Alessia Cara Sheds Light On New Rihanna Album Rumours

Published: Wednesday 5th Apr 2017 by David

Alessia Cara has shed light on some confusion which erupted over remarks she made about Rihanna‘s new music.

Full story below…

In the interview below Cara reveals that she contributed to a “new” project by the ‘Bates Motel’ player.

I didn’t take a picture with her. I just met her, and it was awesome.It was to work on her album which was crazy, so I just went in there, and was like, ‘hi great to meet you, I love you!’ Then I just kinda did my thing and left. It was awesome.

Fenty’s fans thought she was referring to the star’s ninth album. They were wrong.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kree April 5, 2017

    Rihanna fans are so thirsty, almost like Rihanna vaginal walls after all the men she’s been with.

    • Meme April 5, 2017

      All of what men? Can you name 5 of them, I’ll wait. At 28 let’s count the number of men you’ve with.

    • SMH April 5, 2017

      You mean like Rihanna haters always being thirsty to comment first on Rihanna posts?

    • Navy Captain April 5, 2017

      Real fans are thirsty for new music. Sorry your fave’s fans aren’t as interested as the Navy ⚓️

    • cruz April 5, 2017

      S*** shaming. Comments like this is why women still can’t gain equality in a patriarchal world. Well done Kree, you’ve held your own gender down yet again.

  2. Meme April 5, 2017

    Her ninth album, not tenth fools.

  3. Rima April 5, 2017

    Rihanna needs a 13 year old too write her tracks? The struggle.

    • SMH April 5, 2017

      Maybe you need a 13 year old to check your grammar before you comment, or is that too much of a struggle?

  4. Black power April 5, 2017

    Damn Rih literally hit up all the up & coming talent for track for her album. First I saw she had hit up Kehlani now I’m seeing this. I just hate that talented stars are overlooked for for basic ass “karaoke stars” but then again everyone doesn’t possess that “it factor”

    • Cupid April 6, 2017

      You sound stupid. This isn’t rap. No one lose credibility for ghost writing here.

      • Black power April 6, 2017

        NO BITCHH you are stupid! Apparently! You missed my entire point! It’s not just about writing! Like I said!! These artist who don’t write, compose, produce, and are barley apart of the creative process are praised while there are plenty of actual talented artists are overlooked. In fact these talentless acts are now reaching out to the talented underrated acts and using their songs!

  5. Francis April 5, 2017

    Love this girl, she’s actually talented and her album is good.

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