Mary J. Blige Claims Ex Stole $420,000 – To Spend On New Girlfriend

Published: Friday 21st Apr 2017 by Sam

The implosion of Mary J. Blige‘s marriage to manager Kendu Isaacs continues to play out all sorts of publicly.

Currently in the midst of dirty divorce, the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul has filed new papers pertinent to original petition for the dissolving of the union.

In the latest submission, MJB claims Isaacs took more than $420,000 from her and labelled it “travel charges.”

The singer asserts that said funds were were not business-related and didn’t even include her. It’s her belief that he spent the money on his girlfriend; a girlfriend Mary says was in the picture before their split.

As reported, Isaacs is seeking spousal support to the tune of $110,000 a month – to support his lifestyle, including that of his children and elderly parents.

Mary has deemed the request ludicrous (which it is).

Her latest filing comes after an expletive filled tweet declaring her hate for Isaacs was posted on her Twitter page. She has gone on to claim she was hacked.


Despite the drama unfolding in her private live, the star is pushing on professionally with the release of new album ‘Strength Of A Woman.’ The LP hits stores April 28th.

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  1. Savage_life April 21, 2017

    YO he is a clown in every since of the word. Mary you mean to tell me that you didnt have a prenup?
    I feel like if he cheated he gets nothing. now i see why the rich marry the rich. MARY i wish you the best

    • LISA LEVINE April 21, 2017

      Girl. this guy USED mary. Cheated on Her. Now wants her to Pay for his momma, and bammer kids? Is he a punk or what? Mary, name the Chick in court. Get him girl. Next time; STOP MIXING BUSINESS AND PLEASURE AND GET A PRENUP. You worth Millions and Dumb as a bag of bricks. Wake up, dude trying to live off you with his new H_oe for the rest of his life. Kendu is a PUNK.

      • Ajm265 April 21, 2017

        She has a prenup he’s trying to get it over turned. Claiming he signed it with no attorney advise and he didn’t know what he signed.

    • sincere April 21, 2017

      She did have a prenup, but he’s trying to say “he didn’t understand it because there wasn’t a lawyer present.” *insert side eye*

  2. Odor April 21, 2017

    I only care about the album. Lol. Nobody sells pain like Mary. No one.

  3. DanYiel Iman April 21, 2017

    Sadly we ALL BELIEVE THIS BULL S***!! ?

  4. c April 21, 2017

    why are there so many corrupted people in the world?

  5. travesty April 21, 2017

    Mary can u pls cover tlcs no scrubs???? cos um…..yeah????????

  6. Mrs.tuesday bluer day April 21, 2017

    His kids should get a jobs to support themselves and they are not little children anymore they are over 18 year old what a hot mess hopefully Mary j bilge soon to be ex-husband get nothing so gald that they don’t have no kid together at all can’t wait for Mary j bilge album

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