Beyonce Credit Removed From Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ On Billboard Hot 100

Published: Monday 15th Jan 2018 by Sam

Ed Sheeran‘s ‘Perfect’ reigns atop of the Billboard Hot 100 for a 6th week – but one component is noticeably absent: Beyonce. 

Full story below…

After 5 weeks of co-billed slayage, ‘Perfect’ has reverted to being billed  as a Sheeran solo cut on almost all Billboard charts.

And while some may be scratching their heads as to why, the explanation is pretty straightforward.

Upon its first week of release, the duet version served as the most dominant in sales and streams. It also delivered majorly on radio, where it was being plugged as the primary version of the song.

However, with the initial buzz quieting, Sheeran pounding the promotional pavement solo, and the video for the original continuing to gain traction, this week marks the first week where the collaboration version is no longer contributing the bulk of sales, streams, or airplay.

The sole chart where the duet remains co-billed is on Rhythmic Songs.

Nonetheless, all versions will continue to count towards the song’s Billboard performance. Additionally, the pair’s 5 week stay together remains intact in the record books.

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  1. TaylorDuh January 15, 2018

    Lol well damn, there is a lesson to Bey learned here.

    • Question January 15, 2018

      You do know that Bey is pronounced Bay right? Its no big deal but I never get why people write it like that and think that it’s pronounced Bee. Her name is Be-Yoncé.

      • Ksj January 16, 2018

        I’m actually upset 😂… that is false

      • Sarah January 17, 2018

        Bey is pronounced as bay. Bey is bee

    • portuga January 16, 2018

      musica e do ed normal direito vão para ele….ela sou cantou gosta dele tem o carinho especial aceitou cantar…

  2. TeaOnly January 15, 2018

    Flop! They need to give her credit on the UK chart. The perfect Duet is what’s holding the song at #1. Its above the Original on every metric. Ed is King of SCAMMING the charts. Flopga and Rihorse are SHOOK!!!

    • Spaceman January 16, 2018

      That doesn’t actually jive with the UK chart rules. They only credit remix artists if the original wasn’t already successful. It’s the reason why Bey wasn’t credited on Mi Gente either: both Perfect and that song were already in the top 5 before the remixes came out. And by the way, the Duet is doing way worse on iTunes right now than the original version.

  3. Rome January 15, 2018

    The Beyoncé fans are so desperate for her to get a #1 that they are so quick to label this a Beyoncé record. No. It’s not. It’s his record and he asked her to be on it after the original version was already released. Just like this site continues to label it as a Beyoncé and ed song. I know it’s hard to imagine her last number one was single ladies. But please stop trying to discredit another artist just to praise Beyoncé.

    • TeaOnly January 15, 2018

      Nobody is deseperate. The only desperate ones here are the ones who continuously feel the need to talk about it being a feature when it’s not labeled as such. It is a duet, which grants her as lead on the charts. Whether y’all like it or not, rules are rules. Beyoncé is a lead on the track whether she wrote it or not, whether it’s on her album or not.

      Also the song was never released as a single until late September. Ed stated the duet was recorded in September and he asked her in July.

      • Spaceman January 16, 2018

        “rules are rules” — I guess it just bothers me when people pick and choose when they want the charts to follow the rules. For example, you said earlier that the UK charts should credit Bey, even though that would violate their rules. It seems no one here really cares about rules/consistency, they just go with whatever makes their favorite artist look more important.

    • Jasmine January 15, 2018

      It is a Beyonce record. I am not a Beyonce fan but I see the reality is that Ed asked her to be on the duet version and she complied. It was billed as a duet and not a feature. Since Beyonce is the more popular artist then naturally people will call the song a Beyonce and Ed duet and that is essentially what his label sold the song as.

      • Adele4Life January 15, 2018

        Since when is Beyonce more popular than Ed?
        You do realize he s been outselling her ever since he release his debut album right?


      • Jasmine January 15, 2018

        @Adele4Life I am not hear to argue. To me Beyonce is much more popular. I do not know Ed’s work that well and his music does not appeal to me. On the hand, I do not like Beyonce’s last album but she has earlier hits that I do like which charted very well. Beyonce is the bigger artist and more popular because she has been around a lot longer. Beyonce is a legend whereas Ed was using her fame to revitalize a single that had already died down.

    • Nikki January 15, 2018

      You do realize Beyoncé makes #1 albums. Who cares about a song?

    • JoeJoe January 15, 2018

      Bey fans are always desperate but let me spill some true tea that even her fans don’t realize. Beyonce has only 2 solo no.1s in her whole career, all the rest have features. Her vocals or music were never good enough where she could do it on her own. Lemonade barely sold over 2 million copies worldwide. For her to be the so called Queen (nobody knows of what) that is an awfully low number.

