Final Numbers Are In: Trey Songz’ ‘Tremaine’ Sold…

Published: Monday 3rd Apr 2017 by Rashad

On March 24th Grammy-nominated crooner Trey Songz unleashed his 7th LP, ‘Tremaine,’ to the delight of his faithful fans.

Yet, despite being preceded by a number of releases of some of its housed tunes including ‘Animal,’ ‘Playboy,’ Song Goes Off,’ ‘Nobody Else But You,’ and more, the project did not manage to drum up nearly as much buzz as Songz’ sets before it as none of the songs managed to enter the Hot 100 (a first in his career).   With the aforementioned in play, industry analysts revealed ‘Tremaine’ was on track to be the singer’s second lowest first week sales to date – second only to his 2005 debut album, ‘I Gotta Make It.’

Now, as Nielsen has revealed its final report, it turns out those analysts were right.  Tuck in below to find out just how many units the project shifted:

‘Tremaine’ Official 1st Week Sales: 67,000 SPS

Pure Sales:  45,000

Chart Placement:  #3


Trey Songz’s Tremaine debuts at No. 3 — the only new arrival in the top 10 — with 67,000 units (45,000 in traditional album sales). It’s the fifth top 10 for the singer, and first since Trigga, which debuted at No. 1 in 2014 with 105,000 in album sales (this was before the chart transitioned to a units-based ranking)…

Check back later this week for more chart news with the weekly:  TGJ Chart Check [Billboard 200].

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  1. Credits April 3, 2017

    Something is not right here. Congrats to him but I just don’t believe it.

    • Somebody November 20, 2017

      Y’all really don’t know this man?. His fan base is crazy and always will be weather y’all “sometimes” fans and haters there or not. He still sales like he do simply because on his fans. The reason he still has such a strong fan base even when y’all try to talk slick as the mouth about him is because he actually loves us unlike some artist claim to do, he is true to himself, he is extremely humble and loving, and just overall talent. He will continue to prosper and grow in life period because not only what he does but who he is as a person.

  2. Brent Christopher April 3, 2017

    what is the music industry coming to when Trey Songz can release a repetitive album that out ranks the first week sales numbers from Alicia Keys’, Usher’s & John Legend’s most recent projects? these numbers just dont seem HONEST to me.

    • Johnmikwl April 3, 2017

      Simple… Trey Songz made music for his core and never left them like alicica keys and usher etc did … Trey songz makes Black Music for Urban and rymthic Radio! Many ppl might not like him but to me this is a huge success!!No songs on the hot 100.. This was purely on the strength of an online campaign! He was was never and is never going to be a Bruno mars/ed sheeran etc but he will have a steady career as time proves!! I hope he continues like this

      • Virgo April 3, 2017

        Plus he mentioned that he didn’t care to have any charting singles with this album and that he just wanted to get the music out to his fans.

      • Um. April 3, 2017

        True. I don’t know what’s hard to believe. The people who are confused about why Trey could do these numbers in 2017 but other R&B artists haven’t, must know nothing about his career and how he’s sustained himself. Trey rounded himself up a fan base years ago, and instead of chasing after more, he focused on keeping the ones that he did have, happy. It’s very simple. And it’s very smart, on his part.

      • Blabla April 4, 2017

        That’s how it is!
        Like future is doing the same to his fans and never break up.

        If Ciara would stick in the evolution and body party mood she have done it too I think.

      • J April 4, 2017

        Usher is so lost. He told one of the biggest Continental African producers his track wasn’t African. He is delusional if he thinks Africa is only doing drums and chants. He is missing out. Pure ignorance. If he and other American artists jump on the Afro Beat train without proper credit and collabs then I don’t want it. Same with Reggae. He needs to get his African roots life and stop putting his own people from the Motherland in a bubble. Matter fact he needs to go back to JD.

    • Jasmine April 4, 2017

      I think all those artists, including Trey, just needs a new hit song or two before their album dropped. The honesty you are talking is simply just how the album sales are counted and if the record label decided to embelish the first weeks numbers to gain interest in the album (nothing new here).

      Also, I think the comparison should be Trey Songz vs Chris Brown because they are similar in style, age, and demographic while the other artists you mentioned are significantly older and have a different demographic audience you are comparing apples to oranges). Chris Brown albums have always outsold Trey Songz because Chris always has a hit single or two out before he releases an album. With way more hit singles under his belt, Chris Brown’s same demographic audience is larger than Trey’s. All Trey has to do is emulate Chris’s formula next time and he will do better.

