Chart Check [Hot 100]: Justin Timberlake’s ‘Filthy’ Falls Out of Top 20 In Week 2

Published: Wednesday 24th Jan 2018 by Rashad

If they’re anything like us, Justin Timberlake fans are simultaneously excited and confused by the rollout of his new album, ‘Man of the Woods’ (February 2), and its singles.

Kicked off by the funky cut ‘Filthy’ (and a kickass futuristic video to accompany it), the song could barely make an entrance on the Hot 100 before the Grammy winner was unveiling its follow-up, ‘Supplies.’  Now that ‘Supplies’ has had a few days to grace iTunes and Spotify charts respectively, Timberlake and team are already announcing its successor, ‘Say Something’ (as we reported here).

And, while the second of the trio of tunes has yet to make its Hot 100 debut, its predecessor started the race at a lofty #9 placement on the chart last week thanks in great part to sales.  Much like ‘Supplies,’  however, ‘Filthy’s figures on the streaming front have proven lacking on a number of outlets – a feat that speaks directly to the Timbaland & Danja-produced cut’s 20-spot drop on refreshed charts this week.

Is this a signal of things to come?  Time will tell.  Until then, check-in below to see who joins him this week in the top 30:

Hot 100 This Week

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  1. Jj January 24, 2018

    Justice for janet

  2. Jasmine January 24, 2018

    I’m sure Justina is seething her stolen bareback mountain concept did not appeal to the masses. FLOP

  3. Jeans January 24, 2018

    This is worst than Katy’s witness era .

    • Elio January 25, 2018


  4. TruthTea January 25, 2018

    :Truth Tea:

    This wreaks of Katy Perry-era failure already. Inundating us with singles and then seeing what sticks does not work (or keep you relevant).

    • Fancy BISH January 25, 2018


  5. Fancy BISH January 25, 2018

    Chile, prepare for Supplies to flop even harder! Hardly anybody is watching the video (it only has 9,000,000 worldwide views), and NOBODY is streaming it on Spotify! And how the hell did he not work with Max Martin when Max gave him his only #1 this decade? Yaaas, ya’ll forgot he didn’t have one #1 last era! The pen is dry hunnie…did he really think these two duds were going to work?

  6. Chris January 25, 2018

    The song sucks ass

  7. Suicide Blonde January 25, 2018

    If Beyoncé can have a successful album with all her singles flopping, so can Justin, so calm down haters, y’all worry too much, he’ll be fine.

    • A Bey Thang January 25, 2018

      Bey’s singles had impact! #TheDifference

      • Suicide Blonde January 25, 2018

        BESIDES, Formation, what impact her others singles had?, and I’m not talking about Twitter stans referencing her songs in every Tweet or hashtagging #GetInFormationGURLSYASSS.

      • DanYiel Iman January 25, 2018

        Suicidal trash will always be mad at Beyoncé he’s disturbed!!

    • XYZ January 25, 2018

      The rollout was completely different though. You could see from the singles he chose that he wanted to have a chart success on the singles front, while Beyonce aimed to sell her album, not the singles. Justin seems a bit lost this era, which I seriously don’t understanding regarding that his last hit was like the song of the summer. Guess he should have worked with different producers this time. Timbaland is just washed up and annoying and Pharrell somehow lost his mojo in the last two to three years…

      • Meme January 25, 2018

        This is untrue about Pharrell. Pharrell produced song is currently #1 on the charts (Havana). His Migos produced Stir fry is a hit, so honestly it’s just JT. I do feel he should have worked with other producers tho.

      • Suicide Blonde January 25, 2018

        I don’t think he’s that interesting in chart success, not with this type of music, besides, the idea was always to drop three singles before the album released, he announced that before releasing Filthy, so, if he would have been interested in singles success, he would have focused on one single at time, I think he just want to release the album without promoting the singles properly, he’s using the super bowl and his tour to further promote the album, his main focus is the album, that’s how I see it.

