Brandy Reveals Sam Smith Collaboration

Published: Saturday 25th Nov 2017 by Sam

Brandy may not have released an album in six years, but it doesn’t mean she’s not working on new music.

The Vocal Bible has experienced a few hiccups along the way (including a legal tussle with her label), but is moving forward with a little help from…Sam Smith.

Dive below for details…

The 38-year-old is gearing up for a tour of South Africa next month and during a press interview revealed that she’s worked with the Brit chart sensation not once but twice.

Speaking on her upcoming material, she said:

“[I don’t want to] put herself in a R&B box. I love hip-hop and jazz. It all makes sense to me and my reentry into the music industry.

I worked with Sam Smith for the first time four years ago, and then again recently. And now I’m one of his biggest fans.” [Source]

Smith took to Twitter last year to share his love for B-Rocka’s then-new single ‘Beggin’ & Pleadin.’ He wrote:

We’ve been oh so thirsty for new Brandy music and this sees our anticipation levels ascend.

Your thoughts?

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  1. ??? November 25, 2017

    Lmao vocal bible? lmmfaoooo

    • ozeryahu November 25, 2017

      Yes, the vocal bible she is amazing. ☺️

      • ??? November 26, 2017

        Lmao and who told u that, the tooth fairy? Lmmfaoooo ?

      • BAM ! November 26, 2017

        We are millions around the world to call her “vocal bible” soooo… you can laught all you want but don’t worry, there is no harm in being uneducated 😉

      • California November 26, 2017

        ?????@..”We are millions around the world to call her “vocal bible” ????? You Brandy fans are on the same drug that Brandy’s on. I can’t ??

    • RCW November 25, 2017

      Ok! I said the same thing when I read that ???‍♂️

    • No thanks November 25, 2017

      ?? only her delusional fans refer to her as such. Hilarious ?

      • Simo November 26, 2017

        You people are deaf cyber bullies. Honestly, that voice of hers is a god given talent that knows no boundaries whatsoever + her tone and placement is one of the most interesting tones in popular music ever. Even if you don’t like her denying her talent & influence would be extremely foolish and ignorant

      • No thanks November 26, 2017

        ? One of her delusional tone deaf fans. Be gone crazy ?

      • BAM ! November 26, 2017

        No thanks doesn’t like Brandy but he’s right here, talking s*** about her. Your life must be soooo miserable to waste your time spitting your poison everywhere. I feel sorry for you.

  2. Sweetnothings@78 November 25, 2017

    Thankfully she will release new music. Someone with real meaning and timeless music.

    SOME people (on here) need to remember some (real) artists are not here for c****** pooping to sell records.

  3. Ispeakfacts November 25, 2017

    Too bad in this day & age no one cares about “just vocals” u have to have the whole package!

    • Cough Cough November 25, 2017

      “Whole package” as in sing, dance, act, model, have your own blockbuster tv show, etc? If you’re going to say “I speak facts” then at least look them up…. brandy does it all honey and has covered more lanes than pretty much any large artist, all before she was 21…

      • Ispeakfacts November 26, 2017

        @ Cough Cough

        Never said Brandy wasn’t talented… but she lacks the biggest thing that matters when it comes to black female entertainers this generation! I think u know what im talking about!

    • @Nate November 25, 2017

      Yeah, Brandy invented “whole package” in her prime. Platinum albums, hit tv show, covergirl commercials, merchandise(brandy barbies), Movies. She not only did it, she did it well.

      • Ashley November 25, 2017

        True because I’ve been a fan of Brandy’s music since I heard “Brokenhearted” between her and Wanya but I guess those Harmonizers don’t know what good music sounds like in this bubblegum pop industry.

  4. Martaevia La’wayne November 25, 2017

    The album is about to come!!??

  5. ?? November 25, 2017

    She did so good on that track with Jhene aiko I cant not WAIT to hear what Sam and her comes up with.

  6. Chocolatebox777 November 25, 2017

    I never really considered Brandy a great singer until these last few years.Her voice is like no other even Monica acknowleged that.