    • whut April 10, 2017

      Why wouldn’t they be honest numbers? Trey Songz has NEVER been a huge album seller, and it still won’t outsell the overall numbers of Alicia & Usher’s last albums despite his first week sales.

  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH April 3, 2017


  4. Hmmm… April 3, 2017

    I don’t think this is that bad for him, but I think he could’ve done much better. I did not like the reality show stategy. It was tired. Now, a short film with weekly episodes, that part is fine. But playing off of the ratchet VH1 Mona Scott content? It’s a no from me. Those shows get watched for comic relief by people with nothing else to do; It should not be incorporated into what is supposed to be our R&B/soul music, Trey. I do like the album though. I’ve listened to it more times than I thought I would. It’s not his best, but it’s still a good album.

  5. B2B April 3, 2017

    That’s good. Trey is always a bop for me,he never went pop and for that I thank him. Always kept it urban. Chapter V has gems!!!!

  6. Beyoncé Jackson April 3, 2017

    Another album that outsold Jackie……

  7. No favs just here for the music April 3, 2017

    Lol oh come on! His numbers aren’t even all that high for people to scratching their heads like this lol! I expected him to sell this much tbh. He sticks to his formula and I guess with the climate of music sales these days he did really well

  8. MUSICHEAD April 3, 2017

    These are great numbers! Song Goes Off is my favorite cut on the album.

  9. Stephy April 3, 2017


    • Kimbella April 3, 2017

      Like Mariah’s current single?

      • Stephy April 3, 2017

        Yeeeep. Mariah’s flopping too.

    • Monica stan April 3, 2017

      Mariah’s last 5 singles and album says hello

      • Stephy April 3, 2017

        Like Moniggga’s career after 1999 says hello…

    • DanYiel Iman April 4, 2017

      lol I can’t with your Flop Here Flop Flop Everywhere a Flop Flop..✌??

  10. Kimbella April 3, 2017

    Decent numbers I see this going gold.

    • Stephy April 3, 2017

      You vision is Stevie Wonder.

    • whut April 10, 2017


  11. RihYonce April 3, 2017

    He did good. Trey released an amazing album. Trey has always been consistent and true to his sound and this album shows that.

  12. HailLegendBeysus April 3, 2017

    Anyways, where’s the post about Bey dethroning Rihflop as the most Marketable Celebrity lmao!!!

    • Lea April 4, 2017

      Gul bye! How much did beys team pay the tabloids this time? Plus shes almost 40 so its clearly a wrap for your so called queen!

  13. Kendra April 3, 2017

    I love the album like i love the rest. Keep doing what you do and stay blessed???

  14. LadyEmpress April 3, 2017

    Some of you are so jealous and hateful. You dont want no one to win. It must be a miserable way of life for you all. You stay hating on Nicki, Rihanna, Trey and Ciara. Get a life he has a steady fan base. I cant with yall. Yall do this with Nicki and Rihanna to.

  15. rdfadsf April 4, 2017

    i wish people would start supporting all rnb artists and stop hating on the people who are selling more then ur favorite

  16. DanYiel Iman April 4, 2017

    I like a few of his songs, waiting for Google Fiber to take my funds to download a few bops off iTunes…❤️?

  17. Jam Tuesday those dayz April 4, 2017

    Good for him

  18. LB April 4, 2017

    I love this album and I love him. He is so beautiful.

  19. Lea April 4, 2017

    Thats it?! Hopefully he sells more next time if he isnt dropped. #Washed ?

  20. C. NELSON April 4, 2017


  21. BCool April 5, 2017

    Good topic keep it up, I’m a musician myself (up and coming) so this is a tutorial for me.

    Y’all need to also understand that Trey songs literally released this album on YouTube, so basically thousands of fans had easy access to full length high quality songs and can just download them.

    Most artists e.g. Drake release their albums on iTunes first before dropping on free platforms like YouTube, which is WHY drake sells more.

    Trey songs would have sold way more at least 100k had it not been the free bee, overall great album he keeps it black like y’all said and my favorite song was ‘Come Over’

    Beautifully sang

  22. yo April 6, 2017

    he is some kind of a wizard stalker who has magic

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