Report: Lady GaGa To Tribute Beyonce

Published: Saturday 15th Apr 2017 by David

The music industry’s competitive nature often sees artists who are friends pitted against each other by their respective teams and fan bases.

A good example of this? Beyonce and Lady GaGa, a gifted pair whose friendship dates back to 2009.

So, in order to silence fans who seek to build a wall between them, GaGa is reportedly gearing up to honour the ‘Shining’ songstress with song.

Hollywood Life claims to have secured access to a GaGa source.

What said source spilled about her forthcoming Coachella gig?

Lady Gaga is ready for Coachella and is figuring out some surprises to do for her shows. People who are still disappointed that Beyonce will not be there still might get a taste of Beyonce during Gaga‘s performances. Along with singing ‘Telephone,’ Gaga is trying to figure out what classic Beyonce songs she could do for a medley during her show. It is going to be an impressive show all around as Gaga wants to make it different from her regular tour set. She wants to make the surprises memorable and worth it.

Find out how accurate this is when GaGa’s set kicks off at 11:20 p.m. PST tonight!

#NowPlaying: Eartha Kitt Offends the White House.

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  1. HailLegendBeysus April 15, 2017


    • RihBoy April 18, 2017

      RIP Beyonce…..

  2. Pat April 15, 2017

    If she does i’m no longer a fan!

    • I’m Booked April 15, 2017

      You’re A Loser! They Don’t Have Beef! It’s Pressed Stans Like You Who Have The Beef Get Over It!

  3. SMH April 15, 2017

    NO NO AND NO AGAIN. I can’t stress this enough. I will lose ALL respect for Gaga if this is true. The world does not need another celebrity punking themselves by kissing that b*tches asss like that idiot Adele did. Please don’t disappoint me Gaga.

  4. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 April 15, 2017

    Gags fans getting upset lol! You Gags better be GREATFUL Beyonce is pregnant & had to drop out. That’s the ONLY reason she is at Cochella right now. Gaga fans acting all cocky as if she she was the first pick!

    • JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2017

      Stop it! Gaga is a great entertainer enough to lead this event. She could have done it any other year if it hadn´t been this year. The “second choice” thing is ridiculous.

      • BHYISI April 15, 2017

        What don’t you understand about them only picking Gaga, because Beyoncé couldn’t be there? If they wanted Gaga they would’ve asked her in the first place, they didn’t.
        You’re usually the voice of reason but your bias is showing.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2017

        BHISY So what???? LOL Can´t you understand that´s not logical? Beyonce could have been there this year and the next one Lada Gaga could have very well been the first choice (how do u know Bey wa sthe first choice anyway? Maybe they offered to someone else first who said no. You don´t know). She is good enough for that. Gaga being there this year because Beyonce can´t is just a matter of timing. Get the puck over yourself and over Beyonce. She´s not the greatest and the rest the peasants just cos you say so. It´s ridiculous to enjoy music the way you do btw.

    • I said it! April 15, 2017

      Hahaha! She’s is thirsty! She knows she can’t afford to p*** of the beehive. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the Beyoncés fan base is bigger and more established. Lol ? is she jumping again this time? No lies that is was funny. And I dare a bish to get into their feelings today. It’s almost easter ? I’ll resurrect the shade lol!

  5. JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2017

    Guys relax it´s not that serious. It will be fine if she does a Beyonce song and it will be fine if she does not. Many artists so anotehr artist song once ina while to spice things up in this type of events. Beyonce has sung otehr people´s songs too sometimes. I agree the adele asskissing at teh grammys was so absolutely embarrassing though. It was hard to watch and it was disrespectful to the other nominees. I had never seen something like that before.

  6. Josh April 15, 2017

    Yupp. this is for all you petty Bey or Gaga fans that fight with each other over who’s better. im a Bey fan but i completely respect and love Gaga and her music as well

  7. Max April 15, 2017

    The petty stans on Twitter must be fuming lol the cherry on top would be another Bey and Gaga collab just to silence both Stan bases

  8. Meme April 15, 2017

    What a joke. Gaga is just as famous as Beyoncé. Like why? Tribute to Madonna or someone like a real icon. Not your peers sweetheart

  9. Meme April 15, 2017

    You know… I change my opinion. This is a really good look for Gaga if she does a Beyoncé song. It’s very commendable and Gracious of Gaga to even think of doing this. I can assure you the egotistical Beyoncé would never salute another female artist like this.

  10. DanYiel Iman April 15, 2017

    I say why not, did anyone actually watch that video of Eartha Kitt sorry it took my mind away from Lady Gaga & Beyoncé but it would be a treat to see them both do “Telephone” live in the future…?

  11. Rima April 15, 2017

    Gaga please dont the fraud needs to be exposed not praised.

  12. Savage_life April 15, 2017

    I THINK thats a good idea show how much you love the queen mind you gaga been a beyonce fan. Plus the beyhive has been stinging the monsters so its best she does.

  13. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler April 15, 2017

    She’s a part the hive. What do u expect?

  14. MOZAERT April 16, 2017

    Keep on wasting your time fighting against each others, Y’all are silly sheep losers, B&G don’t even care about your bullsh*ts.

  15. Ciah’s Turtle April 17, 2017

    lol now her fans should just calm down

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