Celebrities React To Beyonce’s Epic Coachella Comeback [Rihanna, Adele, & More]

Published: Sunday 15th Apr 2018 by Sam

With the world still trying to catch its collective breath after Beyonce‘s breathtaking performance at Coachella, so too are her industry peers.

Head below to see reactions from the likes of Adele, Rihanna, and Chance The Rapper to the slayage (which included a Destiny’s Child reunion).

RiRi, who was physically in attendance was spotted getting her life:


Adele, who like millions tuned in to the live stream, couldn’t contain her excitement.

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More from others below…

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  1. mr.m April 15, 2018


    • DanYiel Iman April 15, 2018

      Sounds about white!! Your a fool especially since she is doing what she loves to do!!

    • Jason April 15, 2018

      Enough about you!! Let’s talk about Bey!

  2. Yeah I said it… April 15, 2018

    Man I have never been the biggest Bey fan, but always admired her talent as an entertainer, and definitely in the lead of males and females of this generation, but she just cemented herself in the league with the legends of yesteryears. There is no way you can deny this woman! She is the epitome of what I love in a true entertainer! GO BEY!!!!

  3. Datredd23 April 15, 2018

    Glad to see Rih supporting after Bey supported her Diamond Ball!

    You can tell Rih was having a lot of fun and was their on business making money moves with Fenty Beauty and Puma aswell

  4. Doug April 15, 2018

    Bey show seemed so forced and she lacks any emotion. She did this as a machine. Good but for me it was a bit too much. And all that marching… too many dancers and s***. Simplicity is the key.

    • Beystansince1997 April 15, 2018

      Clearly you have no knowledge about HBCH (Historically BLack Colleges/Universities). Marching bands, steppings, majorettes/dancers are what makes those colleges and it’s culture unique!

  5. Stephy April 15, 2018

    No one can touch her on that stage, period. She has showed once again that her talent, as a performing-vocalist (in heels), is unmatched. Bey studied the greats and became greater, like Michael Jackson said to do. I view her now as the greatest entertainer, live on that stage, of all time. Surpassed Michael and Tina Turner imo.

    • SMH April 15, 2018

      LMAO. The delusion is real and alive in here.

      • Faf April 15, 2018

        She do the same dance to trap beats what’s the difference???

        And destinys child already reunited at the sb

    • Guest April 15, 2018

      As a live performer. Probably. The amount of stamina and breath control she has is ridiculous. Nevermind the fact that Beyoncé’s songs are far more difficult to sing than Michael’s. And people get on Beyoncé when she does lip sync but, they don’t know that Michael lip synced for the better half of his career?? Michael’s number 1 at being inventive though.

      • Jokers April 15, 2018

        Shut up.
        Beyonce will never be as good as Michael or Janet.
        Stay deluded, clown.

      • Guest April 15, 2018

        Profound… Don’t worry. I used to have trouble expressing myself too, but once I turned 5 it all kind of fell into place, you know?

      • JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2018

        Jasmine one of the few comments from you I can TOTALLY agree on.

      • Jasmine April 15, 2018

        Thanks JohnVidal. I’m glad it is the real JohnVidal and not these trolls. BTW it is definitely Suicide Trash Blonde that has been trolling as me, you, and others.

    • JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2018

      What LMAO she is not the greatest ever. What have you smoked???

    • Jasmine April 15, 2018

      At Beyonce’s current age Janet was doing the All For You Tour….a 2 hour live show with Janet dancing in heels the entire time and singing live! Beyonce dances a full minute and literally just stands there for the next 5 to 10 minutes. The complexity of Janet and Michael’s routines are unmatched. Chris Brown is the only artist of this generation to demonstrate the ability to do Michael and Janet’s complex routines! Bey is great as an entertainer but she is no Michael or Janet. The heels, numerous dancers, special effects, etc are all a distraction for Bey to paint the illusion she is a great dancer but simply put she is an average dancer with recycled strip club routines and an average vocalists. Tina was both a vocalist and a dancer and demonstrated that every time sans the distractions Bey uses.