      • Bells January 25, 2018

        SAVE IT Suicide trash, your flop fav is full of himself, so he wanted the single chart success, hence why he’s on his second or third single already. And the audacity of you calling anyone a hater, when your soul milk ass stay in every Beyonce post talking s***, you dolt

      • Bells January 25, 2018

        *Sour milk a//

      • XYZ January 25, 2018

        Thx @meme, wasn’t aware that he produced those songs.

        As for the rollout. Yes, he did not focus on one single, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t want them to succeed. Filthy is kind of mainstream, weird, but more mainstream. Guess he just thought that he is now at a status where he can put out music and it shoots to number 1. and that didn’t happen. Seriously, I would have never thought that there would so little interest in his new project as it it (his vevo views?, does even anybody care?) and Yes, I‘ve heard that the plan was to release more singles before the album, which is a thing that Taylor Swift did with her last albums and though not being promoted, the majority if not all of her songs went at least into the top 10 of iTunes, whereas supplies is nowhere to be found. Actually I don’t know why people lost as much interest in him as they did. Personally, I was quite hyped when he announced his album, but I lost the hype with the first two songs, which are horrible to say the best. The snippet of the new song sounds interesting though.

    • Bells January 25, 2018

      Btw, you’re stating in the beginning that he was going to release two or three singles to begin with, just him playing it safe just in case if the first single choice FLOPPED.

    • Me Again… January 25, 2018

      It’s quite obvious you’re. It really white suicide. I can’t see why people can’t see through it. You’re just one of those self hating black people who probably never gotten attention, ugly as h£ll, and only some white people befriended you, so you spend your miserable life on a blog that cators majority to African culture, and you try to bash us anyway you can, knowing in the real world, you wouldn’t step to any of us in our face. You’re definitely not about that life. Sorta like Sandra Rose, another self hating insect, except she happens to run a blog. We see through you suicide girl….Oh, and don’t put him in the same category as Beyoncé. He will never be on her level.

    • iamdiego January 25, 2018

      We will see!!!! I’m hoping the album is good. The first Release of 20/20 was actually great imo. Justin is no Beyonce though. She had impact in the hood, but if you went to one of the stadium shows you would see that there were mostly white ppl there, and they were singing every word to those “flop” singles. I’ll remind you that most of the songs were not on any streaming platforms but tidal. #impact

  8. Mark111 January 25, 2018

    A flop is near. Meanwhile Ed and Bruno singles from a 1 & 2 years old albums are doing well. So there’s no excuse.

  9. Kevon January 25, 2018

    For some reason or another I used to like JT, ask my self just why I just can’t take this guy no more . I just don’t know,I don’t even want to see his pic

    • Bells January 25, 2018

      I’ve never liked him. I read him from the beginning, he disturbs my soul.

  10. DanYiel Iman January 25, 2018


  11. Cornbread January 25, 2018

    I understand artistic growth and all, but no one wants backwoods country pop music from JT. Stick with what you know sis….

  12. SMH January 25, 2018

    It’s called KARMA kids, no need to overthink this. And she’s just getting started.

  13. Kyle January 25, 2018

    Broken down English Miss cardi b ⬇️ will fall off the charts soon

  14. Bahii January 25, 2018

    If this is karma for a decade plus old event. Then I guess 21 Yrs old,discipline, and unbreakable are karma for acting innocent in the whole matter.
    The new music just isn’t that great and JT is older. He is on his way out. Artist do have expiration dates.Pharrell has a #1 single on the top of the charts right now. Timbaland is the stale one.

  15. Bruhman January 25, 2018

    Justin Timberlake is loosing himself trying to keep up with the younger generation. It’s like there’s no need for him when they have young and fresher male pop stars like Bruno Mars, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber etc. He is nearing 40 and he needs to stop trying to appeal to the Breezy fan base or the Taylor Swift fan base. This all seems to try hard and he’s getting lost in the mix.

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