Final Figures Are In! Lady Gaga’s ‘Joanne’ World Tour Grossed…

Published: Thursday 15th Feb 2018 by Rashad

(Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Despite its bumpy road to the top (see:  postponements & cancellations due to medical issues, etc.), Lady Gaga‘s ‘Joanne’ World Tour was named the highest grossing female tour of 2017.

And, while European fans were ready to get their latest taste of what the diva had to offer on stage, the top of this month brought with it news she was forced to cancel the remainder of the tour due to “severe pain”  (click here to read more).

Though abrupt, the trek’s final curtain call has allowed analysts to tally its overall grossing figure.  See the numbers inside:


With final box office counts reported by promoter Live Nation, the overall gross from the run reached $95 million based on 841,935 sold tickets at 49 performances.

Compared to her earlier major arena tours: Monster Ball (2009-2011), Born This Way (2012-2013) and ArtRave: The Artpop Ball (2014), the Joanne jaunt produced higher gross averages than on any of the earlier tours, according to Billboard’s Boxscore archives. Her grosses in arenas were 7 percent higher per show on Joanne than on Born This Way and even higher on the other two — 28 percent higher than Monster Ball and 35 percent more than ArtRave…


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  1. TeaOnly February 15, 2018

    Flop! Beyoncé outgrossed with just w0 dates! ?

    • Tori February 15, 2018


      • TeaOnly February 15, 2018

        Ew an illiterate ghetto bum who can’t understand a typo. #yuck

      • Mariah February 16, 2018

        Flopanne … ????

      • Bey is Illuminati Puppet February 16, 2018

        “The Tour of 2017!!! Not!!!!

        Celine’s is the female touring artist of 2017!!! ???????

        #Payola #RIPLadyGaga

      • Salma February 16, 2018

        monster flop, flopped this way, floprave, flopanne!!! rip

      • Lady Gaga Is A Fraud February 16, 2018

        Lady Gaga, once again is misleading her ridiculous fan base by continuing to say she’s focusing on herself to get well. I’m not sure you monsters quite understand the seriousness of the rare disease she claims to have. I’m sure you all believe her so here’s what in store, here’s what’s to come. A symptom Fibromyalgia is Cognitive brain dysfunction.

        – permanent forgetfulness and memory problems.
        – concentration difficulties and attention problems
        – poorer verbal fluency and verbal knowledge
        – difficulty in focussing
        – impaired judgement
        – impaired ability to perform simple cognitive tasks
        – slowed or altered speech and other speech problems.

        How on earth is the poor thing going to dance if she can’t remember the choreography? How will she sing if she can’t pronounce the words?

        You poor b****** will be lucky if she ever tours again.

      • Bey4ever February 16, 2018

        Her fans are just as mental as Trump’s. Cult. The Trump of Pop.

      • Elise February 16, 2018

        Wasn’t Gaga’s performance at Grammys a hot mess snoozefest that no one was talking about?
        No one’s bothered about Gaga she will soon fade again.

    • Retribution February 16, 2018

      How is it a flop when every date was sold out? Gaga slayed that tour and if she didn’t have to cancel some dates because of illness she would easily have done 110+ million. Beyonce did a stadium tour and Gaga did arenas so of course Beyonce outgrossed her. It’s basic math…like duh….

      • Oliver February 16, 2018

        Nop it’s not basic math duh??? Stadium or arenas make no difference . 49dates 98 millions .. beyonce almost the same dates 1/4 billions . Please she will need to do almost 3 times to gross same as the queen . Cricket please

      • Godele February 16, 2018

        Celine Dion shows sold more than Flopga!!! ???

      • Bey is Illuminati Puppet February 16, 2018

        Queen of flop ????

      • Bey4ever February 16, 2018

        And this is why I’m glad for everything bad that happens to Lady Fibriomalgia! Her minions are the worst ever!!

      • John Vidal’s Father Loverboy February 16, 2018

        Stop forcing this old flop whöre on us.
        She… Flopga is well known for a flop and will always be a flop! Who would want to pay 300 dollars to see a rat at the circus???

    • Retribution February 16, 2018

      I’m not even a Gaga fan but you two are just stupid. Plain dumb. Basic math tells us that Gaga played for 17,000 people on average per night. For an arena, that’s a huge crowd every night and you can’t fit many more people in there. Beyonce, on the other hand, played for 45,700 people every night because she played in STADIUMS which hold almost 3 times what an arena does. So yeah it is basic math and you should learn how use it.

