Remy Ma Fires Vince Herbert As Manager

Published: Wednesday 7th Feb 2018 by Sam

It’s officially a wrap for Remy Ma and Vince Herbert – just as we hinted at last month.

Full story below…

Citing sources close to the rapper, TMZ reports that Remy gave the industry honcho his pink slip for failing to be the “super manager” he promised her would.

Word is that Vince’s attention was diverted to other places other than the femcee’s career – namely the public drama between him and estranged wife Tamar Braxton.

Per the report, Vince is accused of struggling to deliver on on basic managerial duties such as booking studio time and scheduling performances.


One has to wonder how this’ll impact the campaign for her album ‘Seven Winters & Six Summers’ – which is already underway.

In any case, Remy’s new single ‘Melanin Magic’ is out now…

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  1. Just_blaze February 7, 2018

    Okay remy get your self together i need this album to be lit.

  2. Liam February 7, 2018

    Just release it indie get the coins and keep it moving

    • STAYFRESH78 February 8, 2018

      Shes already signed….how she gonna release indie lol

  3. James February 7, 2018

    I was wondering when Remy would come to her senses — or better yet w he cznhy she even enlisted him in the first place. While watching “Tamar and Vince” I was wondering why Vince had such an inflated opinion of himself as a manager. It was obvious he didn’t fulfill his duties when he failed to keep up with Tamar’s engagements and inform her of what was going on with her career. He may have “discovered” Lady Gaga but that’s about the most notable thing he’s ever done and he seems to harp on that single feat.

  4. Paulo February 7, 2018

    well that was fast

  5. Your Name February 7, 2018

    Remy is never gonna pop off… she’s corny and her flow is terrible.

  6. DS February 7, 2018

    Where are all her fans (aka the Nicki haters) ’cause her stuff doesn’t seem to be connecting with audiences.

  7. Tori February 7, 2018

    I’m glad people are finally seeing between the lines. I use to wonder why Epic and Streamline dropped the ball on “Calling All Lovers” but i found out as soon as “Bluebird of Happiness” was dead before it even had a release date. People were saying “it’s Tamar’s fault! It’s Epic fault! It’s LA Reid fault!” When in reality, Vince wasn’t even trying to be a good manager. He moved both the release dates back, WITHOUT telling Tamar. Remember she found out CAL was pushed back, the day of its release. He didn’t push her singles, he was late releasing her videos. They a whole video for “Pieces” in 2014 and never released it, as well as “Circles” and “Catfish”. BOH has 11 videos shot and ready but he definitely won’t release them now that they’ve divorced. I remember how he kept saying HE MADE lady Gaga who she is, yet she fired him as well! Gaga, Toni, Tamar AND Remy, and not to mention ALL the artists and group he start with on T&V that never went anywhere.

  8. MusicLife February 7, 2018

    A big issue also is the songs as singles with Lil Kim and Chris Brown are just really bad. Well not that bad but not radio hits. She needs something as catchy as “Conceited” was.

    • Its me Gowrl February 7, 2018

      B**** please! WMU is the ish. U basic ho

  9. Meme February 7, 2018

    It doesn’t matter the manager or label. She’s has always been and will always be a flop. She’s just not marketable, her or her angry sounding music. Her angry rap style only worked in nickis disk track but that 15mins fame is over. Bye bye

    • Its me Gowrl February 7, 2018

      Nicki, is that u?

    • Tori February 7, 2018

      Nicki! You post on here but not Instagram? Where you been?

    • Imanibrown9 February 8, 2018

      I can not breathe ????? her anger is not marketable u know what i low- key agree i see her running to roc nation like Jay Z finna help her manly self … no we got so many fresh ones up next personally i like Asian Doll shes mad cute and respects nicki minaj so much which i rate highly

  10. Mastermind February 8, 2018

    Remy career is never going to take off. Doesn’t matter the team. She’s just not an “it” girl. Hope she enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame. Because she has already peaked!

  11. Ocean February 8, 2018

    confused as to why this is news now when she said she didn’t have a manager weeks ago!

  12. Caribbean Native February 8, 2018

    Not like your music will ever be good because ur flow is wack

  13. IAMME February 8, 2018

    WHO CARES…..

  14. Imanibrown9 February 8, 2018

    Proof that u can never win playing dirty how dare she get on that bet stage n diss nicki how dare she… now God will show her just how tough it is to win she should have been kissinb nickis asss then nickis fanbase mayhave got behind her
    She got gassed and believed in her own hype
    Cardi has played it perfectly never dissed nicki n kept nickis name out her mouth entirely thats how u win!!!!

  15. SMH February 8, 2018

    Sorry but now that Cardi B is the new hip hop It girl, Remy can forget it.

  16. February 8, 2018

    So we blaming the managers now too…..

  17. Suicide Blonde February 8, 2018

    Remy Ma is a great rapper and her husband Papoose is fine!

    • Its me Gowrl February 9, 2018


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