      • Danny bey January 15, 2018

        And her longest run at #1 is Irreplaceable (“solo” as you put it) with a total of 13 weeks more than any of her songs “solo” or “features”.. congratulations you played yourself dumbass

      • Question January 15, 2018

        You mean the song she claimed to have written until Neyo let the truth be known that HE not SHE wrote the record? And JoeJoe’s point still stands.

      • RoyalKev January 16, 2018

        Two million copies? Even Wikipedia list Lemonade’s WW total at 3 million (and that’s late)! Beyonce has featured artists on her #1 songs, which doesn’t give them equal billing as a lead. She’s done a “duet” many times before and this is always notated by seeing the word “with” (ex: Beatutil Liar “with” Shakira, Until the End of Time “with” JT). Once you see “with”, “and” or “duet with” it’s equal! Period!

  4. Attack _It_From_The_Back_Miss_KittyKat January 15, 2018

    Let’s be real… This was never her song

    • Its me Gowrl January 15, 2018

      Ur name suggest u a sissy. Punk

      • Attack _It_From_The_Back_Miss_KittyKat January 16, 2018

        I’m a female lol… my kittykat only attack diicks tho so stfu u C.U.N.T!

  5. Late January 15, 2018

    This is a very misleading title!
    What I initially gathered from the title was that her name/credit was wiped out entirely from the song, which is not the case.

  6. truthtea January 15, 2018

    Payola only takes you so far, Beyonce!

    • TeaOnly January 15, 2018

      What Payola? She doesn’t even acknowledge the song. If any one was doing the Payola it was Eds team. I mean he released like 8484662782 versions of this song. 💀

  7. Attack_It_From_The_Back_Miss_KittyKat January 15, 2018

    Instead of starting drama over Ed’s song… how a about the hive inspire Bey to stop leeching and get her own #1 single?

    • Jasmine January 15, 2018

      I’m sure someone as big as Beyonce has many number 1 songs already.

      • Attack _It_From_The_Back_Miss_KittyKat January 15, 2018

        Not compared to her peers… and she been in the game since Bush was president.

      • SMH January 15, 2018

        Guess what? She doesn’t.

      • Jasmine January 15, 2018

        @Attack I am not a Beyonce fan so I do not know how many number 1 songs she has but I would have to imagine that she has plenty by now and she also got some when she was Beyonce and Them (aka Destiny’s Child). I am not here to argue on who has the most singles because I simply don’t care.

    • RoyalKev January 16, 2018

      Beyonce doesn’t need 10 or more #1 singles, she still managed to accumulate 41 weeks at #1 on BBH100, which places her 7th of all time! That’s with only 6 songs! ‘Irreplaceable is one of ONLY 38 songs to stay at #1 on the BBHot 100 for 10 weeks or longer! Bey’s also in the record books (with Destiny’s Child) for ‘Independent Women’ accomplishing the same feat!

  8. Mya January 15, 2018

    She still got a 5 week #1 single with Perfect. Plus it’s about to drop to number 2 anyway. She WON *giggles*

  9. MessyJessy January 15, 2018

    i never understood this new format anyway. So a person can just keep releasing remixes and the song will go #1 ?

  10. Stephy January 15, 2018

    This is so stupid. The charts are so fraudulent and pathetic.

  11. Attack _It_From_The_Back_Miss_KittyKat January 15, 2018

    Embarrassing… Here arguing over another singer/artist music because your fave fails to garner her own number 1 hit single for a decade. If he wants to remove her he has that right.

    • Caleb January 16, 2018

      It has nothing to do with what he wants, it’s just how the rules work. Plus she helped him get #1 for 5 weeks so I’m sure he’s thankful to her.

  12. @KurtisLeeSinger January 15, 2018

    She needs to do a video with him it’ll go back up because of YouTube Views

  13. Suicide Blonde January 15, 2018

    I keeps hearing that the original version was doing better, don’t know how much that it’s true though, anyway, she got what she wanted, a #1 hit.

    • Caleb January 16, 2018

      Well for 5 weeks the original was not doing better. Now it is.

  14. Hmmm… January 15, 2018

    Yeah. This is stupid. Ed is definitely scamming. Everything about the charts and certifications is fraudulent these days.

  15. Francis January 15, 2018

    I’m sorry, but her feature made this basic song a #1, Ed is slaying the charts, but this one wasn’t meat to be number one, the buzz surrounding their duet made it a hit.

    I don’t why the haters are constantly bashing her, what Ed did is perfectly normal, his song needed a little push to get the number one spot. Rih did the same with S&M (Remix) when she invited Britney, Katy invited Kanye for E.T. and the list goes on.

