks the days of belter singers are gone. I mean, we have Adele & Bey but it’s not like they’re making belting a standard like how Whitney, Mariah & Celine made it in their prime. I think this is Christina’s problem; her style is outdated. The more she conforms to the new generation the more she alienates her core fan base. It really sucks.

    • Rima October 4, 2016

      Gaga sings better than Adele and Bey.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

      Xtina was never that type of vocalist you´re talking about either. Whitney, Mariah and Celine were truly the last ones. Adele has been the only one having that monumental sucess based on voice and music alone. But yeah, she´s no damn Whitney obviously.

      • Christina Aguilera October 4, 2016

        You are an empty boomshell…
        Xtina is a great vocalist in that same category Whitney or Celine are

      • Rich 86 October 14, 2016

        Those ladies set the standards. However christina is the only one in the industry that is blessed with that sort of voice to produce that level of singing, her problem is not getting vocally trained and only holding on to this rasp and growl nonsense. She can easily make a comeback by renewing her voice with training, getting her image together, pulling in some hot producers and create a nice RnB album, because to me that’s where her voice shines. She still has it but need to market all of it properly. I think however after bionic and lotus flopping she’s really going to bring it this time because she knows personally that she can’t have three albums flopping consecutively.

  11. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade October 4, 2016

    In Nicki Minaj voice “Has Been”

  12. Dem Lessers October 4, 2016

    I just don’t want her to get too experimental stick with what’s familiar, an upbeat lead single and a ballad as second single. Everyone’s jumping on this simplistic retro route because of Adele but it’s not the answer. become an evolution of yourself, not a follower. The last time you tried following an artist of moment (e.g. INMT) your career took a nose dive.

    • Dem Lessers October 4, 2016

      Not Myself Tonight*

  13. MUSICHEAD October 4, 2016

    NO MORE GAY DANCE ANTHEMS! She needs to go back to the magic of her first two albums which was the all American girl singing soulful pop music. AND STOP OVERSINGING. Sometimes she does overkill with those runs. She needs a ballad that builds up to the climax like “Bleeding Love” by Leona or a fun pop song like “My Life Would Suck Without You” by Kelly. Plus I would love to see her collaborate with Pink but that ain’t happening anytime soon.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

      I would love to see Christina+Pink, Lady Gaga+Lana del Rey and Katy Perry+Taylor Swift only to witness the general strokes some basic fanbases were going to suffer 🙂

  14. Christian October 4, 2016

    Mariah Care – Emancipation Mimi
    Janet Jackson- All For You
    Alicia Keys- Element Of Freedom
    Toni Braxton- The Heat
    Celine Dion- A New Day Has Come
    Mary J Blige- The Breakthrough
    Britney Spears- Femme Fatale
    Beyone- Beyonce
    Jennifer Lopez- Love?
    Pink- Truth About Love
    Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

    All These Albums Were Solid Successful albums from Artist That have been in the Game 15 plus years and proves, That Armed with the right material she can have another Successful Charting Era

    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

      Love? was a success? That´s news to me.

    • BuyGLORYONitunes October 4, 2016

      Yeah I mean those artist kept pushing regardless of the sales. Xtina still hasnt dropped an album in like four years.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

        Xtina will do it when she´s ready. She has learned to live without thinking about stan bases (the ones who tear you down when they get bored). Good for her.

  15. Rima October 4, 2016

    Who cares about her when we have GaGa out

    • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

      See? And then you have the nerve of coming at me for anything? Was this comment of yours needed? Is it that you want these other basic people (haters who seem to care very little for the music) to hate on Gaga even more? (not that anyone should dislike an artist just because someone who likes that artist hates on other artists).

      • Rima October 4, 2016

        Shut up old ho! Go take your vitamins.

      • JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

        Again with old? Didn´t I explain to you that real music lovers aren´t old just cause they admire TALENT from the present but also from the past? Grow up.

  16. JOHNVIDAL October 4, 2016

    No shade to them but I have an “eyes-roll” moment every time these guys at TGJ try to give some advice to artist who have already been there done that. like seriously, they probably know way more than you about what they should do. If it works or not is a different story. not to mention their advice has always proved to be wrong. Like the many times Sam has said “this is what the doctor ordered” or something like that about several new Mariah Carey singles in the last few years and then all of them went “nowhere” chart wise (not that she needs it or was even trying). But hmm yeah I guess it is cute 🙂

    Christina: does she even care? I think she´s in a place where if she feels like releasing an album she´ll end doing it but if she´s not into it she won´t do it and that´s it. In a way, and as an artist, it has to be a very pleasant mind-set compared to the estress of thinking you have to release and succeed at any cost. I think it is the route Gaga has taken too, like I´ve been saying recently. Although Gaga is clearly into doing many things regardless, but Aguilera has kids and like I said, I don´t think she cares that much about her music. When the time is right, her fans will get new music, not before.

  17. Christian October 4, 2016

    On the floor put her back on top and showed that she was still relevant, for her Love was a success for her within her catalog

  18. ?Yellow Diamonds? October 4, 2016

    I need her to give me another bound to you like ballad.