  7. thanosoftitans November 25, 2017

    Come through B-Rocka! <3 Brandy.

  8. DanYiel Iman November 25, 2017

    Technically she’s a great vocalist but she’s not selling like before….??‍♂️

    • BAM ! November 26, 2017

      So you’re not going to listen to her next album JUST because she doesn’t sell as much as before? Come on, forget about the sales for a minute and just enjoy the artist. I know a lot of artists who sold millions and millions of s***. They sold a lot yeah but we all know that the majority doesn’t always have the best tastes so.

  9. Kim.Kesha& Pam November 25, 2017

    We prefer Monica & Beyonce, but good luck Bran!

  10. No thanks November 25, 2017

    ??? @ the “Vocal bible”. More like the “Vocal pamphlet”.

    • BAM ! November 26, 2017

      You’re so pathetic man, unbelievable

    • Vi November 26, 2017

      ?? Not the vocal Pamphlet ?

  11. Cough Cough November 25, 2017

    Come through Vocal bible

  12. Realtalk November 25, 2017

    I think/believe if brandy was not jealous of many others artists her music career would be in a better place. She along with the likes of Tamar oh so wants to be beyonce but my opinion is be yourself and work hard like Mrs. Carter to achieve all the accolades and much honors she has receive this far with more to come of her legend status as one of he greatest all around entertainer of her generation. Brandy is a good singer, I just don’t know what has happen to her career and why she is having problems expanding her career. Tamar can sing but her so f**k up personality makes it hard for her

    • Cough Cough November 25, 2017

      Brandy was the first black covergirl, The first black Cinderella, top SELLING black female artist, Grammy winning, prime thins tv show having, modeling, Barbie doll having, top of the charts having girl in the game, movie screen debuting all before Beyonce was singing bills bills bills. Beyonce definitely is accomplishing things Brandy hasn’t but there are plenty of things Brandy has done that Beyonce could only dream of- like be a good actress. You’ve no idea what ur talking about

      • JUAN VIDAL CORDOBA November 26, 2017

        The first what? Are you forgetting Whitney Houston? Brandy is great. Her biggest asset is how speical and different her voice is, and also her looks are special. But boy, you may be lucky if you find someone outside of America who knows or remembers who Brandy is, same with the delusional people who think Aliyah was that big. Most people around the world don´t know who she was either.

      • JUAN VIDAL CORDOBA November 26, 2017

        Anybody is a better actress tahn Beyonce though. Even Mariah is lol Whitney definitely was. Brandy is. Janelle has turnt out to be a damn great one. A real good one, not just “ok for being a singer”. Celine is. Gaga definitely is only by looking at some pieces of her music videos… yep, anybody 🙂

      • eric November 26, 2017

        @JUAN VIDAL CORDOBA. About Aaliyah, have you visited every continent and discussed Aaliyah with “most people around the world” to be able to make that claim? What IS true is that Aaliyah’s music sold well before her death and continues to sell “around the world”. Some of her music was released exclusively outside of the U.S. before it was made available in the States, which again goes to show that there is a market for people who know Aaliyah all “around the world”. New and old artists here and abroad are STILL sampling her voice and music, and maybe you didn’t hear she has her own MAC line coming out next summer. Just because YOU don’t know as much as you think you do about Aaliyah doesn’t mean others don’t.

      • JOHNVIDAL November 26, 2017

        eric Look the stats are obvious. And I do live outside of America at least. You probably don´t.

    • Truth teller November 25, 2017

      Brandy is nothing but an insecure, nasty, bitter, unhappy individual. She basically shades everyone on instagram,..from Kelly Rowland, Serena Williams “which is why she wasn’t invited to the wedding”, Monica, Beyonce, Niecy Nash, Celina Ebanks, and others. All of this, her nasty attitude, her killing that women, her constant lies, etc, are most likely the reason for her down fall, which is deserved.