      • OLivier April 15, 2018

        Sorry Janet do not wear heel n Janet can’t sing .. most of her mic stick on her head .. oh yeah Beyonce surpass all of them .. hell yeah mj Janet j Tina turner Madonna all do same song same routine ..but beyonce did that way better .. hAters enjoy it while it last

      • MovieAmi April 15, 2018

        Did you say “singing live?” LOL Hush.
        Janet (and Michael) always armed themselves with backup tape. Their mics were only live for talking.

      • Jasmine April 15, 2018

        Olivier I am not a “hater” you simpletone. I like Beyonce too. I just refuse to be small minded like you and make false claims like she is a better performer than Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson was at her age. That simply is not true. The proof is on youtube:


        Where is your proof that Beyonce has ever outperformed MJ or Janet? I posted mine supporting Janet and I will post one supporting Michael next. Clearly in my video proof:

        1. Janet is indeed wearing heels the entire concert

        2. Janet is singing live over a playback track just like Beyonce does. Janet wears an earpiece because she needs her arms free to do her complex dance routines Beyonce is incapable of doing.

        3. My evidence proves how in shape Janet was and that toned muscular yet feminine body was needed to pull off her complex routines. Beyonce just got a tummy tuck (photos prove her belly button was reshaped from the tuck) but Janet put in hard work at Beyonce’s age to be in great physical shape for touring.

        4. Janet sounds very good live so pretend like Beyonce is some Aretha Franklin when all Beyonce is vocally is a countrier sounding Kelly Rowland.

        5. You don’t see Janet dancing for only 1 minute and then standing there for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Janet is a REAL dancer. Beyonce is a poser.

        Case Closed. Love on both Beyonce and Janet but don’t be a liar and say Beyonce is better than Janet. There is no evidence that supports that.

      • Jasmine April 15, 2018

        Michael Jackson singing live the ENTIRE concert and dancing at the same time. Respect all the legends yall and dont pretend like your fav is better than your favs’ idols.

  6. ??? April 15, 2018

    lmao somebody needs to tell bitin’ ass roach to give Janet her state of the world tour walking stick back lmfaooooo

    • Beystansince1997 April 15, 2018

      Stick? So Janet Jackson invented sticks! Dummy that stick is what Drum Line Captins use in all major bands which is what she was paying homage to HBCU’s…… Y’all haters and mad but even more DUMB ????????

      • ??? April 15, 2018

        lmao yeah right bug, roach has done the march of 1000 roaches in her show before and she never used a walking stick back then. nice try bedbug, your roach queen will always be a thief lmmmfaoooooo

      • Guest April 15, 2018

        Lmaooo. That didn’t even address her comment?? By your logic, Janet was biting when she’s used the walking stick too? You’re dumb af. Lmfaoooooooooooo

  7. SMH April 15, 2018

    This was pretty much the pinnacle of her smoke & mirrors schtick, bells and whistles on steroids. The thing that makes MJ, Tina & Prince the Greats of Stage is that they didn’t need to go into maximum overdrive with the stage distractions to please the audience; all they needed was the mic and their talent. There’s a reason why the saying ‘less is more’ exists.

    • Beystansince1997 April 15, 2018

      Beyoncé killed it last night and her homage to HBCU’s was excellent! Y’all girls writing novels and essays to discredit her work never surprises me lol! Stay mad….. ????????????

    • JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2018

      They were original and unique I must add. That´s what realle makes them special. Beyonce is a great performer anyway though. But the place she has reached is more due to hard work and especially years and years of business-building and lack of competition more than her talent alone. This era with effects greater than ever also helps the current artists to shine.

    • Teflon Boy April 16, 2018

      In fairness to Bey.., Coachella is not the stage to turn up to with a mic and an acoustic guitar. People want a SHOW and she more than gave them one. I’m not the hugest fan of Beyoncé but criticising her for not doing a boring ass unplugged is short sighted and delusional. After giving birth to twins she needed to come back like a Beast and she Slayed.., anything less would not have worked.

