Katy Perry Teases New Album

Published: Monday 21st May 2018 by David

Does Katy Perry have new music on the way?

It would appear, if remarks she made in a new interview are anything to go by, that the answer to that question is yes!

The star experienced her first major career low last year when her new album ‘Witness’ failed to fly commercially.

Fortunately, her well-received run on ‘American Idol’ and the album’s parent tour broke her fall and stopped the era from being written as a complete “flop.”

Now, the jovial singer sets her sights on new creative pastures by returning to the recording studio to build new bops for the masses.

She had this to say when asked if she’d visited  Montecito following the disaster it was struck by,

Yes, I just came from the Secret Garden, which is the studio I used to record my last two albums. It’s on a hill in Montecito, and fortunately it was spared, but there was debris flow all around it, and you can see that houses right nearby were completely destroyed. It’s one of only two houses left on that street. I’ve spent thousands of hours in that studio over the last five years. It’s so wild that this could even happen. It’s like a nightmare come to life, a fever dream where the walls are moving in. I can’t imagine the trauma and devastation it must have caused for the people who experienced it.



Are you looking forward to new Katy?

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  1. Carlitos May 21, 2018

    Last night she took an L but tonight she’ll bounce back! 😉 And, l mean, there’s a reason why she’s sold over 140 million records in just 10 years. She’s also worth 300 million, more than most of your faves BY FAR!

    • ??? May 21, 2018

      lmao the lies you tell. stop pulling numbers out of your ass just to make it look like shes not a total FLOP lmfaoooo.

      • Carlitos May 21, 2018

        1) I don’t f****** lie, 2) look up the numbers yourself if your hating, lazy, and miserable ass don’t know the facts. Shew, be gone. ??

    • ??? May 21, 2018

      280 Million*

      • Carlos Chavez May 21, 2018

        *1Billion albums sold
        And she’s worth 500M + the moon + the Great Wall Of China put together!
        HAhahaha Love This lying desilusional fans! Keep Teenage Dreaming Carlitos…

  2. The Empress May 21, 2018

    In more relevant news, Cardi B’s looks in her new “Be Careful” video is epic. She kinda looked like Christina Aguilera in the all-white look tho.

    • ??? May 21, 2018

      lmao cardi who?

  3. Fancy BISH May 21, 2018

    *Falls out da chair* *ROFL* ?

  4. NOBITCHASSNESS May 21, 2018

    Oh Katy :/

  5. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. May 21, 2018

    I may be in the minority but I LOVE Witness. I play it in my car on a regular basis. (You have to be about the mature club scene in order to love it I guess.)

    Best of luck to you Katy with your new album.

    • Carlitos May 21, 2018

      I loved Witness too. Bon Appetit and Swishx2 were not good single choices TBH (although Swishx2 grew on me), and did not do the album any justice. But you know with the weak ones, they follow the masses. If someone else is talking s***, they have to fit in and do the same. It’s sad when the majority are chained to the rhythm.

  6. DoveLove May 21, 2018


  7. DanYiel Iman May 22, 2018


  8. BigGirl May 24, 2018

    Katy perry record company noted to her she took to long the last time so her next album should be 2019 or 2020 tops. Lady gaga is recording to, wonder what’s going to happen to both of there albums.

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