    • Francis January 15, 2018

      * I don’t understand

  16. Danyboo January 15, 2018

    Saying this isn’t a duet is like saying Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney say say say wasn’t a duet or to say Whitney Houston and Mariah Careys hit when you believe was not a duet either.(Michael/Janet Jackson MarvinGaye/TammyTerrell Lionell Richie/DianaRoss)

    The duet made the song’s sales and promotion rise and subsequently garnered the billboard hot 100 accolade. A number 1 peak position. You just can’t take that away whether it was one week or five.

    That’s neither here nor there beyonce like I try and tell you haters, has know reason to be pressed over making radio hits she is Beyond that. This is Ed Sherans, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift time to slay.

    Beyonce ruled 2000-2010 a whole decade as the number one artist, again, OF AN ENTIRE DECADE B****!!! MOST #1s MOST WEEKS AT NUMBER ONE. B**** don’t play. Beyonce is legendary.

    Beyonce is 20 years into her career and still relevant Please stop trying to knock her. It is empressive that already in this decade beyonce has Garnered 3 multi Platinum number one albums. Where she gotten over 10 top twenty billboard hits to carry into her stage act . beyonce alone in this decade has sold over 600000000 dollars in ticket sales. She has had three children directed an HBO Documentary about her life. Co owns a music streaming service. Created a hotly sought after women’s athletic clothing brand. Need I say more.

    Your faves are trying to make a platform, a be a global force a powerful entity. Not all will succeed so anyways there numbers are cute but beyonce is not pressed she doesn’t need promotion. She is a popular and a globally recognizable brand. One picture can stop the world or one album let’s be honest. She is the Queen stop trying to come for her.

    • MissImpartial January 15, 2018

      The songs that you have listed are REAL duets. This song however was just re-recorded. There is a difference🙄

      • Hmmm… January 15, 2018

        Really? What’s the difference? Because When You Believe was re-recorded. Mariah and Whitney didn’t write it. Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell didn’t write Ain’t No Mountain. Lionel Richie wrote Endless Love by himself. Diana just offered vocals. So what’s the difference??

    • ??? January 15, 2018

      Lmfaoo um those were REAL duets by REAL artists, not desperate roaches piggybacking off of a remix for a hit. you wrote that whole dumbass essay for nothing, stupid roach lmfaooo🐜🐜🐜

      • Danyboo January 16, 2018

        Beyonce is in the top 10 of most #1 songs for any artist tied with Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder yall acting like she’s just basic my girl has 6 consecutive soon to be 7 number one albums yall speak on her name like she’s just basic she’s a legend

  17. hell naw January 15, 2018

    Where I live, they only play the solo version. The trash hive is seething.

  18. LiLi’n’RiRi January 15, 2018

    I’m confused. It’s a fricken remix, not that complicated guys…

  19. MsYonce January 15, 2018

    Well Bey already spent 5 weeks at #1 and she now has 6 #1s so everything is good..

    • daclassyman January 16, 2018

      Right she needed a white pop singer to hit #1

      • Oliver January 16, 2018

        And the white pop basic singer need the queen help to back him up and make sure to go to number 1. And the queen say I’ll put my voice on that’s it u do the rest of your job I have my kids to take care . And the white pop singer bow down .. crickets what else . Do your job and make the song from Beyoncé and ed number one for 7 weeks 😉😉😉😉😁

  20. Oliver January 15, 2018

    Jajaja who cares or not the queen is taking care of her family and still on the top of billboard for 7 weeks soon . Ed sheran do ur promotion . The queen has no time for it . Lol . Haters where are you I want you to keep doing your job make it stay on top .. blablabla crickets queen beyonce is unbothered

  21. The Wig Snatcher January 15, 2018

    Watch the Black millennial feminists scream racism in their “think pieces.” The thirst is real. LOL

    • Caleb January 16, 2018

      Literally no one is doing that, but if it makes you feel better to believe that…

  22. ??? January 15, 2018

    Lmao ed got sick of roach hanging from his balls for a hit. so he sprayed raid on that b*tch lmfao. why dont the rest of you bedbugs tell that desperate insect b*tch to make her own hits and we won’t have to keep having these conversations and dragging her desperate ass lmfaooo 😂🐜🐜🐜

  23. Oliver January 15, 2018

    Oliver January 15, 2018
    Jajaja who cares or not the queen is taking care of her family and still on the top of billboard for 7 weeks soon . Ed sheran do ur promotion . The queen has no time for it . Lol . Haters where are you I want you to keep doing your job make it stay on top .. blablabla crickets queen is Slaying ..ed sheran do not get rid beyonce did not care don’t forget ed sheran ask her even beg her . crickets. Blablabla

  24. Allure Searles January 15, 2018

    Wow that’s unfair why discredit beyonce if she was featured on a song with Ed sheerdan what’s up with that I know the beyond hive will probably be pissed about this smh lol

  25. KingMe January 15, 2018

    Let’s be clear, he didn’t go #1 until Beyoncé was featured. But I digress

    • GurlWepa1989 January 15, 2018

      The song was already charting in the top 3 worldwide before the remix, and it was climbing. Look at these past couple of weeks for example, his original version has been outselling the Beyonce version. So please safe BS.

