Jay-Z To Take Over ‘The Weinstein Company’?

Published: Thursday 12th Oct 2017 by David

Harvey Weinstein is finished.

Unable to combat and kill claims he raped, bullied and ruined many of Hollywood’s leading ladies, the producer now finds himself flung from favour and forced to watch stars he is said to have silenced speak up and out against him.

Now, a new report claims that Jay-Z has his sights set on replacing him.

Details below…

Jay partnered with Harvey to build a number of socially conscious movie projects as part of a first-look deal with the company the producer has now been booted out of.


TMZ reports:

Multiple sources connected to Jay tell us … Jay, along with several other investors including a famous movie producer and a billionaire, are talking about purchasing Weinstein’s 23% interest in the company.

Our sources say Jay wants his relationship with the company to continue and grow, and since Harvey is out he’s looking at acquiring a substantial equity stake in the company.

If true, the purchase would see and his wife, the superstar Beyonce, expand their reach and influence within the entertainment industry following their respective wins at several labels and film studios via their work in music, film and television.

What do you make of the reported move?

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  1. Coolio October 12, 2017

    Thats a good look i hope so.
    Some will hate but jay about to do it for the people.

    • TruthHurts October 12, 2017

      Do exactly what for the people? Y’all are obsessed with The Carters, meanwhile you’re working a minimum wage or low paying job…SMH

      • Coolio October 12, 2017

        First bruh im not obsessed with anyone. Why cant i be happy for a black man who always do it for the people? Why dont you learn how to be positive.
        Oh and as for my job just know we eating good over here. Best wishes.

  2. China October 12, 2017


  3. Meme October 12, 2017

    THe biggest opportunist and vulture around. Dude sit your ole aszzz down and enjoy the money you already have. Too damn greedy.

  4. Achooo! October 12, 2017

    Just because a person has money to acquire things doesn’t mean a person has the acumen to help operate businesses. Jay-Z does not have the education nor business acumen to run or operate an empire. Tidal and Roc Nation are examples of failed businesses from Jay-Z.

    • Meme October 12, 2017

      Exactly. Like didn’t he learn anything when he was so quick to acquire Tidal and didn’t know anything about the streaming world. This is not a good idea. The different is Weinstein is a pioneer in the movie industry. Jay has the money but need to leave that alone.

    • DanYiel Iman October 12, 2017

      You named those businesses & they’re not failing at all!! ✌??

  5. The Wig Snatcher October 12, 2017

    I have to give it up to Jay because he is the most ambitious Black male entertainer I have seen since Michael Jackson. Though that company is tainted right now, all will be forgiven once Jay takes over. Go ahead, Jay!

    • SMH October 12, 2017

      Lmao that’s funny.

    • Meme October 12, 2017

      Screaming!! Lolol. THis

  6. SMH October 12, 2017

    Meh. I’m more interested in Diddy’s bid to buy the NFL. Where’s that post at? lol.

  7. Hmm October 12, 2017

    Get em Jay! This is a good look and I hate that so many people take it as a negative.

    Literally this is for the culture but anytime a black
    Man or woman starts actually sitting at the table, people want to start bashing them. Continue tr great work you guys are doing

    This could be a game changer for many in the industry. We could have more “AA” films with big budgets because of this. The content development for our people…there’s sooo much that could b done.

    I’m all the way here for it.

  8. Bam October 12, 2017

    Well we need minorities in big positions like this in order to help get minorities in better non-stereotypical roles. They should probably change their name now…

  9. Gee October 12, 2017

    He will acquire a percentage along with other investments as he did with the BK Nets. So he will not be taking over anything he will own a piece of the 23% that Weinstein just lost. I doubt that he will be calling any shots but if they wanna seem otherwise than why not.

  10. DanYiel Iman October 12, 2017

    His money is green right & surely he doesn’t mind building wealth for his families as well!! ?

  11. MessyJessy October 12, 2017

    Jay Z is probably the smartest rapper. He took his brand to a level most rappers could only DREAM OF. And instead of being happy that a black man is on top, creating, thriving, living his dream and creating opportunities for others, ya’ll choose to hate. That’s why jews succeed. They stick together and blacks do not.

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