Christina Aguilera Set To Release New Single This Week?

Published: Monday 30th Apr 2018 by Sam

Is Christina Aguilera finally ready to return with new music?

It’s certainly seeming so.

Find out why below…

Speculation begun to gather steam when Xtina took to social media to share a mysterious teaser…

Fans with that 007 touch dissected the clip in earnest and uncovered a number of telling clues. Including a plausible release date (May 3rd) and title of the single ‘Accelerate.’ It also appears the star has loosely confirmed that much discussed title of ‘Liberation’ for the project too.

The comeback of an artist of Christina’s caliber brings a definite degree of excitement.

Still, above all, we rooting for her to bring her “A” game with the music. Because, beyond the initial hype, the material and presentation is what will dictate whether this becomes her much needed ‘Emancipation’ or not.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jeans April 30, 2018

    I’m ready!

    • China April 30, 2018

      For what? Radio DOES NOT PLAY HER. Young-in’s do NOT Stream her. She has wasted the last 8 years with BullShiz material. She forgot she’s a SOULFUL SINGER. FUSS. LOVING ME 4 ME. SOAR. CANT HOLD ME DOWN. BEAUTIFUL. WALK AWAY. I TURN TO YOU. AND HER SPANISH CLASSICS AND “BEST” VOCALS EVER: EL BESO DEL FINAL, PERO ME ACUERDO DE TI AND CONTIGO EN LA DISTANCIA. She forgot her legacy and vocals, trying to be GAGA

      • Jasmine (The Original Princess) April 30, 2018

        Who are ppl not streaming her? Have you checked her Spotify stats compared to her peers? Have a f****** seat girl

  2. Boochile April 30, 2018

    F**k this B**ch …. NEXT!

  3. Oliver April 30, 2018

    Next, I don’t know her music

  4. Its me Gowrl April 30, 2018

    Who is that in the pic??? 😱😱😱

  5. Clayne April 30, 2018

    I am ready!

    Please let this be a good song and era… strong songs and visuals.

  6. King z April 30, 2018

    THIS pic of her looks like a mug shot

  7. SMH April 30, 2018

    SO ready for new XTina. Musics has been SO boring & uninspiring for the last 4-5 years. Christina brings excitement to the table.

  8. DanYiel Iman April 30, 2018

    I’m here for this, I’ve been a fan for year’s!!

  9. Yc18 April 30, 2018

    At this day and age we are not checking for Christina Aguilera. Pls, stop posting. We are not annicapating her music nor her roll out.

  10. Brent Christopher April 30, 2018

    as much as I love and adore Christina, her music can not sell in this music industry climate. sorry, but it’s the truth.

  11. Alix Lerner April 30, 2018

    Im here for it! Her voice is Like no Other!

  12. Seth April 30, 2018

    Her timing is off. Ariana just put out a mediocre song and has the buzz for the big voice pop girl. X-tina has been MIA for too long and basically needs to reintroduce herself as an artist…she isn’t at that Madonna, Janet, Mariah level where chart success doesn’t matter bc they’re so legendary…she is kind of at that in between status btwn Ariana the newer artist and Mariah the legend and still needs to hustle. If her team was smart that would have had an A+ single ready to drop after her feature on Say Something was a resounding success and won her a Grammy. This song has to be fire right out the gate or the album won’t move. Casual fans need to be reminded why she is the greatest singer of her generation

    • Hmmm April 30, 2018

      Literally agreed with everything you said until the last statement…”she is the greatest singer of her generation.” Lies…Christina’s voice is above average at best. She’s just had the benefit of working with talented writers who know how to compose great melodies and hooks.

      • Seth April 30, 2018

        She has soul and the right tone that make her far more unique than other extraordinary good vocalists like Leona, J-HUD etc. watch Beautiful on the CNN Hero’s event. It was Whitney/Mariah/Celine level good

      • Lucky April 30, 2018

        First of all how old are you? If you were born after 1998 then I would understand why you think she’s not the voice of HER generation. Do your self a favor and research.

      • Hmmm April 30, 2018

        My age is irrelevant. With her questionable technique, over-singing, and pitchy notes, X-Tina wouldn’t be considered the greatest vocalist in any generation. She’s mediocre at best. She does have some bops in her back catalogue though…I’ll give that to her.

      • rye May 1, 2018

        the greatest singer of her generation can be debated – but generally when that statement is thrown around, people know it is referring to Xtina because a number of her OWN PEERS have said it – that is some heavy respect right there, whether it is true or not. Caught her gig on James Corden and her voice still seems great – now if she can bring similar themes and the beats of Stripped and Back to Basics back to the forefront – she could make waves again. Nobody is expecting Beyonce numbers, but I think a gold album for her would be a success…and attainable with good music.

  13. Lia April 30, 2018

    I can’t wait for her new music.
    she’s missed.

  14. 310 Shake April 30, 2018

    All I know is that this album better be more than 12 tracks.

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