Christina Milian Scolds Fan Who Questions Her Employment Status

Published: Thursday 31st Aug 2017 by David

Christina Milian is fed up!

Eleven years removed from her last studio album ‘So Amazin‘, the former Def Jam royal now spends her time in Los Angeles hard at work on a number of fashion and beauty-related ventures.

Alas, there are some who argue that the star has abandoned her Pop career, once steered by Jay-Z and L.A. Reid, to become a lazy socialite.

This charge most certainly vexed the ‘Dip it Low’ chanteuse when it was thrown at her by a fan hours ago prompting her to clap and snap back with a statement she hopes will silence her critics once…and for all.



Pop historians will remember that she parted ways with Def Jam in 2006 after ‘So Amazin‘s modest sales prompted the label to pull its resources from her and assign them to Rihanna’s sophomore set ‘A Girl Like Me’.

Its lead single ‘S.O.S‘ was originally penned for the ‘When You Look At Me’ singer.

Why do you think Milian is still yet to release a new album?

Weigh in below…

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  1. Vaseline August 31, 2017

    * c r i c k e t s *

  2. Jeans August 31, 2017

    She is so CC. Cute and corny

  3. Lisa August 31, 2017

    She tried. didn’t work. Her gift is Hosting. She’s still cute, so go Host something on “E” . Music just doesn’t work for her.

  4. ??? August 31, 2017

    lol did this even need to be a post? lol

  5. Merril Owns August 31, 2017

    If you were gonna do an entire post on what she does or doesn’t do, you should’ve included some of her recent ventures and oh I don’t know…talked about the two new shows she’s on. This is really weak writing, blogging, journalism, just all around weak.

  6. Jay August 31, 2017

    Slow news day huh?

  7. flawda August 31, 2017

    She’s living off The Dream child support checks. lol

    • JuicyPrune August 31, 2017


  8. Janriah Houston-Blige August 31, 2017

    It’s not called summer. It’s called child support and escorting.

  9. Faf August 31, 2017

    SHe dropped an ep last year 4 U
    Had the clothing line pop culture AND SHE had two seasons on e
    Before that she hosted the voice
    SHEs like Cassie Except she’s not living off a guy

    There’s plenty of girls doing less (IG MODELS)

    • Aaron August 31, 2017

      She’s also on the Fox show “Superhuman” currently…clearly the girl does work. People are arseholes now.

  10. JohnnyBlaze82 August 31, 2017

    She has some publishing deals with song writing…and that’s where the money’s at!!! She co-wrote Justin Bieber’s “Baby” & J-Lo’s “Play.” I’m not a fan of hers tho….dont come 4 me….lol

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