      • Cough Cough November 25, 2017

        Well that’s fine. I’m not her friend, all I worry about is her musical and professional contributions. Now if you want to be delusional and pretend like you have any type of insight or relationship with a millionaire you’re never ever going to meet or truly know anything more Than speculate about- that’s fine… ur entitled to that delusion. All I know is she’s on Broadway, she’s still able to tour, release music, perform on award shows and is worth millions… with the level of criticism you offer I’m sure you have accomplished much more so kudos to you, miss thing..

      • Truth teller November 25, 2017

        Lol cute. Everything I stated is fact, and well documented. So you can take your b*** hurt rants that your labeling up and down this post, and save it. Better yet, go listen to one of her many flop albums.
        Bye ✌

      • Truth teller November 25, 2017


      • Cough Cough November 26, 2017

        K. I’ll be checking for your next release, babe. iTunes?

      • Truth teller November 26, 2017

        Lol I’m not a musician dumbass, but your flop fav is, who btw hasn’t seen any type of chart, nor >has been< lol anyone checking for her next release.

        Now stop rambling, and go book a seat on that subway tour she's been known for.

      • Cough Cough November 26, 2017

        So you’re on iTunes, right? Release date? Glad that you’re so much more accomplished to give such accurate advice/critiques.. slay a bit, miss thing!

      • Truth teller November 26, 2017

        LOL dumbass.

      • Cough Cough November 26, 2017

        Happy for your success, honey. Slay a bit, babe. Crazy you have the humility to take time out of your boomed schedule to come to TGJ. You haven’t let your success get to ur head!

      • BAM ! November 26, 2017

        Well said Cough Cough ahah

      • California November 26, 2017

        @Truth Teller, they can’t handle the truth ?

  13. WhiteNigga101 November 26, 2017

    Wait…. Who is Brandy?

  14. Jackson November 26, 2017

    Lmao, Vocal bible? Only fat gay black men believe that mess. Because she sounds like a chronic smoker gargling rocks when she sings.

    • BBHMM November 26, 2017

      Well i guess Jazmine Sullivan, Teyana Taylor, Jhene Aiko, Jordan Sparks, Solange, SAM SMITH, & countless others are fat black guys.

      • Bmcc November 26, 2017

        Lol Propaganda. Neither one of those singers referred to her as the vocal bible.

  15. JUAN VIDAL CORDOBA November 26, 2017

    Brandy´s voice is really special, very unique. But to call her vocal bible has always sounded crazy and not accurate to me.

  16. RoyalKev November 26, 2017

    I see the same insecure stans visiting posts with write-ups on artists they continually bash over and over! Seriously, why keep giving it the time of day?! To bring up random artists? If you know your fav is the s***, then act like it! These pressed souls find any opportunity to name drop the same dried up people they stan for in post that have nothing to do with them! Anyway, I’m eager to hear this new Brandy project! She makes great albums and never disappoints!

  17. 4everBrandy_Ci November 26, 2017

    Brandy is great and will always be. I care less about the trolls commenting on Brandy. She makes great records. All of her albums speak for themselves. The day I saw her in concert really grew my love and appreciation for her as a fan. It’s sad how these stans bash other artists for doing the exact thing. I mean you can appreciate the records without the tearing other artists down mentality. I support a lot of artists besides Brandy. I love them as much as her. The main thing is I want Brandy to capitalize off her legacy by doing more records. Also she needs to tour frequently because she does have fans all over the world. It’s not just the U.S. but still maintain her contribution to what she’s done. I think we’re ready for a new album. It’s been a while since “2/11”. The album is a gem in my book but I wished she put out more singles from it. But the circumstances with her promotion and management had issues. Regardless Brandy is still acknowledged with her impact. #STARZ

  18. Dooley November 26, 2017


  19. Vi November 26, 2017

    Wait, what, Vocal bible? ? Please stop this madness

  20. 4U2See November 26, 2017

    OMG! Thanks be to God. Brandy spirit in her voice is smooth like butter. I can’t wait to hear this collaboration. B-rocka we are here for you. Ms. Norwood thank you again.

  21. Joe November 28, 2017

    YESSS VOCAL BIBLE!!! Shes amazing I love me some Brandy! So excited for whats to come

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