Erica Campbell on Trump: “I’m Praying For Impeachment”

Published: Sunday 15th Oct 2017 by Rashad

Unlike sister Tina Campbell (who recently braved a backlash for her open support of President Donald Trump), ‘Mary Mary’ star Erica Campbell is not exactly a fan of “The Donald.”

Yet, while she is not in favor of Trump and his widely reported antics, that has not impacted her coming to the defense of younger sister, Tina.  Taking to her radio show, ‘Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,’ the ‘Help’ hitmaker said:

“I appreciate my sister’s [Tina’s] boldness. This is America.” “We should be free to say what we want, and not be vilified or bashed.”

Erica made sure to remind listeners she does not share her sister’s stance:

“I’m praying for impeachment,” Erica told Essence.

This man is not our God, and God has given us instruction for this man, which is to pray for him. So me saying I stand with him means I pray for him, even now,” she said. “I disagree with almost every decision the man is making but I still pray for him because he took an oath to represent this country. And we can say, ‘He’s not my president.’ But he’s still the president of America and God gave us a responsibility to pray for him.”


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  1. DanYiel Iman October 15, 2017

    We all are Erica Campbell!! ??‍♂️

    • Fact Checker October 16, 2017

      No we are not! I wouldn’t sit by and smile while my Sister spoke IGNORANCE and FOOLISHNESS on National TV without respectfully stating I had a difference of opinion on the matter.

  2. Bam October 15, 2017

    In short she’s saying “please don’t lump me in with my crazy a$$ sister”!

    • Fancy BISH October 16, 2017


    • stan October 16, 2017


  3. Jasmine October 15, 2017

    I agree with Erica. I hope he gets impeached.

  4. Casual October 16, 2017

    I want to know why Erica Campbell wants Trump impeached. She’s more conservative than he is (and way more than any true Democrat) on social issues, and she probably couldn’t tell you anything accurate about his foreign or fiscal policies. Hmmm . . . At least Tina admitted it and stood in it, and I respect that.

    • Bam October 16, 2017

      Why would anyone want an immature, sexual harasser, racist, war fueling president impeached? And don’t presume to know Erica “at home I dance for Warren Campbell” Campbell if anything she’s way less conservative than her sister and probably her fan base, going by their reality show.

    • Yolanda Anderson November 2, 2017

      I agree! Trump had to come into the white house and removed Islamic paraphernalia and put Jesus back in. You’re a Christian Erica. President Obama celebrated and allowed everything that we stand against but you supported him why because he was black. You should just sing and keep your opinion to yourself. Let us continue to love you as a celebrity and a woman of God and stay clear of the politics.

  5. Fact Checker October 16, 2017

    Too little too late! You said nothing when your sister released that foolish letter in January. Erica said nothing when Tina made her comments about voting for Trump because of her Christian Values and she sat beside on The Real and said NOTHING while her sister doubled down on her Ignorance. So no you don’t get to make a minimalistic statement weeks later and that be sufficient. Your silence made you Complicit the same as Ivanka. Mary Mary is STILL CANCELLED and just like your sister had freedom of speech to vote for and defend a Misogynistic, Bigoted, Homophobic, Racist, Xenophobic, Classist Predator we have the same freedom to feel adversely impacted and betrayed by her actions as well as her boldness to continue to stand by them as he further divides and regresses this country.

  6. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott is the G.O.A.T. October 16, 2017

    Such hypocrisy in that statement, if her sis wants to cling from orange balls go head the bish… but we have the right to drag her by that dry a$s yaki too!

  7. Devone Oliver August 21, 2020

    The USA has only one commander and that is President Trump. As a saint God said for us to pray first of all supplications.prayers.intercessions.and Giving of made for all men…I TM 2.1..See verse 2.If we bash and bad mouth the person we are praying can God be pleased with our prayers??? Our mouth can be our hindrance to our blessings…Just pray and trust God to enable us to lead a quiet and peaceable life In All godliness and Honesty..Bro Oliver in Atlanta Ga..Love your ministry

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