  8. blue April 15, 2018

    the hive is really on a mission to try and over blow this as more than it was. it’s practically hilarious with all the “with this performance she has really cemented…”/”she has now surpassed…”

  9. Well now April 15, 2018

    Yes, Beyonce is extremely talented. However, everyone really needs to calm down about how great this performance was because it was very much of the same just with 100 people dancing behind her and marching. my issue is that today’s generation looks at Beyonce think she’s created everything or has done something before anyone else has, well sorry to say this but Madonna, Michael, and Janet have all done this before. that has always been my one issue about Beyonce she’s always taking something and try to make it her own and that’s fine but when the world sees it as if she’s done it for the first time and she hasn’t. it was great to see DC back together, but that even lacked a bit from what their performance could have been. Bottom line is Beyonce is talented, she is beautiful, she is legendary at this point, but this is not her greatest performance however I can say it was a nice look for her and a great platform for her to return to the main stage before the tour. so I’m not shaving her I’m not saying that she’s horrible because she isn’t she’s great I just think maybe there was too much on the set list for this particular show for all that you was trying to do and those still a Beyonce showing, maybe not everything fell into place the way it could have to make it the grand show it really could have been

    • Beystansince1997 April 15, 2018

      Just give Beyoncé her compliment and keep it moving! Nobody said she created matching bands, HBCU’s, majorettes, step teams, etc. She is great at what she does point, blank, period, and after 21 years in the games y’all attempts to still discredit her is old and tired!!!! Stay mad!

    • Guest April 15, 2018

      Who is saying Beyoncé was the first person to have a marching band? Y’all just make stuff up to be mad. People can’t love and praise the performance because that implies that they think Beyoncé’s the first person to have certain elements?? If that’s the case, we can’t love any of those artists you named performances either. Michael gets praised and credited all the time for a dance move he didn’t even create but no one cares about that. No one ever says, “you need to calm down with how great it was because he wasn’t the first to do it”. And as for the concept of the band it’s not like those other performers didn’t get the recognition they deserved. Their generation applauded them for it, and they didn’t invent it. But this generation can’t applaud Beyoncé because other people did it before her?

      • Jay April 15, 2018

        OMG you’re writing more than the fans. Which means you must be a lowkey fan. It’s okay to say you like the Queen boo, because you clearly watched and analyzed the entire performance.

  10. Olusheyi April 15, 2018

    It was an A PLUS performance

  11. Keith April 15, 2018

    After having had some sleep, I have to say I’m in the middle on this performance. Beyonce should be saluted for bringing HBCU culture to broader audience (but y’all LATE, lol). It was excellent to see her run through more of her catalog instead of focusing on the last two records. And it will ALWAYS be good to see Destiny’s Child as a unit. However, it is NOT groundbreakingly different from anything she has done before. It was simply magnified for a big stage (which I’m not mad about). She deserves the praise for her thoughtfulness (Negro National Anthem) and her work ethic/perfectionism but I’m not sure this was the BEST Bey performance…let’s just hope Madonna (who’s wearing grills at 60) and Justin Timberlake (with his jumping and jiving Tennessee Kids) were not watching!!!!

  12. fatusankoh April 15, 2018

    My queen Bey make me proud their is no one like her haters have nothing on hershe slayyyyy like no one

  13. JOHNVIDAL April 15, 2018

    She already promoting The Lion King with that outfit I think.

    It reminds me of Whitney Houston dressed like a goddess for her concert in South Africa. The REALLY good old times.

  14. KillMonger Was Right (Tyler) April 15, 2018

    Don’t listen to the haters y’all. Beyonce turned Coachella into a whole hbcu experience. The first black female to headline that festival and she did it right! Beyonce had to let these white folks know that neffertiti actually was a black woman. She would be proud.
    Stay BLACK. Wakanda forever✊ ?

  15. F You April 15, 2018

    Overrated, predictable, p**** popping, with a million dancers on stage

    • Jay April 15, 2018

      But you watched it ALL! Have a great day

  16. CX April 15, 2018

    BLACK QUEENS!! HBCUs would love

  17. Liv April 15, 2018

    To be honest, i was expecting more than those distractions. I got bored after the 1st 3 minutes. this is not the Beyonce i used to know. She seems tired.

    • Strawberry. April 16, 2018

      Stop pretending to be a BEY fan! ..Lol u know u a hater. She Slayed. Long live the Queen of Pop, BEYONCE.. the greatest performer of tbe millenial age. Adele got it right.

      • Liv April 16, 2018

        I’m not a fan and I’ m not pretending to be one. I’ m a casual listener. I will say it again. What she did is boring.

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