  26. GurlWepa1989 January 15, 2018

    First of all the song is better without Beyonce. it would of been number one without her. She takes herself on to get a number hit in which she hasn’t got one in almost a decade. Ed is a talented musician, who play multiple instruments, write and produces his own records unlike Bey who has choreographerS and bigteam behind her. She can dance her b*** off and sing well but that’s about it. She didn’t invent anything new. Taylor and Adele still trump of Beyonce anyday.

    • Oliver January 16, 2018

      You totally wrong . Singing Beyoncé outshine both . Dancing outshine both . Touring outshine both . Trophies outshine both . Relevancy outshine both . Légendaries praised they not even in the bank .s*** ´ georgous none of your Come closed .. your basic white singer u mention only are they because of their skin color crickets . And they move away when. The queen is in the room ..

  27. daclassyman January 16, 2018


  28. Mase January 16, 2018

    The song was BIG without Beyonce already and was doing just fine. He didn’t need her for a number 1 because it was already in the top 5 of the hot 100. I only listen to the original version because it’s better so let’s not act like Ed hasn’t been dominating radio and charts.

    • Caleb January 16, 2018

      It was not in the top 5 before her, it was in the top 20.

  29. Mase January 16, 2018

    Like I said .. she wasn’t needed in this song.

    • lynn January 16, 2018

      Sounds about right👀

  30. fatusankoh January 16, 2018

    I both that song because of Bey only so sad they treat her this way

  31. audreyherbsburn January 16, 2018

    first of all… she should have a credit on both versions of the song considering he borrows the entire melody from beyonce’s rendition of “ave maria.”

  32. We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill – tyler January 16, 2018

    She’s still credited for those 5 weeks tho. So y’all haters can stay mad lol. Shes spent sooo many weeks at number 1 and she didn’t need 55777 songs to do it. Beyonce has staying power.

    • Spaceman January 16, 2018

      “She’s still credited for those 5 weeks tho” — no she isn’t. Billboard deleted her credit from ALL of the online charts, new & old. They even deleted her credit on Rhythmic Songs.

  33. LB January 16, 2018

    So the Hive are telling me Beyonce can’t get her own number ones?

    I mean why cling on someone else’s song?

    The hive can simply forget this and give her another number one song, simply enough.

    FACT: Beyonce was simply DESPERATE

    • Danyboo January 17, 2018

      If Beyoncé wanted a number one song she would be on every show for promotion from Ellen to Carpool karaoke to SNL to the view to the real to every award show she never attends. She would be everywhere but she doesn’t need that boo she already has the power to fill up a stadium. These girls make there 💰 bag from publishing, tickets sales, production credits. The radio is to promote an artist music for a live act the song won’t make money forever unless you promote it continuously throughout your career. Girlfriend is still collecting checks from crazy in love #1 baby boy#1 check on it#1 #irreplaceable#1 single ladies #1 #billsbillsbolls#1 say my name#1 independent women#1 bootylicious#1. So boo, she’s highly capable. What other artist from the 90s is being sought after to collaborate with ill the new and “up in coming”. I’ll wait. I bet you Ed Sheran called beyonce to be on the song not the other way around… and nothing against ed sheran he’s great but beyonce is the reason the song has reached a broader demographic of people not just all the little rich white girls in suburban America. Stop trying to down play this global force. Like she said she can calm down a war that’s just how power she is!!!

  34. My Opinion January 16, 2018

    I love Ed as an artist and I love Beyoncé as an artist! I am glad to see that they both collaborate with other artists.

    I don’t see the reason to compare the two on this thread in a battle of who is better.

    No one person has everything!

    Beyoncé and Ed both have respectable careers. Beyoncé has now reached the status of icon where little girls and boys can now imitate her and Ed is extremely respected amongst his peers and fans alike but not on an iconic level.

    He shouldn’t be compared to her and she shouldn’t be compared to him. They are two totally different artists. Beyoncé is a Tour de force even if you don’t particularly like her music or choices. Ed is an incredible singer/songwriter/musician and doesn’t have the style or music that needs big stage shows, choreography and costume changes.

    Ed won’t get a beauty contract with L’Oréal and model and have perfume fragrances and all of what Beyoncé has so if Ed has more #1 singles or albums it is fair. No one person has a monopoly on everything!

    It all depends on what your preference is. I like them both! They should never be compared.

  35. StarXavi January 19, 2018

    never heard her singing on the song when this song was played on the radio….only heard ED…so i get this.

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