Beyonce & Rihanna Push Streaming Subscriptions To 112 Million

Published: Friday 1st Sep 2017 by David

Much to the delight of their respective camps Beyonce and Rihanna stand in a very unique position in 2017.

What that is? Unlike their closest contemporaries, the ladies still have the power to move impressive pure sales in today’s market.

Today, their impact has been celebrated by all corners of the music industry after numbers they generated on a streaming front pushed the arena to the 112 million subscriber marker!

The number of paid music streaming subscribers worldwide doubled within the last year with last year’s figure sitting at the 68 million point.

Hits Daily Double adds:

Streaming accounted for 45% of Universal Music Group’s (home to Rihanna) revenue in the quarter that ended 6/30. Revenue was nearly 16% over Q2 2016 to $1.5 billion. Operating income was up 48% $183.3m and EBITDA raced up 38% to $191m.

In the first six months of 2017, revenue is up15% percent to just under $3b; operating income spiked 43% to $335m; and EBITDA saw a 36.5% increase to almost $355m. Recorded music is up nearly 17% to $2.3b; UMPG saw a nearly 11% rise to $431.2m.


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  1. Meme September 1, 2017

    EXactly how beyonce relates to this post? First off Beyoncé isn’t a streaming force. Her music isn’t even available of the 2 major streaming platforms and no one except ghetto ppl has tidal? So explain to be exactly how beyonce is pushing streaming revenue? Beyonce is a consistent album seller but she does not move with the times.

    • Alex September 1, 2017

      @Meme do your research! Lemonade set the highest first week streaming record for a female artist, even though it was only available(and still only able to be streamed in its entirety) on Tidal. She’s still one of the top streamed female artists on Spotify, even though Lemonade is STILL not available there. And as far as Tidal subscribers being ghetto, I guess “ghetto” is the new term for having money since broke MFS like you can’t afford a $10 a month subscription! Lmao! Shut yo hating, ugly ass up!

      • Cake Like Gaga September 1, 2017

        Who cares about a Satan worshipper like Beyonce? Only few illiterate ghettos!

      • Converted Christian September 1, 2017

        Yassss sis…say NO to these Satan worshippers!!! ?

      • SMH September 1, 2017

        @Alex Um, maybe you need to learn to read. The post clearly states that UMG’s marketshare is up. UMG is Rihanna’s home, not beyonce’s. And Tidal’s streaming numbers have been proven to be fraudulent, so Meme is right. This news has nothing to do with beyonce as she isn’t a streaming force. Tgj clearly included her for click bait.

      • Jasmine September 1, 2017

        I agree with Meme.

    • U So Lame September 1, 2017

      Who cares? Her husband must be manipulating the streaming system with auto-play im the Tidal HQ. Dont trust an ex drug dealer baboon! ???

    • Layola September 1, 2017

      These two are the Illuminati club. Cant wait to see them go with drug problems and mysterious death!

    • John Vidal September 1, 2017

      They cant top Celine’s or Mariah’s popularity in the 90s. I seriously pity them all. Those wannabes … SMH! Streaming? People with brain parasites would be impressed like Taylor’s stan ?????

      • Datredd23 September 1, 2017

        Um were there streaming sites available to anyone with a smartphone in the 90s? Oops I forgot they didn’t even have smartphones in the 90s! But I do know one thing Bey and Rih are making way more money for their age then those girls did! Get over it Rih and Bey are the biggest cultural current artists in the world right now

      • Jasmine September 2, 2017

        @JohnVidal The 90s was nearly 20 years ago. You have to get with the times and stop bringing up grandma Celine’s and Aunt Piggy Mariah’s 20 year old accomplishments. Streaming was not even around in the 90s. That is like someone still stuck in the 90s bragging about how their favs sold more CDs to a generation of consumers that mostly stream music…but forgetting that their favs are old enough to be the mothers and grandmothers of current artists. I think back in the 90s there were old-heads from the 60s bragging about how many 12-inch records and casette tapes their fav sold when people that were current in the 90s mostly sold their music on CD format. Get with times girl. LOL

    • Lmfao September 1, 2017

      Beta masonic s** slaves dominating the US music charts. I didnt see that coming.., ???

  2. Michael Okoro September 1, 2017

    The reach man ….hahahahahahahaha. Tryna help Beyoncé Piggy back off Rihanna’s Streaming force.

    • Laqoyah September 1, 2017

      How many c**** Rih have to swallow to get this far? Too many! ????

  3. DanYiel Iman September 1, 2017

    Stop ✋? acting as if Ri-Whine-A flat alto tones are moving album wise as well…??‍♂️

    • Datredd23 September 1, 2017

      Loud is the highest selling album by a female black artist this decade! The reaching to say she is a non album seller is so old by now!

      • John Vidal September 1, 2017


  4. shaderport September 1, 2017

    I call shade.
    the numbers were from China, India and Latin America. this is pure bad reporting

    The number of subscribers a year ago was 68m. Universal, in the last year has seen a 26.2% rise in India, 20.3% in China and 12% in Latin America

  5. Mariah’s Eyes September 1, 2017

    Streaming is lame. What about pure sales? Like Taylor Swift’s new song. Streaming doesnt equal hit or quality. Sad era!

  6. Milla B September 1, 2017

    Music industry is having a dark era. Streaming is a joke and Billboard is a joke!!!

  7. Get Real September 1, 2017

    Since when streaming is the yardstick for hits? Lol

  8. Converted Christian September 1, 2017

    They are illuminati puppets. Not that surprised their streaming numbers are high to cover up their attentions to corrupt youths and teenagers. Repent before it is too late like Whitney, Prince and MJ.

  9. Next? September 1, 2017

    Illuminati c*nts !

  10. Janet Talisoti September 1, 2017

    Good for them. At least their p*ssy worth something and take them somewhere bcause thats the only chart they can be proud of. Lol

  11. No name September 1, 2017

    it doest mean anything. how many record executives holes they have to lick and rim? how many d*ck bey and rih have to worship?

    everyone know in order to reach this level you have to give up your morals? nothing is free in this industry. it is a sad industry…

    ask kanye!

  12. TabithaLee90s September 1, 2017

    Who cares… sales and streaming are political. As long you can sell your soul to the devil, everything will look glossy on the charts. Music industry in the US is so corrupted these day. Thats why nobody open their wallets anymore! ??

  13. Erica September 1, 2017

    This was all Rihanna you h*** added Beyoncé in this the foolery of this post

  14. Theman September 1, 2017

    Streaming is whack. Most of those streams have nothing to do with the US. These artists ain’t making no money from that..

  15. Theman September 1, 2017

    Also, you are a flip flopper. U just wanted a reason to throw Beyoncé into the mix. Now, Rihanna has good pure sales. LOL .. Flip flopper…..

  16. Datredd23 September 1, 2017

    YALL are so mad at these beautiful black queens it’s ridiculous. Will say anything to discredit their success but wanna hate on Trump for the same type of s***. Hypocrites!

  17. #TeamTinashe Stan (DaniLeigh Is Coming ???) September 1, 2017

    From the moment I saw the post I knew it was David that wrote this smh.
    How does this relate to ONLY Beyonce & Rihanna?
    Adele is the biggest artist on Columbia not Beyonce.

  18. Dingell jones September 1, 2017

    Ok it’s time to let some other rb girls win,

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