  19. Meteorite October 4, 2016

    Personally I don’t care about sales, I just want the damn album to be solid. For me personally “Lotus” was horrible! And don’t get the appeal some people have for it. To me that album came off as her record label trying to cash in on her being on The Voice and as result it bombed. Even though “Bionic” wasn’t a huge hit, it was solid through and through. And I agree with the person a few post up who said that she needs to tone down the sexual approach. It worked for “Stripped” but “Not Myself Tonight” and “Your Body” were both the wrong approach. Now if she approaches it like Janet did with “That’s The Way Love Goes” then Bam! But whatever I just want the album to be solid.

  20. Christian October 4, 2016

    Lotus was really good, all over the place but it had some great songs, Sing for Me, Best of Me, Just a Fool, BlankPage, YourBody, Around the World, as a Christina Fan i loved those songs she vocally slayed those songs

  21. Reality October 4, 2016

    Well…vocally her voice is still very much in tack and in very good shape, going based off of “Change” and “Telepathy” (Which is actually broke into Billboard’s Dance Top 20) Both songs had the contrast of softness and rasp likewise great range and emotion and versatility…so whats taking her so long is beyond me. Maybe after this Prince Tribute concert we’ll get some news about the album? Plus its rumored that she performed at the National Museum of Culture and African-American History. And she was also spotted leaving both Drake and Beyoncé’s concert in LA. So maybe she’s putting on the final touches? Who knows…

  22. Kitty Puurrzz October 4, 2016

    i say this time and time again, Xtina is FAR from over. Trust me. Talent & artistry like Christina’s is very rare. & we all know, when she gets it right… SHE GETS IT RIGHT!

  23. mr.m October 4, 2016

    She is NOT over

    The problem is that she is taking such long breaks between her albums AND NOT ONLY THAT. she also changes her image, style, music direction in every album which is risky and hard to be acceptable to other ppl.

    Debut – Stripped 3.3 YEARS
    Stipped – B2B 3.10 YEARS
    B2B – Bionic 3.10 YEARS
    Bionic – Lotus 2.6 YEARS

    But I know this time she’s coming hard.

  24. Ibrahim October 4, 2016

    I very much agree! She has the talent still, she is not washed up yet to do a Vegas show or retire. I hope she undestands people still look up to her and await for the things she brings to music

  25. Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 4, 2016


  26. FighterPablo October 5, 2016

    I agree Xtina needs to sing soul blues and R&B! Bionic was a GREAT album with a view BEAUTIFUL songs(lift me up, You lost me)but i think that album failed because of the first single and musicvideo.. It was too Madonna/Gaga and it was not the Xtina people fell in love with.. thats why she had HUGE succes with her albums Stripped and Back to Basics.. They where very original and made her stand out! No other female in the game had a ‘Dirrty’ ‘ Beautiful’ ‘Fighter’ ‘ The Voice Within’ ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ ‘CandyMan’ or ‘Hurt’ She had her own style,and people where amazed and respected Xtina! i think with Bionic people did not take her so serious anymore..and loose interest.. I hope she can make a GREAT album .. a follow up to Back to Basics like Bionic and Lotus never existed.. The album i was waiting for and expected at that time before Bionic was released.. BUT with Xtina we never know! She does what she wants..loves to play with her voice and to try every type of music..thats why she recorded Bionic and Lotus! Xtina KNOWS everyone wants her to sing R&B but she did not care.. i hope this time around she does care, listens to everyone and what fits her voice THE BEST and will give us that R&B album! Afcourse with a lot of soul and flavours of jazz, pop and latin!!

  27. BeyLEGEND October 5, 2016

    Lol at her 5 fans from third world countries thinking this loser has a chance at a comeback. she’s over. No number 1 since Bush administration. No gold certified album since 2006. No top 15 since 2007. On top of that, her music has always been CRITICALLY PANNED. Paris Hilton has a higger Metacritic score than this so called “legend” (no one calls her a legend but her fans tho) – would Metacritic lie? “Paris” is better than anything this loser has ever released.
    Her Britney impersonation was more relevant than her comeback “Lotus” & Bionic was overshadowed by Gaga. No one wants it. She’s over. Finished. Muerta. Tiempo de retirarse y seguir con las clases de canto por Skype.

  28. BeyLEGEND October 5, 2016

    It’s funny how this decade Bey, Britney & J.Lo had lots of hits. Sucessfull tours & albums. And then there’s Christina Aguilera: Spent 15 yeas in Britney’s shadow. Gaga ended her. Flop albums. Flop singles. Flop tours. And she’s currently doing a voice over for Discovery Chanel LMFAO. She’s over & she’s a terrible person that’s why nobody in the industry likes her.

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  30. Angel Alejandro Arriaga\Benitez September 27, 2019

    Hola. Cristina felisidadez por tu nuevo material grape juice, como estas, se que no te conosco espero lo puedad acer un dia.te estimo mucho quidate y que te quide dios te quiero mucho que estes bien

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