      • Truth Replenish February 16, 2018

        #LadyGaga has yet to go on a tour in which she averages more than $2 million dollars per show. In 10 years, she could never do this.

        #dead #RIPGaga #PrayForGaga #Joanne #JoanneIsDead #FlopAnne #flop ???????

      • Opssss February 16, 2018

        She should retire with Uncle Tony!!

    • Jasmine February 16, 2018

      @TeaOnly Get real. You cannot compare Beyonce to Lady Gaga. Beyonce is Queen B. Lady Gaga is a diva in her path but Gaga has a couple more tours before she is at Beyonce’s level tourwise and Beyonce has a couple more tours before her fame and motivation to do huge tours starts dwindling down. Compare Gaga to Katy Perry.

      • Dave February 16, 2018

        I’d be as mad as you if my fave, in 10 years, had multiple tours canceled due to low ticket sales. Kinda sad how ever new cancelation, Gaga needs to come up with a new illness to excuse her failures.

        Even more telling is how her fans, gagatards like you, come to this page as soon as you hear about her flops and cancelations.

        No wonder Gaga has been sent to Las Vegas at this stage of her career! ????

        Dead as Joanne!

      • Kiah February 16, 2018


      • Jasmine February 16, 2018

        Hi Dave did you even read my comment or are you just automatically assuming that you are the only non-Gaga fan on here? Don’t assume I’m a Gaga fan just because I typed some truth tea. I’m a realist

    • Salma February 16, 2018

      Want to talk about #facts and numbers?

      @ladygaga certainly is the #QueenOfFlop: her #JoanneWorldTour has the #lowest box office for an artist touring after a #SuperBowl halftime show in this decade!

      #Flop #FlopAnne #Joanne #JoanneIsDead #ladygaga #VegasAct

    • Tataye February 16, 2018

      She’s a perfect delusion !

  2. Jasmine February 16, 2018

    Vincent Herbert and Troy Carter must be seething at how much money he lost by not managing her anymore.

    • RIP Lady Flopgaga February 16, 2018

      I thought it would be a great time to remind all of our new little monster followers what a “good person” lady gaga is seeing as they continue to send me psycho messages “SHE’S A GOOD PERSON” they bemoan.

      In 2011 lady gaga was SUED for 3.1million pounds for keeping money that she promised to donate to the Japan earthquake relief, Yes little monsters, that’s right, Lady gaga charged her own fans £2.50 for shipping for a Japan relief bracelet but shipping only cost her 31p, she kept the difference and made a profit. Lady gaga’s OWN FANS sued her because she cheated them out of their hard earned money. A lawyer that worked on the case (Ari Kresch) says: “we filed the lawsuit after being contacted by Gaga fans who felt they had been cheated. ‘Other stars will encourage you to donate to a legitimate charity like the Red Cross but Lady Gaga took it upon herself to collect the money and did not turn it over”

      Lady gaga lost the case and was ordered to pay back the money she allegedly stole.


    • American Abroad February 16, 2018

      Her last #1 hit was before Troy Carter left. Good decision to leave this Lady GagGag!

      • Bey4ever February 16, 2018

        All of her fans are seriously psychotic, desperate assholes. This does nothing for Gag

  3. Datredd23 February 16, 2018

    Nice figures ! Anti tour did 107 million though and you guys called that a flop ! Double standards much lol

    • Jake February 16, 2018

      They were both flops . At this point in both their career they should STILL do stadiums and not go from stadiums to arenas .

      • RihArmy February 16, 2018

        She’s faking it. When a project is bombing she conveniently has a fibromyass flare up and uses that as an excuse to cancel it. The only pain she ever gets is dope sick when she has withdrawal in between drug binges. Thats Lady Gaga!

      • John Vidal’s Father Loverboy February 16, 2018

        Don’t get too cocky, remember Bey the Illuminati slave Bathomet w****, she made all those girls on stage hail and worship her, and then she was humiliated worldwide, losing all those worthless grammys. Lol
        If gaga’s tour sold out, take it easy, because she is the blueprint for “one day you are at the top, and the next you are a nobody” LMAOOO.

    • John Vidal’s Father Loverboy February 16, 2018

      Ok. Gaga discounts her s*** more than anyone else. Therefore she is discount Queen. #FACTSONLYBeetch

  4. Mark111 February 16, 2018

    Hahahahahaha! The Cutters were talking all year as if this tour passed 200M and was dissing Anti World Tour.

    • Jasmine February 16, 2018

      Shut up ho

      • Jasmine February 16, 2018

        Yeah tell her!

