Jussie Smollett Announces ‘Sum of My Music’ World Tour

Published: Wednesday 18th Apr 2018 by Rashad

With growing critical acclaim from fans and industry insiders under its wings, ‘Sum of My Music’ (in stores now) – the long-awaited debut album from Jussie Smollett – is about to see its content take flight to a number of stages around the world.

The 34-year-old actor/singer/songwriter – who recently lifted a visual for one of the LP’s standout cuts, ‘Hurt People’ (click here to watch) – announced his inaugural tour will see him visit several corners of the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia in its support. Kicking off April 20 in Dubai, the trek has scheduled touchdowns in Germany and France before heading to major U.S. cities Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and more ahead of its wrap up at the New Orleans-hosted Essence Festival on July 7th.

As complaints from UK and South African fans came rolling in after the dates’ initial unveiling, Smollett took to Twitter to ensure announcements regarding stops in both countries are forthcoming.  Until news on that, look inside to see if the singer’s first leg of touring will roll into your town:

Jussie Smollett’s Sum of My Music Tour

April 20  – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

May 7 – Cologne, Germany, Luxor

May 8 – Frankfurt, Germany, Zoom

May 9 – Berlin, Germany, Lido

May 10 – Cannes, France, VIP Room

May 17 – Oakland, CA, Complex

May 19 – Long Beach, CA, Long Beach Pride Festival

May 20 – Santa Ana, CA, Constellation Room

May 21 – Los Angeles, Roxy

May 25 – Philadelphia, Coda

May 26 – Washington, D.C., U Street

May 27 – New York, SOB’s

May 29 – Atlanta, The Masquerade (Hell)

June 1: Houston, Satellite Bar

June 2 – Austin, Empire Control Room

June 3 – Dallas, Deep Ellum Art Co

June 5 – St. Louis, Old Rock House

June 8 – Cleveland, Grog Shop

June 9 – Milwaukee, Milwaukee Pride Festival

June 10 – Chicago, Subterranean

June 12 – Detroit, El Club

July 7 – New Orleans, Essence Festival

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  1. China April 18, 2018

    3 years too late. 3 years ago when empire first started we thought he was the new “it” boy then ….weak story lines, sheep vocals…..too late hunnie but Good Luck…..why pay to see him when you can spot him at every Gay Event in NYC boo

  2. tru.teeetelller April 18, 2018

    No thanks!!! soo corny,

  3. Lana Del Fan April 18, 2018

    Im going to be the one positive voice and say I hope it works out for him!

  4. Yc18 April 18, 2018

    Who buy your albums? In my Maddy voice

  5. Fancy BISH April 18, 2018

    World tour? Can he even fill Harpo’s Juke Joint? And who’s opening for him? Cookie and Lucious?

    • China April 18, 2018

      BISH THANK YOU. I FELL OUT to your comments. Thank you hunnie

    • dee April 18, 2018

      OMG… that was hilarious!

    • GirlGroupFan April 18, 2018

      I normally ignore this kind of negativity. But that juke joint line took me out.

  6. Keith April 18, 2018

    Im proud of Jussie, he seems to be living his dream. I hope the tour does well…

  7. W.D. April 18, 2018

    I think he’s probably a really nice guy in person. However, his voice is not that strong and I do think his looks have carried him in the entertainment industry. But I hope his tour is a success.

  8. Jasmine April 18, 2018

    Congrats. This is not a “world tour” though. This is more like a Ru Paul Drags Race finalist summer schedule of gay bars and pride event gigs. I think Shangella had a similar schefule.

  9. Jason Lyric April 18, 2018

    The CD is Bomb. Why come on here with the purpose of hating. I want you to think of something you want to do in life and how it might feel to have someone discourage you or tell you you “shouldn’t do it”. He has fans who will come out to see him. I applaud him for doing what he loves and making good product regardless of how it sells. With ALL the negativity we get in the country from the hate coming from Trump to blog comments, I think we should promote positive voices and leave the hate alone.

    • Fashion Icon April 18, 2018

      Who are you ? Who paid you ?

    • Jasmine April 18, 2018

      What you perceive as hate is clearly nothing more than sarcasm and comments made in jest. Don’t take comments so seriously next time and don’t label people haters unless you are 100 % sure without a doubt they are actually hating. I read the comments and none of them are hateful so you just mad about nothing.

      • StarXavi April 18, 2018

        Because you’re 100% sure that none of those comments were from haters right? Some other commenter was right….you have very hypocritical views. It seems you apply all these rules and views to others but don’t practice them yourself.

        Anyway, more power to Jussie for living his dream and making things happen. Catch Your Eye is a really cute song and if I’m not mistaken Miss Alicia Keys is giving us background vocals and adlibs which is great.

      • Jasmine April 18, 2018

        I try to think the best of people and my opinions are based on both words and actions. When I see people writing comments about this guy u cannot honestly fathom they truly have hate in their heart because they don’t know him personally. I wrote a sarcastic comment above and I am 100 percent sure my comment was written in jest. There is a strong difference in simply criticizing star power verses actually having hate I’m your heart. Do you honestly believe people on this site (a very gay supportive site with gay writers and gay supporters) would hate their own? I think you are being too defensive dear. He’s a nice looking guy and I can sense through the tv screen that he is a nice person. The more people talk about a celeb (good or bad) is good for the celeb’s popularity so I think it is good that people are talking about him finally. Hell, if I were single and he didn’t play for the other team I would snatch him up for myself real quick because he is my type…attractive, humble, and career focused. 🙂

  10. Seanathan April 18, 2018

    I just saw him over the weekend in dc at the emancipation day. He did an amazing job. I was shocked because he didn’t sound auto tuned like he does on empire. He does have an “it” factor but his pr team sucks!!!

  11. Olusheyi April 18, 2018

    Good for him. I hope he does well. Even though I don’t like his album

  12. Gee April 18, 2018

    If I am being honest I think that his time has passed by the second season of Empire the hype had died down. I think his team waited too long for this moment to happen. Also the material is average at best. I am happy for him because he was able to realize a dream.

  13. Otis Downs March 1, 2019

    Wow! So much negatives in these comments. I Love His Voice and Vocals and his runs. Jealousy is not a good look people. And I believe 100t in his Innocence in this Chicago Attack. If I was those two guys I’d lie my tail off too. If not they’d be doing some hard time.

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