Azealia Banks Debut Album Streamed Over 100 Million Times On Spotify

Published: Wednesday 9th Aug 2017 by David

Azealia Banks‘ tales of love, life and aquatic escapades have seen her become quite the force on a streaming front since she hit the scene in 2011.

However, even we here at TGJ HQ would be lying if we said we’d been keeping track of how well the rapper was performing on Spotify, the platform which boasts of having 60 million paying subscribers.

Here’s a breakdown of her stats.

  • Her debut album ‘Broke with Expensive Taste‘ has been streamed 114 million times (114,611,979 to be exact) since it impacted the platform in 2014.
  • Around 700,000 subscribers spin her material on the platform per month.
  • Her breakout cut ‘212′ has been spun 74 million times.

It seems, that despite the heat she faces for her off-stage “performances”, there is still sizeable interest in Azealia’s discography.

Why do you think this is?

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  1. Electrikblue August 9, 2017

    She’s is a creative genius. I would like for her to stay out of these political rants etc until she can get her music back on track. Btw she has a new song coming out this week the official version of Escapades. Also she’s doing a show in New York and LA this month.

  2. Coolio August 9, 2017

    Let the music play

  3. Humpssugarlumps August 9, 2017

    Azealia is VERY misunderstood. She’s very passionate about music and black culture. And when she gives her opinion on different subjects and topics, people always seems to think that she’s a hater, but she’s not. She’s speaks the truth no matter and that’s why some people really don’t like her. All Azealia is asking for is respect and love. Yeah we know she has said some pretty mean things, but she’s human just like us; everyone makes mistakes. Let’s stop trying to put each other down and uplift one another.✊?

  4. Realestinthebando August 9, 2017

    I love ha so much.❤️ Fuckery the haters.??

    • Realestinthebando August 9, 2017


  5. Musika August 9, 2017

    Who needs radio when you got Spotify and YouTube am I right?

  6. Chi Chi’s Yayo August 9, 2017

    I love how David supports the girls the industry haters sleep on.

  7. Liam August 9, 2017

    Well her debut album did slay and her music is good no denying that

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