      • Hmmm February 16, 2018

        You ain’t Jasmine…Latina chick. Give it up

      • Hmmm February 16, 2018

        All this effort you’re using to create multiple fake “Jasmine” accounts should be used to educate your IGNORANT racist a s s.

      • Jasmine February 16, 2018

        YAWN! I think i’ll take a nap after reading that boring comment. But am I surprised it is Hmmm commenting. Bless her basic self.

      • Suicide Blonde February 16, 2018

        I’m sorry I keep impersonating Jasmine. I am on meth which makes me very vulnerable and my obsession with Jasmine is getting the best of me.

      • Suicide Blonde February 16, 2018

        I don’t know why I can’t quit my Jasmine impersonation addiction. I know I am making a fool out of myself because it is very obvious that it is me Suicide (aka the man behind that fake Latina chick account) doing all this. I take this blog site seriously because I have no life, no job, and no money to afford my trans-formation. I hate women, especially those that are opinionated like Jasmine so I’m going to keep impersonating her with my evil asss because she has everything I wish I had.

      • Jasmine February 16, 2018

        I want to suck your nut juice!!!

      • Jasmine February 16, 2018

        ATTN EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I ask that you please disregard all of the offensive, racist, disgusting, and defamatory comments from anyone using the user name “Jasmine”. Anyone that has gotten to know me on here knows that I would never condone or tolerate racist, disgusting, and offensive comments of any nature.

        Furthermore, I believe Suicide Blonde is doing this to me out of retaliation because he believes someone is impersonating his account. I want to be clear here and state that I would never stoop so low as to impersonate that thing.

        Thank you for understanding and God Bless.

      • Jasmine February 17, 2018

        Hmmm you will be the next racist to exit this blog!

  5. RihArmy February 16, 2018

    She’s always had impaired judgement as she thinks all her shows are sold out ???????????

  6. Dave February 16, 2018

    The evidence pointing to poor ticket sales for former pop star lady gaga, resulting in the tours cancellation.

    – Lady Gaga wasted no time at all reporting her touring numbers to billboard when dates in the US sold out/made decent money. Billboard published that data within A WEEK of the show.

    – None of the already performed European dates have been published or released to billboard for publication and it has been more than A MONTH, why? Because even if she doctored the numbers to show “sell out” the GROSS money made doesn’t lie. Math folks, Math.

    – The last show lady gaga was able to “push herself through” was FILMED (to sell, later) Isn’t that LUCKY monsters? THE MOMENT the filming was done and her contractual obligation was met she suddenly fell ill.

    Lady gaga expects you all to swallow that it was just a coincidence she’s not reporting ticket sale data at the same time she suddenly fell ill at the exact moment her contractual obligation was met. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?! Her fans deserve better, oh wait! no they don’t.

  7. Opssss February 16, 2018

    Canceled tour like Lady Gaga!

    Flopping show like Lady Gaga.

    Losing Grammys like Lady Gaga.

    Breaking hips like Lady Gaga!

    I LOVE that song!

  8. Elise February 16, 2018

    Her numbers are nothing to be proud of. The Super Bowl proved she is not a skilled or technical dancer, we’ve seen better before, vocally she is no Mariah at her prime, not even Christina or Bey, she is at Pink’s level or Kelly Clarkson. When it comes to songwriting, the decline is real without redone,it’s just not as catchy and fun as it was.
    She is good, but let’s not act like she is this ground breaking genius artist. Gaga is just a hype powered by aggresive marketing.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 16, 2018

      Yeah that´s why she had the best Superbowl performance in years and also the best oscars performances in years too. She is obviously one of the most talented in mainstream TROLL!

  9. Kiah February 16, 2018

    I pity her. To prevent her tickets from selling in Groupons.. she is inventing another disease.
    Poor girl..she should get married and pop out babies!

  10. JOHNVIDAL February 16, 2018

    She obviously did amazing demand wise. A different story is that her pains are looking more and more like they are going to prevent her from doing big tours sooner or later. But people were here for it. The cancelled parts were sold.
    She did better than Rihanna still these days with no radio hits in years so the few comments here trying to say otherwise are invalid.
    And the one troll always in Gaga posts under different names means nothing obviously too.

    • Datredd23 February 17, 2018

      Out of all pop stars to mention u mention Rihanna! And no sweetie actually she didn’t do better then RIhanna not even with Super Bowl hype! Not album sales not single sales nothing she has done has OUTDONE Rih in the last 7 years! So sit please

  11. DanYiel Iman February 16, 2018


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